Mar. 14th, 2017

Things are coming along with the wedding stuff, and it's pretty great. Venue for ceremony is locked in, venue for reception is all-but-locked-down (the rep is working up the contract as of now), I've asked 2 of my 3 desired bridespeople to be my attendants, and I got a fantastic dress for way under budget. It fits so well that I may not even have to alter the thing, which is frankly amazing. My future sister-in-law has been eager to help out with things, I think I have a cool idea for a bridal shower, and perhaps most importantly, I am not freaking out about any of this. Things are moving along, and I feel in control and not overwhelmed in the slightest. Let's hope it stays that way. ;)

Derby continues apace. The first part of the season was hard, because we had a bout very literally every other week for our first several games. And, coaching my juniors team on top of that has made it pretty time-consuming. But, we have a nice several-week gap between this past weekend's game and our next one in April, and my juniors will be ending their season on April 1st. So, room to breathe is definitely coming soon.

Also, I won MVP blocker a couple weeks ago, which I'm pretty stoked about. I feel like I've been actually improving and playing better this season, and I've gotten really comfortable with the inside line and forward-facing blocking. It's pretty encouraging to finally see progress, because last season felt like one big plateau.

Work has been a slog, largely because small businesses have had a hard start to the year, and thusly, so have I. I've been in my own head a lot, and have been dealing with a couple of terrible, time-and-energy-sucking sub-contracting gigs that I seriously want to quit. But, there are also some really exciting projects that are close to launch, and some exciting potential projects in the pipeline, so hopefully my mood will improve.

Today, I also joined a local co-working space and "social club," as they describe it. While I chatted with the owner, I told her something that I hadn't entirely realized was true until I said it: I don't really have a community around my work, and I'm feeling a need for that.

I have wonderful people in my personal life. I have a great community surrounding my derby life. But, aside from the people I pay to work with me--who are both awesome, to be fair--I don't have the same sense of community with my work life that I do in other parts of my life.

Swapping business cards at networking events isn't doing the job. I haven't found a place where I felt there was space for my whole self at any job or networking group, since I moved to Portland. This, however, seems like a thing that's geared towards ambition, balance, and genuine connections. Hopefully, this will be a step in the right direction, or at least get me out of my own head more often.

And holy crap, I need Spring to get here soooooon. The day-and-a-half of sunshine we had over the weekend was a wonderful lift, and I want MOAR. Preferably without some stupid "spring forward", sleep-stealing time change attached to it. ;p

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