Heh, I didn't write anything here at all in November! I can't remember the last time I've done that in like a decade. Not that there was much to talk about anyway, because most of it was just, "HAY GUYZ, I'm sick and exhausted and I barely have any energy for work or roller derby or anything." The cold I had hung on for long enough that I actually went to the doctor about it... only to have them give me Sudafed and tell me to wait it out. ::sigh:: That was the case for most of the people I know who caught it, though, so I guess this season's crud is just a particularly brutal one.

My car also has decided to be a turd twice in the past month-or-so: the first time, the alternator was going out, so the car crapped out rather suddenly on the way home from derby. Fortunately, [livejournal.com profile] matrixleap helped me replace the battery, and another professional mechanic buddy of ours was able to come over straightaway and put in a new alternator.

The second time was apparently the new alternator being defective, so it started to crap out, too. Fortunately, I caught that problem early and recognized it from last time, so I didn't get stuck anywhere. And, the part was still under warranty, so that replacement was free. I had a dentist appointment in Beaverton less than two hours after it started acting up, though, so it was a pretty annoying inconvenience, but an inexpensive one, at least.

I also have a new bike now, which is pretty excellent. I got it on a huge, hundreds-of-dollars markdown thanks to a Black Friday sale, so all I had to do was head to their pop-up showroom, take a test ride to see if I liked the thing, and they ordered it and had it shipped to my house for free. I finally got it and took it on its maiden voyage around the neighborhood a couple of days ago, and it rides so much smoother, and it'll be lighter on hills, too. Now, if only it we weren't having the rainiest week ever right now, so I could actually ride it!

Tonight is another home team draft, and it is once again a thing of controversy. The only truly melodramatic part dropped late last night, and my co-captain got really fired up about it, but our coaches and I were able to calm things down. It sounds like other team captains are feeling similar about the aforementioned melodrama, too, so that's a comfort. In any case, I'm confident that we'll be fine and will get rad draft picks, and it's nowhere NEAR as stressful as last time around. (I slept straight through the night last night, which is a far cry from the night before our previous draft, heh)

In other completely random news, I think I leveled up my karaoke game yesterday: I did Juke Box Hero at a holiday party, and then afterward, a lady came up to me and asked if she could talk me into doing backing vocals on her band's next album. Haaaaahahaha. I'll be shocked if they actually contact me about it, but it's a cute story, anyway.

I've also been watching a lot of 80's music videos recently (or rather, putting them on in the background while I work), and they're completely bananas and also making me want to do photoshoots based on them. It's been a while since I've had any headspace available to feel inspired, so it's a nice feeling to have.

I mean, really. LOOK AT THIS STUFF.


Yeah, something like this might have to happen soon. XD
I kind of feel sorry for anyone who had to be around me last week--due to an annoying ordering mishap, I was without my B-complex supplements for over a week, and holy damn, did that take its toll. Between that and PMS things, I essentially wanted to hide in a hole for the entire week. By some miracle, I did actually get real work done, and even summoned up enough energy to get organized and be nice to people for the entirety of First Thursday. Thankfully, I had help on the "getting organized" front. And hey, First Thursday actually went pretty well! I'd estimate that a pretty large percentage of the people who came by were people I didn't personally invite, so I'd call that a win. Yay!

But, yeah, the rest of the time, my body was in one place, and my mind generally just wanted to be at home in bed. Well, except at the times when I was actually *in* bed and experiencing horrible cramping pain. Yeah, not having my supplements apparently makes *that* worse, too.

Oh, and skating felt like total ass. I finally got officially thrown into the rotation as a jammer on Wednesday, and largely got annihilated because I was so completely lacking energy. I probably should've told my coaches what was up with me, and I did end up writing them an e-mail the next morning apologizing for *not* telling them that I wasn't at 100% capacity. Yeah, I'm ridiculous.

I will say that Saturday was pretty excellent, though--my supplements were in-hand and my energy was surging again. I did have to work an event early in the evening, but there were plenty of snacks, free wine, and friendly people, so it was more low-impact than I expected. This was the second time working with these folks, so I think it's only going to get easier as we get better acquainted.

And then? KARAOKE. An acquaintance and fellow board member whom I'd like to be better friends with had a karaoke birthday party, so I went, and there were many inebriated antics and good times, and I dropped some of my favorite tunes. The karaoke system was entirely computerized, which was kind of neat, but that also meant I couldn't resort to my usual practice of looking through the book for random inspiration. I definitely could use some new material--things like Queen and Meat Loaf are great, and all, but there's a wide world of karaoke ridiculosity that I have yet to experience. ;)

Anyhoo, there's not a whole lot of point to this post, aside from observing that it's nice to have the energy to do all the things you'd like to do.
This has been an exhausting week, but damned if I haven't been crazy-productive. There have been fun bits mixed in, too.

I've also been up past 1am two nights in a row, and it's all derby's fault, heh. I did my Cheap Ticket Night duties with GnR, this time around, and they were more open and friendly than the other teams have been, I think. We went to karaoke after CTN was over, too, so that was a kick in the pants, and I got to wow them with my mad karaoke skillz. As for last night, we had to do floor pickup after practice, and then I hit up the food carts with a few Freshies afterwards, because we were all starving. They were all MSR cleared, so I felt a bit left out of some conversations, but I'll get there soon, too. I'm definitely improving.

So, yeah, I'm feeling less worried about the social aspect of derby. A little. I'm still asking myself, "where do the nerds hang out in RCR?" because I know they must be out there, and I want to find my people, heh. I don't expect to be the super-gregarious person that everyone loves, because I'll be an introvert until I die, but as long as, "we don't know you," isn't the thing preventing me from being drafted, I'll be happy.

I'm also editing and shooting like mad, and also trying to read up on marketing things, and see what I can put to use right away, and what I can plan to build in the near future. I attended a branding workshop a couple of days ago, and got a few good thoughts from that, and I'm hoping I can find the bandwidth to put this and other knowledge to work. It's obvious that I'm good at what I do; now I just have to convince the rest of the world that this is the case.

Speaking of shooting like crazy, I'll be covering the derby bout and some part of the Portland Pride festivities, for the new photojournalist-y gig I recently picked up. As if Big Bout weekends weren't exhausting enough already, right? Still, it'll be okay. I do get to sleep in tomorrow, since there's no floor at the hangar and therefore no practice.

Also, complaining for a moment, because I'm a great big Whiny McWhinerpants: the New Roommate hunt has really been cheesing me off. Andy supposedly knows a guy, but I'm cranky about this person for two reasons:

A) he's been dragging his ass about getting us a deposit, or even coming to SEE the bloody room. He's supposedly super-excited about moving in, but I've yet to see or hear about any action to show that. Like, you know, paying me some freaking money to hold the room.

B) he's yet another comedian. See, we already have two comics in the house, and now that another of my current roommates has started doing open mics, it's effin' COMEDIANPALOOZA every time I'm at the BYH. Which, granted, isn't that often, because I'm usually out and about, or over at J's, but I'm not exactly a fan of how it's shaped the culture of the household. So, naturally, having one more comic move in wouldn't help, uh, at all.

So, yeah. I'm annoyed both for practical reasons and frivolous interpersonal ones. I'm hoping to work something out with one of the derby girls I know, but it's all up-in-the-air and I'm tired of having to think about it. :p

On a more positive note, here's another photo I took last week, at Mother's downtown. I still can't believe I said no to this pie; looking at this photo is making me hungry for it all over again!

Chocolate Pie
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Seriously, it's damned gorgeous outside. I was just walking up the street for a much-needed disco coffee, and I did so in a sleeveless shirt. Spring, bitches!

Last night found us traipsing out to Karaoke From Hell, and it was awesome. <3 I wasn't really expecting anyone to come out on a work night, but both [livejournal.com profile] katlyn and [livejournal.com profile] marykae came, so that was happy-making! Karaoke with a live band also has a way of making you weirdly nervous--I haven't felt jittery about karaoke in ages, but last night? Yeah, I did get a dash of the wiggins. It all worked out in the end, though: I threw down a respectably rockin' rendition of We Are The Champions, and afterwards, the crazily-costumed backup singer actually asked me for a hug. XD That was pretty awesome.

It's April Fool's Day, and I think the internet may have actually cured me of my dislike for the holiday. Yeah, people still pull dumb pranks, but I've already learned to blow off half of what anyone says on this day, and I get to enjoy amusing jokes and videos from folks like Google and Hulu. Yeah, I can get into that.

Anyway, I have a ridiculously busy Friday night ahead: doing wushu, shooting at a people *and* pets fashion show, and possibly seeing the Midnight Movie at the Bagdad. Tomorrow morning is Open Scrimmage, so anyone who wants to come to Oaks and pay $5 can come and watch me hip-check some bitches.

I also really need to fix my bike tire, seeing as I got a flat while I was riding home from work on Monday. Blehhhh. I need to bike in this weather!

Okay, disco coffee. Do your thing. I don't want to be tired right now!
How did this happen? I'm available all day tomorrow, until the evening. And! I ACTUALLY HAVE A COMPLETELY FREE DAY ON SUNDAY. This fact is completely deserving of all-caps, because it hasn't happened in months. No, really. I checked.

Since derby practice is cancelled tomorrow, but I still want to skate, I have a crazy idea: strap on my outdoor wheels, and do the Where's Waldo event. Or something without skates. I don't know what other folks are up to tomorrow, so I'm open to suggestions.

So, yes, if anyone's up for some low-key hangout time this weekend, let me know. :)


As for the aforementioned karaoke contest, I have learned, once again, that being more talented and less popular does not make you a winner. ;p It was decided by audience vote, which should have been my first clue that being awesome wasn't likely to carry me through.

I won't venture so far as to say I was the absolute best, because there *were* one or two people I wouldn't have minded losing to. But, I did kick a whole lot of ass, and the person who DID take home the prize was so mediocre that I'd forgotten she'd even participated in the contest, until they announced her as the winner. Still, I had a good time, and I owe a debt of gratitude to the friends of mine who came out to see me so late on a Thursday night. :)

Also, I recently got a killer deal on a fancypants Kitchen Aid knife set, and it came in the mail yesterday. I'm absurdly happy about the fact that I finally, finally have my own santoku knife. All I did was prep some veggies for my giant dinner salad last night, and I'm already in love. I need an excuse to cook on a grander scale, and SOON.

Speaking of, if anyone wants my old knife set, they're welcome to have it. Nothing fancy, just serrated knives on a block, but they're pretty decent.

And, I'm off like a dirty shirt.
I already created an event on FB, but it's being odd at the moment with allowing me to send out invites. And hey, cross-posting is never a bad thing.

SO! This Thursday is the FINAL ROUND of the Karaoke Contest at The Pit Stop! There's $250 on the line, and they've already had a few rounds over the past few weeks, which I unfortunately had to miss, due to working constantly.

But, one of the finalists had to drop out. And the person replacing said finalist? Why, none other than Yours Truly, otherwise known as The Drunken Master!

I'll be bringing my usual brand of karaoke bad-assery, in an attempt to capture the grand prize, and I've been instructed to bring my friends for support in the final vote. If you haven't seen me do karaoke before, I'm not going to lie: it can occasionally be pretty darned epic.

I know we're all busy people, so no pressure, of course, but if you can make it, I'd love to see you and have your support. :)

Also, question: I must pick a song, and it must be completely awesome. So, if you *have* been to karaoke with me before, what do you think is my best tune?
This may seem like a small thing to a lot of people, but I can proudly say that I have successfully followed my instincts and managed to make Actual Sense out of my feelings on a very confusing issue. And! I'm also responding to it in a sane, direct, and responsible manner. Now, it's a matter of waiting, and hoping that the outcome proves my inner pessimist wrong.

Times like these maybe me think that, hey, maybe I'm not as dumb as I thought! Of course, I'm likely proving just how dumb I am, by even daring to think that, but I can't help at least trying to counter the pessimism with a bit of optimism. ;)


Anyhoo, this weekend was all relaxed-and-groovy time, and not a moment too soon. Derby practice on Saturday was a beating in the best way possible, thanks to our guest coach from the A+ awesome PDX derby team, Wheels of Justice. I felt spectacularly out of my depth for most of practice, but it was fun and challenging, rather than frustrating. And we did couple of drills that I really liked. I know I'd probably end up on Blocker duty, were I in an actual bout, but I think my heart secretly wants to be a Jammer. ;)

AND! I also got some outdoor wheels for my skates. Now I can roll around and be scary on the mean streets of PDX! Or something.

I also got to do a shoot with Amy, to promote her music, and it is *always* good seeing her. She also wanted hair and makeup, so I got to bring my favorite MUA on for that, and we all had a nice chat during the fancying-up part of the afternoon.

AND! Karaoke! It was fun, as always, and I tried some tunes that were not of my usual sort, thanks to the BINGO-esque game they had going on that evening. AND, I also talked to the KJ, resulting in a development that I will post shortly. I think Andy gets the award for Most Ambitious of the evening, though, because he attempted TWO Queen songs in one night. I love me some Freddie Mercury, but even *I* won't do more than one in a sitting, so damn, props.

Sunday was a nice day of kicking it down south at Brice Creek for a few hours. We hiked a bit of trail, played with dogs, and enjoyed a crapton of sun and a rather chilly but ultimately awesome swimming hole. I was rewarded with a wonky sunburn, but it was awesome to finally take some time to lay around and enjoy a warm day, and not think about all the places I have to be or work I have to do.

Of course, once I got back, it was nose-to-the-grindstone again, but I was significantly less cranky about that fact. And now I only have one wedding left to proof, so huzzah!
Hokey smoke, where does my time keep going? This was supposed to be Mellow Week, wasn't it?

So, last night at karaoke, some guy asked for my number. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. I must be losing my Scary Lady mojo, because I basically never get hit on by anyone sane. (or if I do, I'm too oblivious to notice) And, of all the places I'd expect it to happen, the Boiler Room is about the *last* on the list, because that bar is generally BroTown, USA. Well, I'm fairly certain he won't call, because this is Portland and I'm jaded, but hey, at least he was cute.

Karaoke itself was, as always, a crapton of fun. And I got to duet with [livejournal.com profile] herince_emyn, and it was fantastic! I telecommuted to work today, so I got to stay out later than my usual, and it was great to see everyone.

AND I got to have lunch with Amy this afternoon, finally! We've only been trying to wrangle our busy schedules for, oh, two or three months now? I was also pleased to discover that Genie's is not only serving Dave's Killer Bread, but they're offering the sprouted wheat variety. I love Dave's Killer Bread *and* sprouted wheat bread, so this is definitely good news.

Tonight, thanks to Alicia and her ad league team, I am playing softball for the first time in over 10 years. This should be pretty comical. XD

And, I'm spent.
Whooooof. Scattered, crazy, and likely poorly-written, but here's the weekend recap:

  • Went to wushu practice, and made the chain of bruises on my left arm worse again! But, I nailed down the new section of my nandao form and it was 100 times better than last week, so Master Chen gave me some new and slightly confounding material to work on. My new form is going to be fantastic when it's done, though, and I AM EXCITED.
  • Met up with Travis at the Blitzen Trapper show! They sound amazing live; they played a few new songs, and a lot of my favorites from their last album, and it was also nice to *finally* catch up with Travis a bit. I've been busy, but Amy has been even busier than I have (is that possible? heh), so I hadn't seen her and Travis in quite a while. Sounds like things will be slowing down for both she and I soon, though, at least, so that should hopefully change.
  • I was coaxed out to the Fez post-show, for mass quantities of booty-shakin'. Blitzen Trapper made me feel like dancing, but nobody wanted to dance *at* the show, of course. Sleepy Portland show crowds, jeez. DJ Gregarious is definitely improving; the mixing is getting smoother, and he quite possibly made my night when he played Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire. Also, amusingly enough, I thought to myself at one point, "oh, I'm out dancing! [livejournal.com profile] dawningday would be up for this," but then I realized I didn't have his number, so I shrugged it off. But then, moments later, there he was! Good to know the dancing train still rolls, even without my help. ;)
  • Peeled myself out of bed in time for a proper breakfast, and then rolled out to derby class. It's definitely going better, and I feel pretty confident about the parts that involve actually moving. (crossovers, sticky wheels, etc.) The parts that involve stopping? Uh, not so much. XD T-stops are going to be my mountain to climb, I can already tell.
  • MK and I also had our first Wreckers practice; it was roasty-hot in the hangar, but I learned a lot, had a good chunk of time to work on my knee-drops, and my inner thighs are *still* sore today. Holy damn.
  • Went home to shower, and then grabbed my laptop and kicked back at the Press Club on SE Clinton for a few hours, to eat crepes for dinner and work on my new business web site. Crepes were tasty, and I think I'm going to love the web site once I'm done with it.
  • Karaoke, which was fun, as always, and we also encountered a dude who was the first man to really, truly impress me at karaoke in a long, LONG time. His voice was amaaaazing, and he didn't sing a song that I even knew or liked, but his mad vocal skills held my attention from start to finish.
  • The aforementioned Impressive Guy also attempted to sing I'll Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan, which would have made my night, if the karaoke track hadn't been broken. (my wushu crew would understand my sentimental attachment to that song, heh) But, that did give me the idea of singing I Just Can't Wait To Be King, which was so, so fun. I need to make that song happen again, and soon.

  • Lazed around a lot in the morning, but managed to get some photoshopping done, and almost went to play kickball for an hour, but then didn't because I was short on time, and [livejournal.com profile] kaptian and Hilliary had decided to opt out.
  • Biked on down to Brewfest to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] marykae and Andrew, and drank a bit more beer than I'd intended to, but it was worth it. One beer did make enough of an impression that I actually remembered it: Reggae Junkie Gruit. There were some hilarious moments that usually involved one of us trying to find the other two, and it was really nice to just wander around, taste excellent brews, and relax.
  • Towards the end of things, I got hungry and bought a slice of pizza and a brownie from the Rogue brewery food stand, but the guys there gave me two brownies, even though I told them I only wanted one. So, I kind of accidentally made us some drive-by friends, by giving away the extra brownie to a guy sitting near us. It was nice enough chatting with them, and I'm pretty sure Andrew got to enjoy a bit of safety as a direct result of my action, so I consider that a job well done.
  • Biked back to my house at hyperspeed, so I could do a musician photoshoot for [livejournal.com profile] virgoqueen7 and her musician partner. I took them out to Powell Butte and got pretty, pretty pictures, and [livejournal.com profile] matrixleap  assisted me with hauling gear and keeping my strobes from falling over, which was really nice of him.
  • After the shoot, [livejournal.com profile] matrixleap gathered me, [livejournal.com profile] daemonwise and [livejournal.com profile] herince_emyn together for a bite to eat over at Tik Tok, and then I went home, proofed the images from the shoot, downloaded and watched the new True Blood episode, and slept nowhere near enough.
I'm gearing up for event shooting this afternoon, and then doing absolutely nothing this evening. Except watching Netflix. And maybe playing Dragon Age. (which, yes, I did find time to play for a bit last week, too. Slow progress, I know.)


Jun. 22nd, 2010 03:38 pm
I stayed out way too late for a Monday, which is completely my own fault. And then, my body said, "hey, let's wake up an hour before the alarm today!" But hell, it was worth it.

Last night was the Dandy Warhols Bike Ride and Karaoke Extravaganza, which I decided to head over to after work. I've been too overbooked to do any of this year's Pedalpalooza rides prior, but this one was pretty awesome. We cruised around to different spots around PDX where albums were recorded and videos were shot, and the organizers gave us little factoids about the significance of each place where we stopped. The particularly cool part was that one of the band members (Zia) was with us for the entire ride, so she'd interject with random corrections or insider details to go with the information the organizers told us.

We ended the ride at Dante's, where the Dandys had shot one of their videos, and had a little karaoke contest. They only karaoke version the organizers managed to track down was Bohemian Like You, which was, um, NOT one of the songs I knew well. Or at all. XD But, I'm never one to shy away from karaoke OR free swag, so I listened to a couple other folks do it first, and listened to a verse from the original recording through my futurephone, and then attempted to fake my way through it. Apparently, my efforts were good enough that Zia awarded me a Dandys t-shirt! WIN.

I also had a sort-of-date from the internet after the ride, which was okay, too. I don't think I want anything beyond friendship with this person, but I did have a good time, at least, and I didn't feel like a total clod while trying to make conversation. And biking home down Hawthorne is much nicer at night than it is during my usual commute time.

I don't know how I'm going to get through wushu tonight, but I'll certainly try. And then, I am going to sleep the sleep of the dead. Anyone who wakes me could very easily get punched in the throat. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

And, in conclusion, I've been left with the overwhelming feeling that I need a much cooler bike and helmet. Maybe I'll actually do something about that, eventually.
I just fell upon yet another awesome costume idea that I want to do. This is becoming a problem, because Halloween is still a good 6 months away, and I already have no idea how I'll be able to choose my eventual getup! And I'm sure that, given that much time, I'll think of even more ideas in the months to come. Halloween needs to happen at least 5 times a year. :p

Anyhoo, yes, things are awesome. And I'll tell you why!

First off: STUDIO. It already sounded like a great space just from hearing Ben's verbal description. And he also sketched a diagram of the floor plan, which was good because I basically can't grok spatial relations without a visual. But, I got to actually see the place on Saturday morning, and just, WOW. The space was used by a now-retiring commercial photographer for ~20 years, so it's *really* well-outfitted. The shooting space is probably double the size of our old studio, there's already a cyclorama built in, not one but TWO gigantic softboxes to make use of, and a garage entry. Yes, so you can bring car-sized things in to shoot. :O And, outside of the shooting space, there's be a reception area, offices, a kitchen, stylists' room, waiting area... blagh, I can't even remember all of it, but it was great.

Anyhoo, we would be sharing with one other photographer, maybe two, but with a space this extensive, it's *really* not going to be a problem. The idea is to update some of the non-studio areas to look more modern--there's some *very* 1970s-ish linoleum and color in the place--and the other details of the agreement are still being worked out, and starting things off at the outset will certainly be tough. But, we already have some good ideas on the table, and sweet hairy jesus, it would be amazing if this space worked out.

After the studio meeting was a breakfast sandwich at Meat Cheese Bread, which I'd heard good things about, and which happened to be close by the studio. Sausage, shaved fennel, and some spicy variety of cheddar, all between two slices of bread pudding. That place definitely passes inspection, because that was one hell of a sandwich.

Then, it was my first Saturday wushu practice in a while, and it went shockingly well. The combined powers of the week off due to Spring Break, and my continuing efforts to beat the hell out of myself in the gym made it pretty painful, but my tornado kicks are starting to feel more floaty again. I've also figured out how to stop hitting myself in the face with my chain whip, which should at least last until Master Chen shows us more new moves. And I appear to be slowly winning the battle against my post-holiday gut! And I've also signed up for nanquan and nandao at Berkeley, so there's no bitching out on it now.

I really look forward to May 2, because then the constant soreness can end. Until I do it again next year. Because I secretly enjoy pain. :p

Friday karaoke was fun. We got to sing quite a few times, and through the powers of [livejournal.com profile] marykae and myself combined, I finally did a RENT song. It's rather silly that it took me this long to work that in, considering how completely obsessed with the soundtrack I was years ago. The karaoke track they had us use was kind of ghetto--a duet with no color-coded lyrics? Seriously?--but it was still fun and I want to do it again. I apparently make a pretty kick-ass Joanne.

I also enjoyed some good tea and quality one-on-one friend time on Sunday afternoon, and I don't think I will ever get tired of that. Hyper-socialness has been happening for me quite a bit, as I challenge a lot of preconceived notions and old patterns, and you know? It's good to have people I can actually, you know, TALK to about my problems. Most people don't frequently fall under my Trust umbrella, so to have even a couple of Actually-Good People around me who do? Just, wow. I've been pretty exhausted these past couple of days, so I might need to think about slowing down a bit on the social things, if that continues. But for now, it's really, really good.

Okay, um, back to Saturday. It's vitally important that I tell you to go listen to Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, because they're (wait for it) AWESOME. I think I love their album a little bit more each time I listen to it. They played at Berbati's Pan this past Saturday night, and the crowd was on the small side, but it was SUCH a treat to be there. I enjoyed their set A LOT and I wanted to give them more of my money. I was hoping they'd have albums for sale, but I had to settle for giving them five of my dollars for a t-shirt.

AND I got to enjoy the show with Really Good Company, before, during, and after. Going into it, I expected the evening to be equal parts Exciting and Terrifying, but Terrifying surprised me by not even making an appearance. Looking back on the evening, or hell, the entire day, I can't think of a single bad thing. Even under the best of circumstances, you never expect it to be that easy, but sometimes it just... happens.

I let up on my beer embargo a little bit that evening, but I kind of don't care. It was completely worth it. If you spend 6+ hours with the same person, and find yourself smiling on the ride home, you must be doing *something* right.

I don't know what I did to deserve all the good things that have transpired over the past month or so, but if there's more ahead, I'm so, so ready for it.
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I just got off the phone with the wardrobe stylist I booked for today's client. He had a minor panic earlier in the week trying to find clothes for an XXL, but he worked it out. He is completely on the same page as I am with this shoot, as far as giving the looks an editorial feel, and generally making our client feel glamorous and gorgeous, and I am *really* happy about that. I was a bit nervous about booking him at first, because he's based in Seattle and I only had his straight-size portfolio to go on, but my nerves are giving way to excitement.

As for the evening, I'll at least be making an appearance at [livejournal.com profile] rmalena's shindig, but I think I'm going to pass on the World Naked Bike Ride. Aunt Flo has arrived, and the resulting cramps and tiredness are making me *really* not want to ride a bike today. And, well, the water retention doesn't exactly make me want to ride around town in my underpants, either.

I *would* be up for karaoke tonight, though, if it ends up happening... or something else more relaxed-and-groovy than the bike ride/dance party will be? Let me know. :)
Eugh, what an incredibly mixed weekend.

Well, I've already bitched about the Bad under friends-lock, so here's the Good:

BSG Finale - It was pretty darned epic, and it was *so* fun to watch it with a theater full of fellow BSG fanboys-and-girls. I loved the swells of applause at particularly awesome moments, the tension of us all collectively holding our breath. The first hour or so of the episode was *very* well played. Second half wasn't as awesome, but it was cute, in places. Also, I need to watch the Face of the Enemy webisodes sometime.

Karaoke - By some miracle, despite the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd and insanely long rotation, I actually got a song in. I guess a lot of people left before they came up in the queue. Easy ticket to finding cool people in a crowd of lamers: cheese it up while belting out a Queen song. More specifically, this one. I've been wanting to find that, because How Can Be Lounge doesn't have it, so The Circle Is Now Complete. :D

Left 4 Dead - This game is FUN. I'm pretty darned useless at first-person shooters, but this game easily passed the "Is It Still Fun If I Suck At It" test. I dig the cooperative style of playing the survivors, and playing the zombies was really entertaining, once I got the hang of it. I wonder if the PC version would play nicely with Parallels on my lappy...

Foodery - We've had some awesome eats, lately. Boy made vegetarian lasagna a few days ago, and then there was meaty-delicious lasagna at the gaming party on Saturday. And then, Roommate made snickerdoodles on Saturday, and fettuccine alfredo on Sunday. I do love my own cooking adventures, but I love going on other people's cooking adventures, too.

Lack of Drinking - Despite doing social stuff throughout the weekend, I had exactly one rum and coke on Friday night, which I probably wouldn't have even drank, if I wasn't riled up about the Bad stuff that happened prior to karaoke. (not to mention that I inadvertently wound up getting the drink for free. Muahaha.) I'm as awkward as ever, but I still feel good about skipping the booze. It's a step in the right direction. :)

Bridal Shoot - It was great fun, and the girl I was shooting with was incredibly sweet. We did some close-ups in-studio, and then shot the rest out by the Broadway Bridge, and it was pretty hilarious walking along such busy streets with a bride at my right. We got honked at by passing cars a *lot*. XD

Friends - It was really good to see you wonderful people this weekend, especially the ones I haven't seen in for-freakin'-ever! (you know who you are!) I wish Bad stuff wouldn't have transpired and I'd have made it to the Casa on Saturday, but I'm glad for the time I did get. I can do all of the above things, but they're never as good as they are when I'm playing, chatting, hugging, ranting, even just listening to you guys.

And I definitely owe shout-outs to the people I *didn't* see, but who were supportive even from far away. 10000x hugs to you.

Anyhoo, it's Monday, and my fellow web development cohort here at The Job is out sick, which means my plate is full-up... so, I'm out.
Yesterday turned out really nice!

--Got a super-relaxing hour-long facial at Aveda for $15, because I'm on their mailing list. (I did my research, and that is cheap)
--Did a bunch of rhythm boxing on WiiFit, and weight is still continuing on its slow, downward pace.
--Met up with Amy later in the evening for a tea and a chat, and now I feel 100 times better about things that have been nagging me lately. <3 <3 <3 to her, even though she's not reading this.
--Processed another bridal session photo and OMG I LOOOOVE EEEET. I don't know how I'm going to decide which of them should go in the portfolio.

And now, this meme, part deux ([livejournal.com profile] virgoqueen7 gave me these):

Word! (Heroes spoiler for current season herein) )
(can you tell it's been boring at work lately?)

Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

[livejournal.com profile] katlyn gave me these:

1. Fashion(able) - I do fashion photography sometimes, and apparently people think I know how to dress! I never really think of myself as fashionable, though, because I don't keep up on trends. In fact, I generally ignore them, unless I'm specifically asked to be on-trend for a project or publication.

Honestly, I've never really looked at the fashion world as somewhere I'd place myself. I never felt comfortable with girly things when I was younger, because I wasn't skinny and was also very clumsy. By the time I got over that, I'd long since decided that there were more interesting and important things in life to waste my time on. ;) I feel that I'm an observer and a creative, but certainly not a fashionista by any stretch.

2. Gold Jumpsuit - HAHAHA. I'm not 100% sure what this refers to... but I'm assuming the Bruce Lee costume? XD

Well, if we're going with that, I bought the jumpsuit entirely because of the last time I got a free haircut via hair modeling, which yielded "a sassy, girly Bruce Lee cut." Then I thought, OMG LET'S BE BRUCE LEE FOR HALLOWEEN, so I found the thing on eBay and ordered it. The jumpsuit is modeled after the one he wore in Game of Death, and it's still kicking around in my closet somewhere.

3. Buffy - Yes, I am a Buffy fan, and Buffy Night was an ongoing weekly event/tradition for me and mine, while it was still airing. I originally jumped in around Season 4, but even though I hadn't seen much of the Buffy/Angel romance, I still knew that I didn't like Captain Cardboard. ;) I did go back and watch some of the older eps, once they started airing on FX, but I haven't seen all of them.

4. Swords - I like swords. (haha) Thanks to my ongoing wushu obsession, I know a couple different basic straightsword forms, and part of the compulsory form. I also know basic and compulsory broadsword, and will (theoretically) be doing the compulsory at competition in April. Once I learn southern broadsword (a.k.a. Nandao), the circle of my swordiness will be complete! Well, at least until I get too old-and-creaky for Wushu and switch to Taiji. ;)

Last time I competed in broadsword, I got a gold medal, but it was due to lack of other competitors. However, the time before that, I came in 2nd, and that was in spite of hitting myself in the face with my sword. (see here at 0:36)

5. Queen - I don't think that Queen songs are completely my favorite to karaoke, but they're certainly near the top of the list, and are *always* fun. When I think I'm actually going to get to sing more than once, I'll pick a Queen song as a "warm up" of sorts, and that gets me fired up enough to do a song that feels more challenging and/or less familiar. Really, how can you NOT feel like a bad-ass while wailing it like Freddie Mercury?

The course does not always run smooth, though. I crashed and burned on Somebody To Love *twice* onstage before finally getting it down decent. Freddie, you are a cruel master. ;)
...and if that's the case, then I'd better turn into one strong mofo pretty soon here, because DEAR GOD I can't remember the last time I was this sore. I've been doing a ton of kickups at practice, which tires out my core, and I also started working on broadsword again on Friday, which made my arms sore. And wushu always makes my legs tired, especially after having been sick.

So, yeah, pretty much every part of my body is sore right now. AND I've gone and overworked myself again stress-wise, too. Didn't I say I was going to quit doing that? ;p

WELL, on the plus side, the clothing shoot yesterday went off quite nicely. We did part of it in the living room, and there wasn't quite enough natural light coming in for me to do what I originally wanted (grr), but we did get some nice shots with the strobes. AND, more importantly, the bulk of the shoot, which was done in-studio, went awesomely. It took some finagling at first, but my weird idea for spicing up the studio set actually worked, and the client loved it. I love it when a plan comes together. <3

It was still an exhausting day, though, especially seeing as I shot all but one outfit, due to Boy's gimped arm. Oooof.

In other news, I'm finally dipping my toe back into RPing, somewhat to my surprise! I guess I'd halfway resigned myself to leaving that stuff behind after moving out of Eugene, because, well, when you actually manage to get into a solid group that you really like? The idea of finding a new one that's even remotely as good seems bloody well impossible... *especially* when you're good friends with your group outside of the game, too. But, a lot of the people I know up here are into gaming, too, so I figured, eh, why not give it another go?

We had a meeting to hammer out setting and character ideas on Saturday, and it's going to be funfun. I'm absolutely the n00biest of the group, and I'm definitely not accustomed to having anywhere *near* that much input into the setting or the parameters of the world, so I didn't have a lot to contribute. Fortunately, the other folks did, so we have some interesting ideas down, and it'll be cool to see where it goes from here.

Karaoke on Friday was good, good times. It's kind of bumming me out that people are finding out about How Can Be? Lounge, because if too many *more* people find out about it, it'll stop being such a good place for karaoke because it's too crowded and generally lame. BUT, I learned that they have Ben Folds Five's Song For The Dumped, which I MUST sing. Preferably with the Japanese version mixed in. XD The KJ that night did kind of a crappy job, so I haven't done it yet, but one day, oh yes, one day.

Anyhoo, I'm pooped, and I am also *very* happy that next Monday is a holiday. I have no shoots down for the next week or so, so I'm taking a much-deserved break.


Nov. 18th, 2008 12:14 pm
Wushu Demo News: According to my teammate, the demo is on Saturday, December 6th, most likely in the afternoon! It's at the school, which is on NW 17th and Pettygrove. Come see and take pictures, if'n you want! I'll post the exact time once I find out.

I feel like hell today. I spent most of my Monday evening working on photos, and I still have a yooooge backlog. But, on the plus side, we now have a new canvas sign to hang outside the studio door! Y'all should come down to the studio sometime and see it. :)

Weekend was wicked-busy, but some of that was good. On Friday, we met up with Nathan, went out to Horse Brass, and were introduced to the phenomenon that is the Scotch Egg. On Saturday, there was karaoke, which was kind of lame, because I got there late and didn't get to sing until 5 minutes or so AFTER most of my crew left for the night. BOO-URNS. Rush makes for some pretty fun karaoke, though, as do Rocky Horror group sings! I love having this enormous crew of rad people to sing my head off with!

Sunday night culminated in a little bit of Lindy Hop! I got the basics down well enough, but oy, partner dancing always throws me. I suspect I'd be a decent lead, given the chance, but that's largely because I'm such a control freak that I'm bad at being led. ;) We also got food at The Roxy, and were served by the most awesome waiter I've had in a long while. And, when we got home, we dorked around with a very, very drunk Andy, who was riding the happy after completing his week of hosting comedy shows.

Other parts of the weekend were less fun-and-frolic, like working on marketing handouts all Saturday afternoon and evening. I spent most of my Sunday at the bridal show, which was pretty low-key, but it was nice to meet all the different vendors. I'm actually pretty excited about the marketing materials I came up with, though, because it'll let us cross-promote more effectively, thus helping out our clients *and* the other vendors whose work we love.

I'm definitely pooped, though! Wedding season is over, and I'm still busting my hump! What's up with that? ;p

Meme time, because I haven't done one of these in forever:

I Feel Loved When... )
Friday night was super-fun. Demo team practice ran late again, but hell, it's fun, and the new routine is going to be pretty darned awesome by the time we actually perform it a month or so from now. And yes, you are honor-bound to come watch, because I never get to do demos anymore now that I'm not at UO. ;)

The only bad part is that my neck hurts, I suspect from doing forward and backward rolls during regular wushu class. Boo-urns to groundwork! I want to fly!

I popped in on [livejournal.com profile] winter_in_asia and [livejournal.com profile] elamine at their studio opening... just in time for everyone else to leave! Hurhurhur. Yeah, I was pretty late, but it was either that, or leave sweaty wushu stink all over their new furniture. ;) At least I got to say howdy and see the place, though!

Afterwards was girls' night karaoke, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] katlyn, and w000t it was good times! Greasy Chinese food, drinks aplenty, and no dudes going on about how hot so-and-so-with-her-boobs-out is. (hey, I live with a bunch of guys, it gets old after a while) And I have conquered another song from the AC/DC catalogue.There are rumblings that it might become a regular thing, so I'm definitely hoping it does.

BTW, for those who commented on the necklace I wore all day on Friday, here is the maker of it. She's my client, she makes awesome jewelry, and she's the bomb-biggety as a person, too. We have some forthcoming photos that we did with her, and we had *so* much fun working with her on them! So of course I'd love it if y'all bought her stuff. ;)

Anyhoo, I opted out on the race job this morning. I already shot the Marathon last weekend, even though I was still sick and really, really didn't want to, and that did me no favors as far as recovery. I have an intense need for a day off. Hell, many more days off. I'm already doing a better job of saying no, though, and so far nobody's gotten mad at me yet. ;) Reprioritizing is good.


Sep. 8th, 2008 11:38 am
My free weekend didn't come out to be quite as epic as I might've hoped, but it was pretty relaxed-and-groovy, at least!

Saturday was pretty uneventful, largely because I didn't have my car. I barely made it through wushu, because my body was SO tired and sore, and I spent most of the day sitting around. Sometime after 9pm, I got tired of working on photos and web stuff, so after trying in vain to get Serafin and our current CSer to go to a show I'd heard about, I *finally* convinced them to come out for some karaoke.

The Hutch was neither the best nor the worst place I've gone for karaoke, but it does have the benefit of being up the street from my place, so it was an easy sell. The crowd was pretty friendly, not too big, and generally picked great songs, BUT the songbook was separated into A-K and L-Z, which was irritating. I closed out the evening with Livin' On a Prayer, which was awesome, but also totally killed my voice. XD

I slept like crap on Saturday night (despite not drinking a drop of alcohol at karaoke), so I spent most of Sunday hanging around the house in a fog, and tidying things when I could muster the energy. I did hit up this cute little coffee/comics shop that's also in the neighborhood, though, and it was pretty cool. We also watched The Graduate and found a really rad James Bond poster for some yet-to-be-determined room in the house.

I'm still tired today. Booooo. I've been sleeping really fitfully, and I don't know if it's stress, or need for a new bed, or whatever else. Thing is, I don't really have a lot to be stressed about right now; it's almost like I'm stuck in that state after being so flipped-out and busy over the past few weeks. I'm getting a massage after work today, so I can get rid of stress and soreness, and hopefully get some friggin' sleep tonight.
Tuesday thru Thursday meant three days of shooting at a big training for The Job. Much like the one I did in Atlanta (i.e. lots of running around and people-wrangling), but without the cool trip. But, *with* the lack of sleep that came with the cool trip.

I basically haven't slept for crap since Tuesday night. I was well on my way to a nice 8-hour block of sleep last night, until some roofing guy woke me up at some ungodly hour this morning, by working loudly on someone else's roof.

Well, I suppose I should note that by, "some ungodly hour," I mean like, 7am. But that was sooner than I needed or wanted to be awake! Grumble.

All's I can say is, wushu belt test is tomorrow, so I'd better get some good sleep tonight, or I'm really going to be hating life. ;p

And at least I managed to steal a couple hours of my own last night. I sang Led Zep with a live band! Karaoke From Hell is awesome.

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