Aug. 31st, 2011 03:58 pm
So, PAX was pretty excellent. I mean, I spent Friday sleep-deprived, Saturday wrestling with cramps, and Sunday being just totally wiped-out because conventions are exhausting, but cool things were afoot, so it was worth it. I've actually gotten good sleep since returning, too, so that's pretty excellent. I'm working on a recap right now.

Oh yeah, and this happened:

It's amazing how easily he turns me into a blushing, babbling idiot. And by, "amazing," I mean, "utterly embarrassing." I AM 31 YEARS OLD. You'd think I'd be able to comport myself a bit better than that by now!

Oh, and today's my last day at The Job. All of my things here at the office fit into a reusable shopping bag. People here have been sweet and full of well-wishing, but it's time for the next thing. Hell, it's past time for the next thing.


May. 27th, 2011 05:12 pm
I must escape the office soon, but: last night after practice, I rolled on over to Dante's to meet up with Joe. To see effin' GUITAR WOLF.

Yes, it was completely awesome. I couldn't understand a bloody thing he was saying for 90% of the show--apparently, my Engrish-to-English translation skills have waned, as of late--but that was one of the most amazing performances I've ever witnessed. They really, really know how to put on a show.

We also ran into about eleventy-billion different people I know, including Andrew, a girl I met while shooting at Salty's, Joe's former roommate, and several derby girls.

So, to sum up the evening: I touched Guitar Wolf! And then he threw a beer at me! And then I moshed on one leg, Guts 'n' Bolts slapped my booty, and Lethal Lolita "asked" me about roller derby.

This totally unplanned weekend is going to seem sleepy-tame after last night. Hot damn. Also: LOCK AND LOLL!
I think I'm actually relieved to be sitting at a computer today, because that was the most exhausting weekend in recent memory.

I wound up playing board games on Friday night, instead of shooting the bout, given the massive pile of editing I have to do this week, I think that was a wise decision. We played an amusing Balderdash-like game called Wise and Otherwise, and then I went home and passed out early.

Passing out early was wise, because I was up at 7am on Saturday morning (yeesh) to meet up for homemade crepe brunch, and then Joe, a couple of his visiting friends, and I rolled out towards Cannon Beach at 10am. The wedding was actually on the beach, which was very pretty and also rain-free, but we couldn't hear much of anything that was said during the ceremony. The reception involved metric tons of carbs, but some of those carbs came in the form of cupcakes topped with bacon, and frosting in the shape of a fried egg, so that was pretty excellent. Afterwards, the lot of us non-family attendees hit up a nearby pub to unwind, before heading back to Portland.

I passed out around 12:30, and was awake AGAIN during the 7am hour to load up and prepare to run my booth for GeekPortraitsPDX at Wonder Northwest. This was an idea that I hastily scribbled down a month or two ago, and then promptly forgot about until I heard about the WonderNW convention. The idea of promoting there seemed perfect, so booth plans, web site, cards, etc. all materialized in, oh, the last week-and-a-half? How I got it done with so much else on my plate, I'll never know.

I got a fair amount of interest in the booth, and threw around a not-small number of my hastily-assembled-at-the-last-minute business cards, but I think I was too tired and short on extroversion to market it as aggressively as I could have. I did connect with a couple of useful folks from Dark Horse and PDX Browncoats about doing some kind of booth setup for a big fancy benefit in August, though, so that could prove to be useful.

I'm not sure how the geek portraits thing will pan out, or even if it will at all, but I've become strangely well-networked in a very short time for marketing to that niche, and I've gotten a positive response from everyone who's talked with me about it thus far. I definitely have surer bets for making the buck$, but when time allows, I can nudge that concept along and see if it amounts to anything.

After the convention, it was an hour of ass-kicking endurance practice, and it felt GREAT. I think derby practice may have been the only point in the entire weekend when I felt completely awake and present. I felt as though I could really push myself for the first time in weeks, and I even occasionally passed people during the pushing and sprint drills, heh. This is an auspicious sign, for sure.

After practice, I cleaned myself and went to the geek burlesque show, which I'd foolishly agreed to photograph weeks ago. (i.e. before any of this wedding or photobooth stuff materialized, and before I had any clue as to whether or not I'd have skate-able legs again) The show itself was a lot of fun, although after everything else, I think I'd have been happier to just sit back and watch, rather than shoot. Isn't planning things in advance supposed to make life more manageable? Heh.

And then? A new Game of Thrones episode, which included a much-anticipated-by-fangirls scene involving Loras and Renly, that may have been the most wonderfully gay thing I have EVER seen on television. And this is coming from a person who's watched Queer As Folk in its entirety, people. XD Still, all gayness aside, I'm really loving the fact that we have a group viewing every week, and the show itself is so, so well-played. I can't think of a better way to wind down after a weekend.

So, yes. I AM EXHAUSTED. And I have a lot of editing to do.

I'm also intensely grateful for those who made the weekend (particularly Sunday) bearable: [ profile] theamazingjosh as my ever-patient shepherd into the world of Nikon, the Continuum interns who brought me lunch and helped with booth teardown on short notice, all my derby girls for their bonding and supportive hollering during practice, and Joe for going out of his way to support me and make me smile, even while he was bound up with wrangling/providing for his out-of-town friends. I'm beyond fortunate.
Anybody doing anything Friday night? Or possibly want to get together?  My Friday night is mysteriously empty, and I'd like to change that. Also, J will be returning from a trip that night and looking to decompress, so drinks or funtime would be awesome. Maybe some karaoke?

Anyhoo, weekend update on a Wednesday, because that's how I roll:
  • As previously mentioned, I bounced around at the ComicsFest with J for a couple of hours, and it was lovely, and I also ran into a [ profile] dark_knightly and a [ profile] moonchylde !
  • Did a bit of in-studio test shooting with [ profile] theamazingjosh for a couple of hours. We started later than I expected, and I don't know that we got a lot accomplished, but it was good to hold a Nikon in my hands again. Soon, my pretties, very soon...
  • Went to a speed skating clinic, which was open to all levels, so that sort of limited what we could go over, but I did learn a couple of things that I'm going to try and be mindful of in my form. Faster, faster!
  • Closed out my Saturday at [ profile] sarapada and [ profile] monkeyhole 's housewarming, where there was a most excellent housespace, tasty snacks, lovely people, and Rock Band. I am also now less confused by Pro Keys mode, although I still think the interface is kind of stupid. I actually have piano-playing skills! IT SHOULDN'T BE THIS HARD. XD
  • I had a lazy morning at the house on Sunday, ate breakfast and worked out, and then bounced over to the Bagdad for the WOJ vs. BAD bout viewing party. Due to some odd thing about a restricted number of event permits, there was a bout, but they weren't allowed to have spectators at the hangar. So, we watched a boutcast on the big screen, and it was a bit strange to be cheering for people who couldn't hear me, so I imagine it was even weirder for the players to be playing a national-level bout with nobody watching. But, it was good fun and we had a pretty packed house!
  • Endurance practice was afterwards, and yeah, I love that. There's something that feels very zen-like about it, because it's all variations on a theme: namely, skating around and around the track. It's nice to just focus on working hard, rather than getting wigged out by confusing drills.
  • After that was the Game of Thrones premiere hosted by [ profile] phasmaphobic and [ profile] veiravx , and OMJESUS IT WAS SO GREAT. So great that I even blogged about it a little. It's already been renewed for a second season, it's getting fantastic reviews, and if there was a way for them to have executed this better, I can't think of it. I'm even more excited for the next episode, if that's even possible.
Anyhoo, tonight, I'll be shilling derby tickets at Beulahland for Cheap Ticket Night. The week has been pretty nice, thus far, but I think I'd like to just fast-forward to Sunday, because if the last Coliseum bout is any indication, I'll be ready to fall over from exhaustion by the time Saturday is over.

Still, it could be worse. I'm making calzone for dinner tonight, and it's going to be delicious.


Apr. 19th, 2011 03:26 pm
I've been feeling good these past couple of days. I'd love to tell you more about it, but it's 3:20pm and I have things I need to crank out before 5pm today.

I will instead show you this photo from Stumptown ComicsFest. I hadn't planned on going, because I already had a packed weekend ahead, but then Joe got word on Friday that he'd won tickets, and invited me to come with him. My prior commitments and his work schedule didn't leave us a whole ton of time, but we did find a couple of hours to wander around the exhibition hall.

My comics knowledge is pretty deficient--I like them, but out of all my geeky endeavors, this is the area I've pursued the least--but just walking into the place felt like a shot of positive energy. The hall was filled with comics enthusiasts, and they were all there for the same reason: to geek out over something they really enjoy.

The particularly cool thing, however, was that the artists and writers were just as elated as the fans were. This place was filled with people who'd poured a lot of love and creative energy into their work, and fans were visiting their booths, inquiring about their stories, admiring their art. A lot of artists were happy to not only sign their books for you, but also doodle a little drawing to go with the signature. Some were well-known, some were newer to the community, but so many of them were clearly excited to be talking about the work they were most passionate about, and grateful to be asked about it, and that was a beautiful thing to observe.

Squid Row

So, HEY. I won a spelling bee last night! My winning word was "droitural." Apparently, LJ's spell-checker doesn't even think that's a correctly spelled word, even though it is, so I guess that's pretty impressive. $10 of free noms for my trouble, hot damn.

Last weekend was eventful. In the land of derby, I fell spectacularly during a drill, the notable part of this being that my knee pad slipped partway off during the fall. I toughed it out and was okay for the rest of practice, but upon waking up on Sunday? Cue ugly swelling and bruising, and incredible stiffness when trying to move my leg. Eeep. I bowed out on Sunday practice, and have been taking it easy since, and I got the knee checked out today.

A lot of the pain I'm feeling is, apparently, due to the incredible amount of bruising on the muscle in that area--it's swollen enough to be obstructive and hurty when I bend my leg past a certain point--so that'll go away as the bruise does. I lucked out on the joint side of things, though: I have, at worst, a level 1 MCL sprain, and 2 of the 3 tests the doctor did on the joint didn't cause me any pain, so it's very minor. I actually *should* keep moving the joint, too, or it'll stiffen up again. Lots of ice, plus laying off of running and skating for a bit should have me feeling good again. I'm hoping to sit out at practice again on Thursday, and be okay in time for open scrimmage on Saturday.

Saturday night had me dressing up somewhere between "fancy" and "ridiculous," and taking in a Geek Burlesque show. We were one of the last few people to get in the door, and they apparently had to turn away 100+ people, so it was quite the success. Portland geeks make me proud, heh.

Anyhoo, I enjoyed the show quite a bit, especially considering boobs don't exactly do it for me, and there were some very creative and amusing acts. The Super Mario Bros. routine was easily my favorite, due to the sheer hilarity and showmanship, but I'll totally admit that I squeed when the Sailor Jupiter act took the stage. Damn you, magical girl anime! ;) 

After deciding to bow out of skating on Sunday, I realized I had exactly nowhere to be for the entire day! So, I gave myself the day off, watched a few episodes of Arrested Development, bought some groceries, and spent 5-or-so hours romping around Denerim, doing side quests and macking on Alistair, heh. I was sorely tempted, both yesterday *and* today, to skip out on work and play more video games, but responsibility won that fight. I've promised myself to make some Asian lettuce wraps for dinner tonight, but that might be a fight that video games could win.

Also: Venture Bros. is pretty damned hilarious. The End. <3

...okay, seriously. If you haven't seen Wild Zero, you really should. It's an experience. XD Hell, I may even set up a viewing prior to the show, if I can get my act together on the social planning end of things.

(and yes, I am absolutely going to that show. Juuuuust sayin'.)

Day Two

Aug. 27th, 2010 03:20 pm
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Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

1. What I'm doing with my life right now is not at all what I expected. I started college as a journalism major, thinking I'd be a writer. Ten years ago, I was making anime webpages in my dorm room, only vaguely realizing that I was developing a marketable skill. I didn't pick up an SLR camera for the first time until 2002(?) and after the 10-week B/W film photography course, I didn't pick one up again for almost five years.

2. I've never been a naturally-gifted athlete, and I lived a very sedentary lifestyle, up until my early-to-mid-20s. At my heaviest, I carried over 230 pounds on my 5' 6 1/2" frame. Since finding my way into wushu and other physical pursuits, I can't imagine *not* being at least somewhat active for the rest of my life.

3. I've come to really enjoy performing, but I'd completely abhor being famous in any visually-recognizable way.

4. One of my least-favorite descriptors is, "shy." I was described this way quite a bit growing up, and it really started to irk me, over the years. Granted, I *was* quite shy when I was young, but that was more out of fear of being picked on than anything. I'm quiet and introverted, certainly, and easily embarrassed, at times, but Shy has never felt like the right word for me.

5. I went through a period where I actively disliked most females, due to the ugly and competitive nature of how a lot of women are taught to treat each other by our culture. Fortunately, I've since discovered that I simply hadn't met the right females, yet.

6. My cursive handwriting is pretty terrible, and my left-hander's smudge just exacerbates the problem. I was once accused by a classmate of receiving an A+ on an essay exam because, "[my] handwriting was so bad the teacher couldn't read it." Nowadays, I only use cursive for signing my name.

7. Up until a few months ago, I could count the number of people I've mouth-kissed on one hand. I can still count them on two.

8. I'm pretty certain that I can also count on two hands the number of church services I've attended. I've attended Lutheran church, Catholic mass, and non-denominational church. And maybe one or two others I'm forgetting. I have read most of the Bible, but only from a perspective of literary significance.

9. I've often described myself as the Laziest Fangirl on Earth. However, it'd be more accurate to say that I have a short attention span, because it's rare that I get obsessive enough about any one thing to be truly up-to-date on what's happening in that world. I'm also more likely to get fixated on a particular show, or game, or activity, rather than a wider genre that those things would fit into.

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever).
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.
Day Ten: One confession.
This was a very good weekend.

The rooftop of the Hotel Deluxe was the venue for my post-wushu Friday night, and I got to dress pretty, hang with my band of Laptop Party girls, drink fancy champagne cocktails, and pose for photobooth shots in silly fashion.

I also got to hang with [ profile] _dilate_ & Co. at Amnesia Brewing afterwards, where I was hideously overdressed, but having a good time nonetheless. I like NoPo so much.

I consumed a metric ton of pork on Saturday, courtesy of [ profile] daemonwise's pet project, Rib-Off 2: Electric BBQ. Holy damn, there were some seriously delicious ribs to be had, and when it came time to vote for the winner, I was in serious conflict over my decision. They were *all* friggin' amazing, and each in a very distinct sort of way. My hat is off to each and every one of you who cooked. Seriously, DAMN.

Post-Rib-Off, I found myself at Horse Brass, having a date that (gasp!) ACTUALLY DIDN'T SUCK. When I arrived there, I was sweaty and gross from biking, vaguely pork-drunk (™ [ profile] praenomenal), and not exactly in a good headspace for impressing new people, so I figured it'd be Meh, at best, but it far exceeded my expectations. This was the first one in quite a while that actually has me excited about going on a second date, and he actually said he wanted to hang out again, "if that's okay with [me]," (d'aawww!) so it's a fair assumption that a second date will happen.

There was also a friend whom I'd been fearing I might be on the outs with, but my fears were apparently inaccurate, because I heard from him and we wound up hanging out during the weekend, too. And that turned out fun, overall, so that was a pretty huge relief.

This will probably make at least a few of you laugh, but: I also watched Sailormoon for the first time in at least FIVE YEARS. It wasn't until I was sitting down with [ profile] typsie, Jason, and [ profile] praenomenal that I realized I'd watched most, if not ALL of my Sailormoon episodes either alone in my college dorm room, or alone in my Dad's old apartment in Connecticut at the age of 15. But oh, MAN, they're as cheesy and hysterical as I remembered. The R Movie is so overwhelmingly gay that I can't help but still love it. XD

And, finally, I had a really nice time working with one of my new senior reps, too. She's a Vancouver-ite, so she had a fair bit of difficulty finding Overlook Park, but once she got there, we had a smooth session. I found myself wishing a few times that I'd made arrangements to have an assistant, because manning the reflector myself got a bit hinky once or twice, but I got some rad shots, nonetheless. She's in summer school, too, so she's ready to start throwing my business card at all of her friends right away. W00t!
While the fake Wil Wheaton column was, in itself, rather amusing (and even Wil himself seems to think so), picking up this week's issue of the Merc to read the front-cover-advertised words of Wil, only to find upon reading them that they totally weren't his words? That made me pretty crankypants.

File that under More Things I Shouldn't Do Before I've Had My Morning Coffee. ;p

But speaking of Wil Wheaton, HOLY CRAP W00TSTOCK IS THIS SATURDAY. It's going to be awesome, and also a well-earned reward for the madness that has been this week. I am bringing my camera and capturing as much of the radioactive geek glow as I can possibly muster. (Dear Aladdin Theater: please ensure that the lighting does not suck. Thanks.)

Work, both at The Job and in my own business, has landed on my planet to give me my regularly-scheduled beating. I got swept into a last-minute magazine assignment in Sweet Home, which meant even *more* time in the car, but at least I got to do a whole lot of shooting between the two-hour blocks of highway driving. Two Gents rehearsal tonight, wushu and pint-clanking tomorrow, and all kinds of good stuff on Saturday. I have four entries on my calendar for things I may attend on Saturday. STOP THIS MADNESS.

Ye gods. Rest, please?
So, Monday was my only completely free night this week, and this was perfect. Why? Simple: WIL WHEATON ON MY TEEVEE. <3 I don't exactly keep up with The Big Bang Theory, and I'm not sure why that is. But, Evil Wil Wheaton will always bring me crawling back. ;)

Also: I made tasty, tasty stir-fry, and I think I've finally done this enough times that my Throw Random Crap Into A Sauce method produces consistently good results. I'm still hit-or-miss on the spicy levels (my bottle of Sriracha sauce is trying to kill me, I swear), but otherwise? Tasty. I feel more like a serious chef when I don't have to follow a recipe. This is good.

I also dragged myself out to the Florida Room for a bit to hang with [ profile] _dilate_ and Adam, and was happy for having done so. P.S. I still suck at pool, heh.

The rest of this week? Gaaahhh. Wushu tonight, in Eugene all-friggin'-day tomorrow for work and then terrorizing UO Wushu in the evening, Two Gents rehearsal on Thursday, and then I fly off Friday morning to the southern lands to visit family. Good things, yes, but all at once is a bit exhausting. Oh well, I'll make it work somehow. :)

Oh snap

Sep. 12th, 2009 10:59 am
I think I've just 90% decided on what I want to do for my Halloween costume. I hesitate by that last 10% because of two things, though:

1) I will need to be in really-freakin'-bananas-amazing shape for this one, because it involves a lot of form-fittingness. I've contemplated doing this costume before, but decided against it, because I was refusing--and still continue to refuse--to be that typical Fat Cosplayer Wearing Costume That's Completely Wrong For Her Body. I think I could pull it off now, but I'll have to work my butt off for the next few weeks to do it.

2) I've seen other people do this costume before, and it looked, well, pretty ghetto and cheaply-made. I need to figure out how if I can do it in a way that *doesn't* look ghetto. I think if I pick the right materials, it'll look good, but I'm not a master seamstress, so that remains to be seen.

Well, I have a month and a half to decide and to pull this together, and could possibly recruit help from clothing designer friends, so we'll see.


Sep. 3rd, 2009 09:28 pm
I'll be heading off to PAX early in the morning tomorrow! Will have phone and laptop in tow. Not sure of internet situation, so text me if it's urgent. :)

I think this is the first time I've actually wished I lived near LA, because I WOULD SO GO TO THIS: Open Casting Call Auditions for New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Motion Picture. Just 30 seconds of nanquan, and I'd terrify them into picking me, y'all. Bwahaha!

But seriously, I was a Ninja Turtles NUT when I was a kid; I think I'd pee myself at the opportunity to do martial arts for a TMNT movie. And I don't even like these "updated" versions of old cartoons. I saw a bit of the rehashed animated show and kind of hated it, but hey, I could let that slide! Wushu + Ninja Turtles = WIN.

In other news, I think it's official: I'm actually using Twitter. Damnit. XD

I think I've made my peace with it, though. I can't really chat at work, so Twitter fills that void a little. And my friends who aren't so active on other social networks use Twitter regularly, so that's a big motivator. I don't receive updates on my phone, because honestly, having my phone go off every time someone tweets would drive. Me. INSANE. I like having the option of ignoring my phone when I need to decompress. AND, I still hate Twitter feeds that are shipped to people's blogs.

I think that I'll always prefer more substantive blog-type things to Twitter, though. I've been Livejournaling for 10 years now, and I really don't feel compelled to stop. There are people whom I'd love to see on here more, too, but I realize that barfing your mental musings, at length, onto Teh Internets isn't as easy or important for them as it is for me. :)

So, should I start a Twitter for the photography business? It seems to be The Thing these days. I'd have to maintain the thing, though, because Boy has yet to post anything on our photography blog, and is really not into social networking in general. So he'd probably not give a crap about keeping up a Twitter, either. ;p

OH YEAH, it looks like we're going to the Beerfest for a bit tomorrow, after I get done with wushu. And then a bowling birthday party for our go-to makeup artist friend. Sunday is gaming, and I'm hopefully bringing a fresh loaf of sprouted wheat bread to the session.

Sleep will happen somewhere in there, too. It REALLY needs to.


Jul. 16th, 2009 01:38 pm
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This is such a cool idea: The Big Busk. I might have to go on a walk on Saturday, so I can run into some of these people!

This is really stupid: intentionally ordering Pho and picking the meat out of it. I seriously hope the comment was horrendously misquoted or misinterpreted, because if not, then this lady is just DUMB.

Also, how awesome is it that Wil Wheaton and Nathan Fillion follow each other on Twitter? Like, damn, that's too much tasty for one female sci-fi dork to handle.

I did my Shred workout this morning and was hella, hella sore in the legs. Which makes me even more shocked to find that, at this moment, I am actually looking forward to going running. I'm tempted to take my break early and just go right now, even! Usually, running is the LAST thing I want to do when I'm sore. I'm boggled by this development.

I found some wheat berries at Limbo yesterday, and there's now wheat sprouting in my kitchen! At $2.49 per bag of wheat berries, I can make 2 loaves of manna bread, so it's about $1.25 each. I've never seen Ezekiel bread sell for less than $3.00, so that is CHEAP, y'all. (P.S. If you're in SE, Limbo is raaaaad. And right next to Trader Joe's, too!)

Oh, and we finally got to see Amy and Travis last night after way too long. They came over to BBQ and kick it with us on the new deck. It sort of highlighted that I'm very "off" since getting back from China, though, because my energy's out of whack and I feel socially half-retarded again. I hope it's just Monthly-related, or due to my being tired.

I think my only possible regret about going on the trip is how crappy I've felt since getting back, because I was in SUCH a good headspace before I left, and it had nothing to do with trip anticipation.
This sounds hilarious and potentially awesome: an original Trek episode performed on stage. Srsly!

I obviously can't do it this weekend due to wedding foo, but the following two weekends could be doable. Any interest? :D
Wil Wheaton does it again with his thoughts about the new Trek film. Yes, it was pretty darned awesome, but I had so, SO many reservations about it before I saw it! Even after the trailer came out, I started feeling a little crazy when everyone was getting excited about it, while I stubbornly stood in the corner and groused, "...I'm reserving judgment, damnit." I liked what Wil had to say about it, but then, I always like what Wil has to say about Trek, heh.

We started watching Malcolm X a couple nights ago, not realizing that we were starting it at 10pm and it was over three hours long, so we finished the latter half of it last night. I hadn't seen it since it came out in '92, so I got a lot more out of it this time around, and I found myself envying Malcolm during the sequence where he made his pilgrimage. My life seems lacking in experiences that are so immersive, arresting, and life-changing as that.

It's things like that which make me curious about religion. I've known for a long time that God is not the answer for me, especially not in the form which religion seems to place him/her in. When it comes to being Good or Evil, their versions of God are generally about absolutes, and I'm very much about individual context and intent. But, those who follow their faith with wisdom and intelligence seem to come upon these enormous moments of understanding, of feeling unity with the people of the world and the goodness in them. I can't say I've had much of that.

We're all changing from day-to-day, though, so it's not as though religious folk automatically have an understanding of the world that I will always lack, it's just that my understanding comes much more incrementally. I don't have a pilgrimage to go on, so the shape of my mind changes slowly, but I do connect the dots periodically. It just seems less significant, because it's not hitting me all at once, like a ton of bricks.

But, maybe if you take those little things over time, and wrap it all up into a bundle, it's the same or even greater. I know that I feel much different than I did a few years ago, or even a few months ago, and the sadness that gnaws at me seems to be smaller, so I must be gaining an understanding of something. I only hope I figure it out soon enough to share it... and that's assuming it's an understanding that can even be shared with words.

Speaking of change, I'm sending off another app today. Odds may not be as good with this one, but eh, nothing ventured, nothing gained. :)
The New Star Trek trailer is out. I feel like I'll be holding my breath until this movie comes out. I want to get excited about the trailer, but I'm not quite there, and that is... troublesome.

See, I'm afraid that the end result will leave me feeling like I did after watching The Forbidden Kingdom. I really, really wanted to love The Forbidden Kingdom, because it was friggin' Jet Li AND Jackie Chan TOGETHER, and totally should have been epic, but in the end, I just... couldn't.

Similarly, I *really* want to love this movie to pieces, because it's bloody STAR TREK, and I've been nerding out over the Trek universe since grade school. I have my very own TNG communicator (which was an awesome gift that I've kept in a little cushioned box for the past 15 or so YEARS), I dressed up all Uhura-stylie for Halloween, I went to conventions and talked to big Klingon dudes. I forgave them for Star Trek V and the ridiculous God thing. I even forgave them for Nemesis, when the whole fan base seemed to hate it, because I just loved seeing my favorite crew on the big screen.

Word is, there's already a fair amount of retcon happening with this movie, and the trailer isn't quite grabbing me, and I have serious reservations about the new Kirk, and just... gah. If this movie sucks, I will personally kick J.J. Abrams in the gonads.

Of course, I still owe him a few groin kicks for Alias and Lost, so hey, we'll make it a party. :p
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In these dark times, we can now look towards an honest purveyor of truth: Indecision 2008 from Comedy Central. XD Okay, I'm kind of kidding around there. But you know, I imagine they actually *are* more honest than Fox News, at the very least, so take from that what you will. ;p

Anyway, what a weekend. Whooooof!

Yoga, Runway, Wedding, and... a Buffy Sing-along! )

Sunday was, fortunately, a lot mellower. I went to another morning yoga class, picked up some groceries, made some granola, and biked over to the Vita Cafe to have a tempeh sandwich and abuse their wi-fi. :) I'm all kinds of sleepy, after staying up late and getting up early for three nights in a row.

So, yeah! That's the ramble. Back to work, kiddies!
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I saw this icon and thought of [ profile] polysciguy. XD Sorry!! On a better and somewhat related note, I'm sporting this wallpaper on my desktop, because it's simply delicious. Cap'n Tightpants FTW!

Saturday was most excellent. Worked out, PvPed, watched some excellent TV. I put in the pink hair streaks, too, and they look awesome. I was almost thwarted, because *nobody* seems to carry the little clear elastics that I use for DIY extensions anymore, but I found something similar at home that my mom gave me a while back. I think I need to place the streaks a bit differently next time for better results, but the color contrast is totally awesome. I also invented an interesting salad. It's kind of a mexican salad, I guess; beef, cheese, black beans, and tomatoes on lettuce, but the real "invention" part is the vinaigrette I improvised for it... cumin and chili powder and other spicy goodness. Yay!

Poker night was quite a success, at least for Jeremy, who was hosting the thing. We had 14 players, so 1st place won $100, 2nd got $30, and 3rd broken even with $10. I didn't even get close, though, mostly because the cards just weren't falling into place for me, so I didn't get very many playable hands. It was, as [ profile] numfar puts it, the "slow hemmhoraging" death I usually get. Bah! That's one thing that irritates me about playing cards: there is usually at least some instance when no amount of skill can make up for a case of bad luck. ;p I had fun playing, though, and they provided beer and snackage, so I probably made my money back just from the consumables. Hee!

The UBRS raid went along pretty nicely. Longevity is a cool little guild, and they're very much with the TPK mindset, so we rocked the instance with only 11 people, until the final boss wiped us. (it's usually done with 15, and even then, it's a tough fight) I had to leave for OSU before we actually killed the last boss, but it was a good run anyway!

Demo on Sunday was good. The drive there and back was bitchy, because it was *really* windy, but we got there okay. We were rather irritated, because we made sure to arrive well before the start of the stage show, because most events like to put us early in the lineup, but this time, they had us much later in the show. We got there around 6 and started warming up, only to find out that we weren't actually performing until 7:45. Blaaahh. The demo itself felt good, though, and I was feeling the rage during my last set. I hope I scared some little kids with nanquan fury, muahaha! :D Also, the free chinese food they gave us was a plus, and Lina got me a smoothie after we got back. Woo!

Anyway, it's another Monday, so back to the usual grind.

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