WELL, there went an entire month. Yeesh! And my brain meats are all kinds of crazy today, so this will likely be super-random and disjointed, heh.

Had a pretty huge month income-wise, and landed a couple of big projects. Enough so that I may get the new laptop that I've been wanting for a while. Of course, there's another part of my brain that's saying, "maybe you should save up for the wedding, dummy." But, the wedding is not a business expense (heh), and my laptop is getting increasingly old and slow, so eh, we'll see. Advice has been to wait for the next Macbook Pro update to be released, so I'll likely sit on the decision for at least a bit longer, anyway. :)

Speaking of wedding, September 2017 is the target zone for that. Yes, it's a ways off, but you know who has two thumbs and is not in a hurry? THIS GIRL. My goals are Simple, Fun, and Low-Stress, and having a longer timeline will be good for that on all fronts. Saving up is a big thing, because I've been very intentional about keeping my personal debts down, and I have *zero* business debt, and I am certainly NOT going to change any of that for this ridiculous wedding thing. I do currently have enough saved up to go dress shopping at some point, but I suppose that'd also involve things like deciding who my bridesmaid(s) will be. And I am having THE WORST time with that, largely because I hesitate to saddle any of my friends with the obligation, heh. I am ridiculous. How do people decide these things, anyway?

I've been going to the gym a lot, and now The Joe will be able to join me--he just finished the Foundations course, so we're going to go together today for his first normal class. It's possible that I'll lift heavier weights than he does, but I've also had a year-or-so head start on barbell stuff, and did bodyweight strength training for years prior to that, so that seems fair. ;) But, he also actually enjoys distance running, while I merely tolerate it. Basically, he's the cardio hamster, and I'm the 'squatch who likes to throw boulders around, heh.

Related: it's pretty great to be with a dude who feels proud of my physical prowess strength, rather than intimidated or threatened by it. :)

Derby-wise, I have both a TT Alumni bout and tournament this month, which is exciting, but also rather inconvenient, because I've been trying to rest my body from skating more than usual. I have a knot of muscles in my back that refuses to loosen up, and it's gotten to be pretty disconcerting. I've been reading up on things and talking about it with some of my sports-doing compatriots, and it sounds like it might be due to my glute medius not firing consistently, which definitely tracks with how my hips are structured. BUT, for now, I get to wait for a doctor's appointment next week to get some answers and/or referrals.

Summer traditions are pleasant and plentiful, thus far. 4th of July was full of flames, food, and friendship. Did my annual Oregon Brewfest lady-date with [livejournal.com profile] marykae and tried some very good beers and also some really weird ones. (much to my surprise, Mint beer was the Meh experience, while Pesto beer was actually pretty good?!) Gourmet-Q looms on the horizon, and I have no idea what to make, but it's always a fun afternoon regardless.

And, new things: veggie gardening has been decently successful, aside from a few stupid cabbage worms. Strawberries are thriving, I got to harvest a few poblano and sweet peppers and string beans, bell peppers are coming along, the basil is practically exploding, and the first round of grape tomatoes is crazy-delicious. Not bad, for somebody whose gardening knowledge lives entirely on Google, heh.

The new Ghostbusters movie was really fun. Folks who said it was "written by checklist" weren't exactly wrong, but the cast and chemistry was great, and the movie was genuinely funny. The new Star Trek made me very happy, and it actually managed to be all action-packed for the newbies, while still feeling like it had some of the soul of the original series. They could've done more with Idris Elba, but overall it made me pretty hopeful about the new TV series in 2017.

Anyhoo, that's all that's coming out of the brain meats at the moment, so it's back to the grind.
batskeets: (yan!)
I probably semi-mangled that LOLspeak up there but, eh, who cares? I only use it, "ironically," anyway. ;p

Anyhoodle, my birthday's coming up, [livejournal.com profile] matrixleap and I decided to do a joint shindig ages ago, and the invite went out on the Facepages a few weeks ago. SO, if you haven't been on there lately to look at the invite, now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

In other news, last weekend's Travel Team bout was AMAZEBALLS (seriously, skip to 1:20:00 and behold, my dears: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhaS5dPlXIg), work is trying to eat me, and my brain apparently still remembers the 6 original marshmallows (both color and shape) in the early-80s incarnation of Lucky Charms. Thank you, Geek Trivia.

Oh, and I'm taking a six-week MercyCorps business course, to help make sure I have all of my business-y ducks in a row. I'm actually enjoying it, and it's already helping me think about how to potentially do things differently/better. So far, I've also learned that I've chosen the right business entity to register under, that I know more about credit than I thought, and that I still need to figure out how to talk about my business without A) rambling, or B) feeling like I'm not being myself. Apparently, I can do one or the other, but not both, heh.

And, in conclusion: The Cabin in the Woods? EXCELLENT movie. Go see it immediately. I won't say more than that, because I don't want to ruin it for you. ;)
This is what I did with part of my Friday night. Yep, that's from a people-and-pets runway show.:

Boutiques Unleashed

After that, it was off to the Bagdad to see Aliens on the big screen, which was awesome. I was so tired that I started doing the head-bob in the middle of it, but it was still worth making the trip out there. Also, if you're a pop culture nerd and a Starcraft dork, there are *way* too many awesome and quotable lines in that movie. I'd forgotten until I actually *heard* them all again, heh.

Oh my stars and garters, I LOVE SCRIMMAGE. After being off-skates for all of last week, it was fantastic to be back on them, and I had a great time at Open Scrimmage. Apparently, I'm getting okay enough as a jammer that a couple of the Freshies commented on it, but I think at least part of it was that I seem to do fewer klutzy things in scrimmage than I do during drills. I'm still one of the slowest Freshies, both in terms of skate speed and reaction time, but if I ever get my body even close to where my brain is, I could be fierce. Maybe. Possibly. I have miles to go before getting MSR clearance, though, so I probably shouldn't get ahead of myself. ;p

I think the distraction of having a goal, as I do in scrimmage and especially as a jammer, keeps me from the chronic overthinking that makes regular practice so frustrating. Things would probably be far easier if I didn't fall into the, "don't screw up," mindset that I often do during drills. I really need to find a way to hack my brain. :p

Good news is, my knee seems to be holding up okay, and the world now feels like a much safer place with my new TSG Force III kneepads. I feel like something of an idiot for not simply making the investment sooner, because, DUDE. These are my knees, and they're of massive importance. At least I've learned the lesson early enough to avoid any serious harm.

OH, and [livejournal.com profile] marykae found an extra ticket for the bout on Saturday evening, so I got to spectate there with her and [livejournal.com profile] katlyn. I'm a little sad that I was too late to get on the photographer list, but it was a nice break to just hang out and take everything in, rather that just what my lens was focused on. I'd also heard via the Intertubes that there'd be karaoke at said afterparty, so we went there afterwards, and it was *super* fun. The Heathers are definitely earning a place in my heart, especially after throwing down some truly epic group karaoke.

Sunday wasn't as productive as I hoped, but I did get a couple of things done around the house, and [livejournal.com profile] dakania and I went to pick up some gardening and composting supplies for the house, which will yield awesome foodthings in the coming months. She's already doing a lot to get the space ready, so I'm pretty damned excited, almost enough so that I'm tempted to use a couple of vacation days to play gardener. That seems, erm, less-than-likely, but oh, it's a nice thought.

I've had a definite case of the blahs for the past few days, and I'd kill for a solid 10-hour sleep right now. I noted to J on Friday night that I've been feeling stressed out, but not over any one particular thing, so I probably just need some extra down time. Maybe tonight's the night.
On Monday night, I passed out at 10:15pm during an episode of Fringe, and if I'm falling asleep that early, it can only mean one thing: THE PLAGUE!

Yep, I started feeling awful enough to leave The Job an hour early on Monday. I dragged myself through a meeting with a wardrobe stylist, and then I went home, ate soup, drank tea, and slept for 11 hours.

Yesterday, I called in sick to work and wushu, and laid around in bed for the better part of the day catching up on Castle episodes. I seem to be kicking the illness out in record time, though, because by mid-afternoon, I started feeling that antsy, Sickness-Induced Cabin Fever that normally doesn't grab me until Day 2 or 3 of a nasty plague.

So, I did end up going to my 3:30 appointment, and coming home for a lazy dinner and some reading time, before venturing out again to Geek Trivia. I'm still wildly chuffed at the fact that my ardent Fringe fandom resulted in a correct trivia answer, even if we didn't end up winning a prize overall.

I also seem to have raved about Fringe often enough to get Joe interested in it, so I may be doing a re-watch of Seasons 1 and 2 in the none-too-distant future. Mohoho. Between that and Veronica Mars, I am preaching the gospel of Excellent-but-Underrated TeeVee. Salute!

We wound up renting Kick-Ass afterwards, which wasn't exactly what I'd prepared myself for, going in--I expected all cute and silly fluff, but some parts of the story took a darker turn than I'd have thought it would--but it was still fun and worth the watch.

Still tired today, but I did throw down a decent run, and I think I'm going to do some yoga and take it easy tonight. I want to be as close to 100% as possible, for the next few days of training-related beatings. :)
Well, last week may have been the single most exhausting week I've had in ages, but I survived. And I had a good time, on top of that.

Alyson bribed me with pie to come document the results of her recent bra drive, so I dragged myself out of bed on Saturday morning to meet up with her. She was able to collect 37 pounds of donated bras for the Portland Rescue Mission! I love that I know people who are doing good things in the community.

Then, I suited up in purple tights and booty shorts, and wound up spending over seven Hours at the Coliseum. I'd already helped with floor setup on Friday, and then spent the majority of the bout on Saturday strategically positioning myself amongst the crowd, while wearing an Ask Me About Roller Derby t-shirt, and being assailed with questions. I actually had a good time answering questions and chatting with the fans, but climbing up and down all of those stairs? Ooof. And, of course, I had to stay after for another hour with the rest of Fresh Meat, and help take down and load the skating floor back into the truck.

Not surprisingly, I was something of a zombie when I got back to my place, but a goodbye party for [livejournal.com profile] matrixleap was in full swing, and everyone was feeling toasty and having a lovely time. It was nice to wind down with friends, rather than going to some crazy after-party, and I'm glad I was able to help make his send-off better, in some small way. :)

Sunday was a much more relaxing day of sleeping until 11am, doing a yoga class, seeing True Grit with Kenna--and I highly recommend the movie, by the way--and then wandering home for Demon game. We were down a player, so the other three of us spent a lot of the session flailing about and wondering what on earth our characters could do that'd be remotely useful, heh. Somehow, we managed to muddle through and actually accomplish things in-game, and I think I'm finally starting to settle into my character a bit more, so that was a pretty excellent feeling.

Yesterday, good ol' Martin Luther King Jr. got me the day off from work, so I met up with Alyson again for brunch, and we talked about shooting her spring collection, which is going to be the radness, as usual. This time? We're going to have cute animals involved, and thankfully, I do not have to wrangle them. After brunch, it was Laptop Party time, so I got to chat with her and Carolyn at their studio, while I got a metric ton of work done in the photoshoot project management system we've been using. So tedious, but so good to have it mostly-done.

I got to have a long-overdue tea and catch-up with [livejournal.com profile] katlyn, after getting the work done, and then folks wandered over to watch Farscape. I'm also getting way too much enjoyment out of preparing veggie snack plates when people come over. Hostess Powers, Activate!

All in all, a good weekend, and this week will be much, much more chilled out than the last.
This weekend was exhausting, on multiple levels, but I had a metric ton of fun.

Saturday began with me falling over half-dead at derby practice. The new track had just been laid the night before, and although it probably looks about the same to the average spectator, skating on it is worlds different. I'd also done way, way too much training on Friday--running + Jillian DVD + wushu = falling down dead--so it was not the best practice I've ever had. I was so sore that I was one of the very first people to drop out on the 50-Lap Killer, so I basically felt like a giant weakling after that, but I slogged through the rest of practice without any major disasters.

Fortunately, things were far less demanding, after that. [livejournal.com profile] phasmaphobic had planned a LAN/XBox party, so I dropped in there and finally got to try on Castle Crashers, which I think I need to buy for myself at some point in the forseeable future. [livejournal.com profile] dark_knight_l also watched patiently as [livejournal.com profile] veiravx tried to teach me how to suck less at RE5. I'll be at least somewhat impressed with myself if I manage to retain that knowledge, but at this point, I'd be happy if I could simply be less of a clumsy idiot with the analog stick.

Then, it was dinner at Sapphire Hotel, which is a place that I really should visit more often. I finally got to sample their burger, which I'd heard more than a few rave reviews about, and oh, so tasty. Then, a lovely stroll up the road in the not-as-frigid weather to the Bagdad to see Four Lions, which I'd have to recommend. The subject matter is definitely on the darker end of the scale, but they play it as a comedy in the style of, "buffoons screwing up spectacularly," for the first 2/3rds or so of the film. I won't spoil it, but there's a point in the movie where a particular event occurs, and you're not sure whether to keep laughing, be shocked or saddened, or something else entirely, and you end up with a strangely awesome feeling of discomfort.

Sunday opened with a relaxed-and-groovy brunch at Grand Central, and then I dashed off to [livejournal.com profile] circeramone's crafty gathering, and oh, that was awesome. Seeing everyone was fantastic already, but then she also upped the ante with an impressive spread of scones, clotted cream, and cute little tea sandwiches! And, I made pretty decent progress on the scarf I started three months ago, heh. Maybe after enough craft parties, I'll actually finish the thing.

I wanted to stay longer, but I had to hit up derby practice, so I went and dragged myself through an hour of that. Fortunately, I wasn't feeling so worn out, and I'd gotten more accustomed to the new track, so practice went better, and I got a couple of helpful tips from Captain O afterwards.

Then, there was another dinner out, followed by an outing to a trampoline place, which was a lot of fun, but also ridiculously exhausting! Bouncing around was definitely a good time, but I'm now unreasonably sore again, so I think I'm going to skip the gym today, and just be as vegetable-like as possible.

So, yes. All said, a fantastic weekend, but damn, I miss my house.

Promoting this Coliseum bout is also threatening to consume my entire life this week, so I'm currently seeking any and all possibly ways to free up my evenings. It's pretty brutal that they've slapped us with the Season Opener right out of the gate, because it's *so* much more volunteer work than any of the regular bouts, but at least I can accrue some additional hours and take it easy after all this is over.

Fortunately, things look far, FAR less crazy after the bout this Saturday, so I'm going to hunker down in my personal bunker for at least a few days, and just chill.

On a related note, mere moments after I vomited up a paragraph or two complaining about it, one of my similarly overcommitted derby friends called me to ask about the volunteer events, and we wound up wailing at each other for several minutes about how confusing and exhausting it all is. I felt pretty alone in my Captain Insane-o commitment load, so after talking to another derby girl who's in exactly the same boat, I felt a *lot* better. I guess the universe *is* listening, at least a little. :)

It's the small things, y'all. The small things.
Well, I was pretty pissed off at the universe earlier, but I'm getting over it. Slowly.

I *finally* saw Scott Pilgrim last night, and it was fun. But, as one who hasn't read the source material, I left the theater thinking that it might've benefitted from a meatier script, or a shorter run time. Also, maybe it's just the Asian Sympathizer in me, but I was kind of rooting for Knives Chau, in spite of her exhaustingly-high squee-levels. ;)

It'd also be pretty excellent if I could date a nice boy who would make my Evil Exes burst into a shower of coins. But, I only have one of those, so I guess that'd be a pretty short movie.

I finally, *finally* started on my Halloween costume yesterday. Because I was sick and completely devoid of energy during all of my free hours earlier in the week, it's going to be the bare-bones version, assuming I even get it done. But, I have the necessary supplies, and I went to town on some foamcore with two cans of gold spraypaint yesterday. Hopefully, I'll get it done in time for the party on Saturday; if not, then I guess Chun Li or Xianghua will be making another appearance.

As far as tonight, I can't decide: wushu, derby, or neither? My heart is leaning slightly towards Derby, because I'm tired and will probably suck at chainwhip today, and also SKATINGSKATINGSKATING. My sense of responsibility is leaning towards Wushu, because I probably *should* be ready for the belt test, and they might announce it tonight. But my headache is currently voting Neither. WE SHALL SEE. :O

It's nice to have some of my energy back. I got a lot done yesterday! And I had the house cleaned, too. I'm also acquiring one [livejournal.com profile] dakania at the airport later tonight, so the roommate fiesta will finally be on. I guess I can't complain *too* much. :)

However, this parade of snot can feel free to exit my sinuses at any time. Juuuuust sayin'.

There was no wushu on Friday due to the holiday, so a gaggle of us got together for a bite to eat, and then meandered over to watch The Last Airbender. I'd already bought my ticket in advance before reading a lot of the bad press, so I figured since I'd already given them my money, I might as well see it, and you know what? I WANT MY 90 MINUTES BACK. I'm a pretty forgiving movie-watcher, and I'd set my expectations low going into it, but this managed to hit even lower than my already-abysmally-low expectations. My face was stuck in Cringe for the entire film. It wasn't even hilariously terrible, it was just flat-out terrible, and even if they hadn't taken a fat, steaming shit on my fandom, I STILL would've been bored out of my skull. This movie is a crime against humanity on about ten different levels, and just... AAAGGGGHH. M. Night Shyamalasdflkahsdflkh? I have a 6-foot spear with your name on it.

...ahem. Sorry. Moving on.

Anyhoo, house/pet-sitting went well, and the animals were sweethearts. Unfortunately, the alarm I set didn't go off on Saturday, and then I got caught in stupid traffic, so the morning was a little more stressful than I'd planned. But, I finally got over to [livejournal.com profile] marykae's to enjoy lots of Veronica Mars, and we finished Season 1! (Side note: I am ridiculously jazzed about re-watching Season 2, because it is AMAZING. And I basically never want to re-watch things without a years-long buffer between viewings. Seriously, SEE THIS SHOW, for monkey's sake.)

Afterwards, I went back up to Vancouver for house/pet-sitting and wound up kicking it at Barnes & Noble for an hour or so with [livejournal.com profile] matrixleap and [livejournal.com profile] herince_emyn, who were kind enough to throw their plans into chaos again so I could go with them to see a late showing of Get Him To The Greek at the $3 theater. That was a fun little slice of cinema, and it was rather nice to be reminded of what it feels like to walk out of the theater feeling satisfaction. ;p

The 4th was awesome. Worked out in the morning after having taken 3 days off due to the headcold I had last week, and then I wandered over to a BBQ spearheaded by [livejournal.com profile] dark_knightly, for a truly excellent afternoon. Tons of good food, tasty beer, ridiculous amounts of trampolining, taking pictures here and there, hanging out with some of my favorite people, biking to the fireworks and back, lighting off our own fireworks in the street after. Good, good times.

Yesterday, I woke up sore and tired from all the random physical activity of the previous day, got some work done while enjoying the sun on my upstairs deck, and then [livejournal.com profile] katlyn came over, and we both sat down with [livejournal.com profile] daemonwise to have some greasy Chinese food, while watching episodes of Avatar to try and blot out the memory of the movie. Later in the evening, I went up to NoPo for a couple hours to laptop party, finish off some photo processing, and talk shit about the Kardashians with Alyson and Alicia.

I'm still tired today, and finding new mosquito bites on my person every time I reach to scratch somewhere, but at least I'm sleeping decently. I guess that's the one Up Side to having a metric ton of snot lodged in your sinuses?

And, I'm spent.
There's been talk of having a few gatherings of various kinds at my place in the near future, and one of the suggestions was a movie night. But, a simple movie night isn't enough, so, after having this conversation with multiple people, multiple times, I propose to you:

"Why Haven't You Seen This Movie" Night!
WHAT: Kick back with some snacks, and watch those Important Films that everyone "should" see, but you haven't yet, for whatever reason.
WHERE: My Big Yellow House
WHEN: Fill this out and tell me when is good!
WHO: You, of course.

I'm pretty sure [livejournal.com profile] daemonwise will hang me if Casablanca doesn't make the list, but other than that, suggestions for films are welcome and encouraged! E-mail threads and/or Google Waves may ensue, once I get enough WhenIsGood responses.

This will kick off as a one-day marathon-type viewing, but could spin off into a semi-regular evening, where we just set aside a couple hours to watch one film from the list.
Mondays are swiftly becoming my favorite weekday, largely because I consistently have a complete lack of evening obligations on this day. Maybe this is a sign that I should stop planning such exhausting weekends? Bah. ;)

Mood swings have been off the damned charts recently, but something always comes along and kicks me back into the Land of Good, just when my brain starts veering too far into whiny and emo.

Iron Man 2 was an amusing bit of cinematic frolic. Predictably, it didn't measure up to the first, because A) the first movie raised the bar so high, and B) Hollywood loves to "improve" its films in exactly the wrong ways. But, it was pretty and fun, and at least worth seeing once.

There was also Veronica Mars, a belated birthday gathering, karaoke, an exciting meeting with a new design client, metric tons of sushi, and my first taste of Avatar: The Last Airbender. All very good things, but it's all so jumbled together in my head that I'm too tired today to sort it all out into discrete thoughts.

Time and perception are curious things. Friday night seems like it was weeks ago. W00tstock already seems like it happened a lifetime ago. And yet, when I reflect on events of significance that still seem fairly recent, I realize that they came to pass... one, five, even ten YEARS ago?

When I track the progression of my moods and feelings, and wonder why I haven't recovered from Thing A or gotten over Thing B, I have to remind myself: it hasn't actually been all that long. Or, even if it has been quite a while, it may not have been that long since I truly began to process it. The fact that I haven't completely healed from various hurts, both new and old, is not wrong. It's maddening and frustrating, but it's also justified.

I want to be well-oriented and clear-headed, I want forward movement. Bravery is something I aspire to. Calculated risk is something I hope to stare in the face without blinking. But there is also a time to hide in your shell, to stand still, to retreat and recover before charging back into the fray. I, unfortunately, have a need and a craving for both.

So, instead of kicking down the door to the dungeon, I nudge it open with a very long stick. And then, with equal parts excitement and trepidation, I peer through the opening to see what might come through.

Hopefully, I'll find something of value behind the next door, and not just another surprise kick to the face.

Iron Man 2

May. 13th, 2010 01:14 pm
So I haven't yet seen Iron Man 2, and I have no post-wushu plans for Friday night.

Anyone game?
I watched Lost at the Bagdad last night, because they've been running the new episodes there, and I'd just heard about that fact. I'm getting closer to catching up--I'm at the very end of Season 4 now--and I'm starting to get some of the in-jokes.

It's also interesting how watching something in a room full of people will affect how you react to it. If I'm watching TV in my room by myself, something has to be *really* funny before I'll laugh out loud at it. But, last night's Lost episode had me giggling a few separate times, and I think part of it was because I sensed the imminent laughter of the people around me. I'm sure there are at least a few late-night movie premieres that I probably enjoyed more than I should have, due to this same phenomenon.

Also, JESUS. How do you broadcast-TV-watchers get through commercial breaks? Hulu and Netflix have spoiled me so badly. It wasn't so bad in this instance, because I could chat with folks during the commercials, but on a regular basis? Hells no.

Oh, and wushu started up again yesterday!... and I was 10 minutes late getting there, because I was late getting off work. Siiigh. We've been working on 9-section chain whip in regular class, and it's fun, but not at all easy. I actually worked on it during the Imnaha trip, in spite of it being too windy outside to do it very well, and it actually helped quite a bit. BUT, then Master Chen taught a new move last night, and with the help of said new move, I beaned myself in the head three separate times.

I sincerely hope I don't sprout a bruise on my temple, because I might actually like to look nice for this weekend's activities. And yet, even with the pain, I still went home happy. This whole wushu "thing" is such an odd affliction. ;)

I came home and read for a while after that, which was nice. I've been working my way through On The Road, because the book club Morgan started with us meets next week. So far, I'm not sure what I think. There are times where it reminds me of trips I've gone on, because it's just thing after thing after crazy thing, and it feels as though the events are just whirling around and whizzing right past before you can even be fully aware of them. And that's *exactly* like some of the random trips I've been on. As to whether I like it... meh. I'm reserving judgment until I actually finish it.

Finally, I think I know what I am doing for the next few Wednesday nights: Revenge of the Old-School Kung Fu Masters at Hollywood Theater!
Christmas was short, sweet, and full of good eats. My grandpa just recently got through some pretty crazy eye problems that required surgery and a host of other wildly uncomfortable treatments and accommodations, so it was something of a comfort to see him up and about, and working on his traditional ham. :) Now it's just another SLO day at the folks', hurhurhur. (if you don't get the lame pun, don't sweat it)

Saw Sherlock Holmes today, and for all the action-hero-ification of the title character, I thought the movie actually dragged a bit, in places. It was amusing overall, though, and Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law had some cute scenes, heh. I tend to like RDJr in most everything nowadays, though, so that was a pretty easy sell. ;)

Also saw Avatar on the day before Christmas, and OMG PRETTY. It still boggles me every once in a while that computer animation has gotten so freakin' good. The 3-D was also worth the extra few bucks: it was cool in some parts, and damned-near-amazing in others. Also drove myself nuts trying to figure out why the main guy seemed so familiar, and it was because he'd also been in Terminator: Salvation. Go go gadget iMDb!

Knocked out a 3-mile run without much trouble yesterday, but man, my lower back is not happy with me today. I can't wait until the weather starts to warm again, so I can keep more regular on the running... it's hard to talk myself into the monotony of the treadmill. At least here at the folks' place, I can choose what's playing on the TV... at The Job's gym, I often have Faux News on their TVs giving me an aneurysm as I run. ::eyeroll::
Except for the excellent fun of my gaming session yesterday, I had a really lousy day. For a few of the usual reasons, I woke up in a bad mood and not really wanting to talk to anybody. Fortunately, the house was pretty empty for most of the morning, so that wasn't a difficult thing to accomplish.

Went to a party at Serafin's new place after getting back from gaming, and I was tired and mostly hanging around total strangers, and thusly felt very awkward. Then I ate a ton of food that I wasn't hungry for, and didn't even really want, because I was feeling awkward on top of being all depressed. And then I got more depressed after getting home, because I ate so much crap, after promising myself after PAX that I'd keep healthy.

So I basically found myself laying in bed at 2am feeling like a complete loser and wanting to cry about it. Boy was in the basement yukking it up with Andy, and I didn't want to bother anyone else with my piddly issues at such a late hour. I was tired enough to fall asleep pretty quickly, anyway, so I suppose it didn't matter. But I really need to re-evaluate some things, if they're affecting me enough to make me turn back towards compulsive food behaviors.

ANYHOO, here are some things that have made me happier recently, because I need some friggin' positivity today:
  • Finding out that New Seasons carries grass-fed beef... and it's locally-raised!
  • Seeing [livejournal.com profile] katlyn and [profile] twilite_embrace  at the movies on Friday, even if there wasn't much room for chit-chat. The hugs were still welcome :)
  • Watching 9, which was simply decent plot/character-wise, but the look and the universe they created were *really* enjoyable for me. And 7 was also a total badass.
  • Having a Halloween costume idea that isn't from a video game. Not that there's anything wrong with video game costumes, but after having done that 3 out of the last 4 years, it's time I mix it up a bit. :)
  • Going on a ~2-hour bike ride with Morgan and Pete around the 'Tron area on Saturday, and not entirely sucking at it!
  • Getting good prices on local organics, and also some funky pastries to share with gaming group at the farmer's market. (hawaiian sweet roll with guava-cream-cheese filling! Craziness)
  • Making yams for gaming group yesterday. Oven-roasted with garlic and fresh thyme... they turned out nom-licious!
  • Gaming session. Lots of zombie-smashing, survival horror, and relaxed-and-groovy fun.
Yikes. Upon looking at that list, it's a little scary that food can make me so deliriously happy at some times, and so woefully depressed at others. My relationship with food is quite possibly even more screwed up than my interpersonal relationships.
I feel like my weekend disappeared into thin air! But I guess I actually did a lot of stuff.

I had to get up early to start some CDs burning, proofs uploading, and various and sundry other smallish tasks. I got a lot done, so it wasn't a bad thing, I'm just really growing to hate being in a hurry. ;p

Shoot on Saturday was pretty good. The designer picked the location, and I liked the look of the spot, but thanks to the surrounding buildings and the passing clouds, I wound up having to rush more than I'd have liked. The light was almost too bright when we started, but towards the end I kept having to shoot fast and move around to beat the shadows creeping up towards the bottom of the frame. Normally, I could work around that really easily, but they needed at least a few shots of each outfit framed a certain way for their website, so I was fairly restricted on how I could compose my shots. :/

On the plus side, everyone on the shoot was completely relaxed and cool, and the designer brought us all Saint Cupcakes! (nomnomnom) And, I also got to pick out two completely awesome dresses from her stock. :D I apparently saved her ass by being able to shoot this stuff so soon, so she's also making me a reallycute skirt from her new Fall line. AND, because I'm a bit smaller and her sizes run a bit bigger than normal, I can wear a size MEDIUM in her clothes! Hahaha, vanity sizing FTW. ;)

I biffed around with Boy for most of yesterday, which was nice, because we've had almost zero time for that as of late. We went to Fry's to get some parts for photo server upgrades, and caught a matinee of District 9, which I didn't know much about going in, but I enjoyed it.

I also wanted to go to the Farmer's Market up the street, and Boy talked me into walking up there. We came back with some summer squashes, red chard, and a 1/2 flat of *really* yummy strawberries that are now happily stored in my freezer. I think I'm going to hit up the Downtown Farmer's Market on Wednesday, too, and try to score some good deals on grass-fed beef and organic meats. Now that I haven't been so strapped, I'm hoping to make my shopping habits more locally-oriented and socially-responsible.

This week is looking less full, which is a good thing, since I head off to PAX on Friday morning! Holy crap, it's almost heeeere!

Oh, and

Aug. 7th, 2009 01:28 pm
I've been too busy to mention it, but RIP John Hughes.

I'd make further comment, but this says it far better:
I got a text from Miles last night, asking if we wanted to join them for a showing of Bruno, so I trotted upstairs, and the following exchange ensued:

ME: [lightheartedly] Hey, two things: can you look up Bruno and see what it's about, and would you want to go see it with Miles at 9:50 tonight?

BOY: Bruno... hey, isn't that that movie with Sacha whatshisface from Borat?

ME: [cue instant stinkface] OH... is it really? Uhhhh, never mind.

We both basically agreed that, as much as we wanted to hang out with Miles, we *really* didn't want to see more of that type of garbage. We were fair enough to it to watch the trailer, but it looked like more of the same.

I cannot tell you how much I hated Borat. I found it to be idiotic and completely un-funny from the get-go, and then that one scene happened--I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about, and I won't describe, because I, personally, am trying to repress the memory--and we said, "you know, I think we've wasted enough of our lives on this piece of crap." And we turned it off.

I still owe that guy a VERY HARD kick in the nuts for the 45 minutes I wasted on his dipshit film.

Also, according to a text from Morgan later in the evening, Bruno apparently tries to make a sex tape with Ron Paul. Messing with random rednecks is one thing, but you just don't mess with Ron Paul!

So I guess that makes TWO kicks in the nuts. Honestly, Borat was such a piece of crap that it should be 2000 groin kicks, but I think my leg would get tired. ;p


May. 26th, 2009 10:58 am
I was going to post about the weekend, but holy jeebus, I'm too tired. It was a good weekend, though, in spite of the fact that I was snotting and/or coughing through most of it. :)

Note to self: no more late movie showings on work nights. We saw Terminator Salvation last night, which was pretty okay--not as awesome as I'd hoped, but not abysmal, either--but I definitely blame that for my exhaustion today.

I've taken a ton of pictures over the past week or so, though... samples are forthcoming. ;) Until next time.

P.S. Being sick = watching lots of TV on Hulu = Fringe is awesome!
Wil Wheaton does it again with his thoughts about the new Trek film. Yes, it was pretty darned awesome, but I had so, SO many reservations about it before I saw it! Even after the trailer came out, I started feeling a little crazy when everyone was getting excited about it, while I stubbornly stood in the corner and groused, "...I'm reserving judgment, damnit." I liked what Wil had to say about it, but then, I always like what Wil has to say about Trek, heh.

We started watching Malcolm X a couple nights ago, not realizing that we were starting it at 10pm and it was over three hours long, so we finished the latter half of it last night. I hadn't seen it since it came out in '92, so I got a lot more out of it this time around, and I found myself envying Malcolm during the sequence where he made his pilgrimage. My life seems lacking in experiences that are so immersive, arresting, and life-changing as that.

It's things like that which make me curious about religion. I've known for a long time that God is not the answer for me, especially not in the form which religion seems to place him/her in. When it comes to being Good or Evil, their versions of God are generally about absolutes, and I'm very much about individual context and intent. But, those who follow their faith with wisdom and intelligence seem to come upon these enormous moments of understanding, of feeling unity with the people of the world and the goodness in them. I can't say I've had much of that.

We're all changing from day-to-day, though, so it's not as though religious folk automatically have an understanding of the world that I will always lack, it's just that my understanding comes much more incrementally. I don't have a pilgrimage to go on, so the shape of my mind changes slowly, but I do connect the dots periodically. It just seems less significant, because it's not hitting me all at once, like a ton of bricks.

But, maybe if you take those little things over time, and wrap it all up into a bundle, it's the same or even greater. I know that I feel much different than I did a few years ago, or even a few months ago, and the sadness that gnaws at me seems to be smaller, so I must be gaining an understanding of something. I only hope I figure it out soon enough to share it... and that's assuming it's an understanding that can even be shared with words.

Speaking of change, I'm sending off another app today. Odds may not be as good with this one, but eh, nothing ventured, nothing gained. :)
batskeets: (yan!)
EDIT: I may be doing a wushu demo at this free movie event on Sunday. Come watch, if you want! My school is involved in the performance, but they haven't told me about it yet, so it may just be the masters and not demo team.

ZOMG STAR TREK MOVIE. I actually got all my stuff done early enough to catch it at the St. Johns cinema, and we were able to walk up to the window 10 minutes before and got seats with no problem. I love how relaxed-and-groovy that theater is. <3 And the movie! Not only did I not hate it, I actually liked it!

Keeping it as non-spoilery as possible: they gave themselves leeway in the plot to monkey around a bit with some of the canon elements, but managed to not piss me off with said monkeying. AND they tipped their hats to the Original series throughout, in ways that made me giggle. :D Everyone did pretty well with their characters, but I think my favorite performance was Karl Urban. He *really* captured McCoy's cantankerous brand of awesome.

In other news, cover letter done, and application sent! I got that nervous-excited chill when I clicked Send, heh. I have no idea if anything will come of this, but I hope I hear something good. Even if I can't work for very many hours, I'd at least like to do a little, and start putting that money towards my certification.

Weekend should be good. Possible karaoke tonight, and I still need to pull together my mix CD before tomorrow night... eep! And a whole lot of nothing on Sunday... I might just relax, since my next couple weekends are going to be craaaaazy.

Soreness from running + lady cramps + 6 hours of sleep = Bad. Other than that, I actually have nothing to complain about today. I'm at least as surprised as you are. ;)

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