I watched Lost at the Bagdad last night, because they've been running the new episodes there, and I'd just heard about that fact. I'm getting closer to catching up--I'm at the very end of Season 4 now--and I'm starting to get some of the in-jokes.

It's also interesting how watching something in a room full of people will affect how you react to it. If I'm watching TV in my room by myself, something has to be *really* funny before I'll laugh out loud at it. But, last night's Lost episode had me giggling a few separate times, and I think part of it was because I sensed the imminent laughter of the people around me. I'm sure there are at least a few late-night movie premieres that I probably enjoyed more than I should have, due to this same phenomenon.

Also, JESUS. How do you broadcast-TV-watchers get through commercial breaks? Hulu and Netflix have spoiled me so badly. It wasn't so bad in this instance, because I could chat with folks during the commercials, but on a regular basis? Hells no.

Oh, and wushu started up again yesterday!... and I was 10 minutes late getting there, because I was late getting off work. Siiigh. We've been working on 9-section chain whip in regular class, and it's fun, but not at all easy. I actually worked on it during the Imnaha trip, in spite of it being too windy outside to do it very well, and it actually helped quite a bit. BUT, then Master Chen taught a new move last night, and with the help of said new move, I beaned myself in the head three separate times.

I sincerely hope I don't sprout a bruise on my temple, because I might actually like to look nice for this weekend's activities. And yet, even with the pain, I still went home happy. This whole wushu "thing" is such an odd affliction. ;)

I came home and read for a while after that, which was nice. I've been working my way through On The Road, because the book club Morgan started with us meets next week. So far, I'm not sure what I think. There are times where it reminds me of trips I've gone on, because it's just thing after thing after crazy thing, and it feels as though the events are just whirling around and whizzing right past before you can even be fully aware of them. And that's *exactly* like some of the random trips I've been on. As to whether I like it... meh. I'm reserving judgment until I actually finish it.

Finally, I think I know what I am doing for the next few Wednesday nights: Revenge of the Old-School Kung Fu Masters at Hollywood Theater!


Jan. 15th, 2010 11:35 am
I don't know if anyone else in this town has interest in watching Project Runway, but I do, this season. My lack of cable is a problem, though. Fortunately, at least some of it seems to be posted on YouTube, so I'm getting a taste.

I actually know one of the designers this season--you can probably guess who--and have hung out with her several times at various get-togethers, so it's going to be interesting to compare what I know of her in-person with her on-TV depiction. I am also totally rooting for her, because I freakin' love her aesthetic and the lines she creates. Her clothes are what I would wear in the alternate universe where I am skinny. <3

On a somewhat-related note, I have an early photoshoot tomorrow, doing a Fall/Winter 2010 collection at a vintage theater in Newberg. I love working with these ladies, so it's going to rock. Well, except for the "early" part. I might even try to make a little video of the day, if I'm not too tired.

Also, tonight is [livejournal.com profile] sarapada's birthday gathering, Saturday night is probably poker with Morgan. Sunday is probably Catch Up day, which means catching up on sleep and then catching up on processing. We also have a senior portrait in the afternoon, which I might just let Boy handle on his own, but I may very well stick my nose in. Now that I'm managing a lot of the projects, the temptation to get my hands on it and see it through myself is that much greater.

OH, and Monday is apparently a holiday! I love surprise days off from The Job. <3


Jun. 9th, 2009 12:41 pm
THIS IS AWESOME. Mark-Paul Gosselaar on the Jimmy Fallon show.

I'm not kidding, you guys. Watch the video clip.


(you KNOW you watched Saved By The Bell when you were a kid. Don't even try to deny it.)


May. 29th, 2009 01:05 pm
Here's a shot from the Speed Shoot last weekend, with a commercial model who bought a slot. I'm not sure if she'll go for the processing, but I think it fits with her expression and pose:

Beachy )

Speaking of beachy, there'll be swimming opportunities at the campsite this weekend! But, I'm having swimsuit agony, because my old one is too big, my other one is still a bit too small in the booty region. I probably won't be able to find one by tomorrow morning that'll fit into my tiny budget, either. Mrrrr. :/

Dinner last night was Smoky Corn & Black Bean Pizza, but using my happy little Trader Joe's middle-eastern flatbreads to make them into personal pizzas. NOMNOMNOM. I used regular mozzarella, but I *really* want to get a smoked cheese next time around. I loooove smoked cheese. I love *all* cheese, though, so that was probably obvious. ;p

Tonight I do some prep and packing, and hopefully I'll have enough time and energy left to go shake my booty with the ladies. <3 And then tomorrow we head off to camping! Woohoo!

P.S. Team Sandhurst, hurhurhur ;)
Eeuugh, I don't know when I started reacting so badly to mosquito bites, but I got a few bites while I was shooting the zombie portrait on Saturday, and now I have big red blotches where the bites were. WTF?

I'm working on more shots from the zombie portrait, but here's the first photo from the plus model shoot on Monday. She wears glasses with thicker rims and no anti-glare coating, so I completely didn't notice that each eye was a different color, until I put her against that brown brick wall. Yeah, I felt a little silly about that one. XD

+1 )

In other news, we watched the first episode of True Blood last night, and just... baaaahahaha. So ridiculous! I am fairly intrigued by the whole, "vampires as a cultural minority" concept, though. I don't know if we'll watch more of it, but if we do, I hope they do more with that.

So glad I don't have anywhere to be tonight! (although I'm up for something fun...)
I am so glad that I nabbed some leftover lasagna from yesterday's conference in the board room, because it is making a *really* good lunch today. And it's full of veggies! And cheese! <3

Boy has been in Depressed Mode for the past couple of days, for no particular reason that he can identify. (can't say I'm not familiar with *that* feeling) So, he's been watching many episodes of Season 3 of Lost in the evenings, and I've been idly ducking in and out as he makes is way through. That show is still ridonkulous, but I will grudgingly admit that it does get better. Not enough to make me resume watching it every week, by any stretch, but, eh, better. Also, Juliet can be a total bad-ass when she wants to be.

One of the Problematic Roommates gave his notice yesterday, to which I say, HELL YES! Don't get me wrong: I have nothing against him as a person, but he does have a way of bringing the drama. It's been easy to stay out of *most* of his drama, because it occurs in his personal life, but I will certainly *not* miss him butting heads with the other Problematic Roommates. Nor will I miss his dirty pots and pans in the sink!

Also, Andy *already* has a lead on someone to fill the room! And she's female! I've long been of the opinion that we need some more estrogen to balance out the veritable sausage-fest we have at the house, so I *really* hope that works out, or that some other female who doesn't grate on my nerves works out.

I'm so pumped for this weekend. Lovely, lovely people!! <3 And karaoke! And games! And wushu practice with the UO crew at the Secret Dang Lair! And a bridal shoot! And the BSG finale! I'm grateful for all of it, and I can't say that enough.

... this post had way too many exclamation points. XD
Hey politically-conscious friend-Os: my homeboy Sean just wrote a blog about House Bill 2588, which you should take a look at. It's currently headed to the Oregon Senate, and let's just say that if you feel like your vote is meaningless now? This bill will not help in the slightest. Write to your state senators and tell them what you think of this.

This sounds like a bad idea: SciFi becoming SyFy? Are you freakin' kidding me? Geekdom is why I enjoy their programming, for chrissake... why should they attempt to distance themselves from it, and potentially alienate a loyal fan base?

And in conclusion, for people who like awesome, superhuman, ass-kicking feats: HOLY CRAP ONG BAK 2**.

Anyhoo, during all my cruising around in the car this past weekend, I found that I was greatly enjoying Franz Ferdinand's most recent album. Huzzah for liking something that wasn't originally released 15+ years ago! They inspire happy bopping and grooving without being boring or overly saccharine, and I like the way they use their synth/samples/whatever the hell the technical term is for funky sound effects that probably came out of a keyboard, which I don't know because I'm a classically-trained music nerd who knows nothing about production.

And oh, MAN. Serafin had us watching Dancing With The Stars last night, which is not normally my bag by any stretch, but because of this, I saw friggin' Steve Wozniak attempt to dance the Quickstep. XD He was, not surprisingly, pretty terrible, but he was having an awesomely good time *being* terrible, so I think he won me over by the end, heh.

** if you have not yet seen the first Ong Bak, then you are required to go forth and watch it ASAP. Or I'll cry. ;) Tony Jaa is no thespian, but dear LORD, he is a bad-ass.
OMG Facebook apps. WHYYYYYY. I don't know how any of you guys get anything done, with all these friggin' Facebook apps. The only one I bother with is the Li'l Green Patch app, and that *already* takes more of my attention than I'm comfortable with. BOO-URNS.

I'm thinking about seeing a specialist about my Achilles tendon, since it's not getting better on its own. I'm getting pretty sick of doctors, though. I also really don't want to waste the time going in, just to have them tell me, "stay off of it," or another similar response equivalent to, "sorry, we can't do anything to help you. Kthxbye."

Okay, enough complaining! I'm tired of complaining about my stupid body. Moving on.

I'm not the only one who's expressed this, as of late, but it does bear repeating: I am, so far, decidedly "meh" about Dollhouse. I really, really want to like it, because it's a Joss show, and he's likely to take the show in a wonderful direction, if he's given the chance! Buuuut, eh. The first three episodes didn't exactly grab me. I hope it gets better.

My gaming group begins this weekend! It should be fun, and the whole group sounds really excited. I'm kind of mentally blocked on one of my characters, though, and I kind of have that feeling I used to get when I did design projects for school, and had to force creativity on someone else's timeline. Booooooo. That's nobody's fault, though; creativity hasn't been coming easily to me, as of late. Spontaneous creativity is still easy enough, but not the kind that requires planning and crazed amounts of forethought. :) Well, you can't be burning your engines at 100% capacity all the time, right?

Anyhoo, here is a picture. Ben set up the lighting while I was at wushu, and once I got there, we took turns shooting. I did the shooting and processing on this one. I like how the post-processing came out :)

+1 pretty dress )

That's all!


Oct. 9th, 2008 02:49 pm
I don't know what it is about the seasons changing, but in addition to making me sick, it also makes me HUNGRY. What gives?

In other news, I've been watching Project Runway on YouTube when I have a bit of time to kill, largely because I heard that a designer from Portland got on the show. I was actually talking to her about doing a shoot right before she left, because her designs are *so* amazingly executed, and I had an awesome concept in mind for them. She said at the time that she was going on vacation for a month, but dude, she was totally off on secret filmings for TV!

Oh yes, look at my microscopic brush with pseudo-fame, hurhurhur. I'm betting that shoot won't happen for a while, because she's done really well on the show, and her business will likely explode into massive awesomeness. It's well-deserved! Just, argh, I had such great ideas for how to shoot those clothes. Sigh.

Also: MUST DESTROY KENLEY. I mean, I have my own history of taking criticism badly and too personally, but she makes me look ridiculously balanced by comparison. Drama with the other designers is one thing, but getting snarky with Tim Gunn? Oh, heeellll no.

That's all. Hopefully you weren't expecting substance today! (or ever)
So I'm trying to figure out how to make myself relax a bit more, so I'm not so crabby. It's really, really hard, because damnit, I have GOALS! And, as a sometimes-very-impatient person, I want to accomplish them Nownownow. Clearly, that's unrealistic, but that never seems to stop me from trying. XD

I'm taking it easier on training this week, which I have mixed feelings about, but as long as I do my wushu and weights, it'll be ok. I skipped Monday acro, after noticing that the thought of going there was less like Fun and more like a Thing I Must Do. That's no damned good for something that's supposed to be fun! Next week will be better. :)

I'm also attempting to take it a bit slower on the photo editing and such. My laptop was in the shop for a few days, and during those days, I'd occasionally have a mini-freakout because there were TFP shots I needed to edit. But, then I realized that it'd been like 2 weeks since those shoots, and I calmed down. Anything less than a month is a FAST turnaround for a TFP shoot, so I ought to take advantage of that, no?

Last night, Serafin put on some taped episodes of So You Think You Can Dance, so we fast-forwarded past the boring stuff, boggled at the really amazing performers, and laughed at the trainwrecks. I barely ever watch TV anymore, so it was actually nice. Certainly not in a Good TV kind of way, but definitely in an Easy Watching sort of way. :D

In other news, I checked on my Flickr page today, and when I looked at their, "now you know how to greet somebody in [foreign language]!" greeting, something there struck me as very wrong:

Observe. )

Now, we have proof: Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality. Not *quite* as big a difference as some fast food examples I can think of--I've seen far more pathetic-looking Big Macs than that before--but still, the difference is there.

Also, I agree with all of these: Top 5 Shows That Should Be Cancelled. Lost became boring and crappy a while ago, 24 is constantly becoming more ridiculous and formulaic, The Simpsons is constantly becoming less funny, and ER is so old and tired that I don't think any of the original cast is even there anymore. And, well, I'd rather axe CSI:Miami than New York--Caruso should be spit-polishing Gary Sinise's shoes, not headlining his own spinoff--but yeah, three CSIs is excessive.

In other news, Project: Do Aerials Without Landing On My Head is progressing to the point where it's driving me CRAZY. I'm so freaking close I can taste it. Colin noted that my cartwheels looked a lot better yesterday, and that I'm using the correct form for aerials. More importantly, *I* could feel the progress I'd made since last Friday. My legs were flying over so fast that I could feel the momentum pulling me over. SO. CLOSE. If I get maybe a half-second more air time, or if I can kick my legs over a liiiittle bit faster, it'll be in the bag.

Maybe I'll get an aerial for my birthday, ha! Nothing like a reward after a long period of hard work, na?

Anyhoo, after having a crappy day yesterday, things are looking up, in some areas, at least. It's kind of hard to deal with stress when none of your usual coping mechanisms are things you should do or can afford to do. But, you learn to deal in other ways. (like wushu, heh)

And can it PLEASE stop with the raining? How am I supposed to have a yard sale if it keeps dumping rain outside? :p


Oct. 5th, 2006 10:03 am
Random aside: I came in at wushu last night, and Goo was all cheesed off, because people were apparently skipping practice in favor of the season premiere of Lost. First of all, that show stopped being good maybe half a season ago, and second of all? It's A TV SHOW. Buy a TiVo or a VCR, or BitTorrent it and watch it later, jeez. If there's one thing we shouldn't be planning our lives around, it's the boob tube. :p I'll have to dish out some punishment on Friday, heh.

Speaking of wushu, I bit the bullet and did Nanquan yesterday during lines. I've been working a bit on cleaning up the form, because I barely practiced it at all last year, and I'm sure it looked like crap at Berkeley, so I want to spend more time on it. It about killed my legs yesterday, but I think I'm getting better, and my inside fall was pitch-perfect! I still have a long way to go, though.

Also: we're doing a demo at Reed College this Sunday! :O If you're in the area, come on by and check it out. I can get more info, if you need it.

Anyhoo, not much to report, but I got in to work before 9am today, so I'll hopefully get to leave early! Woohoo! :D

Edit: Oh, bollocks, now I may have to watch an ep or two of Lost this season, because my beloved Cap'n Tightpants will be on.

Still not skipping wushu for it, though. ;p
Here's a wrong-but-silly comic. Hee!

I have a drinking problem. XD

No, it's not what you think. It's not alcohol, it's the physical *act* of drinking something. I don't know why, but on a fairly regular basis, I'll take a sip of whatever I'm working on, but I'll tip the glass back too far, or do something that causes the liquid to come out faster than my mouth can take it in, and then it's all over the front of my shirt and I've gone and made a mess. It's not really a big problem, seeing as I drink water probably 95% of the time, so I just end up a bit damp and a bit embarrassed. However, I just now did this with the last remnants of my English Breakfast tea, on my lovely, dry-clean-only shirt. Go go Gadget brown stains! I am so irritated.

So nice to know that, in spite of over two years of martial arts training, I can still be as uncoordinated as I ever was. ;p

I keep hearing about del.icio.us, so I finally checked it out, and I *love* this freaking idea. There are so many times when I'll look for a bookmark I made previously, and then realize that I bookmarked it on Kero-chan, or on my work computer during a break, or on the gaming box while waiting in the AB queue... yadda yadda. Well, NO MORE! That is genius.

Also: HOLY CRAP SURVIVOR PREMIERE :O Well, I don't feel all that excited about it, actually. I'm always kind of ambivalent about the show before the first episode of a new season, but after the first few episodes, I'm hooked like a friggin' catfish all over again. We'll see if this one lives up to the hype, I guess.

Didn't get home early enough for PR last night, sigh.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now.

P.S. Punxsutawney Phil says 6 more weeks of winter! NOOOOO!
I think that approximately 70% of the purpose of this post is to pimp my new icon! ::points:: I made it, so if, for some reason, you feel like kiping it, lemme know.

So, Trillian notifies me when I get new mail at my Yahoo account, and half the time it's irritating, because it tells you where the e-mail came from, and in many instances, you can just *tell* that there's some glaring error in Yahoo's spam filter. Like when the Trillian alert pops up and says, "1 new mail from cockwellkv0z3@yahoo.com"... I mean, seriously, "cockwell"? GEE I WONDER IF THAT'S SPAM! ::eyeroll::

In other news, once J got wind of the fact that The Colbert Report is parodying The O'Reilly Factor, he actually insisted that I sit down and watch the latter show as a basis for comparison. After about four minutes of The O'Reilly Factor, I concluded that A) yes, The Colbert Report is masterfully lampooning that show, and B) DEAR GOD MY BRAIN IS BLEEDING. At that point, I declared that I couldn't take it anymore, so I was, thankfully, spared any further O'Reilly-style abuse. How do people like that even get on television? There is no God.

I PvPed like a crazy man last night. I haaaate losing in AB. My iTunes playlist cheered me up, though; it's more fun to pwnz when you have a kick-ass soundtrack playing in the background. :)

I am cranky, but I got paid, so it could be worse. Hopefully the weekend will be fun.
batskeets: (yan!)
Complaint: I was all pooped out from extra wushu practice, and I was looking forward to sitting down and watching House, but you know what I got instead? Two HOURS of freaking American Idol. And, apparently, House will not be back until February 7th, in favor of more American Idol. BLAAAAAHHH.

Yes, I know that I've occasionally watched AI before, but that was in the later stages, when there were actually semi-talented people to observe. I have no interest in watching audition episodes where a bunch of wannabes embarrass themselves on television, kthx. And bloody hell, I wanted to watch my show! I hate you, Fox. :p

The weather is really awful. Now it's not just a leaky roof here or there; some people's apartments have flooded. Mine is far from being one of them, fortunately, but this is freaking ridiculous! Also, Gizmo hates going out in any significant amount of rain, so he either makes himself miserable holding his bladder indoors, or he makes himself miserable by going outside and getting completely soaked. Blah.

Here it is Wednesday, and I'm already thinking about what to do with my Saturday. Any ideas?

So, yeah, I'm hellasore, due to the aforementioned extra practice. I think we're doing it for the rest of the week, at the very least, because of the demo, and I think also because we want to do especially well at Collegiates, seeing as we're hosting it this year. I have no idea how we're going to do, because a few people have injured themselves in recent weeks. Phil messed up his ankle at Worlds, Thuy hurt herself somehow on Friday, Robert was having knee issues on Monday... I think I'm just feeling blessed right now, because I *haven't* hurt myself recently. ;p

Speaking of which, Collegiates is Sat. March 4th, running most of the day, on UO campus. I can't compete there this year--duh, not a student anymore--but I'll be there cheering on other people and being generally bossy, and there will be some damned fine wushu afoot, so come check it out!

That's all I've got!
Well, bloody hell. Now I have *three* party invites for New Year's. I want to honor them all, because they all sound great and fun. But, cripes, I'm thinking that it's just not possible, especially seeing as one of them is in freaking Portland. Graaahhh. Where were all you bastards last year?? ;p

Today's going to be busy: haircut in the afternoon, picking up some cake baking necessities, actually baking said cake, packing for CA, wrapping a white elephant gift, making appearance at party.

If I have to eat any more junk food, I may throw up. Everybody wants to bake around Christmas, myself included, but egads! There's just so much candy, fudge, cookies, pies, and it feels almost borderline rude to run away without at least trying one bite. Thankfully, Christmas is in two days, so I just have to hang on a little longer. :p

I've heard a lot of talk about Project Runway being "the best reality show on television" and so forth, so I finally checked out Season 2 the other night. I'm not sure if it's my crankiness at the lack of new episodes for my regular programming, or the fact that [livejournal.com profile] designer_fetus practically ordered me to watch it, but I can't complain.

It actually *is* a pretty fun show, and that's coming from somebody who basically ignores the fashion industry. (I know what I like, and that's that) It is pretty easy to tell who some of the principal "characters" are--Santino is so obviously the villain--but they actually surprised me with one of the eliminations, which is hard to do. Also, I love the self-professed nerd designer, Diana; her science-as-fashion bent and her low-key personality appeal to me a lot. I almost wonder what the hell she's doing on a reality show, because she so completely *not* a drama queen, but yay! Go Diana!
Friday was pretty nuts. After work, I ran out to the mall and managed to find an inexpensive-but-fancy top to wear to the company Christmas party after spending a mere 20 minutes in the store trying things on. After that, it was basically: speed home, throw on new top with old skirt, grab the rest of the gang, and get out the door early enough to arrive fashionably late.

They served us a fancy-schmancy buffet dinner, and there was a live band; unfortunately, it was the kind of stuff that I really don't know how to dance to. In other words, the kind of stuff that involves dancing with a partner, and looking like you actually know what you're doing, heh. :) Doing Real Dancing is tough when you don't know how, and it's even worse when your designated partner doesn't like to dance, and can only do the White Boy Shuffle. ;p Anyhoo, I spent most of the time eating, drinking, and biffing around the room at random. J dorked out with his ADI buddies and collected a hilarious number of nametags on his shirt, and [livejournal.com profile] rantar randomly won one of the pretty centerpieces they were giving away.

After we left, I went back to the complex long enough to drop off J and trade the long skirt for some pants, and then zoomed off to another party with [livejournal.com profile] rantar and [livejournal.com profile] bookid. It was *really* crowded, in that Standing Room Only sort of way, where you can only hear every third word coming from the person you're talking to. I think we were only there for about an hour or so, but Ben happened to find me there, so I had a nice chat with him and his other friend. (whose name I have already forgotten, d'oh! Bad me ;p)

The rest of the weekend was low-key, *especially* Sunday, when I had Massive Headache of Doom, and was running a fever, so I basically sat on my duff all day. (The fever appears to be gone as of right now, but I still feel like poo, sigh :p) Got a good 5-man Scarlet Start run under my belt, though, and also did 10-man Scholo and got some Shadowcraft booties!

The Survivor finale was last night, so... quick Survivor babble )

Fishy update: Satisfactory.
Yesterday was Lazy Tuesday, which amounted to a bit of time in Arathi Basin (2 easy wins and 1 pathetic loss) and what was possibly the worst UBRS run ever. My GOD, these clowns could not get their act together; we wiped 3 or 4 times. Yuggh. The friggin' Shadowcraft chestpiece didn't drop, and the only green that I won? Was an effing STAR RUBY. That's what we in the business call The Shaft. ;p

In other news, it appears that Bones may be, well, boned. ::rotfl:: They're moving it to Wednesday at 9pm, meaning that it will be thoroughly trampled by Lost. Which, actually, I completely understand, because *I'll* be watching Lost, too. ^^; Too bad for David Boreanaz; he's actually pretty good in that role.

I can't figure out what to do with Gizmo for Christmas. Ma's allergic, so I can't bring him along, but leaving him alone in the house for several days is also very out of the question. I suppose the answer is, "find someone who I can trust to take care of a very smart and slightly mischievous little dog," but I don't know who would actually be available. (and no, a kennel doesn't count)

Current and upcoming movies that I am interested in:

That's all!
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This just in: 2005 can officially blow me.

I'd make a list of all the horribly depressing and awful things that have happened this year, but that would just be, well, depressing.

Take cover, December 31st, cos here I come!


Taiji was fun last night; the lady who's taking us through that Xingyi form came in and took us through the rest of it. :) I am far from having it memorized, but hopefully I can nail it down in my brain the next time she's in.

I busted out some blueberry cobbler last night! It turned out pretty okay, and people at the potluck today seemed to like it. I'm thinking of some modifications to make for the next time, though.

Survivor babble )

Weekend should be cool. Party on Saturday in all likelihood. Might brave the Black Forest for karaoke on Sunday, although I don't know if I'll actually sing. I've been spoiled by Japanese-style private room karaoke and the lack of stage fright that comes with it, and I've never done karaoke in a bar setting before. It's a lot easier to yowl like a jackass when it's only in front of your equally skilled and/or inept friends. :)

Oh, yeah, I'll probably have to work for a bit this weekend, after being out sick on Monday. That's a big ol' BLEH. But I'll deal.

That's all!
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They say that the Christmas advertisements and paraphernalia get rolled out earlier each year... and I think this is starting to take over my brain. ^^; I haven't actually made any purchases yet, but I've already started picking out gifts for people. And it's not even Halloween yet! WTF?

So, in continued Halloweeny developments: it has been proposed that we drive back after the wedding, as in right after the reception ends. It's a morning wedding, so it's possible that we'll get done by early afternoon, and we could get back sometime around 9 or 10pm on Saturday night. Which means that I *could* conceivably do some partying! I hope so, especially now that I have a costume lined up. Yee! :D

It's that time again: Survivor Babble )

This weekend: Crafty stuff for costumery! YAY! And more cleaning. Boooooo. :p Also, I might try to make a website for Collegiates 2006.

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