It's been a rough couple of weeks. Last week was germs kicking my immune system in the teeth. The week before was basically everyone in the free world punching my ego in the gut. Needless to say, it's been hard to motivate myself to do much of anything. I'm still getting my stuff done, but I could certainly be doing more than I have been.

Since I clearly need to get out of this funk, I'll list some things I have to feel good about:
  • I reached my benchmark goal for business income, and that's after paying for new light mods, a boom arm, three PocketWizards, two new 1TB hard drives and repairs on my RAID. I thought I hadn't spent that much on assets, but once you throw in the computer and studio fixtures, it's been quite a bit. And I still made the goal. As long as the referrals keep flowing, things will continue to be shiny.
  • I need to put my new portfolio idea to pixels, because I've recently gotten a couple of positively *glowing* testimonials that'd be perfect for it.
  • The derby-verse has been treating me decently. I let some of my wushu friends know that we needed an act for the halftime show at Championships, and they wound up performing! So, yeah, my athletic worlds collided in just about the best way possible. Oh, and I kicked large amounts of ass at my most recent scrimmage. Soon they will learn to fear my name, bwahahaha!
  • Being sick last week got me to watch Mad Men, which I have to say, I'm enjoying. Oh, and watching Legend of Korra with [ profile] katlyn and [ profile] daemonwise is equally enjoyable. The Avatar universe is SO GREAT.
  • I've had multiple moments as of late when, after a socially-exhausting day of chatting up acquaintances and strangers, I came home to some gathering or another of some of my nearest and dearest folks at my place. But, instead of going back into Social Mode, I felt like I could relax and let my figurative hair down. It's great to have friends who are solid enough that I can do that with them.
Oh, and I got paid cash moneys to shoot these:

A Cloud in Two Verses
UpliftJon of The Slants
JOE: I thought it was funny that last night, we were amusing ourselves by watching a show about a writer and a graphic artist.
ME: [laughs] ...wait, does that mean I'm Simon Pegg? Woohoo!

We recently watched The End of Time, so to give Joe a bit of time to wind down between the end of David Tennant and the beginning of Matt Smith as The Doctor, we've been watching Spaced, and it's pretty great. And yes, it is kind of amusing that it's about a writer and a graphic artist, although I don't draw as well as Simon Pegg's character. Fortunately, I have plenty of other mad skillz to fill the gap. ;)

I've been playing the waiting game with living spaces for the past couple of days, and I'm going a little bit nuts, because of it. I haven't heard back from one place which was supposed to get back to me by the end of the day yesterday, so I'm kind of assuming that's not good news. One awesome place remains, though, so I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed on that one. :)

I'm skating at Wreckers tonight, and doing Actions for the Stats team at the Season Opener tomorrow night. It's going to be a bit odd seeing some of my fellow Meaties skating in the bout--namely, the people who were eligible for the special draft that essentially forced me to step down from Fresh Meat. I'd have been eligible for that, if I hadn't been injured. But, you know, I'm so deliriously happy to be skating again that I don't think it'll matter that much. I'm sad to not be drafted right now, but I will be. I'll be getting back onto Fresh Meat in just a few short weeks. I'm just, y'know, not the most patient person, sometimes.

Oh, and the cleanse is going pretty swimmingly. I got to start eating cheese again today, and OH GOD I MISSED THAT. I'm so very glad I don't have any sensitivity to dairy. I'm going to at least try to stay off of gluten for another couple of weeks, but testing sugars should be, um, interesting.

Business has been busy, and I'm furiously squirreling away the dolla' bills. Having [ profile] dark_knight_l as an assistant has already made me at least a little bit saner, and that's only going to improve as time goes on. Also, it's pretty excellent to have an assistant whom I can talk with about nerdy things while wearing ridiculous derby shorts.
It's been solo time here in the Skeets-verse, this weekend: I scrimmaged and did Wreckers yesterday, and did a bit of yoga this morning, but other than that, I've been cooking, reading books, and watching Netflix. There was a definite need to recharge and reset my brain meats, so I can start really pulling my life together, and the calmer I get, the more things are starting to fall together in a way that makes sense.

I really and truly need to start eating better, because I'm getting headaches and feeling crappy for no good reason, and I don't like it. The on-the-go lifestyle isn't likely to let up anytime soon, however, so I grilled enough marinated chicken and veggies to last me a few days, and also made some wasabi almonds for snackin'. I'm also going to make a supposedly-Filipino-style pork stew in the crockpot in the next day or so, which is probably the first bit of serious cooking I've done in a while. Man, I miss my kitchen.

I've started reading Clash of Kings, to get my Song of Ice and Fire fix now that the first season of Game of Thrones is over. I find myself reading Tyrion's lines of dialogue and hearing them in my head with Peter Dinklage's characterization and inflection, which I think is sort of a testament to how fantastic the casting of the show has been, thus far.

Oh, and I finally, FINALLY watched The End of Time last night, so I can finally start in on the Matt Smith episodes of Doctor Who. David Tennant almost made me cry at the end, though. Bawww.

Also, Thursday was my first genuine attempt at photo styling for products, for a local aromatherapy skincare business. I'd had help with it on a few of the other shoots I did for the shopping guide I've been working with, but this one had me flying solo. I didn't have a lot to work with, but I think I did pretty well with a blanket we had at the studio, and some loose aromatherapeutic ingredients the owner had brought.

(P.S. I'm experimenting with a new logo/watermark. Tell me if it sucks.)


Essance (2)
Open Scrimmage was pretty excellent. Joe came to watch me, and it was also my first open scrimmage since returning from my injury, so it was a little nerve-wracking, but it went fine. I didn't think I did particularly well--my head wasn't in the game and my legs were oddly tired--but people said I looked good out there, so I'm just going to assume they're right and stop being hard on myself.

I also took a pretty spectacular spill during the co-ed hour: the thing about skating with dudes is that, well, they're kind of tall, so one of them threw a shoulder check right at my head-level. I was already tired at that point, so I fell and rolled, and I'm sure it was an exciting sight for anyone watching.

It wasn't particularly painful, though, so I got up and started to skate again, only to realize that my face was bleeding! Heh. It was just a scrape on my upper-lip, but I had to stop after the jam ended to clean it up. Then, I grabbed a mini-band-aid from the first-aid kit, and rocked a band-aid mustache for the rest of the co-ed hour. ;)

I wound up taking on a merch shift at the 11th hour for the bout on Saturday night, but the merch table was apparently unusually slow, so I got to stand there and watch for most of it, and the Heathers rocked it. <3 After that, I got to see [ profile] twilite_embrace's new digs, and have good chow and drinks with her, Neal, and [ profile] katlyn. It was really nice to just sit back and unwind after a long day.

After doing some boring chore-type things around the house on Sunday morning, a gaggle of us got together to watch Season 4 Buffy and Season 1 Angel, and it was fantastic. Joss' dialogue is so giggle-inducing and clever on those shows, hee. Also: Oz! And Doyle! Bawwww.

Endurance practice afterwards was the most wonderful of beatings, and then I headed to dinner at Joe's sister's place. We'd already made plans in advance to do dinner with her and her husband, and I'd met her before, and she was nice and she apparently liked me quite a bit, so that was no big deal. However, a day-of change in plans came from Sister, in the form of, "hey, let's have a BBQ at my place! And I'll also invite Dad!"

Needless to say, J and I both felt kind of ambushed by that, and it caused more than a little stress, but I'm pretty good at being all polite and non-offensive around parents, so I was less worried about it than he was. I was late getting there due to practice, but there were two other couples there, too, so things stayed fairly relaxed-and-groovy. I don't know that I made much of an impression, seeing as Father didn't get much chance to talk directly to me, but Joe and Sister thought it all went fine, so good on me, I guess!

Anyhoo, it's Monday, and I'm back to working away on things. I'm hoping to get a big chunk of stuff done before Hood Canal. Holy crap, Hood Canal is next weekend. Hot damn!

Also, this weather? SO AWESOME. Tank tops, come to me now.
I think I'm actually relieved to be sitting at a computer today, because that was the most exhausting weekend in recent memory.

I wound up playing board games on Friday night, instead of shooting the bout, given the massive pile of editing I have to do this week, I think that was a wise decision. We played an amusing Balderdash-like game called Wise and Otherwise, and then I went home and passed out early.

Passing out early was wise, because I was up at 7am on Saturday morning (yeesh) to meet up for homemade crepe brunch, and then Joe, a couple of his visiting friends, and I rolled out towards Cannon Beach at 10am. The wedding was actually on the beach, which was very pretty and also rain-free, but we couldn't hear much of anything that was said during the ceremony. The reception involved metric tons of carbs, but some of those carbs came in the form of cupcakes topped with bacon, and frosting in the shape of a fried egg, so that was pretty excellent. Afterwards, the lot of us non-family attendees hit up a nearby pub to unwind, before heading back to Portland.

I passed out around 12:30, and was awake AGAIN during the 7am hour to load up and prepare to run my booth for GeekPortraitsPDX at Wonder Northwest. This was an idea that I hastily scribbled down a month or two ago, and then promptly forgot about until I heard about the WonderNW convention. The idea of promoting there seemed perfect, so booth plans, web site, cards, etc. all materialized in, oh, the last week-and-a-half? How I got it done with so much else on my plate, I'll never know.

I got a fair amount of interest in the booth, and threw around a not-small number of my hastily-assembled-at-the-last-minute business cards, but I think I was too tired and short on extroversion to market it as aggressively as I could have. I did connect with a couple of useful folks from Dark Horse and PDX Browncoats about doing some kind of booth setup for a big fancy benefit in August, though, so that could prove to be useful.

I'm not sure how the geek portraits thing will pan out, or even if it will at all, but I've become strangely well-networked in a very short time for marketing to that niche, and I've gotten a positive response from everyone who's talked with me about it thus far. I definitely have surer bets for making the buck$, but when time allows, I can nudge that concept along and see if it amounts to anything.

After the convention, it was an hour of ass-kicking endurance practice, and it felt GREAT. I think derby practice may have been the only point in the entire weekend when I felt completely awake and present. I felt as though I could really push myself for the first time in weeks, and I even occasionally passed people during the pushing and sprint drills, heh. This is an auspicious sign, for sure.

After practice, I cleaned myself and went to the geek burlesque show, which I'd foolishly agreed to photograph weeks ago. (i.e. before any of this wedding or photobooth stuff materialized, and before I had any clue as to whether or not I'd have skate-able legs again) The show itself was a lot of fun, although after everything else, I think I'd have been happier to just sit back and watch, rather than shoot. Isn't planning things in advance supposed to make life more manageable? Heh.

And then? A new Game of Thrones episode, which included a much-anticipated-by-fangirls scene involving Loras and Renly, that may have been the most wonderfully gay thing I have EVER seen on television. And this is coming from a person who's watched Queer As Folk in its entirety, people. XD Still, all gayness aside, I'm really loving the fact that we have a group viewing every week, and the show itself is so, so well-played. I can't think of a better way to wind down after a weekend.

So, yes. I AM EXHAUSTED. And I have a lot of editing to do.

I'm also intensely grateful for those who made the weekend (particularly Sunday) bearable: [ profile] theamazingjosh as my ever-patient shepherd into the world of Nikon, the Continuum interns who brought me lunch and helped with booth teardown on short notice, all my derby girls for their bonding and supportive hollering during practice, and Joe for going out of his way to support me and make me smile, even while he was bound up with wrangling/providing for his out-of-town friends. I'm beyond fortunate.
On Monday night, I passed out at 10:15pm during an episode of Fringe, and if I'm falling asleep that early, it can only mean one thing: THE PLAGUE!

Yep, I started feeling awful enough to leave The Job an hour early on Monday. I dragged myself through a meeting with a wardrobe stylist, and then I went home, ate soup, drank tea, and slept for 11 hours.

Yesterday, I called in sick to work and wushu, and laid around in bed for the better part of the day catching up on Castle episodes. I seem to be kicking the illness out in record time, though, because by mid-afternoon, I started feeling that antsy, Sickness-Induced Cabin Fever that normally doesn't grab me until Day 2 or 3 of a nasty plague.

So, I did end up going to my 3:30 appointment, and coming home for a lazy dinner and some reading time, before venturing out again to Geek Trivia. I'm still wildly chuffed at the fact that my ardent Fringe fandom resulted in a correct trivia answer, even if we didn't end up winning a prize overall.

I also seem to have raved about Fringe often enough to get Joe interested in it, so I may be doing a re-watch of Seasons 1 and 2 in the none-too-distant future. Mohoho. Between that and Veronica Mars, I am preaching the gospel of Excellent-but-Underrated TeeVee. Salute!

We wound up renting Kick-Ass afterwards, which wasn't exactly what I'd prepared myself for, going in--I expected all cute and silly fluff, but some parts of the story took a darker turn than I'd have thought it would--but it was still fun and worth the watch.

Still tired today, but I did throw down a decent run, and I think I'm going to do some yoga and take it easy tonight. I want to be as close to 100% as possible, for the next few days of training-related beatings. :)
I know several of you have mentioned Miike Snow in the past, and I feel rather foolish for not following up on that, because, damn, I'm loving these tunes and getting them for myself as soon as is humanly possible.

The contents of my existence over the past week can largely be summed up with the following:
A) Work Work Work
C) ...wait, WTF?

Things are going well, but I've definitely been thrown the occasional interesting curveball. I think I have too much on my plate to devote more than 2 minutes of thought to things outside of Points A and B, but a few things in list-y format:
  • Thanks to a lot of thought, a few good practices, and a well-timed message from [ profile] marykae, I've committed to trying out for Fresh Meat in a week or so. Odds are, I won't make it, because I'm new, and my endurance sucks, and there are 30-some-odd girls doing the special bootcamp that I wasn't able to do. But hey, no expectations is not a bad place to be.
  • My busted furnace is finally scheduled to be replaced! Yelp proved successful once again in helping me find some good heating companies to give us estimates, so not only are we getting a really nice, 98% efficient gas furnace, but we're also getting in on a ton of federal and state tax credits, so it'll be wicked-cheap. (comparatively speaking) Other than the fact that we've been freezing our collective butts off for the past three weeks at the house, this really couldn't have turned out any better.
  • I started watching Hellsing last night, in the hopes of powering through it so I can return the DVDs to their rightful owner in a reasonable amount of time. I'm only two episodes in, but so far, it's amusing.
  • I found a few spare minutes on Tuesday to throw together an infusion, and it seems to be progressing okay, so far. Hopefully the end result won't be awful!

Tonight, I wushu and consume a Killer Burger. Tomorrow, I get a massage, go to derby, and hit up a cocktail party. And Sunday? Nothing but gaming in the evening. And I'm sure any blocks of free time I manage to find over the weekend will involve working or studio things. Waaauuuuugghh.

No complaints, though. No complaints.
Well, Saturday decided to follow suit with the rest of last week, and proved to be, uh, eventful. Fortunately, it wasn't as incredibly exhausting and/or demoralizing as Monday thru Thursday were, heh.
  • Rolled out of bed at 9:15 to get ready for a coffee date. Damned near fell asleep again, after being out late on Friday night, but I got up and out the door, on track for being about 10 minutes late to said coffee date. While on the highway, my car started sounding odd, so I got off at my exit and pulled over, to discover that my tire had completely blown out! I called and left a voicemail for the dude, saying, "you're not going to believe this, but my tire just blew the hell out on the highway," and apologizing and such.
  • Dude called me right back, and started off saying, "I am *really* sorry I'm such a flake and am not there yet!" Apparently, he'd gotten up early to get ready, and wound up falling back asleep later, heh. After I told him about the tire, he offered help, so he came out and changed my tire. AND he also handily jumped my car, because I was an idiot and left the headlights on while we were dealing with the tire. After all that, we had 15 whole minutes for me to buy us both coffee, before I had to take off for my wushu demo. Said coffee was a macchiato at this little shop he'd suggested in NE, and it may have been the best coffee I've ever had. Holy damn.
  • The wushu demo itself was fine. We didn't find out that we'd even be doing a demo until 2 weeks prior, so with the Thanksgiving holiday, we'd had almost no practice time, but we pulled it off. It was also nice that we actually got to perform on the wushu carpet this time, because slippery gym floors? Not so good for traction.
  • After demo, there was just enough time to make a deposit at the bank, and dash off to derby practice. It was a shorter practice than usual, but I did my skills checklist, and I'd already passed the rules test a couple weeks ago, through some miracle of divine providence. SO, that means I'm officially cleared as Scrimmage-Ready. Doing the skills checklist really helped drive home the point of how much I've improved since I started, so even though it's an early, *early* step on the road to derby awesome, it still felt like a victory. :)
  • After practice, it was run home, shower, grab food, and go to the derby bout! It was a double-header, and My Hero Napoleon was in the second of the two bouts, so I got to sit with [ profile] marykae and a few other girls from Wreckers, and scream my head off, and it was awesome. Once that was over, I came home, loafed around the house, and passed out.

Sunday was much, much more chill. I met up with Kenna to talk webstuff, and then worked on web things that I was actually (gasp!) excited about working on. It's so good to be doing design again, even on a small scale.

AND, [ profile] katlyn , [ profile] daemonwise , and I sat down and finally finished watching the 3rd and final season of Avatar. I LOVE THIS DAMNED SHOW. A couple of minor issues with the ending, yes, but still, so completely worth it. I think I'm preaching its gospel almost as hard as Veronica Mars (or possibly more?), at this point. And I may have to find some excuse in the future to dress up as Avatar Kyoshi, heh. (P.S. [ profile] phasmaphobic : I still don't see the resemblance, but eh, I never do. ;) But costuming as an Earth bender? Uh, YES PLEASE.)

Anyhoo, now it's Monday, and so far, it's proving to be a far better one than the last. Decisions reaffirmed, design work being well-received, and the day is flying by. Hell yes. And there's Farscape viewing tonight!
The past couple of nights have been, thankfully, pretty low-key. I've definitely found a greater appreciation for the moments of seemingly-mundane normalcy in my life, as of late.

Monday night had me at [ profile] marykae's for a relaxed-and-groovy evening of Veronica Mars, in which we finally finished the series, including the 10-minute teaser pilot for the Season-4-that-never-happened, which has Veronica working at the FBI. (and can I just say? The idea of Veronica Mars without her dad in the mix completely doesn't work in my brain.)

Our next target is Farscape, which I'm pretty darned excited about. I watched a fair bit of the first season, but that was ages ago, and I lost track of it when I went away to college, because Crap Dormitory Cable = No Sci-Fi Channel. I've been looking for an excuse to watch this. (shit, thanks to [ profile] veiravx and [ profile] dark_knight_l, I've already started making "wormhole technology" jokes, and I haven't even *seen* those episodes yet. I'M SO READY.)

Last night, I was a doofus and forgot that I didn't need to report in at wushu until 7:15, so I showed up at 6:30, and rather than sit around for 45 minutes, I wound up doing two classes. I still wasn't caught up on sleep, so I never thought I'd make it through, but I actually felt pretty good, by the end. I think it may be safe to say that I'm getting my wushu groove back... fingers crossed.

ANYHOO. Here's a taste of what I've been shooting recently:

+5 shots, and the stories behind them )

Tonight will be spent at home, most likely playing Dragon Age. And maybe having a Skype date.

Hell. Yes.

Oct. 8th, 2010 09:25 pm
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I'm fresh out of the shower after an addle-brained, but ultimately good wushu practice, I have a tasty salad in my hot little hands, and I am *finally* going to finish watching the Dexter episode I've tried to watch three separate times this week. (I fell asleep about 15-20 minutes in each time... d'oh)

AND, I have two books on loan (Pattern Recognition and Apathy) with glowing recommendations to go with, and another of my own I've already started in on (A Game of Thrones). Oh, and yet another book on loan from a derby friend (Down and Derby, naturally). The mind reels at the selection.

This may be the best Friday night in ages. <3

P.S. I am strongly considering declaring next week to be Mental Health Week, because sweet merciful crap, I'm looking forward to the alone time this weekend. We'll see if I'm sick of my own company by the time Monday morning rolls around. ;)


Aug. 24th, 2010 04:30 pm
Well, hello, Monster Headache. How lovely to see you. :p I sincerely hope that this headache and the numerous mentions of potential plague from other friends of mine today are just coincidence.

Tomorrow evening will be the first official team-up shoot for [ profile] theamazingjosh and myself. Senior portraits make me happy, as does seeing cool people who are good photographers in action, so I have a feeling this'll be a lot of fun. I may also be attempting to shoot it with Nikon gear--yes, a conversion from Canon to Nikon is under my consideration right now, which I'm sure is to [ profile] matrixleap's delight--so that could be equal parts interesting and frustrating, heh. Fortunately, I'm generally a pretty quick study. ;)

Oh! And we finally got to watch more Avatar! Vacations and work got in our way for a while, but it was awesome to finally get back to it, and we wrapped up Season 2 last night. There's so much to enjoy, from the larger parts of the story that are so engaging, to the smaller details that make me giggle like an idiot. It's rare for me to watch a program, and suddenly bust into laughter over something as small as a random sound effect, heh.

That also reminds me that it's almost September, and I still haven't decided on a Halloween costume. I really should get on that. :p

And, I'm spent. Curse you, headache, for blocking my daily internet brain dump.
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So, I kind of forgot to post anything yesterday, because I was working. And actually enjoying it. Hoshit. When was the last time that happened? I'm not sure, but I like it, and I definitely hope it becomes a trend.

Mostly-Awesome Things Of Recent, in chronological order:
  • Murder Mystery birthday party for [ profile] herince_emyn was good fun, and she and [ profile] matrixleap had an awesome dinner spread ready for all of us! Lots of good eating and good laughs.
  • Derby class is getting better. I think I hurt my hip flexor a bit sometime mid-last week, so snowplows hurt like a mother, but I'm definitely sucking less at stopping. Still not great at it, but improving.
  • Wedding on Saturday went fine. Portraits were chaotic, as they often are, but everything else was fine, and having [ profile] katlyn there helping me out improved my state of mind immensely. Also: staying in on a Saturday night?! Shut yo' mouf! (seriously, though, it was exactly what the doctor ordered)
  • Veronica Mars Breakfast Land, heh. [ profile] marykae fed us well, and Sunday's viewing had some of the best episodes of Season 2. And that's saying something, because they're all awesome. Only bummer was that I got sad for a while, after saying goodbye to Andrew before he headed back towards Wisconsin.
  • Fortunately, I was cheered up quickly when I met up with Kenna for Trek in the Park! I am so, so glad I caught this last performance, because it was thoroughly enjoyable. And I cannot even *begin* to express how excited I am that they're tackling the Mirror Universe for next summer's performances!
  • I was invited to a group dinner afterwards, by a Dude From The Internets. Dude may be lacking the necessary cojones to actually date me, b/c he didn't seem to try very hard to engage me, but he did have his hands full with hosting. He was considerate and cooked an excellent meal, at least.
  • I also received an offer from a fine, Not-From-The-Internets gentleman I met recently, who wants to take me to the zoo and dinner this weekend, and he is definitely not short on cojones. In fact, he is bringing the directness and honesty in the most excellent way possible.
  • And finally? Partnership is AWESOME. After various dramas and difficulties in the past, I had almost forgotten, but when you put the right sorts of people together, amazing things can happen. I really need to write more about this soon, but DUDE. Excitement!
And, it's Tuesday. ALL DAY. Jeebus. Back to work!
The last few days have been awful/crazy/awesome. I'm a little confused as to how all of that can happen so close together, because it's usually a long string of suckitude or a boatload of spectacularity. And yes, I'm making up words, but point being, things have been all-over-the-map in a very short period, and I'm accustomed to much more gradual shifts. But eh, such is life.

The New Pornographers show was really, really enjoyable. They did play the only song from their new album that I don't particularly care for (Silver Jenny Dollar, if you're curious), but they also played all of my favorites from the new record, plus a lot of favorites of mine dating back to friggin' Mass Romantic, so that completely made up for it. And yes, Neko Case *was* actually present for the show. I was also fortunate enough to run into [ profile] kaptian and Hilliary after the show, so I went out for drinks with them afterwards, and I may have been conscripted into joining their kickball team at some point in the none-too-distant future, heh.

Saturday was ROLLER DERBY. Oh my god, so fun. It took me probably the first 20 minutes of class to even remember how to skate without falling all over the place, but once I did, I felt like I was getting the hang of things by the end. [ profile] marykae and I both bought our own derby gear, so we each have our own fancy-pants non-rental skates now. We got to try them out during the open skate session right after the Derby class, and dear god, what a difference! And of course, I'm already thinking about what to paint on my shiny new derby helmet to make it extra-special. <3 I can't wait until the next practice!

We went to [ profile] twilite_embrace's for her housewarming after that, which was very chill, but quite enjoyable. There were some pretty amazing red velvet cupcakes on-hand, and I think at least 1/3rd of the people there had some connection to Wisconsin or Minnesota, which was kind of random. Also, having a coffee in one hand and a beer in the other at one point was fairly amusing.

Sunday was Veronica Mars and Waffles, and I think I need to put shredded coconut and chopped pecans into my waffle batter for the rest of my life. I spontaneously threw it in there on this occasion, and it was *delicious*, and went wonderfully with all the various waffle toppings I tried. But then again, I love coconut more than any human probably should. ;)

After that, I rolled on over to shoot Carolyn's Fall 2010 collection, and it went incredibly well. Our model had only done one photoshoot before this one, but she was moving like a pro by the end of it. And her adorably polite Japanese boyfriend helped me haul my lighting gear into the building, d'aawww. And, I have now heard legend of Green Tea Donuts in Japan, thanks to her, although I still don't believe that she's eaten 340 of them.

So, yeah, I'm pretty pooped out today, but feeling pretty satisfied. I'd say that I need to stop having such exhausting weekends, but you know? I'm having too much fun. And hey, I'm greedy.

There was no wushu on Friday due to the holiday, so a gaggle of us got together for a bite to eat, and then meandered over to watch The Last Airbender. I'd already bought my ticket in advance before reading a lot of the bad press, so I figured since I'd already given them my money, I might as well see it, and you know what? I WANT MY 90 MINUTES BACK. I'm a pretty forgiving movie-watcher, and I'd set my expectations low going into it, but this managed to hit even lower than my already-abysmally-low expectations. My face was stuck in Cringe for the entire film. It wasn't even hilariously terrible, it was just flat-out terrible, and even if they hadn't taken a fat, steaming shit on my fandom, I STILL would've been bored out of my skull. This movie is a crime against humanity on about ten different levels, and just... AAAGGGGHH. M. Night Shyamalasdflkahsdflkh? I have a 6-foot spear with your name on it.

...ahem. Sorry. Moving on.

Anyhoo, house/pet-sitting went well, and the animals were sweethearts. Unfortunately, the alarm I set didn't go off on Saturday, and then I got caught in stupid traffic, so the morning was a little more stressful than I'd planned. But, I finally got over to [ profile] marykae's to enjoy lots of Veronica Mars, and we finished Season 1! (Side note: I am ridiculously jazzed about re-watching Season 2, because it is AMAZING. And I basically never want to re-watch things without a years-long buffer between viewings. Seriously, SEE THIS SHOW, for monkey's sake.)

Afterwards, I went back up to Vancouver for house/pet-sitting and wound up kicking it at Barnes & Noble for an hour or so with [ profile] matrixleap and [ profile] herince_emyn, who were kind enough to throw their plans into chaos again so I could go with them to see a late showing of Get Him To The Greek at the $3 theater. That was a fun little slice of cinema, and it was rather nice to be reminded of what it feels like to walk out of the theater feeling satisfaction. ;p

The 4th was awesome. Worked out in the morning after having taken 3 days off due to the headcold I had last week, and then I wandered over to a BBQ spearheaded by [ profile] dark_knightly, for a truly excellent afternoon. Tons of good food, tasty beer, ridiculous amounts of trampolining, taking pictures here and there, hanging out with some of my favorite people, biking to the fireworks and back, lighting off our own fireworks in the street after. Good, good times.

Yesterday, I woke up sore and tired from all the random physical activity of the previous day, got some work done while enjoying the sun on my upstairs deck, and then [ profile] katlyn came over, and we both sat down with [ profile] daemonwise to have some greasy Chinese food, while watching episodes of Avatar to try and blot out the memory of the movie. Later in the evening, I went up to NoPo for a couple hours to laptop party, finish off some photo processing, and talk shit about the Kardashians with Alyson and Alicia.

I'm still tired today, and finding new mosquito bites on my person every time I reach to scratch somewhere, but at least I'm sleeping decently. I guess that's the one Up Side to having a metric ton of snot lodged in your sinuses?

And, I'm spent.

Hey dudes

Jun. 16th, 2010 12:39 pm
So, I'm feeling mostly-better today. Still feeling possible illness clinging to me, but mood is much-improved.

Friday night was bananas. Post-wushu, it was Laptop Party with Alyson and Alicia, which turned into more of a, "Let's talk about boys, and Nerd things, and dressing up cats in sailor suits," Party, but eh, it's what we needed, and I *did* get some work done, at least. After that, it was a party at [ profile] veiravx and [ profile] phasmaphobic's, which got me drunker and kept me out later than I'd planned, but eh, when the good times are rolling, it's hard to stop. ;)

Saturday? Also crazy. Woke up early despite my best intentions of sleeping in, so I worked out, and made Almond Butter Krispie Squares for the BBQ at [ profile] _dilate_'s house. (they were delicious, by the way) I buzzed on up there just in time to hang out for 15 minutes, and then dash off to my wushu demo. Which I was late for.

See, it was supposed to take 15 minutes to get from the BBQ to the demo location in Vancouver, and I gave myself half an hour. As of 20 minutes after leaving the BBQ? I was still in North Portland, stuck on the I-5 onramp. Thanks, Portland traffic! :p I arrived after demo had already started, missed the opening kicks/jumps/combo portion, ran into the bathroom, threw on my silks, and came out ~30 seconds before I had to perform. So I busted out 2 sections of Nanquan with a hangover *AND* no warmup.

Yes, that felt about as spectacular as you're probably imagining it did.

Anyhoo, the rest of the day was much better. I got back to the BBQ, enjoyed some good grill food, tasty snacks, and good conversation. AND [ profile] this_is_not_art was visiting! And she is adorable. <3 And there was laying in the grass, soaking up the sun and sky, sipping on sweet tea vodka with lemonade. (blame [ profile] circeramone for that bit of inspiration, heh) And there was a random adventure to Voodoo Two and Lake Oswego with loud and ridiculous sing-alongs, and hilarious chatter from the back seat. I finally got home a little after midnight, and slept like a log. Good, good times.

I wandered back up to NoPo on Sunday morning for breakfast at the Cup and Saucer, and then headed over to get ready for the Two Gents performance! And you know what? It was freakin' fantastic. I was fully prepared to have nobody show up, for things to go horribly wrong, for it to just not be well-received, or any other number of things. But it was quite the opposite: we had a bigger audience than I expected, they laughed and enjoyed, we hit our lines in new-and-hilarious ways, and it was a lot of fun. Very draining, but very worth it.

The rest of the afternoon involved pizza at Old Town, and then lazing around the house finishing Season 1 of Avatar, and dipping into Season 2 just the slightest bit. Still loving that show. <3 Uncle Iroh! And then I sat on my deck and sipped some tea while watching the sun go down. Ahhh.

So, yes, exhausting. But worth it. The End. <3
Things are definitely becoming Good. I suppose they weren't necessarily bad, before... sometimes complicated, yes, but not out-and-out bad. And really, having angst over dumb things is basically one of my superpowers, so things tend to be overall better than I estimate.

ANYWAY. Dancing on Friday was equal parts hilarious and fantastic, aside from a stolen property scare. Fortunately, said property was all recovered an hour or two later, so we decided that called for a celebratory bite at the Roxy.

Saturday involved eating tasty, tasty crepes with [ profile] katlyn, because Chez Machin and Groupon are both fantastic. And then we both endured a good 90 minutes or so on the highway to get up to [ profile] herince_emyn and [ profile] matrixleap's for a musical marathon. Yeah, bridge construction on I-205 plus god-knows-what on I-5 equals absurd amounts of stop-and-go traffic. :p BUT, it was fun and worth the drive. And dude, Angela Lansbury with Chibiusa hair? She kind of rocked it.

Sunday was a quick in-home portrait shoot, and a bit of running around doing errands and talking serious business, until it was time for [ profile] virgoqueen7's show at Someday Lounge. I hadn't been to a show there before, but I liked the space, so I'll have to keep an eye out for other events there in the future. And of COURSE her set was amazing! After they finished, we stayed through part of the following band, and then [ profile] marykae, Andrew and I headed up to DoomCo for the LOST finale.

Keeping it un-spoilery, I will say that the LOST finale succeeded in not making me angry, so I was ultimately satisfied. As I was telling Jason (a.k.a. possibly THE most quotable person I've ever met), after quitting the show midway through Season 2, I was so detached from the characters that I didn't exactly care what happened, even after I started watching it again. I show up, and I laugh, and I occasionally hope that the annoying characters get tossed off a cliff. But story? They stopped having anything resembling a cohesive story ages ago. The ability to sit back and enjoy the ride has served me well.

In other news, I snagged all the necessary cables to hook up my XBOX to my computer monitor and speakers, so I camped out in my room for a good couple of hours last night and started in on Dragon Age. Can I just say? Having a few hours to just sit on my ass and play games was terrific. I may have to repeat the performance tonight, now that LOST is over and I won't be rushing off to the Bagdad after wushu. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

That probably sounds silly if you don't play games, but... oh, wait, most/all of you play games, so it likely doesn't sound silly at all. This is why you are my people. <3

Anyhoo, it's Tuesday, and I'm only doing marginally well at getting more sleep, but Monday set a good pace on the rest of those goals mentioned on Friday. I feel pretty excellent.
Well, that was certainly a weekend.

--I toddled on up to the St. Johns Bizarre for a bit on Saturday, because I'd heard about a recent collaboration one of my awesome clients did, where she'd made jewelry using recycled camera parts. Naturally, I HAD to go to her booth and pick up some of those, and I'd been meaning to visit with her anyway, so it made for a nice excuse to enjoy some sun.

--I went over to [ profile] marykae's after that, to watch a few episodes of Party Down with her and Andrew. I got some pretty unpleasant news while there, so I was distracted for part of it, but the show was hilarious and featured a metric ton of Veronica Mars alums, so I still laughed and enjoyed.

--Then, it was pre-W00tstock dinner, and W00tstock itself, which I've already covered to some extent. I am still finding it impossible to choose a single point of awesome to comment upon, but I figure that's a good thing. I also ran into several people whom I hadn't seen in ages, but, given that I've historically run with nerds, and we were attending a show geared towards nerd hilarity, that shouldn't have been surprising.

--THEN, it was [ profile] saofoir's birthday party, which was much more relaxed-and-groovy than I expected, and that was perfect for the mood I was in. It's always nice to slow down and enjoy the company of others, without the wild-and-crazy-party atmosphere. :) And her new tattoo is beautiful!

--Sunday was a late breakfast and a fairly impromptu trip to the coast with [ profile] katlyn and [ profile] daemonwise. It was a gorgeous day, and I snagged some photos that I liked quite a bit, so I'll have to toss them up on Flickr soon. I got a lot of hugs, some much-needed barefoot wading time, and oh my LORD, did we have some good laughs along the way.

--Today's opener for Taurus: You've probably had enough communication snafus to last you for a while, so you are ready for Mercury's retrograde to end. Oh, horoscope. Why are you so eerily accurate these days?

In closing, I received a comment on the ol' Facebook, telling me that I looked "so pretty and happy" in a recent photo. This was rather amusing, because I was anything but happy, at the time it was taken.

Never let it be said that I don't put on a fantastic Stiff Upper Lip. I dare say I'm handling my shit like a rockstar, so far. And it feels good.
So, Monday was my only completely free night this week, and this was perfect. Why? Simple: WIL WHEATON ON MY TEEVEE. <3 I don't exactly keep up with The Big Bang Theory, and I'm not sure why that is. But, Evil Wil Wheaton will always bring me crawling back. ;)

Also: I made tasty, tasty stir-fry, and I think I've finally done this enough times that my Throw Random Crap Into A Sauce method produces consistently good results. I'm still hit-or-miss on the spicy levels (my bottle of Sriracha sauce is trying to kill me, I swear), but otherwise? Tasty. I feel more like a serious chef when I don't have to follow a recipe. This is good.

I also dragged myself out to the Florida Room for a bit to hang with [ profile] _dilate_ and Adam, and was happy for having done so. P.S. I still suck at pool, heh.

The rest of this week? Gaaahhh. Wushu tonight, in Eugene all-friggin'-day tomorrow for work and then terrorizing UO Wushu in the evening, Two Gents rehearsal on Thursday, and then I fly off Friday morning to the southern lands to visit family. Good things, yes, but all at once is a bit exhausting. Oh well, I'll make it work somehow. :)
I just fell upon yet another awesome costume idea that I want to do. This is becoming a problem, because Halloween is still a good 6 months away, and I already have no idea how I'll be able to choose my eventual getup! And I'm sure that, given that much time, I'll think of even more ideas in the months to come. Halloween needs to happen at least 5 times a year. :p

Anyhoo, yes, things are awesome. And I'll tell you why!

First off: STUDIO. It already sounded like a great space just from hearing Ben's verbal description. And he also sketched a diagram of the floor plan, which was good because I basically can't grok spatial relations without a visual. But, I got to actually see the place on Saturday morning, and just, WOW. The space was used by a now-retiring commercial photographer for ~20 years, so it's *really* well-outfitted. The shooting space is probably double the size of our old studio, there's already a cyclorama built in, not one but TWO gigantic softboxes to make use of, and a garage entry. Yes, so you can bring car-sized things in to shoot. :O And, outside of the shooting space, there's be a reception area, offices, a kitchen, stylists' room, waiting area... blagh, I can't even remember all of it, but it was great.

Anyhoo, we would be sharing with one other photographer, maybe two, but with a space this extensive, it's *really* not going to be a problem. The idea is to update some of the non-studio areas to look more modern--there's some *very* 1970s-ish linoleum and color in the place--and the other details of the agreement are still being worked out, and starting things off at the outset will certainly be tough. But, we already have some good ideas on the table, and sweet hairy jesus, it would be amazing if this space worked out.

After the studio meeting was a breakfast sandwich at Meat Cheese Bread, which I'd heard good things about, and which happened to be close by the studio. Sausage, shaved fennel, and some spicy variety of cheddar, all between two slices of bread pudding. That place definitely passes inspection, because that was one hell of a sandwich.

Then, it was my first Saturday wushu practice in a while, and it went shockingly well. The combined powers of the week off due to Spring Break, and my continuing efforts to beat the hell out of myself in the gym made it pretty painful, but my tornado kicks are starting to feel more floaty again. I've also figured out how to stop hitting myself in the face with my chain whip, which should at least last until Master Chen shows us more new moves. And I appear to be slowly winning the battle against my post-holiday gut! And I've also signed up for nanquan and nandao at Berkeley, so there's no bitching out on it now.

I really look forward to May 2, because then the constant soreness can end. Until I do it again next year. Because I secretly enjoy pain. :p

Friday karaoke was fun. We got to sing quite a few times, and through the powers of [ profile] marykae and myself combined, I finally did a RENT song. It's rather silly that it took me this long to work that in, considering how completely obsessed with the soundtrack I was years ago. The karaoke track they had us use was kind of ghetto--a duet with no color-coded lyrics? Seriously?--but it was still fun and I want to do it again. I apparently make a pretty kick-ass Joanne.

I also enjoyed some good tea and quality one-on-one friend time on Sunday afternoon, and I don't think I will ever get tired of that. Hyper-socialness has been happening for me quite a bit, as I challenge a lot of preconceived notions and old patterns, and you know? It's good to have people I can actually, you know, TALK to about my problems. Most people don't frequently fall under my Trust umbrella, so to have even a couple of Actually-Good People around me who do? Just, wow. I've been pretty exhausted these past couple of days, so I might need to think about slowing down a bit on the social things, if that continues. But for now, it's really, really good.

Okay, um, back to Saturday. It's vitally important that I tell you to go listen to Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, because they're (wait for it) AWESOME. I think I love their album a little bit more each time I listen to it. They played at Berbati's Pan this past Saturday night, and the crowd was on the small side, but it was SUCH a treat to be there. I enjoyed their set A LOT and I wanted to give them more of my money. I was hoping they'd have albums for sale, but I had to settle for giving them five of my dollars for a t-shirt.

AND I got to enjoy the show with Really Good Company, before, during, and after. Going into it, I expected the evening to be equal parts Exciting and Terrifying, but Terrifying surprised me by not even making an appearance. Looking back on the evening, or hell, the entire day, I can't think of a single bad thing. Even under the best of circumstances, you never expect it to be that easy, but sometimes it just... happens.

I let up on my beer embargo a little bit that evening, but I kind of don't care. It was completely worth it. If you spend 6+ hours with the same person, and find yourself smiling on the ride home, you must be doing *something* right.

I don't know what I did to deserve all the good things that have transpired over the past month or so, but if there's more ahead, I'm so, so ready for it.
I never like to belabor the point on celebrity deaths, so here is my chosen tribute* to Brittany Murphy:

* I never understood King Of The Hill until lived with two self-proclaimed nerds who grew up immersed in redneck culture, and then escaped it and went to college. Since then, it has become frickin' genius. Heh.

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