WELL, there went an entire month. Yeesh! And my brain meats are all kinds of crazy today, so this will likely be super-random and disjointed, heh.

Had a pretty huge month income-wise, and landed a couple of big projects. Enough so that I may get the new laptop that I've been wanting for a while. Of course, there's another part of my brain that's saying, "maybe you should save up for the wedding, dummy." But, the wedding is not a business expense (heh), and my laptop is getting increasingly old and slow, so eh, we'll see. Advice has been to wait for the next Macbook Pro update to be released, so I'll likely sit on the decision for at least a bit longer, anyway. :)

Speaking of wedding, September 2017 is the target zone for that. Yes, it's a ways off, but you know who has two thumbs and is not in a hurry? THIS GIRL. My goals are Simple, Fun, and Low-Stress, and having a longer timeline will be good for that on all fronts. Saving up is a big thing, because I've been very intentional about keeping my personal debts down, and I have *zero* business debt, and I am certainly NOT going to change any of that for this ridiculous wedding thing. I do currently have enough saved up to go dress shopping at some point, but I suppose that'd also involve things like deciding who my bridesmaid(s) will be. And I am having THE WORST time with that, largely because I hesitate to saddle any of my friends with the obligation, heh. I am ridiculous. How do people decide these things, anyway?

I've been going to the gym a lot, and now The Joe will be able to join me--he just finished the Foundations course, so we're going to go together today for his first normal class. It's possible that I'll lift heavier weights than he does, but I've also had a year-or-so head start on barbell stuff, and did bodyweight strength training for years prior to that, so that seems fair. ;) But, he also actually enjoys distance running, while I merely tolerate it. Basically, he's the cardio hamster, and I'm the 'squatch who likes to throw boulders around, heh.

Related: it's pretty great to be with a dude who feels proud of my physical prowess strength, rather than intimidated or threatened by it. :)

Derby-wise, I have both a TT Alumni bout and tournament this month, which is exciting, but also rather inconvenient, because I've been trying to rest my body from skating more than usual. I have a knot of muscles in my back that refuses to loosen up, and it's gotten to be pretty disconcerting. I've been reading up on things and talking about it with some of my sports-doing compatriots, and it sounds like it might be due to my glute medius not firing consistently, which definitely tracks with how my hips are structured. BUT, for now, I get to wait for a doctor's appointment next week to get some answers and/or referrals.

Summer traditions are pleasant and plentiful, thus far. 4th of July was full of flames, food, and friendship. Did my annual Oregon Brewfest lady-date with [livejournal.com profile] marykae and tried some very good beers and also some really weird ones. (much to my surprise, Mint beer was the Meh experience, while Pesto beer was actually pretty good?!) Gourmet-Q looms on the horizon, and I have no idea what to make, but it's always a fun afternoon regardless.

And, new things: veggie gardening has been decently successful, aside from a few stupid cabbage worms. Strawberries are thriving, I got to harvest a few poblano and sweet peppers and string beans, bell peppers are coming along, the basil is practically exploding, and the first round of grape tomatoes is crazy-delicious. Not bad, for somebody whose gardening knowledge lives entirely on Google, heh.

The new Ghostbusters movie was really fun. Folks who said it was "written by checklist" weren't exactly wrong, but the cast and chemistry was great, and the movie was genuinely funny. The new Star Trek made me very happy, and it actually managed to be all action-packed for the newbies, while still feeling like it had some of the soul of the original series. They could've done more with Idris Elba, but overall it made me pretty hopeful about the new TV series in 2017.

Anyhoo, that's all that's coming out of the brain meats at the moment, so it's back to the grind.

SO, I did my first crossfit competition this past Saturday. It was an in-house competition, so just among people at my gym, but it was still fairly intimidating. Only four women signed up, but even among those four, I went in knowing that I wasn't likely to be the best at any one thing. One gal has me beat on raw strength--she can squat over 300 lbs and is a vegan with insanely ripped thighs, which is basically as rare as a unicorn--and although I'd never been in class with the other two ladies, the leaderboard told me they could both run a mile in ~6 1/2 minutes, which I just can't even wrap my brain around. I can run somewhere around a 9 1/2 minute mile, but only on a REALLY good day. And I've always found cardio to be aggressively dull, so it's no big shocker that it's not my forte.

The good news? I didn't die! ;) I spent a fair amount of time remembering how much I dislike running. (short answer: A LOT) And, I also spent a fair amount of time cursing whatever made me think it was a good idea to do the Thursday workout, because it left me with sore arms on the morning of the competition. Apparently, the amount of rest my body needs before a crossfit competition is more than the amount it needs before a derby bout, oooooops. XD

Anyhoo, here's all the terrifying/awesome stuff they made us do:

Event 1: 30 calories on the Airdyne bike for time (47 sec)

Event 2: Clean ladder, 25 sec at each station, increasing weights from 73 lbs to 133 lbs or failure (133 lbs + 8 front squats)

Event 3: AMRAP in 10 min (7 rounds + 5 reps):
--5 push jerks (65 lbs)
--10 deadlifts (65 lbs)
--15 box jumps (20" box)

Event 4 - For time (24:57):
--Run 245m
--50 Lunges per leg
--Run 400m
--50 Wall Balls (14 lbs)
--Run 800m
--50 Kettlebell Swings (35 lbs)
--Run 400m
--50 burpees
--Run 245m

In the end, I came in 2nd overall, which was better than I expected. :) I wouldn't have regretted it even if I'd come in dead last, though, because simply getting through all of this was not something I could've done a year ago. And, it's nice to be reminded that being pretty good at multiple things can still get you decently far, even when you're not-the-best at any one thing. I guess that makes me the Ryu of my gym? Heh.

Also amusing: the men's side of the competition ended in a tie, so they toyed with them a bit on the tiebreaker, making them think there was going to be some absurdly heavy prowler push, but instead, the top two guys had to do an egg carry. As in, put an egg on a spoon and walk around some cones. It was pretty hilarious.

I already knew that my gym has a nice little community built around it, but they take care of their people: I apparently looked so wrung out going into the last 245m run that the head trainer had my judge follow me for the whole 245m and cheer me on until I finished. XD Also, they had beer and cider at the ready and burgers on the grill by the time the competition was over, and oh my god, I'm not sure a burger has ever tasted that good in my life. MEAT FOREVER

Anyhoo, I felt pretty destroyed yesterday, but today I was back at the gym and I'm still incredibly sore, but I have to admit I'm pretty jazzed to get back at it. Derby off-season is coming up, and I won 2 Months of Unlimited Membership thanks to my placing in the competition, so that means more time to throw barbells around and get stronger. ;)


Oct. 24th, 2014 12:25 pm
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So, I sprained my ankle last Saturday. I was able to walk on it easily shortly after, and my teammate who is a Real Doctor checked it over and said that there didn't appear to be broken bones. But, it is clearly Not Okay in at least some small way.

I managed to almost make it an entire week without freaking out about getting fat because I can't exercise. Being a former fat kid is *awesome*.

And really, that was just the bottom layer of the shit-frosted cake that has been this entire, stupid week. Shit-frosted cake seems like a good metaphor, too--there's been a solid layer of good stuff in the midst of the bad, and you could *probably* eat around the poop frosting if you had to, but most of us can't quite bring ourselves to make the effort. :p

So, yeah, it's been a week of unexpected schedule hiccups, incredible lack of sleep, people opening their big mouths when they shouldn't, last-minute changes, with a 3-day course of antibiotics as a chaser. It was enough to make me break down and eat the comfort food that I usually only consume when I'm bedridden with Teh Sick: mac 'n' cheese from a box.

I have one more potentially unpleasant hurdle to clear before this week is over, but at least I can get semi-drunk while I do that.

Keep on keepin' on, mates.
Guh. I am so overdue for an update it is downright appalling. XD It's pretty bad that I'm not even sure what I've talked about and what I haven't. But, yeah, I'm thinking bullet points are a good plan.

  • We had a bout a few weeks ago in Eugene--my first Away bout with my team! It was really fun, and I think we played well, and that I, personally, played well. Basically, we won in every way except getting the most points, heh. There was a really terrible jam ref, and I think that killed us--not that we should have won, necessarily, but the score should have been closer. I can't really feel bad, though, seeing as we were playing their all-star travel team, and all.

  • My birthday is coming up, and I've done basically nothing whatsoever to plan for it, heh. I'll be working at a wedding on my actual birthday, so I have an extra week to pull together birthday shindig plans. Honestly, I'm feeling pretty partied-out these days, so just saying, "hey guys, come over and let's eat and play games and hang out," is more than enough to keep me happy. :)

  • Work got stressful for a bit, there. I got a bit freaked about getting new clients, but I've since gotten some new inquiries, thanks to referrals. I made an agency happy with some development work, so hopefully there'll be more coming from them soon. I'm taking a workshop next week that should hopefully teach me how to suck less at networking. I took care of that ethical quandary I mentioned--I asked the recruiter who connected me with the agency, and she apparently told them the situation and got me the all-clear.

  • Joe lives with me now, and it's all been very good and easy. The only real adjustment was reminding myself that I don't *have* to spend every minute with him when he's around, because now he's around all the time. Otherwise, it's been the smoothest sailing possible. :)

  • I somehow managed to tweak my knee a couple of weeks ago, so I wound up taking a couple of weeks off from skating. Yeah, that was the opposite of fun, and I got really sick of doing pushups and such because I couldn't use my dumb legs. Fortunately, I saw the sports med doctor a couple of days ago, and he said there was a chance of a small meniscus tear, but not enough to make him push for an MRI, and definitely not enough to keep me off-skates. I did all the running and jumping and squatting I could muster to test it out, and then I went back to scrimmage yesterday and everything was fine. MY LEGS WORK WOOOOOO!

  • To be honest, I think I fell into a depression for a few weeks, especially after the knee thing. I think that a lot of emotional flotsam and external obligations piled up, and I finally cracked and just didn't feel like doing ANYTHING. Even doing the bare minimum was excruciating, and then losing exercise as an outlet when I hurt my knee was a pretty huge blow in dealing with depression. I've definitely been less social, and I'm not sure I necessarily see that stopping, even now that I'm feeling better--I'm poking my head back out judiciously, but you know? I overdo these things. I'mma give myself some leeway, here.

  • Anyhoo, YES, I'm doing better now. My mood finally started to lift over this past weekend, and now that I'm skating again, I have that outlet again, too. Spending more time alone and playing video games has helped.

  • Yes, depression can also be blamed for my not updating here in FOREVER. I certainly had the time, when work dropped off, but not the energy or wherewithal.

  • Speaking of which, I've been playing a hell of a lot of Mass Effect. It's so good, and I'm weirdly attached to my Shepard, and the characters are well-drawn and the story is incredibly engaging. I wish more sci-fi movies had as much thought put into them as the Mass Effect team put into their games. I'm just starting out with Mass Effect 3, and I can't wait to pick up more party members, so I can kick that whiny-ass tool Kaidan to the curb.

  • Last weekend, I worked a hilaaaarious fundraiser for shelter dogs--basically, my piece of the event was taking photos of people in Glamour Shots style. (did you know that they still exist? They're using less glow filter nowadays, but the cowboy hats and cheesy posing haven't gone away. Haaahahaha.) It's been a more editing-intensive event shoot than my usual, but it's also an oddly fun exercise in doing all of the awful, overprocess-y things I never, ever do to my normal photos. XD See Exhibit A:

SO, a thing I have definitely alluded to here on the ElJays is my ongoing struggle with low energy on a day-to-day basis. Exhaustion is something that’s always been at least somewhat of a factor in my life, even before I got into athletics. I’ve been able to push through it a lot of the time, but it’s not easy.

I've spent a lot of time over many years wondering, “why am I so tired?” because I do take reasonably good care of myself most of the time--better than most of my peers, certainly. I didn’t have an explanation for it, though, so I just assumed that I was asking too much of myself in a given day, and tried to scale things back as best I could.

My super-awesome acupuncturist/naturopath, however, did some blood testing, and found that there might actually be a reason for the constant tiredness–namely, that I’m anemic. We looked at the usual causes–low iron, low B12 or folate–tried on some supplements, but none of the usual stuff applied. My iron, B12, and folate levels were all great, but I still came up anemic on every test.

After even MORE testing, we finally have the answer: I have a gene mutation that makes me unable to methylate. Basically, that means that my body isn’t very good at converting the iron, B12, and folate into an active form that it can actually use. Methylating is important to maintaining your energy levels, so not being able to methylate means being tired all the time!

Weirdly enough, this is great news–it means that a thing I didn’t think I could control is actually fixable. All it should take is some active B-Complex supplements, and those will arrive in a week or so.

I’m sort of tempted to go around calling myself a Mutant, because I’d join the X-Men without a second thought, except that this? Basically the worst superpower ever.

It’s solvable, though. So, hey, that’s progress. Fingers crossed that I'll be feeling noticeably better in a few short weeks.
  1. Observe potential bladder infection symptoms on Friday night. Assume (falsely) that your primary care clinic is closed on the weekends, and resolve to go in Monday.
  2. Work Rinxter at Saturday Home Team bout, and Outside White Board at Sunday Rosebuds bout, thereby exposing yourself to lots and lots of people. Then, follow 'Buds bout with skating in your first 2nd-hour league endurance since re-joining Fresh Meat.
  3. Wake up at 4am Sunday night/Monday morning with raging fever and horrible chills. Calm it down with Tylenol and go back to sleep.
  4. Go to doctor on Monday, as already planned, and be informed that you either have a bladder infection and the flu AT THE SAME TIME, or (even worse) the beginnings of a kidney infection.
  5. Go to pharmacy. Get absurdly-expensive-but-apparently-strong antibiotics. Try not to pass out while they count out SEVEN PILLS. Very, verrrry slowly.
  6. Spend the following 48 hours laying in bed, either sleeping or shivering, and taking Tylenol like candy to keep your fever down. Watch Hulu when your head stops hurting enough that you can stand to keep your eyes open.
...yeah. Three days of fever? I don't recommend it.

Fortunately, it's been 16 hours since I last took any Tylenol for the fever, so I think the worst is over. I intend to actually leave both my room AND my house for a bit this evening, and get myself a burger and fries. Because, I don't know, that just sounds really effin' good right now.

I'll be glad to get back to work tomorrow. Worst. Three-day "vacation." EVER.
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This has been hard to write, because it was a hard choice to make, but today is the day I tried out and made it onto Fresh Meat, so it seems weirdly appropriate to talk about this: I’ve stepped down from Fresh Meat.

I had the misfortune of spraining my ankle, not too terribly long after draft. I’d actually sprained it before, maybe 4 or 5 years ago, but this time was worse–the next day, it hurt to walk, and it was nearly impossible to go up and down stairs. I babied it for a couple of weeks, and it seemed to recover pretty quickly, so I came back to skating. Apparently, that was too soon. Skating felt fine, but taking hits? Not so much. It didn’t take me very long to realize that I was taking a massive risk for a much-worse injury by participating in team-level practices and scrimmaging.

SO, I sat out again for almost a month, going to Fresh Meat practices for half-credit and trying to make myself useful, but mostly just feeling depressed that I couldn’t be skating IN them. It was a little soul-crushing watching my fellow Meaties skate, and knowing I shouldn’t join them. I sometimes did pushups and wall-sits while I watched practice, because I felt so frustrated and antsy about not skating that doing something, anything was better than doing nothing. Even stopping by Wreckers practice for a scant few minutes this past weekend was enough to make me yearn for my skates.

And while I sat out? I stressed out. A LOT. I felt disconnected from derby, and felt like I was missing out on a million things. I wondered if the team captains thought I was slacking, or avoiding their team, or if they had any idea I was injured. I racked my brain for ways that I could train and stay in decent shape without stressing my ankle injury. I wondered why I wasn’t healed yet, and if the doctors were wrong and it was worse than a mere sprain. I worried about how much ground I was losing in terms of being drafted. I felt crushed watching Wednesday night scrimmage, knowing that I was cleared to participate in it, but still hadn’t skated in one because of the Travel Team schedule and my injury. I berated myself for being dumb enough to get hurt in the first place, even though I know that it has nothing to do with being dumb.

I went through this until about a week ago, when I did the math and realized that if I couldn’t be back on-skates right away, I wouldn’t be able to make up my attendance before February draft.

As of today, it has been five weeks since I’ve skated a derby practice. I’ve been doing at-home physical therapy each day, not skating (obviously), and not doing a whole lot of anything, really. I go to yoga classes and do whatever circuit training I can without stressing my ankle, but something as simple as going on a run? Not an option. I’d love to go in and work with a physical therapist, but now that I’m laid-off and self-employed, I don’t have the fancy-schmancy healthcare plan I used to have.

So, I rest, I PT, and I wait. It’s getting better, but it’s really, really slow going.

I’m not crying, though. I’ve always been more of a worrier than a crier, and although derby has made me cry more than a lot of things in my life, I refuse to cry over this. Derby will still be there when I’m healed, February Fresh Meat tryouts are not far away, and I can come back and level up all over again. Even after all of these weeks off to heal, I’ll still be a FAR stronger and better skater than I was one year ago today, and that, plus working my ass off, will get me through. I’ve done it before, and I can do it again.

It’s not goodbye. I’m not done with you, derby. Not by a longshot.
I am full of first-world problems!
  • So, I am officially not going camping this weekend. At first, J couldn't take the time off, and I couldn't afford to drive down all by myself, but then I talked with [livejournal.com profile] marykae and we solved that problem. But, then the Job notified me last week that they're going to pile a bunch of work on me as part of their impending transition to Drupal 7, so I'll be screwed if I take the extra time off. And, the Fresh Meat attendance policy got changed while I was injured, so those who don't make 80% attendance can potentially be kicked off and be forced to try out again. I thought practice would be cancelled this weekend, but apparently, it's still happening, and I can't afford to miss that much practice. D:
  • I'm constantly surprised and somewhat appalled at how often my name is misspelled by people who have it spelled out in print, right in front of them. I received a package yesterday for, "Sara Griffow," from a person who's seen my name in e-mail about eleventy-billion times. Really?
  • The jewelry girls let me know that they're postponing having me do their web site until Fall, because they're going to be too busy this summer. Obviously, I don't think this is a wise decision, and not even for selfish reasons. They want this to be a big year, and will be promoting themselves very hard, but, they've complained that Etsy isn't doing what they need, and that they need an online shop, and also said that they're wanting to re-brand their work. Wouldn't it make more sense to have your online shop ready for a massive influx of buyers? And wouldn't it make FAR more sense to re-brand and then promote, rather than confuse the masses you've promoted to by re-branding after the fact?
  • While I'm sort of jazzed that there's a draft coming up sooner than we anticipated, but I wish it weren't happening NEXT WEEK. They were originally talking about having one at the end of June, and I could easily be draft eligible by then. They've already notified the draft eligible people yesterday, and realistically, there was no way I'd get eligibility by next week, after 3 weeks off for injury. The next draft isn't until OCTOBER. If I get my draft clearance during June, I'm going to be intensely annoyed.
  • I wish I could actually RUN to the bus stop when I need to, instead of hobbling impotently towards it as the bus pulls away, and then standing there in the rain for an extra 15+ minutes waiting for the next one. Stupid knee. I want to run and jump NOW. :p
Don't get me wrong, though, I'm in a pretty good mood, overall. I'm just a victim of my own impatience, heh.

And now, I'm going to amuse myself by reading My Mom Watches Game of Thrones.
Super-advance notice for y'all, because I'm back in action: Saturday, June 4th, 10am-1pm is OPEN SCRIMMAGE! Just $5 to come and see me skate, and you don't have to be there exactly at 10am, so feel free to show up late. The Noon-1pm hour is co-ed, however, and I'm not 100% certain whether or not I want to get hit by boys for my first post-injury open scrimmage, so if you actually want to see me do anything, I recommend getting there before 12. :)

I've been in a crazy-good mood these past few days. I felt much stronger and more sure-footed at skate practice on Thursday evening, and following that up with a lazy evening of dinner at home and showing J another Doctor Who episode was just the break I needed before another busy weekend.

Bake-Off got to a late start, but once we got rolling, there were tasty baked creations to be had. My macaroons went over well, too--I found myself saying over and over that, "it's like if peanut sauce and cookies had a baby," so I named it after my favorite Thai joint in Eugene (which, incidentally, serves *awesome* peanut sauce) and called them Tasty Thai Macaroons. They wound up winning the Spicy and Originality categories, so I call that a success! Recipe posting will follow, once I have a couple of photos edited that I can post with it.

After filling myself with baked goods and not getting rapture'd (heh), I went to a party which involved everyone dressing as one of the seven virtues or deadly sins. (I hastily assembled a Wrath costume) It was fun, and I got to drink tasty pineapple wine and sit on a giant d20 ottoman, but I started running out of steam well before midnight... probably because I'd woken up early that morning and wound up editing photos before practice, heh. I've done way too well at solving my empty to-do list problems.

Sunday was relatively lazy; I did more editing, went to give/get some free stuff at [livejournal.com profile] marykae 's, and then had my ass handed to me by a particularly tough endurance practice. My lower back is still sore today, but I'm pretty jazzed to have made it through not one, but two hours of beatings. My muscle endurance is definitely not where it was, but my skills are coming back much faster than I expected. <3

After that was sitting through the league meeting, when all I wanted to do was go home, shower, and eat, but I did get to inhale a most excellent taco salad (tinga pork, OH YEEEAH) and watch Game of Thrones afterwards, so I have no complaints!

Oh, and in even better news: the appointment I made several weeks ago with the orthopedic specialist *finally* happened yesterday, and the news was good. Running and jumping still don't feel good, but after poking and prodding at my knee, the doc said my knee is stable, and didn't feel the need to push for an MRI. I now have a hinged knee brace, but more for the mental cue to take it easy than for any actual need for joint support, and they said to call in if it's not at 100% in a few weeks. It's pretty much the best news I could've gotten. Hooray!

Anyhoo, it's Tuesday, and I started off my morning shooting with Moonstruck. 9am call times are not my favorite, but it was a fun shoot, and the owner was an incredibly sweet and energetic lady. And, when I mentioned wanting to buy some of their new chocolate varietal, she insisted I take some home at no charge. God, I love food shoots. <3

That's all I've got. Ding!
I had my first shoot with my very own Nikon camera body today. (yes, I've finally taken the plunge and started the transition in earnest) It went pretty well, and although the interface still feels a bit weird, I think by the end of the week, it'll start feeling like old hat. <3 Three shoots down, two to go, this week!

I'll also throw down a shot from yesterday's shoot; it feels odd to be posting photos that I shot, but didn't edit myself, but it's pretty damned awesome that I can trust [livejournal.com profile] theamazingjosh's judgment enough to know that he'll do good things with them that I would likely do if I were editing. :)


In more frustrating news, I'm apparently not going to be seen by an orthopedist about my knee for another 2 1/2 weeks--and that appears to be the earliest anyone has available, barring a cancellation--so Plan B is to see if I can get in touch with the physical therapist I was seeing a year and a half ago. That could actually work out pretty great, since she already knows the history of my knees and my terrible alignment. Still, all I really want is definitive answers, and guidelines on what I can and can't do.

On the plus (?) side, there were other broken folk sitting the bench with me at derby practice today, and one of the girls taught the rest of us the therapy exercises she's started doing to support her knee, after tearing her PCL. I wish there weren't so many of us sitting on the sidelines, but it was nice to feel like we were doing something to help ourselves strengthen and heal.

I also got to be the encouragement fairy a little bit for one of the on-skates girls, and the more I talk with everyone on the FM squad, the more I hear that my fellow skaters feel that we're not getting the support we need. One of the new coaches has actually become my new favorite, just because he has such a supportive and uplifting attitude when he leads practice. A lot of the other coaches seem to think that we'll respond to the tough love approach, and that doesn't seem to be working for a lot of us. I think the only reason it hasn't beaten me down completely is because the Jillian Michaels DVDs and podcasts I've come to love at least somewhat prepared me for it, heh.

Anyhoo, I have a hot date with shrimp curry and Hulu, so I'm off.
...and that's weird! I'd better squeeze this in, seeing as I have FIVE shoots this week. Yes, you read that right!

So, yes, that was a pretty excellent birthday week. Dinner out on the day-of was delicious, despite an intensely long wait for a table. Birthday potluck also went well, and I was once again impressed by the culinary skillz of my friends. I also found myself relatively sober and with a clean kitchen at around half-past midnight, so that was a marked difference from my 30th. Not having hangover-induced brain ache the next day was definitely a welcome change, though.

I did some truly epic house de-cluttering, and it feels as though there's much more left to do, but at least the inside of the house looks better. Also, I acquired a huge new-to-me table with 8 matching chairs, so now that I have decent dishes *and* a decent table, I really am out of excuses for not having dinner parties. The basement junk will be conquered soon, we have a successful compost bin, and the roommates are combining their powers to help with the garden, so things are actually looking pretty good. :)

In less-cheerful news, I've been off-skates for over a week now, and I'm not thrilled about it, but I'm surviving. My knee was not improving at all, so I'm taking at least two weeks off to let it heal, and hopefully, that'll be enough. I'm also looking up an orthopedic specialist to get a better idea of what's actually happening, because joint injuries are scary. :(

Of course, being forced into a much more sedentary lifestyle--which I basically am right now--is also pretty scary, because I do not want to turn into a pudgy, stressed-out version of myself. I'd rather have that be a temporary thing than a permanent one, though, so I guess this is how it has to be for now.

Anyhoo, I have a ton of work to do before this first senior portrait victim shows up, so, I'm off.
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Yep, I'm 31 today, and in true grown-up tradition, I have been busy running around and working on things. I did get to sleep in a little, though, and I also didn't have to make breakfast, so that's pretty nice. Dinner at Pambiche is also on the agenda, too. :)

Anyway, there are things I need to get done before I put on my eatin' pants, so here's another derby photo, featuring my new favorite Seattle derby girl: MUFFSTACHE. Yes, I giggled when I saw that name on her jersey. Because I'm 12. (close second in amusing Seattle derby names: Tempura Tantrum!)

I hope to be skating again soon. I'm taking two weeks off from skating, and possibly more, in favor of healing my knee, so all I've really been doing since Friday is core/upper-body circuit training. I'm starting to go a bit stir-crazy, because of this. It took longer than I expected for that feeling to set in, though.

So, HEY. I won a spelling bee last night! My winning word was "droitural." Apparently, LJ's spell-checker doesn't even think that's a correctly spelled word, even though it is, so I guess that's pretty impressive. $10 of free noms for my trouble, hot damn.

Last weekend was eventful. In the land of derby, I fell spectacularly during a drill, the notable part of this being that my knee pad slipped partway off during the fall. I toughed it out and was okay for the rest of practice, but upon waking up on Sunday? Cue ugly swelling and bruising, and incredible stiffness when trying to move my leg. Eeep. I bowed out on Sunday practice, and have been taking it easy since, and I got the knee checked out today.

A lot of the pain I'm feeling is, apparently, due to the incredible amount of bruising on the muscle in that area--it's swollen enough to be obstructive and hurty when I bend my leg past a certain point--so that'll go away as the bruise does. I lucked out on the joint side of things, though: I have, at worst, a level 1 MCL sprain, and 2 of the 3 tests the doctor did on the joint didn't cause me any pain, so it's very minor. I actually *should* keep moving the joint, too, or it'll stiffen up again. Lots of ice, plus laying off of running and skating for a bit should have me feeling good again. I'm hoping to sit out at practice again on Thursday, and be okay in time for open scrimmage on Saturday.

Saturday night had me dressing up somewhere between "fancy" and "ridiculous," and taking in a Geek Burlesque show. We were one of the last few people to get in the door, and they apparently had to turn away 100+ people, so it was quite the success. Portland geeks make me proud, heh.

Anyhoo, I enjoyed the show quite a bit, especially considering boobs don't exactly do it for me, and there were some very creative and amusing acts. The Super Mario Bros. routine was easily my favorite, due to the sheer hilarity and showmanship, but I'll totally admit that I squeed when the Sailor Jupiter act took the stage. Damn you, magical girl anime! ;) 

After deciding to bow out of skating on Sunday, I realized I had exactly nowhere to be for the entire day! So, I gave myself the day off, watched a few episodes of Arrested Development, bought some groceries, and spent 5-or-so hours romping around Denerim, doing side quests and macking on Alistair, heh. I was sorely tempted, both yesterday *and* today, to skip out on work and play more video games, but responsibility won that fight. I've promised myself to make some Asian lettuce wraps for dinner tonight, but that might be a fight that video games could win.

Also: Venture Bros. is pretty damned hilarious. The End. <3
Tonight's the studio-warming party, and I feel vaguely overwhelmed and unprepared--especially seeing as it's 90% clients and industry people, rather than a crowd of my super-best-friends--but it should be fun, once we really get into it. I'm also rolling out my second revision of the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies for the party, and oh my GOD, I think I've really done it this time. The texture of this batch is godly.

I'll be doing one more batch to verify the recipe, but once I have, you can bet I'll be blogging it. Bwahaha.

Outside of that, sleep has been fleeting, and I'm feeling fairly lethargic. I have a mild strain in one of my hamstrings, which is irritating, but not as bad as whatever's going on with my right foot/ankle: it's been cranky and tender for the past two weeks, but there's no appearance of bruising or swelling... I'm not certain what's up with that, but it's worrisome. Of course, now that I've been doing *two* sports regularly, I have no idea when it happened or how, so I'm largely clueless as to what it could be, but I'm doing my best to take it easy, and avoid aggravating it.

Fortunately, I think I'm close to a point where I can get some weighty issues out of the way, and start doing something about my bedraggled physical and emotional state. I've been saying that for weeks, and then doing nothing about it, and I'm tired of spinning my wheels.

On a completely unrelated note, I shot this a week or two ago, and I'm pretty pleased with the images we got from the session. I haven't done a great deal of product shooting yet, and I think it's actually more of a challenge for me, because I love the energy of shooting with people. And, well, lighting small objects like jewelry in interesting ways is not the simplest task. But hey, not a bad effort, and we had a pretty spectacular team doing photoshoot styling and bringing in awesome floral arrangements.

Saturday Night. Wushu Demo. PSU. I believe the event doors open at 5pm, but I was told to be there at 7:30, so the stage show won't be starting until later in the evening. But yes, come see, if you're so inclined!

So, yes, another full weekend was had. Gatherings, karaoke, photoshooting, and derby practices... the latter of which was quite the rollercoaster.

I had a terrible time during the on-wheels portion of Thursday's practice; I was extremely tired for no apparent reason, and wasn't performing well at all. My knees have been acting up again, too, so pushing through exhaustion was next-to-impossible, once the knee pain was thrown on top of it. When you're already at the low end of the field on your better days, that all becomes pretty damned demoralizing.

Then, when we did the half-hour of off-skates conditioning, I busted it out, and when I looked around, it became pretty apparent that I'm one of the fittest people on the squad. I've received comments from other girls at derby, too, about how strong I am, or how strong I look, so this has been something of a pattern. After off-skates training wrapped up, though, the self-deprecating part of my brain said: "hey, if I'm one of the fittest and strongest, why am I also one of the absolute worst skaters here?"

...stupid brain.

Needless to say, I felt pretty despondent after that, and was dreading Saturday practice. That practice didn't go too terribly much better, in terms of how well I skated, but we did have the opportunity to scrimmage, so it was more enjoyable, at least. Captain O also took each of us aside for a one-on-one during practice, to check in and see how we were feeling about things, so I actually got to have the, "I'm struggling very badly, when I don't think I should be!" conversation. He gave me a few things to work on, but he also did assure me that I'm not as horribly behind as I think, and that a lot of my basics are solid.

He also noted that I should pay a visit to the skate shop and have my skates looked at, in case there was a problem there. I actually had a few spare moments after practice, so I hustled on over and did just that... and found out that I hadn't been measured correctly for my skates. My current pair is too big, so I've spent almost 6 months on skates that don't fit me. Hearing that was equal parts relieving and frustrating: I was Relieved to have confirmation that my skating issues weren't just a matter of my being a lousy skater, but Frustrated because I don't have the cash to buy properly fitted skates just yet. So, I get to deal with the problem for at least a couple more weeks.

Still, I finally got enough of my energy back to feel somewhat stronger at Sunday practice, and I think I'm over the emotional hump, at least temporarily. A lot of girls now have Blue Star clearance, I'm not one of them, and the coaches have made it clear that they want to clear the rest of us SOON. The pressure's on, but there's not much I can do but keep pushing onward, and hoping that things will get better sooner, rather than later.


On the plus side, just about everything else is either looking hopeful, or going along really, really well, so even the looming specter of bad skating can't cancel that out. I'm feeling good today. :)
batskeets: (spoon)
Working last night, working through lunch, working the weekend, work, work, work. Not much time to think, outside of that, but at least to blow off some steam at wushu tonight, and stay home afterwards. I think I may be clenching my jaw in my sleep, though, so that's a sure sign that this all needs to stop, and soon.

Circuit training was brutal this morning; every muscle in my body was in agony. I'm in dire need of a good massage; I'm pretty certain that the right-hand-side of my trapezius is visibly more knotted-up than my left, and that's never good. And good lord, it's been days since derby practice! When will my inner thighs stop hurting? WHEEENNNNN?! I shake my fist at the heavens!

Yeah, I complain too much, but don't get me wrong: I secretly love finding new and exciting ways to beat the hell out of my body. Except, you know, without the "secretly" part. The fun part is rebuilding it for improved levels of awesome. I'm constantly amazed at the abuse this human-shaped suit of mine will put up with.

OHJEEZ I need to get back to work. Uuuuggh.


Dec. 21st, 2009 12:45 pm
Today is the first time in probably a solid week when I haven't felt like complete and utter ass! HUZZAH!

My muscles had been sore for the past week or so. This makes no sense, because I haven't been doing any new or different or greater quantity of exercise, so I had no explanation. It sure felt like crap, though. I was also getting a lot of headaches at work, feeling equal parts tired, lethargic, and restless, having odd stomach behaviors, and of course, there was also the Not-Hangover I had all day yesterday.

But, I slept a LOT last night, and today I seem to actually feel decent again.

Just in time, too, because, among my other gift shopping adventures today, I must also brave K-mart in search of an ugly/festive sweater for the karaoke party I'm attending tomorrow night. Liiittle scary. But! Then I get to recover and unwind with [livejournal.com profile] katlyn later this evening. So that is Definitely Good.

Okay, time to power up with exercise-induced endorphins! +1 to Awesome!

Slow going

Dec. 20th, 2009 12:53 pm
Bleeegh. This feels strangely like a hangover, but I was *more* than sober enough to drive myself home last night. And from Canby, no less. WTF BODY?

On the plus side, I ate like 80000 pounds of food last night and it was all DELICIOUS. A big roast and bacon-wrapped chicken and sausage risotto and casserole, and fancy bread/cheese and cookies and pie. And I'm sure I'm forgetting something because OMG SO MUCH FOOD. Is there such thing as a food hangover? Hurhurhur.

Not sure what to do today. My body feels like laying around and doing nothing, buuuuut that's pretty boring. Right now, it's looking like one or more of the following:

A) Christmas shopping
B) Working on wedding album order
C) Marathon crocheting session

None of that sounds very appealing at the moment, aside from maybe the crocheting. And I highly doubt I'll be able to do that for 12+ hours at a stretch. ;p I do have to leave the house at some point, too, because I have to drop off a portrait print order. Maybe I should just grab the yarn and a book, and find a cozy corner at some coffeeshop.
HAY DUDES. Or perhaps in this case, I should say, HAY LADIES?

Tonight we're doing the vendor thing at this holiday shopping event. Admission is free, snacks and champagne are free, and the first 50 people through the door get free swag! It's primarily geared towards 20/30-something women, but hey, a lot of you guys are that, right?

So yeah, if you have nothing to do this evening, stop in to visit me and get some free nomnoms! We're also running their holiday photo booth, so you can get a hot picture of yourself, too. ;)

In other news, I was discharged from physical therapy yesterday! Basically, I have the toolbox to keep my symptoms under control, and I'm doing well enough to go it on my own. It's sort of bittersweet, because my therapist was the nicest person on earth. But, on the other hand, I will not miss the extra medical expense of it! And hey, if I can run 2x/week again, without experiencing pain all over the place, then I MUST be doing okay.

Now I just have to find the training motivation that ran off when my knee started going bad, and all will be right with the universe again. ;p

Also, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] starkodama's mention of it, I started at gratitude journal last night. I noticed that, after writing down my Moments of Awesome for the day, a good half of them were food-related. That seems, um, pretty sad. XD But eh, you take your jollies where you can get them, right? Food never lets me down in the moment... it's several days later, when it reappears on my gut that I start to regret it. ;)

P.S. ::coughGoDuckscough::


Oct. 23rd, 2009 10:42 am
I think my body must be going on strike this month. I've been a good monkey, getting plenty of sleep, keeping stress levels low, eating decently, the whole bit, but it doesn't seem to be doing me a lick of good.

Possible TMI )

This is all rather strange, because when I was dealing with health-related wonkiness last winter, I was ridiculously stressed at the time, and ready to crack at any moment. But right now? I feel relaxed-and-groovy about almost everything in my life. There's only one issue that's really bringing me down at all.

But, on the other hand, I suppose that one issue is a pretty big one. I guess maybe it's taking more of a toll than I thought.

On a more positive note, I met up with [livejournal.com profile] enlightened77 for a reading last night, and it definitely spoke to the problems that are plaguing me at the moment, but it was also affirming in a lot of ways. And we both got to get a couple things off our respective chests, which was really nice. :)

Anyhoo, the big vendor event is tomorrow, and I think it'll go really well. I might be leaving in the middle of it to do an engagement session, so yeah, busy busy. We're also hoping to do a really cool promo shoot on Sunday.... I went to Party City last night and got a fog machine for it! It's gonna rock.

See? Lots to feel good about. Just have to keep reminding myself of that...

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