It's been a pretty up-and-down couple of weeks, but I think (hope?) things are falling into place.

I went in for two interviews last week, and ended up with two new contract gigs. One hasn't started yet (and will probably be fairly easy once it does), but the other is predicted to be 10-20 hours/week through the end of April, and they had me come into their office to start working on things the day after our phone interview.

Being in an office after freelancing for the past 4 years is WEEEIRD, y'all. Even though my recruiter said suggested dress was, "casual," I spent half an hour debating what to wear for my first day, heh. I'm also slowly getting over being anxious about screwing up or being incompetent, heh. Woooo, impostor syndrome! They've asked me if I've worked with various utilities in the past--a couple of which I have, but a couple of others which I haven't. Still, when I do have to say, "No," they seem happy to help me get set up, and they just say, "cool, well, you'll get to learn about that, then."

That's one of two encouraging things about this gig: I'm getting to learn and become more comfortable with coding-related things that I'm less familiar with. (related: the more I work with SASS, the more I reeeeally like it) But, it's learning in a context that lets me also use skills I already have, so I don't feel completely out of my depth. The other cool thing is that they mentioned having some design work that they'd like to hand off, if I'm interested, and of COURSE I'm interested in that.

In other news, Travel Team tryouts are tonight, and I'm not doing it. I was on the list until a couple of days ago, and I had a lot of anxiety about it. Part of me wanted to go all-in and do it again, and another part of me was panicking, wondering if the only way for me to get consistent play time again was to get back on TT.

But, another part of me didn't want to make the sacrifices in all of the other parts of my life in order to do it, and that part was apparently the loudest. Getting the new in-office contract pretty much sealed it, and work in general has been pretty fruitful so far this year. I feel more in control of that, and of my time in general, than I have in probably years, and that feels important.

Anyway, TT Wait List will be there, if I get towards the end of my contract and have enough time and headspace for MOAR DERBY.

Also, in the several months since I joined my crossfit gym, I've front-squatted over 200 lbs., and I'm already being peer-pressured about A) doing the in-house competition, and B) competitive lifting, heh. It's something I've enjoyed a lot, though, so it's pretty much inevitable that I'll do it eventually, haha. At bare minimum, I've found myself a post-derby-retirement plan. ;)

SO, yeah. Doing Life Stuff. It's working for me.
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No, seriously, I'm feeling better than I have in a while. (amazingly, no, I don't have my fancy B-Complex supplements yet) It seems as though, every time I sit down to write something, I get pulled away by something else. So, before that happens again, bullet points:
  • I had a truly kick-in-the-pants fun time on Sunday, at a special Fresh Meat vs. Corvallis scrimmage. We had team skaters to be our actual jam coach and bench coach, even. They seemed to be giving me the pivot hat a lot, which I figure is probably a sign that they've noticed my improving awareness and communication skillz. I'll take that as a compliment. I felt like my defensive blocking was decently effective, I made some solid offensive blocking moves, and I definitely had some ah-ha moments in the pack where things in my brain clicked in new ways. I'm definitely holding onto that as best I can. I also have some stellar bruises in some highly unusual places. Job well done!
  • I have about a billion shoots happening next week. Two evenings of jewelry shooting, and a fashion shoot that'll turn into party photos afterwards. I'd like to plan something more fun-and-experimental soon, but it's a toss-up as to when that'll happen. Still, it's good to be working.
  • Through a bizarre twist of fate, one of the two weddings I'm shooting this year will be my ex-boyfriend's (Alpha's) wedding, in about of month or so. I had a meetup with him and his special lady last week to talk details, and it sounds like a modest, laid-back, and fun affair. And, there'll apparently be bellydancing at the reception, heh. She seems like a cool lady, too, so I'm glad that my actually-sane-and-nice-ex is ending up with somebody worthy.
  • I'm feeling disconnected from a lot of people, lately. I don't like that. I'm hoping to have some bandwidth to do something about it this month. And more energy to do something about it in the longer term, once my fancy vitamins come in.
And, in conclusion: my pixel art, let me show you it. This will soon be turned into a flyer for the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. 8-Bit-Style art takes, um, a long time, but cash money for fun and challenging work? Yes please.

I'm taking a moment to tell you about [ profile] drjeff's Kickstarter project: A How-To Guide for Therapy Clients. I really want you to throw money at this project, for several reasons:
  • It's an important topic that nobody's talking about. I briefly tried therapy back in 2006, and gave up on it, because I didn't see how it was helping me. The real reason, however, was that I hadn't found the right therapist, I wasn't patient enough, and I didn't go in with the right mindset. When I tried it again (successfully) in 2009, I finally understood why it didn't work the first time, but only because I found the right person (a wonderful LCSW) who knew how to guide me and explain it to me, and because I refused to give up.

    Even now that I'm out of therapy, I still can't help thinking that, if I'd known all of the ins and outs of finding and working with the right therapist--the information [ profile] drjeff will be sharing in his book--maybe I'd have succeeded at therapy the first time, and saved myself a lot of pain and heartache.

  • It's a project that he's passionate about and expert in, and it'll mean a better life for him. He does good work helping people every day, and he loves doing it. But, it's not exactly high-paying work. Making this e-book project happen would be a wonderful way to keep him doing the important work that he loves doing, while also making life better for him and his family.

  • It's a project he's chosen me to design and build. He's putting the words to pages, but he knows that he needs a professional-looking book, and a pro-stylie web site to stand out, and he'll be using some of the Kickstarter fund to hire me to do that work. He's also respectful enough to know what I'm worth, and is endeavoring to pay that rate without hesitation. So, yes, my livelihood is invested in this, too.
So, yeah, here's my plea to donate to the project  and make it happen. If the project doesn't make its goal, then it gets ZERO funding, so if you have a few bucks, throw it in today. <3
Okay, dudes. It's a new year, and it's time to make some goals happen! I actually did pretty okay at last year's goals, and although they didn't all go exactly as planned--because, really, when do they ever?--progress was definitely made on a lot of them. So, hey, the same format, because it's good to have ideas.

Raise monthly business profits enough to live awesomely on them!
  • Outsource and/or delegate the things that I waste time on or generally suck at. Use time to focus on things that I'm an expert at, or would like to become expert at.
  • Try to capture more design work, not just web-site-only. Logos, packaging, catalogs, illustration?
  • Be more proactive about networking. Meet people whose work I admire, support local creatives with my dollars, start the conversations that will make them want to pay for my expertise!
  • Do at least a couple of test shoots or photo projects that push the boundaries a bit. Use them to make people go, "oooooo!" and give me money to shoot more awesome photos.
  • Benchmark #1: surpass monthly income at old job in Eugene
  • Benchmark #2: surpass monthly income at my last job in PDX
Eat better, sleep better, train harder
  • Go running at least 2x/week, work up to 3-4x/week as the ankle allows; adjust as necessary as derby is added back into the routine.
  • 8 hours a night of sleep. Get to bed early enough to wake with the daylight instead of an alarm. (it worked in CA, so hopefully it can work here)
  • Be a more devoted yogi. At least 1 yoga class a week, hopefully two.
  • Since my old gym closed, find a new gym for myself and Boyfriend. Join it. Go to it regularly.
  • Do anti-inflammatory cleanse diet to help with remaining injury healing and, well, getting rid of holiday handles.
  • Mmmmaybe go gluten-free for an entire month, just to see what happens.
Give more time to friends, family, and good causes
  • Being less absurdly-busy = inviting friends out to do things more often = not being a shitty friend = Happy!
  • Try to work out an extra visit to California, hopefully spring/summer. See family and friends. Bring J along.
  • Help with Alyson's bra drive over the next few weeks.
  • Likely donating web site redesign to Newberg Animal Shelter.
Get drafted to an RCR team
  • Keep NSOing, return to Wreckers in mid-to-late-Jan
  • Do GnR Pre-Meat bootcamps in early-Feb
  • Get back onto Fresh Meat at Feb 11th tryouts
  • Extra scrimmage time w/Wreckers, co-ed derby, and Vancouver league
  • Get MSR cleared, make teams love me, BOOM. DRAFTED. Hopefully May.
Play more games
  • Being less absurdly-busy = more solo time = finishing freaking Dragon Age already = Happy!
  • Adjust my living space in a way that's more friendly towards spending a few hours on a lazy Sunday with my XBox.
  • Get in on a good RPG campaign. I know of a few that are in the pipeline, but man, it's been a while.
  • Have board game nights semi-regularly? I like my friends, and I like playing games with them!
Spend less money on gasoline
  • More bike commuting, because in-town driving makes me sad or makes me want to hit things.
  • Get a smaller and more fuel-efficient car!
Read more, listen more.
  • Being less absurdly-busy = more solo time = finishing more books = Happy!
  • Read a neat article on the internet with breakfast, instead of derping around and/or being rushed in the mornings.
  • Podcasts. They're neat. Maybe take them out running?
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Well, I'm glad that my own personal Suck-tober has finally ended, because I'm feeling about a billion times more energetic and generally good. Woo!

I got my new skates (new-to-me boots, same plates) back from my skate builder dude last night, and skated on them at practice, and they feel fantastic and good-fitting. Fourth time is, apparently, a charm. :)

This was also doubly exciting, because I picked up my old skate boots (mounted with different plates) at the same time, so I also got to bring them to a fellow Meatie who's buying them from me. Her skates were on their last legs, and it's a huge upgrade for her. I'm sort of amazed that I found another girl who can wear something that fits my giant feet, and I'm really happy to be A) making back the money I spent, and B) seeing the boots go to a good home.

Derby Championships are happening RIGHT NOW, and I designed some silly signs in honor of Portland's first trip to Nationals, heh. One of the other skaters is now, apparently, going to make it into a t-shirt. Hee!

Oh, and so this post isn't entirely derby-related, I'm re-designing my web site, and I'm much happier with it now. The last version was fine, but it was somewhat-hastily slapped together in the wake of my layoff and all of the various startup hoops I had to jump through. And, this one let me flex my CSS coding muscles in some new ways. Woo!

Anyway, it's another busy (in that good way) weekend, so ONWARD!
So, I got sick earlier in the week, but I got over it relatively quickly. I only took Tuesday completely off from working, but I think I was in denial about being sick for most of Monday. I worked the morning, and then J coaxed me out of the studio to kick around at the park with a few of his folks that afternoon, and then we made dinner and sat down to watch Doctor Who, and I completely conked out. This was at 9:30p, and I slept for 10+ hours, so, yeah, I was definitely not myself.

Being back in action yesterday was pretty nice, although now I'm a bit more behind than I'd like to be on client work, and I also have to do an extra team practice in the next couple of weeks before draft, to make up for being too sick to do any this week. Blecch.

And SPEAKING of derby, being on the Web Team has suddenly plopped a bunch of work into my lap, over the past few weeks. We're hosting a regional tournament this year--it's actually in 2 1/2 weeks, but you probably wouldn't know it by looking at the web site. That would be because I seem to be the only person on Web Team responding to, uh, much of anything.

There was a short-turnaround request to post a couple of pages while I was at PAX, and nobody else responded to it, so on the Tuesday after PAX, the Events Committee head and the content wrangler for Regionals freaked because it hadn't been posted and deadlines were approaching fast. The head of the Web Team has been totally MIA, to the point where the content wrangler for Regionals emailed me and A) thanked me for all of my help thus far, and B) asked me point-blank WTF is going on with the rest of the Web Team. I didn't really have a good answer for her.

Web Team Head finally updated some things today--mainly things that I'd have done already, if I'd had the necessary access to do it--but generally speaking, he's too busy to help post content. I have no idea if he's been going to any of the meetings or not, but I'll probably have to go to the rest of the planning meetings for Regionals, because the only other person offering to rep for the Web Team has actually helped write content, but doesn't have any technical knowledge.

I have the feeling that, if things keep going the way they have been, I could very easily become BOSS OF THE INTERNETS for our league, which I guess I can sort of handle, now that I don't have a day job. But, I'm not sure I want to, primarily because I don't do server admin work, and that's what the current Web Team Head is good at. And, well, it also means more meetings and such to juggle, but I suppose if the current Head hasn't been attending them, then I don't have to go to every single one either, right?

So, eh. Part of me feels a little excited by the prospect of having authority, because while the Regionals site looks pretty sexy, thanks to my 1337 skillz, our league's primary web site is pretty clunky. Part of me, however, feels a bit panicked and slightly boned at having to assume more responsibility. It's fine right now--I wouldn't be doing all of this maintenance for Regionals if I didn't have the bandwidth--but it's hard to tell if it'd continue to be fine, for the long-term. I don't *have* to step up, but somebody may have to before too much longer.

We shall seeeee.


Jul. 8th, 2011 01:14 pm
I am tired and stressed, y'all. A few things of note:

A) I finally got my MSRs approved at practice last night. Now the coaches will put their heads together and discuss whether or not they are comfortable with having me attend team practices and league scrimmage. I have a (possibly somewhat irrational) fear that they'll hold me back for some dumb reason, but I hope that's wrong. I have to admit that I'll be pissed if they do.

B) I am going in for an informal interview of sorts today. They solicited me about freelance web development, but they know that I have a design skillset, so we'll see if any desirable work comes of it.

C) I am going to have the most absurdly-busy day ever tomorrow, but I have nothing to do tonight. That's kind of weird.

There's a lot more, but that's all I can think of at the moment, so I'll be off.
As you might've detected in my last post, I was rather iffy on the logo/watermark thing I used for the photos I posted. It was cute, but I didn't quite love it. ([ profile] archmage, you hit the nail on the head as to why, heh) I did like the type manipulation I did on the "creative", but the rest didn't feel very Me-ish. I *can* do detailed illustration, but strong, clean design is much more my signature.

So, I wound up spending several hours yesterday futzing with a new logo, and then made further tweaks earlier today. Now, I have two options:

Judgmental thumbs? Leanings one way or the other? The "SG" will be used by itself as a mark, in some instances, in case that impacts your decision. Detailed feedback is nice, but even "I like this one better for no good reason," is helpful, heh.

(FWIW, I like the look of the left option better because it feels more like a cohesive unit, but the one on the right more obviously implies the arrow/direction concept)
I think my least-favorite part of doing freelance web site work is writing up proposals. I just sent out my fourth revision of one today, because there's been a lot of back-and-forth about the legalese. I'm adding clauses for what happens if I don't complete the work, which makes me laugh a little, because it's usually the client flaking on me, not the other way around.

It's not exactly fun to be writing contract language, either, because I like to be friendly with my clients, and it's no fun to be thinking about worst-case scenarios, or a project going south for whatever reason. And, well, it's always at least a little frustrating when you have to do a big brick of work in order to get actual work booked. I suppose I should be used to that by now, but, eh, it's still kind of a trial.

On a more positive note, it's looking pretty likely that I'll be getting actual paying gigs for photojournalistic coverage of a few local events happening in June and July, and possibly ongoing from there. I know one of the (paid) writers for an online news/events site that's established in other cities, but new to the Portland market, and I posted a couple of photos on their web site that I'd shot previously at local food establishments. Apparently, they actually saw those and want to give me money to take more photos for them. Considering I don't particularly chase after photojournalism jobs right now, that was pretty exciting news. The rate isn't my ideal, but it's good enough to be worth doing especially with the relatively-low time commitment. So, yay!

And oh, hey, even when my legs are dead, I can still be an okay jammer. There were a couple of times where I sneaked through the pack by using my own blockers as cover, and I believe this was one of them:

Also, apparently, today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. Who knew?
I am full of first-world problems!
  • So, I am officially not going camping this weekend. At first, J couldn't take the time off, and I couldn't afford to drive down all by myself, but then I talked with [ profile] marykae and we solved that problem. But, then the Job notified me last week that they're going to pile a bunch of work on me as part of their impending transition to Drupal 7, so I'll be screwed if I take the extra time off. And, the Fresh Meat attendance policy got changed while I was injured, so those who don't make 80% attendance can potentially be kicked off and be forced to try out again. I thought practice would be cancelled this weekend, but apparently, it's still happening, and I can't afford to miss that much practice. D:
  • I'm constantly surprised and somewhat appalled at how often my name is misspelled by people who have it spelled out in print, right in front of them. I received a package yesterday for, "Sara Griffow," from a person who's seen my name in e-mail about eleventy-billion times. Really?
  • The jewelry girls let me know that they're postponing having me do their web site until Fall, because they're going to be too busy this summer. Obviously, I don't think this is a wise decision, and not even for selfish reasons. They want this to be a big year, and will be promoting themselves very hard, but, they've complained that Etsy isn't doing what they need, and that they need an online shop, and also said that they're wanting to re-brand their work. Wouldn't it make more sense to have your online shop ready for a massive influx of buyers? And wouldn't it make FAR more sense to re-brand and then promote, rather than confuse the masses you've promoted to by re-branding after the fact?
  • While I'm sort of jazzed that there's a draft coming up sooner than we anticipated, but I wish it weren't happening NEXT WEEK. They were originally talking about having one at the end of June, and I could easily be draft eligible by then. They've already notified the draft eligible people yesterday, and realistically, there was no way I'd get eligibility by next week, after 3 weeks off for injury. The next draft isn't until OCTOBER. If I get my draft clearance during June, I'm going to be intensely annoyed.
  • I wish I could actually RUN to the bus stop when I need to, instead of hobbling impotently towards it as the bus pulls away, and then standing there in the rain for an extra 15+ minutes waiting for the next one. Stupid knee. I want to run and jump NOW. :p
Don't get me wrong, though, I'm in a pretty good mood, overall. I'm just a victim of my own impatience, heh.

And now, I'm going to amuse myself by reading My Mom Watches Game of Thrones.


May. 12th, 2011 01:30 pm
TOO BUSY THIS WEEK. Blagh. But, I'm being productive, and that's awesome.

After yesterday, I now have three potential web site projects in the pipeline, and had a meeting about two of them yesterday. My plate is filling up faster than I expected, and that's both scary and exciting. I'm also getting set to run a booth at Wonder Northwest on Sunday, in the hopes of massaging my PGC3 connections into actual dollars. And that'll be *after* attending a wedding in Cannon Beach on Saturday. Ooof.

Oh, and my knee has been behaving well enough for the past week-or-so that I'm going to try skating at practice tonight. Because that's not anxiety-inducing, or anything. On the up side, it'll be the first practice for our ten newly-inducted Freshies, so it should hopefully be less intense than the last practice I did on-skates. And I *have* given myself permission to take it easy, or even just sit out entirely if something doesn't feel right.

Still, yeah, I'm nervous, and about a lot of things. But eh, I'll get over it.
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I'll go ahead and admit it: I cried for a couple of minutes, while driving home from derby practice. It got off to a crappy start, and although I felt okay-ish by the end of it, the okay-ness feels temporary. All I need to do is get out of my own head, and just friggin' SKATE, but I can't seem to make myself do that. I've worked hard to come around to the belief that I can do anything I choose, anything at all, but nothing has made me question that more than doing this blasted sport.

But, then I checked my messages, and there was one from a friend who forwarded me a job posting. It appears to be everything I'd want out of whatever job I hold in the interim, until photography picks up. It's even part-time and work-from-home. It appears to be a job that I could actually *get*, because it draws upon skills I've been using and building in recent months, on my own time outside of work. I'd get to actually design things, and make them work.

I've felt adrift, these past several weeks, with all this energy and no real certainty as to where to direct it. I fell into a spiral, feeling as though nothing was improving, that some things were actually getting *worse*, and that there was no end in sight. Maybe this is the kick in the pants I needed, the change that I was looking for, the one that would be the first of many. Sometimes, I forget so easily that I don't have to accept what I've been given. I *can* find the direction I need again, and all I have to do is choose it. 

Either way, I am absolutely applying for that job first thing in the morning.
I'm going to talk about things that do not suck!

1337 Design: one of my awesome design mockups for Western Regionals is being turned into a fully-functioning site RIGHT THIS MINUTE. My Wordpress customization project for [ profile] littlebluedog is nearing completion. I rolled out a swanky new look for the senior portrait site. I had a meeting on Monday with PGC3 about making *their* web site pretty.

In short, my portfolio is freshening up rather nicely, and I may be getting nicely networked for future designthings. This is something that I nearly gave up on, as a source of income. I told myself that The Job hamstrung me by giving me such unchallenging work, that my skillset was becoming more and more outdated, that nobody would hire me for another job with such an outdated portfolio, but you know what? I'm effin' good at this, and anything I don't already know how to do is something I can learn. I am, frankly, kind of pissed at The Job for making me think that web design wasn't something I could pursue anymore.

Random Happenings: I had brunch with Alyson and Carolyn on Sunday, and it was nice to chat about random things and about future shoots. Carolyn's been out of the country for work, so it was good just to even see her. Joe and I did Geek Trivia on Tuesday, and then went roller skating--and by his request, no less. He's actually really jazzed about getting better at skating, and although he's still in the, "oh, hey, I'm doing physical activity that is not bicycling!" stage, it's very cool to have him asking ME when we're going skating again next, rather than the other way around. We wound up doing dinner with some friends of his and playing a game known as Scribblish last night, which was hilarious and amusing.

In the land of house things, I picked up two berry plants that I'm hoping to pot and grow on the upstairs deck--likely the only full-sun area we have in the yard--and I almost picked up a basil plant, but decided to save that for later. I'm also researching landscaping ideas for the front yard that don't involve a stupid-and-high-maintenance lawn. I also filed my taxes; I'm usually done with it much sooner than this, so it's nice to have it all finished at last.

Photography: I've gotten some helpful advice in the past day or so, for getting things resolved. The new Seniors site is just one part of an exciting plan to do truly kick-ass senior portrait photography, and of course make many Real American Dollars in the process.  We interviewed some interns and found people who feel like just the right ones to help us get things done. And, as previously mentioned, I got to shoot at the derby bout last weekend, and it was pretty excellent.



Feb. 23rd, 2011 04:28 pm
I'm ridiculously tired and sore for no discernible reason, but damn if I don't feel completely rockin' in other ways.

I accumulated a fat stack of derby volunteer hours by throwing down some design for the Western Regionals web site--Portland is hosting the tournament this year--and it'll be presented to the marketing committee next week. I hope it goes over well, but even if they pass up my mockups, I had fun designing them.

Also, tonight will be an outing to OMSI After Dark! It should be worlds better than the one other time I went, because I'll have much better company. Speaking of which, if any of you happen to see this in the next few hours and want to join up, feel free to drop me a text; I'll be landing there around 6:30. :)

Sleeping sounds great right now, but I'm going to attempt running, instead. I'm a foolish human, sometimes.
I've been quietly working behind the scenes, and I'll talk about it in greater depth, when I have more than five minutes to spare, but I've been updating my design portfolio and vanity domain, which have both been gathering dust for the past, oh, 3 1/2 years? Good things may come of it, though.

In other news, I subjected myself to a bit of consensual public humiliation last night, by participating in a pub spelling bee, and very confidently forgetting the second "i" in "bouillabaise." I *did* do this during the final round, as one of the top three spellers, though, so I still have some of the spelling champion chops I had in my youth. If I'd seen the word in front of me, rather than spelling it out verbally, I'd have easily caught my own mistake. Stupid visually-oriented brain!

Also, the "reward" of a can of PBR for each correctly spelled word was, uh, less-than-desirable. I should've asked if I could trade them all in for one pint of actually-good beer, heh. Still, I may have to try this thing again, because being a smart-ass for an audience is strangely amusing.

And, hopefully, there will be new skates in my hot little hands this evening... as in, skates that are properly fitted and not falling apart! Fingers crossed that they work out.
I think my skates are inciting a revolt against me: at tonight's practice, the top shoelace hole on my left skate all but split clean through. This, of course, makes the fit even worse. Yeah, that's awesome. :p Fortunately, I've managed to accept that I'll get my endurance clearance when I get it, and that I'll get through this eventually, so my frustration was shorter-lived this time around.

Productivity, on the other hand, is currently my bitch! I mowed through a photo edit in record time last night, and actually had time left over to go to Ground Kontrol for Free Play Night. (note to self: make the GK staff turn up the volume on DDR, because it is damned near impossible to hit 7+-Foot songs when you can't hear the bloody music!) I was temporarily possessed by a pinball wizard, kicked ass and chewed bubblegum at various fighting games--Marvel vs. Capcom, sadly, *not* being one of them--and paid a visit to some old-school classics.

Today was a day of me flexing my web-based muscles, and throwing down some design work for not one, but two different sites. I'm seriously looking forward to sharing these projects, once they're nailed down in pixels and code. I also have a lot of ideas for updating my web site, including resurrecting my public blog, and actually updating my blasted design portfolio. It's been over three years since I made any real changes to my design portfolio, which is just not acceptable. I deserve to be doing exciting and inspiring design projects, not mind-numbing HTML formatting, damnit.

Anyhoo, the weekend is looking like good fun, and aside from derby practice and the wushu demo, my Saturday is startlingly open! I'm already daydreaming about the various things I might like to do with it. Ahhhh.
Well, Saturday decided to follow suit with the rest of last week, and proved to be, uh, eventful. Fortunately, it wasn't as incredibly exhausting and/or demoralizing as Monday thru Thursday were, heh.
  • Rolled out of bed at 9:15 to get ready for a coffee date. Damned near fell asleep again, after being out late on Friday night, but I got up and out the door, on track for being about 10 minutes late to said coffee date. While on the highway, my car started sounding odd, so I got off at my exit and pulled over, to discover that my tire had completely blown out! I called and left a voicemail for the dude, saying, "you're not going to believe this, but my tire just blew the hell out on the highway," and apologizing and such.
  • Dude called me right back, and started off saying, "I am *really* sorry I'm such a flake and am not there yet!" Apparently, he'd gotten up early to get ready, and wound up falling back asleep later, heh. After I told him about the tire, he offered help, so he came out and changed my tire. AND he also handily jumped my car, because I was an idiot and left the headlights on while we were dealing with the tire. After all that, we had 15 whole minutes for me to buy us both coffee, before I had to take off for my wushu demo. Said coffee was a macchiato at this little shop he'd suggested in NE, and it may have been the best coffee I've ever had. Holy damn.
  • The wushu demo itself was fine. We didn't find out that we'd even be doing a demo until 2 weeks prior, so with the Thanksgiving holiday, we'd had almost no practice time, but we pulled it off. It was also nice that we actually got to perform on the wushu carpet this time, because slippery gym floors? Not so good for traction.
  • After demo, there was just enough time to make a deposit at the bank, and dash off to derby practice. It was a shorter practice than usual, but I did my skills checklist, and I'd already passed the rules test a couple weeks ago, through some miracle of divine providence. SO, that means I'm officially cleared as Scrimmage-Ready. Doing the skills checklist really helped drive home the point of how much I've improved since I started, so even though it's an early, *early* step on the road to derby awesome, it still felt like a victory. :)
  • After practice, it was run home, shower, grab food, and go to the derby bout! It was a double-header, and My Hero Napoleon was in the second of the two bouts, so I got to sit with [ profile] marykae and a few other girls from Wreckers, and scream my head off, and it was awesome. Once that was over, I came home, loafed around the house, and passed out.

Sunday was much, much more chill. I met up with Kenna to talk webstuff, and then worked on web things that I was actually (gasp!) excited about working on. It's so good to be doing design again, even on a small scale.

AND, [ profile] katlyn , [ profile] daemonwise , and I sat down and finally finished watching the 3rd and final season of Avatar. I LOVE THIS DAMNED SHOW. A couple of minor issues with the ending, yes, but still, so completely worth it. I think I'm preaching its gospel almost as hard as Veronica Mars (or possibly more?), at this point. And I may have to find some excuse in the future to dress up as Avatar Kyoshi, heh. (P.S. [ profile] phasmaphobic : I still don't see the resemblance, but eh, I never do. ;) But costuming as an Earth bender? Uh, YES PLEASE.)

Anyhoo, now it's Monday, and so far, it's proving to be a far better one than the last. Decisions reaffirmed, design work being well-received, and the day is flying by. Hell yes. And there's Farscape viewing tonight!
So, after falling down the previously-mentioned half-flight of stairs post-photoshoot, combined with the flailing attempts at 9-section chain whip floor work, some unfortunate bumps and scrapes practicing new nandao sections, and my usual bouts of absurd clumsiness, I've spent the past couple of weeks looking, uh, rather spotty. And that's putting it mildly. The bruises from the stairs incident are finally mostly-faded, but damn. If I weren't A) single, and B) a hulking mass of female kung-fu bad-assery, I'm sure someone would've called the domestic abuse hotline by now.

Anyhoo, a lot of things seem to be on the way to resolving themselves, so outside of the gob of snot that refuses to dislodge from my sinuses, I'm feeling pretty good about the past 5 days.

I am slowly plowing through my task lists, and as stress creeps downward, creativity is beginning to creep upward again. I have a nice little pool of Fun With Illustrator flights of fancy, for whenever I'm simultaneously not-sick and possessing free time.

Oh, AND! Studio spaces. Holy jeebus, the search is equal parts overwhelming and exciting. I found a guy through Twitter interested in a studio share, and his work is good and he is sane. We're also finding that we're on very similar pages, as far as what we're looking for in a space. Part of me wants my very own space, but I *am* relieved to have this option in front of me, if I need it.

I also seem to have made a Friend into a Good Friend, which feels pretty excellent. There are some vaguely painful parts to what went down, certainly, but it could gone been much, much worse than it did. Whenever I find a person who gives openness and honesty, I want to just hug them forever, because it can be so, so rare.

I'm house/pet-sitting this weekend, which is PERFECT, because another damned Adopt My Kittens post cropped up on [ profile] damnportlanders the other day, and it left me craving mass quantities of therapy, in the form of giving scritches to fuzzy animals.

One of these days, I *am* going to come home with one of those little fuzzy bastards, and I will have no regrets. Well, until Andy's head explodes due to his utter distaste for pets, anyway.

Also, in the past 48 hours, I have seen the following, within five blocks of my very own home:
A) a man unicycling up the street, with an accordion strapped to his chest
B) a man driving a DeLorean into the Save-a-Lot parking lot.

Like, damn. God bless this town.
batskeets: (ken)
Ground Kontrol Update: Saturday evening sounds agreeable to most, so that's the plan! I'm thinking maybe 6 or 6:30-ish, in the hopes of getting some games in before it gets *too* terribly busy?

Also, [ profile] twilite_embrace sent out invites to Neal's show, which is at 9:30pm, so I'm thinking I might like to do both, if possible. Y'all are not obligated to join me for the show, but if you'd like to, let me know. :)

Speaking of shows, [ profile] _dilate_ and I went to see the Buzzcocks last night, and it was *awesome*. They played a lot of the songs I already knew, and it made me want to DANCE. The crowd was pretty sedate for a punk show, but at least there were a few people who were getting into it, so I flailed around as best I could in the space available. And man, there's something about seeing old dudes who've been around forever, still rocking the hell out of a venue that just warms my silly heart. They put on a great show, and I emerged half-deaf, covered in sweat, and thoroughly satisfied.

On a completely unrelated note, while I was kicking around with [ profile] katlyn and [ profile] daemonwise the other day, I was commiserating with the former on recent sad-making events, and the latter quipped something to the effect of, "this isn't a meeting of the Sad Sack Club." To which I replied, "nah, I have a dumptruck full of sad!"

After a flurry of silly jokes, brainstorming and speculative t-shirt ideas, an image came into my head. And yesterday, I got bored enough to open up Illustrator and put a very rough version to pixels:

The Sad Dumptruck Club )

I like that I did this, and I'm thinking that dedicating a little 30-minute chunk to silly design-y flights of fancy every week or so could be a nice way of exercising my inspiration muscles, and boosting my creative output. Here's to hoping...


Mar. 3rd, 2010 01:14 pm
FIRST OFF! Here is the interview [ profile] marykae did with me: Sarah could probably beat you up if she had to.

I have learned that I speak in run-on sentences, and greatly overuse the word "super" when I've just woken up and haven't had my coffee. But some guy already made a comment about how I seem cool, so I guess I should cut myself some slack. AND he also said that I have good design skills, and that's based on my hideously outdated design portfolio, so YAY <3

My bedroom is on its way to looking swank, little by little...! This is less than half of the room. The ceiling, trim, door, etc. will all stay white, but the rest of the unpainted wall shown there will be in the purple:

I really hope there are some fun-and-cheap matchy fabrics at the textiles show in Vegas. After I paint, I'll set up my sewing machine in the green nook, and then I can make curtains! I could get more ambitious and make a bedspread, too, but I'll probably just buy one eventually. I also have a cool canopy idea for the bed (a.k.a. Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Photo) that I need good textiles for, so if I can just get textiles for the curtains and the canopy, I'll be happy.

I also keep lingering near the potted flowers and plants selection when I'm at Trader Joe's, which probably means I'll get a plant soon, too. Fortunately, I know for a fact that those are only a few bucks. Now that I'll be in a clutter-free space, the likelihood of me forgetting to water the flowers and subsequently killing them is *vastly* reduced.

AND, then I'll work up some nice black-and-white prints of my own photos for the purple walls, since there'll be more empty space to break up there. I'm also thinking about painting an interesting and possibly plant-like pattern growing out of one color and into the other, if I have enough paint left over.

Runting around for cheap and easy ways to make my room pretty has been really enjoyable, so far. I AM EXCITED.

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