Both [ profile] daemonwise and I have been idly pondering having a cute, furry animal in the house, even though we're both too busy to own our own dog. Still, it's hard not to think about it, because d'aaaawww.

I've also helped Alyson out with some of her work with local animal shelters, and because she's super-involved with them, she posts links to shelter pets looking for a home All. The. TIME.

Example? These little guys. Their names? Are SKEETER and GIZMO. It's like the universe is practically throwing them at me, people.

The universe is mean, y'all. Just sayin'.
One of the roommates had a couple of friends over when I got back from Eugene last night, and they had a little dog with them. Technically, people aren't supposed to have pets in the house, but when I saw that wee doggie face, all I could do was pet the little guy. He (she?) was a mellow sweetheart of a dog. If I hadn't been so tired from driving, I should've asked what breed he was. He reminded me a bit of Gizmo in the face, but it didn't quite look like a daschund...

I miss having a dog around. Not just any dog, either, but the kind with personality and energy. Some dogs seem to indiscriminately like everybody, but some have a way about them, that almost makes you think that they chose you for a reason. Like there's bond that goes beyond just being "that guy who puts food in my bowl every morning," or, "this person who is currently patting my head."

Maybe one of my goals for the coming months should be to lighten my workload enough that I'd have time and energy to get my own little dog, and actually do right by it and be the awesome pet owner he/she deserves. It'd certainly be a healthier way for me to live, with or without the dog.

Of course, I still have to talk Boy and Andy out of their perennial dislike of having pets in the house, so, as always, there are more challenges waiting in the wings. ;)
We went to the Lucky Lab a couple nights ago for a hiking Meetup group, and it was okay. No actual hiking, just nuts-and-bolts stuff. I'm not sure how many of their hikes I'll go on, because I *am* kind of a fair-weather hiker, but I'll probably do some, and I'm sure Boy will. And Morgan and Miles came, too, so we wound up bouncing over to Belmont Station and then Horse Brass, after the meeting. Those two are some of my favorite people, so I hope we see more of them now that Morgan is living up here full-time. :D

And speaking of hiking, the four of us also did a hike near Multnomah Falls the next day, towards Waukeena (sp?) Falls, so I'm wicked sore and tired from that, but it was a cool hike. There was more and more snow (!) the further up we went! We lobbed the occasional snowball at each other, of course, and at one point, I started to venture off the trail to catch a good view, and then SHOOMP!, and I was knee-deep in snow. It was kind of hilarious.

Boy made a huge batch of lasagna yesterday evening, while I was off being counseled. <3 And Reefer Madness at the Doomster pad was good times. ("Eat the brow-nie, eat the BROW-nie!") Yes, it was the musical, and it is still awesome. And bacon brownies, y'all, like damn! Damn tasty, that is. Chocolate and bacon make surprisingly good friends. <3

And phew, I finally have a place to stay for Berkeley. ( FTW!) And, even if that falls through, I have a Plan B via my aunt in Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is a good 2 hours' drive from UC Berkeley, though, so I kind of hope it doesn't come to that, because tournament check-in starts at 8am, and I haaaate early mornings.

On a sadder note: I think my previously mild-to-non-existent allergy to cats is getting worse. I had a cat perched next to me for a good chunk of the gaming party last Saturday, and I got pretty sneezy and itchy towards the end of it. And then last night at the Doomsters', I got the itchy eyes and sneezing again, and it didn't go away until a couple of hours ago. Darn it all, I LIKE furry critters! And I lived with Gizmo for well over a year without having any problems. Granted, he was a dog, but still, I can't be *that* bad off, right? Do people become allergic to cats without also being allergic to dogs? Pet Allergies: DOES NOT WANT. :(

Bridal shoots this weekend, but otherwise, I am free as a bird. Although I should probably practice my form, yeesh. And tonight = HOW CAN BE? <3
So, there's this movie coming out this Friday. The Forbidden Kingdom. And you know who's in it? Jet Li. AND Jackie Chan. If that's not a supreme convergence of awesome kung fu power, I don't know what is.

Now, y'all know me, so y'all know where *I'M* going to be this Friday night. If you want to join us, hit me up!

I got word that Gizmo is having a tumor removed from his muzzle today, so everybody send him some good vibes! He's always a trooper, but some extra mojo wouldn't hurt. :)

I kind of get why some folks consider getting a pet together to be such a natural precursor to having kids together, because the emotional investment I have in Gizmo makes the post-breakup phase feel like joint custody. I suppose he'd be more like a beloved step-child than like the actual fruits of my own loins, but the dynamic feels similar. Of course, I've never had kids, so I'm totally basing this on speculation.

I'm gettin' my hair did today, finally! I'm not sure exactly what we'll be doing yet, but I'll likely be bidding farewell to the purple, and probably swapping in some other wacky color. Pictures to follow, naturally!

In other news, we might be looking at a five-way presidential race in November. No, seriously.

Sure, I'm all for third-party candidates, because the two parties have grown to resemble each other more and more over time, and that is decidedly Not Good. But, if this is all the third parties can dredge up, is it even worth it?

I don't know a lot about Barr, admittedly, but I can't imagine him making anywhere near the impact that my homeboy Ron Paul did. As for the others, Nader can feel free to go home and STFU at any time. And Alan Keyes? He's basically shown himself to be a total wingnut in every debate I've seen him in. Stop the hurting, please.
If anyone in or near Portland can help out, it'd be muchly appreciated!

I offered to watch Gizmo for two weeks, while James goes back East, but that was before I learned that my landlady will kick us out for having a dog in the house. Gizmo *could* go to a kennel for the duration of the trip, but I've heard some bad things about dog kennels in the past, and Gizmo is pretty old. (13 years old!)

If you can keep him at your place from 6/23-7/7, that would rock! He's very small, cute, and quiet, and he even gets along okay with cats. He'll come freshly bathed, and with his food, leash, and a doggie carrier that he can stay in while you're at work or out of the house.

And, of course, I'd help out, take him for walks and the whole bit, so in the unlikely event that you have any problems, I'll be there to help.

If you're game, let me know, eh?
As sick as I am of hearing about her, I do have to cheer: Paris is going back to jaaaaail! She basically just goes around being a rich and drunk waste of life all the time, so bah, serves her right!

Speaking of dumb famous people, I have to mention this whole "dress over pants" fad that seems to be seizing the fashion world, as evidenced by this and many other entries on Go Fug Yourself. Frilly dresses look really funny with jeans. *Maybe* you can get away with formal pants, but even that's pushing it.

The only time the look works at all is when the dress is short enough that it looks more like a really long shirt. Dresses are expensive, compared to your average shirt, blouse, halter top, or whatever else. So why not just wear the pants, and then... BUY A DAMNED SHIRT?

Of course, as [ profile] shannidee and anyone else who knew me then can attest, I was rocking that dress-over-pants look... in 1994. I also didn't buy my own clothes yet, hated my legs with all the irrationality of a growing adolescent, and didn't want to give up the practical splendor of pockets for some silly dress. (what, you expect me to carry some prissy handbag around to all my 9th grade classes? Pshaw.)

But, yes, basically, a spazmo 14-year-old who was *never* on the bleeding edge of fashion already tired and fired this fad, and it should already be long dead. Please cease wearing ugly things and cultivate some taste. Kthxbye.

In other news? I biked to work this morning, and there was a guy set up on the Broadway Bridge, offering free coffee and muffins for bikers! Turns out it was part of the kick-off for this Pedalpalooza thing, which is basically two whole weeks of bike-riding events. I am *definitely* going to the bike shop tomorrow to get my ride fixed up, so maybe I can actually go to some of them.

On a less positive note, I've learned, sadly, that my landlady is apparently VERY anti-Dog. As in, if I were to dog-sit Gizmo for 2 weeks, she'd evict us all, as she outlined in the lease. Of course, Thomas (roommate) is the actual holder of the lease, so I didn't find that out until last night. Baaaahhh. I was looking forward to Gizmo-sitting, too. :p

Anyway, woohoo weekend! Tonight? No idea. Possibly an epic bonanza of vegan baking, because the food plans have been awesome so far! (we made this last night and it was very yummy) The weekend is pretty much open, and we might go sailing at some point. Maybe taking pictures at the Dragon Boat races, too. Whatever, I'm just ready to kick back and enjoy!

P.S. No, I am not becoming vegan. (seriously, the lack of cheese would make me cry) But those crazy vegans make some damned wholesome *and* tasty baked things, noawadays.


Oct. 19th, 2006 02:22 pm
Blargh, I feel like poo today. We're doing a photoshoot with some guy later tonight, though, so that might be cool.

I also received a $100 gift card at BestBuy today, as a reward for some of my awesome work! Memory cards and filters, here I come. :)

I'm also picking up Gizmo tonight, and if he gets along with the cats, I'll be dog-sitting him for a couple weeks! I really hope it goes okay.
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I get to see Gizmo today!! It's kind of crazy how jazzed I am about that, heh. I think I might take some pictures of him, too... the late-afternoon lighting should be awesome for it. I need more cute doggie pictures in my life.

We went over the wedding pictures from last Saturday, and we got a lot of great stuff! Here's some of them... obviously, not all of them are mine. :) Also, our gallery upload got kind of borked somehow, but we'll hopefully get it sorted out within the next day or two, and then that link will just be our best-of-the-best portfolio picks.

In other news, it looks like I'm going to be taking a high school intern under my wing for a bit, here at the job. Lucky her, she already knows that she wants to go into design! It took me three majors to figure that out.

I'm getting pretty pumped for Portland this weekend. I think I'll have fun with these shoots, and I might get to see some people I haven't seen in a good while, too. Woo!

In the realm of annoyances, I'm in dire need of a haircut, and I want to get it done before this weekend's shoots, but I can't get ahold of my bloody stylist to set up an appointment. Rrrgh. I might have to do a last-minute haircut with an entirely different person, because I don't want to work with such awesome photographers when I have a nasty, half-grown-out 'do. I still don't have my cell phone, either... sigh. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

And in closing, I really love a good late-night discussion. Ehehee. :)


Sep. 21st, 2006 11:17 pm
I have all kinds of bruises and nastiness on my hand! I think I busted a vein at wushu yesterday. (as if that surprises anybody ;p)

Wrapping up wontons one at a time is time-consuming. I also didn't buy enough wonton wrappers. BOO-URNS. I'll have to get more tomorrow, which is annoying, but I think the end result will be worth it.

I am seriously considering adopting a dog, and I'm likely going to check out an animal shelter or three in the near-ish future. I'll be taking it slow, though... I want to make sure I find a dog that A) is smallish, B) will be nice to Stubbins (yeah, I have a stupid nickname for Mitch's cat, now, too) C) is at least mostly-housetrained, and D) has a personality I really like. That could take a while. I mean, they have to measure up to Gizmo, and those are big shoes to fill.

This weather is bumming me out, y'all. It's supposed to clear up tomorrow or Saturday, though... right?

Wushu demo tomorrow, on campus! I think we are starting at 2pm, and roaming around campus looking for where the people are. (we couldn't reserve the amphitheater, sigh)
Lesson (re)learned: Kraft Mac 'n' cheese reheats for crap. :p Thankfully, I don't eat the stuff hardly at all anymore...

On a happier note, [ profile] evil_violet left me a voicemail while we were out at Silver Falls yesterday, and we'll apparently be dog-sitting for a few weeks! That's actually really awesome, because after seeing Gizmo a couple weekends ago, I've basically been going, "aaawwwww!" at every single little dog I see on the street... cripes, I miss that dog something ridiculous.

Of course, by the end of the dog-sitting period, I'll probably want a dog of my own even *more* than I do now, but eh, what can you do.

Anyhoo, had a decent run, and I'd better get back to working on stuff.
OH SNAP: Fisherman speared by blue marlin off Bermuda.

I had a good weekend, but I wish it'd been longer, because MAN I'm tired. I think the heat has drained my energy down to nothing.

Saturday involved moving more stuff and organizing my crap. Oy. :p I got over there around 1:30ish, and was at it until 8:30 or so. BOO-URNS. I did get to see Gizmo for a bit, though, which was really nice, but man, that dog breaks my heart. I suppose it's a good thing that he's not in my care, because I haven't been home much, so I'm sure he'd have gotten pissed off and peed in my bed or something by now... but I still wish I could have him around.

Karaoke plans for that night were initially on, and then they were off and I stopped calling people about it, but then they were on again because [ profile] craftyran came out to play. Woo! I kind of crashed and burned on my first song, because I thought I knew it a lot better than I actually did, and it was also in the wrong key, sigh. I didn't entirely know my second one, either--"Piece of my Heart" by Janis Joplin--but it went okay enough that I want to listen to the original a few times and try it again later. I got a free drink from the bartender for doing "Today" by Smashing Pumpkins, though, so that kicked ass! Ran's songs also went off without a hitch, though, and fun times were had, so yay!

I really must plan further ahead, so I can get more people to come out for this stuff. (also, if [ profile] rmalena still wants to come sometime, I need some digits, yo!)

It was way, way too hard to get motivated on Sunday, but I wound up hiding from the heat at one of the local coffee joints, and Ben and I got some photography stuff done. Air conditioning is a thing of beauty.

In the evening, I headed out to ZimFest, or the Zimbabwean Music Festival, because my aunt had come up here with her marimba ensemble, and they were performing there. Apparently, the festival moves around every year, but this year they had it out at the Country Fair venue, so I guess the word didn't really get out, but it wound up being a good show. Her group was really good, and I got to visit with her for a bit, and also hear music from folks who'd traveled way out here from Zimbabwe. We got eaten alive by mosquitos, but it was worth the trip, either way. :)

I ate a banana today, to see if it'll help with those pesky running cramps I keep getting. If it works, and if the heat doesn't completely destroy me during the first mile, I'm gonna try to knock out 4 miles on my run today. Wooooo!

And, I'm off.
Re: the above, there were 2 guys on one side of the foosball table, and myself and 1 guy on the other. The first part came from the other side of the table, and the second part was uttered by me. Aw, snap! ;p

So, yeah, if you couldn't tell, I totally forgot to post earlier. Whoops! Busy, busy, busy.

I wound up going running in spite of the weather yesterday, and I'm glad I did. Gizmo had to go outside anyway, because rain or shine, he's got to go and do his business, and I'd rather him not pee all over my stuff. ;p So, seeing as I was going to get rained on anyway, I figured I might as well run. I came back looking utterly bedraggled and hair-plastered-to-my-forehead drenched, but *wow*, it was a good run, and I did really well! I kind of struggled the last few times I went, so I was kind of surprised, but I think I even managed to tire out Gizmo.

So, I guess running in the rain agrees with me. Either that, or I've finally turned into a Real Oregonian, who laughs in the face of rain, bwahaha!

I skipped wushu today... I have stuff that I can and/or should get done, but I've still got the ol' guilt feelings. I feel like I should run around the block 80 times to make up for it, heh.

Anyway, not much else is happening. I have a lot of nifty ideas, but I'm kind of lacking the focus to pick one and run with it, at the moment. Photo-related stuff seems to be winning right now, mostly because I have other people to motivate me in that area. :) I was supposed to model for a paid photoshoot tomorrow, but it's being postponed for the 80-hojillionth time due to crappy weather. BOOOO. I think I'll be doing a trade shoot and/or playing with the fancy new cameras instead, though, so whee!

Speaking of, I farted around in Photoshop for a bit, using some pictures the guys took yesterday with the fancy new cameras, and I started a Before/After gallery. Not perfect, I'm sure, but it's fun to monkey around, at least! :)

That's all! Weekend looks promising. Hooray for 3-day weekend!
Two things I am loving right now: natural peanut butter, and Dutch Bros. coffee. (well, not together, although that probably wouldn't be bad, either) I think that I appreciate the latter more when I'm not buying it every other day.

Okay, I'm kind of hating the fact that now, when I train really hard, I don't feel soreness until *two* days after the offending workout. I think that's supposed to be a sign of improvement, but when you train Mon/Wed/Fri, and the Monday soreness doesn't show up until Wednesday, it makes the Wednesday workout burn like monkey fire. x_x

Gizmo's walk yesterday was pretty darn miserable. I waited for the rain to let up before taking him, and it was fine for a while, but then it started pouring again when we were only halfway towards home. :p My hair was dripping when I came in, and Giz was *not* happy. The sunshine this morning, however, was awesome! I hope it holds.

Tonight is PR night! Hooray!

Man, I can't think of anything else.
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Complaint: I was all pooped out from extra wushu practice, and I was looking forward to sitting down and watching House, but you know what I got instead? Two HOURS of freaking American Idol. And, apparently, House will not be back until February 7th, in favor of more American Idol. BLAAAAAHHH.

Yes, I know that I've occasionally watched AI before, but that was in the later stages, when there were actually semi-talented people to observe. I have no interest in watching audition episodes where a bunch of wannabes embarrass themselves on television, kthx. And bloody hell, I wanted to watch my show! I hate you, Fox. :p

The weather is really awful. Now it's not just a leaky roof here or there; some people's apartments have flooded. Mine is far from being one of them, fortunately, but this is freaking ridiculous! Also, Gizmo hates going out in any significant amount of rain, so he either makes himself miserable holding his bladder indoors, or he makes himself miserable by going outside and getting completely soaked. Blah.

Here it is Wednesday, and I'm already thinking about what to do with my Saturday. Any ideas?

So, yeah, I'm hellasore, due to the aforementioned extra practice. I think we're doing it for the rest of the week, at the very least, because of the demo, and I think also because we want to do especially well at Collegiates, seeing as we're hosting it this year. I have no idea how we're going to do, because a few people have injured themselves in recent weeks. Phil messed up his ankle at Worlds, Thuy hurt herself somehow on Friday, Robert was having knee issues on Monday... I think I'm just feeling blessed right now, because I *haven't* hurt myself recently. ;p

Speaking of which, Collegiates is Sat. March 4th, running most of the day, on UO campus. I can't compete there this year--duh, not a student anymore--but I'll be there cheering on other people and being generally bossy, and there will be some damned fine wushu afoot, so come check it out!

That's all I've got!
Wushu GOOD. I was 20 minutes late (grrrr) but it was so freaking good to be back. Most people were rusty as hell from not training during winter break, but other than feeling a bit more winded from all the junk that flu left in my lungs, I felt pretty excellent. I think I may have strained a muscle a bit, but it doesn't seem to be too bad. Still, I'm going to be sore as all hell tomorrow, I'm sure.

Yesterday was Gizmo's birthday! We threw a little steak on the grill--birthday cake for dogs, heh--and gave it to him to eat. I'm just glad his mouth is feeling good enough after the tooth extraction that he could actually eat it. :)

Tonight is lazy Tuesday. Well, not *that* lazy, I guess--I've got random little errands and tasks that need doing tonight--but it should be good otherwise.

It seems like everybody's got the blahs, lately. It's good to know that it's not just me, but it sucks, too.


Ever look back on an experience, and feel like you were somehow outside of yourself the entire time? I periodically think back on things that I've done, places I've been--all generally happy things like parties or time with friends, mind you--and it almost feels unreal. Did those things even happen? I know I was there, and other people saw me there, but... I wasn't fully plugged into myself, perhaps? It's hard to explain.

I sometimes wonder if, in the effort to subvert my more stoic and shy traits when I'm around others, I'm inadvertently stifling other large chunks of my personality, too. You're only really yourself when you're by yourself, you know?

I think at times that I should just stop worrying, and embrace the darker, crabbier, snarkier side of my personality--you know, the side that doesn't really like most people. Ultimately, that wouldn't work, because other people's feelings matter too much to me, and I can't be funny/snarky/whatever, if it's going to actually hurt someone's feelings.

Okay, I'm done now. ;p
As of 24 hours ago, it was 2005!

I baked a cake, with some recipe modifications, and it turned out fantastic. I went to [ profile] polysciguy and [ profile] numfar's in the mid-afternoon, and we hung out for most of the day. We ate a ton of food, and played a bunch of games and poker and such. (putting me and [ profile] polysciguy on the same Trivial Pursuit team was probably not the greatest idea, LOL)

I also got a phone call from THE FUTURE! Really, it was [ profile] dakania calling me from the East Coast, where it was already 2006. Still, it was entertaining.

I left for a bit to hang with J, because he managed to get the flu Thursday night, so he was feeling like poo all day and didn't really leave the house. We watched the ball drop, and yes, Dick Clark still looks pretty much the same, heh. We also watched a couple eps of this odd little Canadian (?) show, which looks like your average kiddie show, until they suddenly spout off about wormholes and chaos theory. Yeah, I was a little surprised, too.

I wandered over to the Shack later, foisted the rest of the cake on them, played some pretty hardcore drinking games, had some entertaining conversations. They made me Mac and Cheese! Maybe it was the beer talking, but that was some really yummy Mac and Cheese. Anyway, sometime after that, I was checking in and out of consciousness--primarily because I'd been awake since 9am--and I dozed off at some ungodly hour.

I woke up randomly at 7am-ish feeling quite lucid again, and I had a strong urge to go home, so I did. Gizmo greeted me at the door! Aaaawww, he's so cute. All the ladies at the vet's office apparently love him... that dog has some serious people skills. :)

I wish I'd been able to go to Portland, too, because partying with the AHS crew has always been so much fun. But, I still had some good times here in stinky Eugene, hee. :)

Anyway, hello 2006! I'm glad you're here. 2005 had a few good points, but it was mostly pretty awful. Were it not for the people I met this year--and the ones I already know and hold dear, too--it would have completely sucked.

My head hurts, so I'm off like a dirty shirt.


Dec. 30th, 2005 03:02 pm
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I just overheard a co-worker tell an anecdote that involved a little kid, sitting in the store, loudly *demanding* that his parents give him... LUTEFISK.

I just had to mention that, because A) I was immediately reminded of the time [ profile] kitsileya ranted about how people always think of lutefisk when they think about Norwegian food, and B) it's a CHILD. Who wants to eat LUTEFISK. There are a lot of *adults* who wouldn't eat lutefisk.

I sometimes wonder why I rarely bear witness to some of the completely random and insane things that other people see, but then I remember that A) I'm about 80% homebody, so I don't actually get out *that* much, and B) I'm often completely oblivious to what's going on around me. ;p Well, unless it involves somebody I already know, anyway.

Taiji was off the chain yesterday. I want to finish the freaking 24 already, but at least we're practicing later sections of the form now, and I'm remembering most of it better than before. I am very pleased.

Gizmo was whining a lot last night--probably because he wasn't allowed to eat for about a day--and his eyelids were at half-mast, thanks to the painkillers and anesthesia. But, he's doing pretty well, especially considering he had three teeth removed yesterday. (yes, it was three, rather than the one I originally thought) Poor little guy, sigh.

That's all I've got. Hi-ho, weekend!
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For random silliness, here's some amusing Engrish!

Gizmo went into the vet this morning, for some dental work. He wasn't particularly well-cared-for in the few months prior to him coming to Eugene, so he had some tooth decay, and it was causing him other problems. His breath was pretty foul, too, even by doggie breath standards. Apparently, they had to pull a tooth, because it was too far gone. :( Otherwise, he's okay, and he's awake now, and he'll probably have an easier time eating when he gets home this afternoon.

WoW has been rather blah, mostly because Arathi Basin makes Baby Jesus cry. ;p I like to PvP and all, but I'm only as good as my team, and nobody seems interested in even *trying* to win, these past few days. So, I run around and die a lot and get crappy honor bonuses. :p I think I need to do an instance run soon, or I'mma go crazy.

Training was hard yesterday. I feel lethargic and flabby. I'm sleepy, too, primarily because I had to get up early to take Gizmo in. Nowhere to go but up, I guess!

Soooo glad it's Thursday. Can. Not. WAIT. For the new year.
Yesterday was Lazy Tuesday, which amounted to a bit of time in Arathi Basin (2 easy wins and 1 pathetic loss) and what was possibly the worst UBRS run ever. My GOD, these clowns could not get their act together; we wiped 3 or 4 times. Yuggh. The friggin' Shadowcraft chestpiece didn't drop, and the only green that I won? Was an effing STAR RUBY. That's what we in the business call The Shaft. ;p

In other news, it appears that Bones may be, well, boned. ::rotfl:: They're moving it to Wednesday at 9pm, meaning that it will be thoroughly trampled by Lost. Which, actually, I completely understand, because *I'll* be watching Lost, too. ^^; Too bad for David Boreanaz; he's actually pretty good in that role.

I can't figure out what to do with Gizmo for Christmas. Ma's allergic, so I can't bring him along, but leaving him alone in the house for several days is also very out of the question. I suppose the answer is, "find someone who I can trust to take care of a very smart and slightly mischievous little dog," but I don't know who would actually be available. (and no, a kennel doesn't count)

Current and upcoming movies that I am interested in:

That's all!
I saw Serenity on Friday! It was so frickin' GOOD. Totally buying the DVD, when it comes out. All My Moneys Are Belong To Joss. GO SEE IT NOW.

And, for the skeptics in the crowd who think they will not enjoy it, I have a direct quote from one of my work buddies: "I've never seen the show, and I thought [the movie] was awesome." So there!

I may have to re-watch it in the theater, because I liked it that much. And also because I have a $5 gift certificate for Cinemark, but hey, that's cool. Better than spending it on that lame-o Jodie Foster movie where she loses her kid on an airplane. ;p

Incidentally, it totally chaps my hide that the Jodie Foster flick beat out a totally kick-in-the-pants awesome space western. You people have no taste.

Note that it's, "You people," as in, "you people who are not on my Friends List." Because I know you're all smarter than that. ^_-


In other entertainment news, WHAT THE CRAP, NICOLAS CAGE?

Don't get me wrong; superheroes are great fun, and it's cool if you're a comic book geek. I like a bit of geekery in a person. But naming your kid after Superman? That's just mean.

Should they ever meet, I can't promise that my kid won't totally beat up your kid. But then again, with a name like that, he'll be lucky if he goes through a day without receiving an Atomic Wedgie.


Weekend was equal parts Fun and Hellish. All the Fun can be attributed to my excellent friends. :) [ profile] aleisha is here. A bunch of us got together for dinner on Saturday, and then lunch on Sunday. Did a BRD run with mixed results, but it was interesting, at least. :) [ profile] barndawgg and [ profile] shannidee are now on my WoW server, so I'll get to run around being all mage-y with them sometime soon, hopefully.

The Hellish bits mainly have to do with transporting a bunch of stuff from storage over 136 miles, at speeds not exceeding 45mph, and then shoehorning it all into our mostly-organized apartment. It probably wouldn't have seemed so bad if it hadn't rained steadily throughout the entire unloading process yesterday. ;p

Gizmo tried to stage another jail break on Saturday, although this time, it was totally not my fault. Also, because of all the extra stuff in the house, we hadn't noticed his escape until the neighbors called us a few minutes later, saying they had Gizmo in hand. So, I got to skip the Panic phase and go straight to the scolding. ;p

Today, I go back to the usual stuff. I'm freaking tired and don't want to do anything, but I need to get back to training.

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