WELP, it's February, and it's felt pretty crazy so far. My brief sojourn to the family homestead at the end of January was eventful in maybe not the best way--short version: United Airlines is THE WORRRRRST, and so is paying for your own hotel room after they cancel your connecting flight and maroon you in a strange city overnight. BUT, the change of scenery was nice, and I am now a hybrid owner, which is pretty great. I just moved the bike rack and the rest of my stuff over from the old car yesterday, so now Doctor Zoidberg is in his proper place on the dashboard, and the car finally feels like it's Mine.

It definitely took a bit to recover from getting up at 5:30am and driving for 13-ish hours, though, and I did so just in time to go to a party on Friday night and become totally wiped out all over again. Woooo, introversion!

I've also been experimenting with being a morning person since my last post, and finding that I actually hate it far less than I expected to! Heh. Getting to the studio and accomplishing things before I go to the gym actually feels pretty good.

Also, in the Eventual Wedding department, I have emailed a photographer and a jewelry smith who I just adore. The former is waaayyy cheaper than I expected based on the quality of her work, yay! The jewelry designer works with recycled metals and diamonds, so she says I can trade in the old engagement ring from college that I still have for some reason, and she can recycle it into a new project and put it value towards whatever we do for our rings. I'm pretty jazzed that old ring can become Someone Else's Lovely Custom Jewelry Piece, and also help us towards some really lovely wedding bands, instead of just being pawned or sitting in a box for another decade-or-so.

Checking in, becasue it's necessary.


  • Working after dinner. I've been doing pretty great at this, on the whole! Getting tired earlier has certainly seemed to help, heh.

  • Social media/e-mails before breakfast. This has been tough, largely because it's been harder to get my brain to fully wake up at an earlier hour, and staring at the internet is a convenient crutch in those moments.. It does seem less impactful on my day when I do fall off the wagon, though, because I'm not sleeping as late.

  • Some derby things. I had a Web Team meeting yesterday, and while I haven't out-and-out quit, there are people stepping up to do things, so that I don't have to do everything, and that is HUGE. I might actually get to do fun things that I'm both interested in and specifically well-suited for, instead of boring maintenance stuff!

  • Working on weekends. WELL, it's been good for the most part, except that I agreed to do an event photobooth Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday this week. Because I'm smarrrrrt. :p I'm getting paid, though, and it's 2-4 hours per day, so nowhere near the grind that Maker Faire was.

  • Things/people that suck up my energy and give nothing in return. Continuing to do well, I think. I've made a few intentional choices about who to spend time with, and have gotten to see some people that I see too seldom, but who are TOTALLY worth my time. It's really happy-making. :D


  • A SMALL movie afternoon/night or other small-sized gathering. I'm looking for a good time to do the next one, and debating whether it'll be another movie night or a bowling night! (I just acquired a free bowling ball! I should use it!)

  • A creative photoshoot every quarter. I have the team pulled together for Q1! Well, except for the model. But still, makeup, hair, AND wardrobe, and they're all super-talented. The hairstylist is out of town the next couple of weekends, so we may not get the shoot date set until March, but it's going to be gooooood.

  • Networking. I keep finding out about interesting-sounding networking meetups, and then realizing that I have meetings or shoots or derby things already booked at the same time. Meh. It's not going to be that way forever. AND, the Derby Networking Group is having its first lunch meetup tomorrow!

  • Better eating. I prepped a second freezer meal, and ended up using one to feed my teammates. It was delicious chili, and I felt all accomplished afterwards. Yay!

Well, someone I sort of know (but haven't physically seen in probably a couple of years now) seems to be quite convinced that both they, and I, have Asperger's.

...this is not to say I've never suspected that of myself. Because, I did once, quite a few years ago. But, I can't help but assume that, if I did have it, then my super-awesome now-former therapist would've picked up on it after seeing me for 2 years? And, it was most certainly not a thing I expected to hear out of the blue via the internet. XD

Still, I'm glad they at least have answers for themselves, at least. Simply having an answer or an explanation for such things can do so much for a person's mindset and ability to cope.
SO. There was a moment, on a Sunday a couple of years ago, when I was at a late brunch with friends. At one point, I paused to look up WFTDA playoffs results on my phone. Then, someone on the table wanted to ask me a question, and I said, "oh, hang on, I gotta check my scores."

And then, with a vague sense of horror, I thought, "oh my god. I've officially become a SPORTS PERSON." Granted, it was fandom towards an alternative sport, but, still. Sports Person. Gak. Didn't see that coming.

But, yeah, after a second or two, I got over it. And, XKCD has nailed it here. While I don't especially enjoy football, and usually find televised sportsball of any kind to be incredibly slow and entirely too commercial-filled, I don't plan on making fun of people just because THEY like sportsball things.

And, maybe next time I get a little too loud about derby, or Star Trek, or bad type design, or whatever else, other folks will understand it a bit better, too. :)

Me: [throwing baby registry junk mail in recycling] "Why do I keep getting all of these baby things in the mail?!"
C: "Is there something you're not telling us?"
Me: "No--"
J: "I have something to tell you, Sarah... I'm pregnant."
Me: "OH NO! It's like in that movie!"
J: "...Aliens?"
[after listening to a clip of the world's earliest-known melody]

"...interesting that they did it in a minor key."
"Is that a MAJOR thing?"
"[laughs] You just had to leave it on that NOTE, didn't you?"
"It's the KEY to my success."

No matter how old I get, I'll never completely stop being a pun machine.


Time flies

Mar. 27th, 2014 04:39 pm
I scrolled back through the photos on my phone earlier today, and found one from my 30th birthday party, which included myself, [livejournal.com profile] marykae, and [livejournal.com profile] daemonwise. After a moment of derby wife squee--she'll be living in PDX again so soon! Ack ack ack!--I realized that she and I weren't derby wives yet, when that photo was taken.

And then, I realized that neither of us even knew what a derby wife WAS, when that photo was taken, because we hadn't tried roller derby. It was, in the grand scheme of things, not really that long ago, but so many things were different.

I don't think that 30-year-old me could have predicted the life I'm leading right now. But, I suspect she'd be pretty okay with it, at least. :)
I don't often remember my dreams, but last night, I had two:

1) I saved up enough money to get some kind of crazy new low-rider rollerskate plates that my brain made up. They'd gotten good reviews from the few people who had tried them, and I was excited about them, but hesitantly so, because I wasn't sure that they'd work as well for me. (people who skate know that new gear can be equal parts exciting and terrifying)

2) I somehow came to be temporarily responsible for some kind of bizarre cyborg baby that had a robot head. The head would periodically fall off or temporarily stop functioning, and I needed to fix it so the baby would continue to be alive and functioning until its parents took it back.

Yep. Cyborg babies with malfunctioning bits. Thanks for the clear messaging, Subconscious Brain!


Feb. 8th, 2014 09:28 pm

Yep, we've been snowed in since Thursday. I worked from home on Thursday, and the photoshoot and bouts I had on Friday and Saturday were postponed, so other than the trip to the store I made earlier today, we've been turtling. Yesterday and today were spent playing a lot of Civilization V, doing a bit of cooking, watching movies, and enjoying the fact that I have absolutely nowhere to be.

I got it in my head earlier today to get groceries at the Hawthorne New Seasons, and after maybe 60 seconds of driving in the snow, I said Eff This and went to the much-closer Fred Meyer on 82nd. Which, as it happens, was completely out of eggs--I had to buy Egg Beaters to use for breakfast tomorrow.

There was a karaoke birthday party this evening, but the sky has shifted from snow to freezing rain, which makes me say HELLS NO to driving. I was going to be training for a new part-time job tomorrow, but it seems that's postponed, too. No idea if Oaks will be open for endurance tomorrow, either. So, it might be another day in.

I have to admit that I enjoy the snow. Not just because of the built-in excuse to not go anywhere, but because it's so calm and quiet everywhere. Empty streets, muffled sounds, a landscape that looks strangely monochrome, there's nothing but the occasional gust of wind and the soft crunching of snow under your boots. It's rare that you get to have a moment as mellow as that.

Snowy weather also means: RIDICULOUS SCARF-HAT TIME. And that always requires some muppetface. ;)


By some weird twist of fate (namely, an all-day workshop I was supposed to attend getting postponed due to the presenter being sick), I wound up having Saturday completely and totally off. I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself. I didn't go to a workshop, or to the studio, or to the Hangar, or to any previously-agreed social obligation. WEIRD.

Joe was leading a walking tour of the food carts, so I spontaneously decided that this would be the day that I finally went on the danged food cart tour, which I've been wanting to do for a while. So, I tagged along and got to try food from a lovely array of food carts West of the river that I'd heard about, but never visited. One had Chinese dumplings that actually reminded me of childhood, and that is most definitely not an easy task.

There were also other, different dumplings, which were not Chinese, but were also notably delicious. And, some of the best falafel I've ever eaten. Oh, and I'd be remiss in my duties if I failed to mention the deep-fried Mars bars! Even 1/3rd of one was enough to last a while, heh.




I've done a bit more wandering around with my camera than usual over the past few weeks, but it was especially nice to be doing so on a gorgeous day like this one. Usually, when I'm shooting a lot for clients, I don't so much feel like shooting outside of a work/portfolio building context, and it was nice to still have the itch when I had some time to myself. Moments are important, even the little ones.

In other news, I went to my first "pre-tryouts" practice for travel team last week, and holy smokes, standards are high. But, they don't seem unattainable. It's a little strange to realize that the group of people whom I perceive to be better skaters than I am is actually getting smaller. There are still people on the A-team who intimidate the bejeezus out of me, but eh, I'll get over it eventually. I learned a ton from that one practice, so regardless of how tryouts actually go, I'm going to come out the other end as a bolder and better skater.

Oh, and this morning? TOTALLY WENT TAP-DANCING. It's been over a decade since I last did that, but I still have my shoes from college, and I found a class through parks and rec that actually fits my schedule. It's a beginner-type class for adults, and I think I might be picking things up a little faster than most--it's amazing how much your body remembers even after that much time--but I had fun, regardless.

And finally, I think I just made myself throw up in my own mouth a little looking at the below, heh. It's good to have talented friends who will coax me out from behind the camera every so often. :) WUV.

Something fairly annoying about working downtown is that, every time I feel like putting on a nice dress, some douchebag has to roll out the objectification and "How YOU doiiiiinnn?" It irritates the hell out of me, because, as a Craigslist poster pointed out recently, making such comments doesn't do anything to make ME feel good--they're just doing it for their own amusement.

This one's for the notebooks, though: I briefly stopped by the studio wearing sporty clothes, because I was about to go to skate practice, and random dude on the street said, (and I directly quote):

"Girl, do you lift weights for a living?"

I felt a little bad for just ignoring it, as I do with every other random jackass, but I honestly didn't know what to say to that. XD At least he was more creative than the norm.
batskeets: (spoon)
This morning, I was scheduled to meet with a potential studio sharer, and she'd called when I was on my way over, to say she was waiting in the coffee shop upstairs. So, I went in to catch her and show her to my studio.

When I got to the coffee shop, I tried to figure out who I was looking for, when a lady looked up from her table and asked me if I was Sarah. I said Yes, and she said, "I thought I remembered your hair being shorter," and invited me to grab myself a coffee. (I figured she must've looked at the bio page on my web site, and the photo taken when my hair was shorter) She also mentioned that she'd just talked to another person at the coffee shop, who was also waiting for a Sarah.

I grabbed my coffee, and she invited me to sit down, which seemed a little strange, but eh, maybe she wanted to chat for a minute before seeing the space? So, I sat down, and she launched into her pre-interview schpiel for some job, and involving something with kale chips. When I blinked in confusion, we realized I wasn't the Sarah she was looking for--I was the Sarah the other person was looking for.

Now, it's not shocking that there's another Sarah who was scheduled to be in my studio's 'hood this morning, because, well, there are eleventy-billion Sarahs. I *am* a bit boggled, however, that there's another Sarah, somewhere in Portland, who actually looks enough like me that her interviewer was all ready to give me her job.

Ah, the hazards of being a Sarah, folks.
Sometime after 10am on Friday, I received a text from a stranger in the 859 area code:


Me: ...WUT.

Dude: I AM BATMAN!!!!1

Me: Uh, congrats. I'm sure your parents would be proud, if they hadn't been all brutally murdered and stuff.

Over the weekend, I was in Seattle to lend a hand with some wedding photography, and I thought it'd be fun to take a bit of extra time to hang out and see a fwe sights. I didn't have a ton of time, but I did get to visit Gasworks Park on Monday morning, and we also hit up Volunteer Park--the conservatory was closed, unfortunately--which was right by the cemetery where Bruce Lee is buried. After spending more than 7 years of my life dedicated to practicing Wushu, Bruce Lee is especially legendary for me, so I had to take a moment and pay homage to him.

We walked through the cemetery until we found the location of his headstone, and while I waited for a few other folks in front of us to take their turn, I thought about how I wanted to document the occasion. As a dedicated martial artist, a moment like this was a pretty huge deal, and since I already had my camera out for shooting at the parks we'd been to, taking a photo seemed to make perfect sense, but something about it was unsettling for me.

Then, I saw the guy ahead of me ask his friend to take a photo of him while he posed next to the grave site, and I realized: I don't want to be that guy. I'd done photoshoots near cemeteries once or twice before, at the request of portrait clients, and the sense of age and history has always been interesting to me. But, the idea of posing with or even just taking a photo of a specific grave didn't feel like the right way to pay my respects to anyone, much less somebody who'd had such a massive impact on the martial arts community.

When my turn came around, I went up to the headstone, and silently took everything in. We marveled at how young Bruce and Brandon Lee had both been when they died, but after a couple minutes of mostly-wordless observance, we simply moved on and left in search of other sights. So, yeah. It was a momentous occasion for me, and the picture in my mind is enough to be worth remembering. Sometimes, you have to choose your moment, and I chose to hold that one with brain matter instead of pixels.

Instead, here are a couple of photos from other spots. It wasn't the absolute best time of day for landscape-y photos, but Gasworks Park is definitely a photographer's wet dream:

And, seriously? This HAS to be a TIE Fighter. Am I right? ;)

I think I whined internally to myself about not wanting to go for the entire drive down there, but going to Eugene turned out better and less stressful than I expected. I got to wushu for a bit on Friday, have dinner with friends down there whom I haven't seen in far, far too long, have breakfast on Saturday morning with another set of friends I haven't seen in ages, and then teach some eager-to-learn UO Wushu kids for the better part of the day.

Teaching wushu to people who are legal adults? And who are self-motivated and interested in learning? Good lord, I miss that. There's so much about the UO Wushu experience that I miss; wushu itself is still something I like to do, but staying passionate about it has been challenging, here in PDX. More often than not, it's visiting UO that gets me fired up again, and this trip was no exception: the notion of competing at Berkeley is nagging at edges of my mind again. I can't say that it's likely, but the jury's still out.

I got back to PDX in time to watch a bit of the derby boutcast from Seattle, and then private room karaoke was the order of the evening. Voicebox is awesome, and needs to happen again. I did have more to drink than I probably should have, however, because I went on a 2am donut run, and then found myself wide awake after 4 1/2 hours of sleep. Woooo.

Sunday found me doing yoga, catching up on Fringe, and attempting to laze around at least a little, before going to derby practice. My muscles were fantastically sore, but Minnie spent the last 15 minutes just focusing on the few of us who aren't endurance-cleared, and it was incredibly helpful. By the end, I was skating remarkably faster with just about the same amount of effort, so I take that as a good sign... now if my crappy endurance will just hold out for more than 3 laps of super-awesome skating form, I'll be set. ;p

Joe and I met up with another friend of his at what was billed as a Truth or Dare event for adults, later in the evening, and it was part pub trivia and part telling embarrassing truths and doing silly stunts. One of the Dares culminated in my applying makeup on Joe, and I apparently did too good a job of making him subtly-pretty, because the winner of the extra bonus points looked like he'd been shot with Homer Simpson's makeup gun. I also "got rid of crabs" by eating 6 of these Asian crab snacks for 5 points each, heh.

I also learned that I really don't have a lot in the way of funny or interesting Truths to tell about my sex life, but that didn't come as much of a shock. Long-term relationship experience, I have in spades; wild and crazy hanky-panky stories? Not so much. Still, it was a pretty amusing evening, although it'd have been better with more people participating. Sounds like they're going to do the event again next month, so maybe I'll try coaxing a few more folks out.

Anyhoo, I'm much more relaxed today than I expected to be. And hey, I'm away from The Job due to the holiday! I'm still working on things, though. Yep, this is how I roll.
In case you weren't already aware: I'm raising money for Special Olympics Oregon, via the Polar Plunge! Yes, I am voluntarily prancing into the Columbia River for a good cause. The Plunge itself happens this Saturday, so if you have a few bucks to kick in for the fund, follow the link and do so. Our team is closing in on our $1000 fundraising goal!

Also, there will be unicorn costumes. And video posted on the Intertubes. Alyson and I worked on the former for the better part of yesterday afternoon.

In other news, I think I'm entering one of those periods where I don't feel like saying much here. I mean, I did things this weekend, but hell if I feel like writing anything about it right now.

Clearly, y'all needed to know that. ;p
I've been quietly working behind the scenes, and I'll talk about it in greater depth, when I have more than five minutes to spare, but I've been updating my design portfolio and vanity domain, which have both been gathering dust for the past, oh, 3 1/2 years? Good things may come of it, though.

In other news, I subjected myself to a bit of consensual public humiliation last night, by participating in a pub spelling bee, and very confidently forgetting the second "i" in "bouillabaise." I *did* do this during the final round, as one of the top three spellers, though, so I still have some of the spelling champion chops I had in my youth. If I'd seen the word in front of me, rather than spelling it out verbally, I'd have easily caught my own mistake. Stupid visually-oriented brain!

Also, the "reward" of a can of PBR for each correctly spelled word was, uh, less-than-desirable. I should've asked if I could trade them all in for one pint of actually-good beer, heh. Still, I may have to try this thing again, because being a smart-ass for an audience is strangely amusing.

And, hopefully, there will be new skates in my hot little hands this evening... as in, skates that are properly fitted and not falling apart! Fingers crossed that they work out.


Jan. 20th, 2011 05:11 pm
Well, yesterday at The Job was not particularly happy-making, and I spent much of the day feeling drained of energy and headache-y... which, of course, makes little-to-no sense to me, seeing as I'd actually had a nice block of sleep the past few nights.

I did make myself some pretty excellent curry for dinner last night, though, and then I rolled downtown and had a hell of a good time at Neal's show. It's amusing that there's inevitably one person in the audience who's so completely un-self-conscious that they'll dance like a maniac at a show, even when absolutely no one else will join them. This show was no exception, and I eventually decided I was in enough of a groovin' mood to give the guy some implied props and join him on the dance floor for a song or two. He seemed pretty happy to no longer be the only one dancing, so hey, mission successful!

And speaking of mission successful, we finally, FINALLY have internet at the studio. I'm typing this from there right now, in fact! I'm so happy about this development that it borders on the ridiculous, which is a good thing, because the headache and tiredness has returned. Bleh. Let's hope some skating tonight takes the edge off.
[livejournal.com profile] marykae issued a challenge this morning to stop what we're doing, and write about what you'd been doing for the past hour, in a story format. There was a time when I was at least quasi-serious about becoming some type of writer, and that part of my brain must've been firing on all cylinders this morning, because I took that request more seriously than I expected to. So, here it is:


It's another brisk, fall morning in Portland.

Blinding rays of sunlight penetrate into the cool, dark space of my kitchen, as I swallow the last remnants of a hot herbal tea. I've thrown caution to the wind by donning a sleeveless dress under my peacoat this morning, in spite of the chill in the air, but as I'm ready to dash out the back door, I remember at the last moment to grab my favorite pair of fingerless gloves. Style isn't quite worth the discomfort of cold extremities.

Trudging up the road with the Dandy Warhols wafting through my earbuds, I see three people saunter out of the church up the road. Two of them get into their car, while the third stands in the middle of the sidewalk, watching them go. He's young and attempting some semblance of Shabby Chic, but instead lands squarely in the land of Trashy Hipster. He's so enthralled by his friends' departure that he doesn't realize he's blocking my path until the last second. He steps aside just in time for me to brush past him.

As I arrive at the bus stop, I pull out my phone and load up my latest app download: High School Hero. I silently curse Melissa and Josh for sucking me into yet another time-wasting iPhone game--as if I have time to waste even without it--but the gamer in me does her best to power-level her Intelligence score before she runs out of energy to spend on Activities. I imagine the novelty will wear off before too terribly long, but for the short few minutes of lingering near the Tri-Met shelter, it's good enough.

Stepping onto the bus, I flash my pass at the driver, and look towards the back, noticing that my favorite seat is occupied by three high school kids. In fact, there seem to be quite a few high schoolers on the bus this morning, and they're as loud as I remember being at that age. Turning up the volume on my headphones, I bury my nose in a loaner copy of Down and Derby for the duration, and do my level best to drown out their frenzied chatter, as I absorb as many roller derby factoids as possible into my brain.

When the bus finally pulls up to the office building that will own my soul for the next 7.5 hours, I make motions to get off the bus. The seemingly-able-bodied woman occupying the aisle seat simply moves her legs a bit to the side, because she apparently can't be bothered to stand and give me room to get out. I manage to clamber over her awkwardly, and make my escape from the dingy vehicle, politely thanking the driver as I step out the door.

After a short walk and an elevator ride to the 5th floor, I approach my cubicle with a bit of hesitation in my step, until I look up and see a very tall tripod in my space. That certainly wasn't there when I last left the office. My steps slow and I stare at it quizzically, and my fellow web developer takes notice, explaining in his usual slightly-awkward fashion that he needs to shoot video at an event tomorrow, and wanted to see how high the tripod would extend. Why he needed to do that in my cube, I'm not certain, but I quip with a surprisingly chipper tone, "oh, I was thinking, 'is that a gift? Because I'll totally take it!'" Wishful thinking, on my part.

He moves the tripod out of my work space, and I plop down in my chair, back exposed, with a resentment-flavored sigh. Counting down the hours never seems to get easier.
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So, this weekend, I stumbled upon my first real-life doppelganger who actually LOOKS like me. Scroll to the bottom, center photo.

I scrolled past that on Saturday evening, then stopped, and thought, "wait, how the hell am I in a Fauxtobooth photo when I've never actually posed for one?!" And, of course, then I scrolled back up and saw that it wasn't me, but that's the first time I've seen anyone who resembled me enough to cause that reaction.

Anyhoo, the working weekend went pretty smoothly, for the most part. I went all gangbusters on Friday and solved web site problems for us, and I also fixed Alyson's blog later that night, when I was keeping her company during her frenzy of garment sewing. One day, I will be queen of all the internets.

Saturday went... less smoothly. First, I went to Dutch Bros. for my pre-derby coffee, and their espresso machine was down, so I was denied my morning coffee. Then, I later tried to return the Zipcar I'd checked out, and someone had taken the reserved parking space where I was supposed to leave it. And then, my 4pm appointment didn't show up until almost 4:30. Basically, I was rushing around constantly, late for things through no fault of my own, and all of this *really* cheesed me off. But, I did manage to get everything done that I needed to, so no harm, no foul, I suppose.

Derby has also been incredibly demoralizing, as of late, as well. Long story short, it's primarily the fact that my brain understanding how to do a thing is not translating into my body actually doing it, even though I know my body is capable of it. I come out of practice with the overwhelming feeling that I'm actually getting worse, rather than improving, and I feel like I'm a liability to anyone who has the misfortune of practicing with me. But, I'd feel even worse if I quit, so I'm clearly not ready to accept failure. I suppose I'm stuck with this awful feeling for now, at least until I start feeling like I'm improving again.

ANYWAY. Positivity! We got a lot accomplished this weekend, and not just with the aforementioned web site victories, and the event on Sunday out in wine country went along smoothly. We weren't actually on TV, or at least, not in an interview-type capacity, but it definitely forced us to get our ducks in a row on the Fauxtobooth, and we came out of it with a lot of creative energy, and some potentially-good contacts. And also cupcake samples. (minor gripe: red velvet cake without cream cheese frosting? This is a thing that should never happen.)

All told, I spent three late nights working, and here I am on Monday, feeling none the worse for wear. I wound up kicking it with my new partners-in-crime for at least part of the day four days in a row, and we're still not sick of each other yet, so I think we must be doing it right. <3

Being excited about work is fantastic. And being with people who let me be myself while I'm working is amazing. I can't wait until this becomes the everyday norm.
Yeah, I'm doing this because [livejournal.com profile] marykae just did one. And also because I'm actually done with all the work I planned to do tonight! Huzzah!

However, since I'm apparently Princess Rambly McWordypants, I'll give the opening snippet for each post and link to the rest of each post. Also, I'm omitting 1999 because that was back in the day, when I essentially used LJ as a spectacularly boring version of Twitter.

Also, this reminds me that I miss my old habit of titling my posts with random quotes.

03/10/2010 - Over It
GOD. I have so much to say and I don't even know where to start.

I guess I'll start with this: the past 5 days have been exactly what I needed. After all the chaos, internally and externally, I feel like I've found my center again. I gained insight from words I didn't expect to hear, and I found inspiration in places I wouldn't have thought to look. (more...)

09/09/2009 - What PAX Did For Me
As y'all probably know, I spent a large part of this past weekend attending my very first Penny Arcade Expo, affectionately known as PAX. A couple of my amazing friends had asked me about going to the convention a couple months back, and when I realized I'd have some extra money kicking around, I spontaneously decided to join them for the weekend. (more...)

09/09/2009 - Con Crud
It seems that literally ALL of my friends who went to PAX--whether they were in my group, or doing completely separate things the entire time--now have the flu. There are even reports of PAX attendees who have been confirmed as carrying H1N1, but whatever it is, it's a pretty nasty flu, be it Swine or otherwise. (more...)

09/09/2008 - Stress
The massage was great yesterday. I don't feel 100% today, but I do feel better.

I'm still not sleeping great, though, and I sometimes catch myself doing the clenchy-jaw thing when I'm trying to fall asleep, so I'm guessing it's some kind of residual stress. Normally, when I get so stressed out that I feel the need to be nice to myself, I go have some comforting food. Usually something exceedingly bad for me, like pizza, or a piece of cake from New Seasons. I haven't really been able to DO that over the past couple of weeks, though, because I'm trying to eat clean. Gah! (more...)

09/10/2007 - Flipping Out!
I had a dream last night where I was busting out backflips all over the place. I was in a big outdoor tennis court sort of area, except that the entire ground was covered in soft mats. I crashed on my knees the first couple of times, but after that, I was just hopping around the whole place going flip, flip, flip... (more...)

09/08/2006 - Drive-By
Hey, Star Trek is 40 years old today!

Did wushu again last night, and lordy, I am soooore from training. I know I keep saying that. I know I keep making it worse because I keep training through it. But damn, I am sore. I think my hamstrings are holding up better than they usually do, but it might only seem that way because my calves are killing me. ;p I'm still afraid of jumps, but they're getting better, slowly. I'll do better when I'm not so sore. (more...)

09/09/2005 - Drive-By
Well, my Perfect Week seems to have taken a turn for the worse--I had a late, kind-of-rough night last night, and then I overslept by three HOURS this morning! WHAT THE CRAP, MAN?! :p

Still, even with that, this has been a really good week. I've been in a good enough mood that even my normal routine seems extraordinarily great. Somehow, the groggy feeling I'm currently experiencing isn't bringing me down, and I'm talking a lot and it's weird.

I feel like I've been possessed by a Chatty Cathy doll. (more...)

09/09/2005 - "OREGON! West Coast weather, no more rolling blackouts!"
Yeah, I totally forgot to talk about all the stuff I want to do this weekend, but may or may not get done. If I don't write it down, I might forget, because I'm old and busted. ::rotfl::

I need to hang things on the walls. The Whiteboard Of Doom, most definitely. Oh, and my homemade tag boards, too. There may have been some other things I wanted to put up, but they escape me at the moment. I hope I remember before I get done hanging the whiteboard and give back [livejournal.com profile] bookid 's hammer. ;p (more...)

09/09/2004 - "I'm going to ram my ovapositor down your throat and lay eggs in your stomach, but I'm not an alien!"
Grrr, the bugs are being stubborn today. Well, while I'm waiting for a process to finish...

Tomorrow will mark one month since I started this job, already. No complaints so far. Employment is good. The day shift is pretty groovy, even if getting up in the morning is not. Dutch Bros. has been my savior on many a groggy morning. Also, my desk is getting moved to another location over this weekend. Hopefully I'll get a nice corner where I'm not blocking foot traffic. (more...)

09/09/2003 - "He should have armed himself if he was gonna decorate his saloon with my friend."
Wow, I'm up early. ::aldkfhdlkfhasf:: Of course, this is nothing compared to when I have classes, but eh, whatever. It's a triumph for my insane summer schedule!

I'm helping [livejournal.com profile] junsiew move in about half an hour, here. I'm probably going to be semi-grumpy, because I can't take my shower, seeing as it's currently occupied by some incredibly grimy clothes soaking in Oxi-Clean. Things always seem so tremendously off-kilter when I haven't gone through my entire personal hygiene routine each morning. :( (more...)

09/09/2003 - AAAAAAHHHHH
Today's theme must be Carrying Things Up And Down The Stairs.

First, I carried [livejournal.com profile] junsiew 's stuff down to the car, and then from the car to the 4th floor of Douglass. This was at the beginning of the day, when I was feeling energetic, and was actually planning to carry things. And both Janet and Shin were there, hauling things up the stairs right alongside me, so overall, it wasn't so terrible. I was actually feeling pretty good afterward. (more...)

09/09/2002 - "Is it Monday...?" "NO!!"
Mr. Insomnia came back to bite me in the ass last night, so I didn't fall asleep for quite a while. But I still got up at a decent hour, so yay! Maybe if I really pour it on at the gym today, I can tire myself out enough to get back to the uber-early wakeup again. (more...)

09/09/2002 - OMG OMG OMG

Yes, motherboard (that actually accepts my old memory sticks, thank goodness), processor, and a fierce cooling fan. I can feel the p0w3r in my very hands... *_* (more...)

09/09/2002 - ARGH ARGH ARGH
OMFG I will find the man who designed processor fan clips and I will BEAT HIM SILLY. ::explodes::

Seriously, though, this thing is annoying the piss out of me. Putting in the new power supply was painless, as was everything else thus far. But the fan will not cooperate! ARGH! I think I remember having this problem last time, though, so I'm not worried. Just annoyed. :p And this thing's going to be phatty when I'm done, so I just gotta hang in there. ^^;;; (more...)

09/09/2001 - Sundaaay SUNDAY Sundayyyy!
So yeah, it's Sunday. Didn't do much yesterday... slept in, watched some movies downstairs, and then got almost to the end of the Evangelion series with James. He's been speculating wildly about what's going to happen in the plot, and I'm determined *not* to give him any spoilers, SO I just have to sit him down and make him watch the whole freakin' thing before it's too late. ^_-

Now, I have done all the morning-type things, which means it's time to eat.

09/09/2000 - Out-of-Towning
So I was planning out dinner last night and Aleisha walks in, hands me her phone, and says it's for *me*. O_o James said that he was going to come get me. So he did. I fed him some stroganoff and then he took me home with him. ^_^ Today I've been sitting on my bum, but that's okay. :)

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