I am full of first-world problems!
  • So, I am officially not going camping this weekend. At first, J couldn't take the time off, and I couldn't afford to drive down all by myself, but then I talked with [livejournal.com profile] marykae and we solved that problem. But, then the Job notified me last week that they're going to pile a bunch of work on me as part of their impending transition to Drupal 7, so I'll be screwed if I take the extra time off. And, the Fresh Meat attendance policy got changed while I was injured, so those who don't make 80% attendance can potentially be kicked off and be forced to try out again. I thought practice would be cancelled this weekend, but apparently, it's still happening, and I can't afford to miss that much practice. D:
  • I'm constantly surprised and somewhat appalled at how often my name is misspelled by people who have it spelled out in print, right in front of them. I received a package yesterday for, "Sara Griffow," from a person who's seen my name in e-mail about eleventy-billion times. Really?
  • The jewelry girls let me know that they're postponing having me do their web site until Fall, because they're going to be too busy this summer. Obviously, I don't think this is a wise decision, and not even for selfish reasons. They want this to be a big year, and will be promoting themselves very hard, but, they've complained that Etsy isn't doing what they need, and that they need an online shop, and also said that they're wanting to re-brand their work. Wouldn't it make more sense to have your online shop ready for a massive influx of buyers? And wouldn't it make FAR more sense to re-brand and then promote, rather than confuse the masses you've promoted to by re-branding after the fact?
  • While I'm sort of jazzed that there's a draft coming up sooner than we anticipated, but I wish it weren't happening NEXT WEEK. They were originally talking about having one at the end of June, and I could easily be draft eligible by then. They've already notified the draft eligible people yesterday, and realistically, there was no way I'd get eligibility by next week, after 3 weeks off for injury. The next draft isn't until OCTOBER. If I get my draft clearance during June, I'm going to be intensely annoyed.
  • I wish I could actually RUN to the bus stop when I need to, instead of hobbling impotently towards it as the bus pulls away, and then standing there in the rain for an extra 15+ minutes waiting for the next one. Stupid knee. I want to run and jump NOW. :p
Don't get me wrong, though, I'm in a pretty good mood, overall. I'm just a victim of my own impatience, heh.

And now, I'm going to amuse myself by reading My Mom Watches Game of Thrones.


Nov. 19th, 2010 03:47 pm
I love this so hard.

Also: Last Call for our Thanksgiving Friendly Feast! We cooks need to know a head count, so we know how much food to make, even though I'm sure we'll probably *still* have more than enough. But yes, if you want in, speak now, and if you're a Maybe, get your fine self onto one side of the fence or the other. Muchas gracias!
This comic? Is the story of my life: How a Web Design Goes Straight To Hell.

I'm just starting to enter Step 4 with the wushu school website redesign right now, and I'm *praying* that I can distract them enough with my superior English-speaking skills and a generous use of techno-speak to make them give up and just go with my advice. XD

Last night was pretty stressful, mostly because we wound up getting to the event 45 minutes late. ::eyeroll:: I won't go into how THAT happened, because holy hell was I pissed and I don't need to re-live that one. But it wound up being okay anyway, because the organizers were also late due to traffic, and several of the other vendors no-showed. AND the attendance wasn't very good, because apparently this little shindig couldn't compete with the rassenfrassin' Civil War game. Pesky football, always harshing my mellow!

Good news is, they're doing a similar (but bigger) event at another place in the Pearl next Friday, and they offered us a free booth for that since this one was slow. Boy chatted up the DJ at last night's event, and apparently these events are usually really packed, so I think we're going to do it! And I'll have most everything already gathered together for the super-big-deal event on Wednesday anyway, so it'll be minimal as far as extra workload.

In other news, I have a ridiculously busy Friday night, and then I have absolutely NOWHERE to be for the rest of the weekend! That's probably good, because I'll need time to do vendor booth stuff. But I'm almost weirded out that I have nothing going on all of a sudden. Free time = WIN <3
So, my aunt--not the relaxed-and-groovy one who came to see me compete at Berkeley, the other one--just friended me on Facebook. I'm... not sure how I feel about that yet. XD Heh, I'm such an ass about her sometimes. She's not as bad as I probably make her sound. We're just, you know, not really the kind of people who would get along if, A) I wasn't laid-back and easy to get along with to begin with, and B) we weren't related.

It kind of weirds me out to have a more-disapproving family member in my Internet Domain, though. I'm cool with my other aunt having me on FB, and I'm okay with my dad occasionally peeking in on my online blatherings, because I feel like they at least "get" me to a good extent.

In other news, I had a moment of inspiration yesterday, and now I have arrangements to be house-sitting through next Sunday. So, basically, I have an easy escape from the drama at my house, and they're paying ME for it. I feel rather smart for thinking of it, heh. And, by the time the house-sitting period is over, the Evictee should be gone, and a lot of the other stuff should be cleared up, too. Perfect. :D

Boy, Andy, and I had lots of conversation about managing the house, going forward, and we're definitely going to be doing a better job of playing to our strengths. I, for instance, will be making lists of House Rules and Procedures, because I'm an organizational maniac, when I allow myself to be. Muahaha.

I have to pimp Dragontree Spa for a moment, because I jumped in on a ridiculously cheap last-minute massage special yesterday, and it was really good and exactly what I needed. They are awesome, and I'm definitely going back sometime.

OH! And [livejournal.com profile] herince_emyn's Zombies vs. Pirates party was much fun! I've been so stressed out about house-related happenings that I was pretty spacey, and got tired really early, but I'm glad I got to go for at least a little while and wish her a happy birthday.

I also enjoyed throwing together my costume at the last minute, too. It was largely inspired by a scene from Monty Python's Meaning of Life, and my desire to NOT wear my incredibly toasty high-waisted wool sailor pants:


Yep, I'm a corporate pirate. ;) I look really skinny--well, skinny for me--in some of the shots [livejournal.com profile] bellybalt took! I also realized after getting home and putting on my PJs that I'd been wearing a Size 9 skirt, and it had actually fit. I've been a Size 12 for so long that, even though some of my office pants were getting big in the waist, I didn't think I'd actually be able to wear a smaller size. That was a nice surprise, and much-needed, because my training motivation was definitely waning. :D

I still bitched out on running this morning, though, heh. I needed the sleep far more than the run.

Food again

Jul. 24th, 2009 01:10 pm
What Would Brian Boitano... MAKE?! This will be an ACTUAL SHOW. XD I've already said it once this week, but Food Network is one of the only reasons I actually miss having cable. ;)

Anyhoo, two food questions today, since y'all are full of awesome ideas:

1) Something tasty and healthy to make out of cabbage? I got an entire head of green cabbage from my organics box and I'm not really sure what to do with it.

2) Do plums freeze well? I'm likely to get a bunch from [livejournal.com profile] bloodred37 soon, so I'm wondering what my options are for making sure they get all used before spoiling. :)

P.S. I don't love cole slaw, so that's a no-go for the cabbage. :)
OMG, I love Eddie Izzard even more now... if that's even possible!: Eddie Izzard Breaks Up Street Brawl

So yeah, the Brewfest in the Park blocks was *awesome*. Morgan and Miles got there right when they opened, so they snagged a table right in the middle, and OMG THE BEER. I haven't had a beer since I got back from China, and Chinese beer might as well be water, so it's been a month since I've had a decent beer. This was the perfect Welcome Back To Real Beer event, because I got to drink some truly amazing brews. Oh my freakin' god.

I also got to unleash my sprouted wheat bread on the gaming group yesterday; I got the batter ready, and then brought it with me to bake while we played! It's interesting stuff, great crust on the outside, and a really moist interior. I also threw a ripe banana into the mix at the last minute, so it might have benefited from baking for longer, but the recipe is now known as Banana Manna Bread. HAW! ;)

Boy asked me the other night why I like to put so much "work" into my food, and I was in the middle of making food at the time, so I didn't really answer him adequately. Now that I'm thinking about it, it boils down to:

1) Tasty food makes me happy.
2) Healthy food makes me feel good.
3) Making new things and eating them is actually exciting and something I look forward to.
4) Making new things and eating them lets me enjoy the whole healthy lifestyle/diet thing, instead of eating chicken and broccoli all the time and dreaming of a cheeseburger and fries.
5) I am totally worth the effort, and my friends are, too! (assuming I get to share)

There are probably a ton more reasons. I have such strong emotional ties to food that I don't think I could do it any other way. It's just FUN to cook and monkey around with recipes. I've considered culinary school in the past, and I wish I had time to learn more about food science, so that I could *really* begin to experiment. Alton Brown is one of the precious few reasons why I actually miss having cable TV.


Jul. 16th, 2009 01:38 pm
batskeets: (yan!)
This is such a cool idea: The Big Busk. I might have to go on a walk on Saturday, so I can run into some of these people!

This is really stupid: intentionally ordering Pho and picking the meat out of it. I seriously hope the comment was horrendously misquoted or misinterpreted, because if not, then this lady is just DUMB.

Also, how awesome is it that Wil Wheaton and Nathan Fillion follow each other on Twitter? Like, damn, that's too much tasty for one female sci-fi dork to handle.

I did my Shred workout this morning and was hella, hella sore in the legs. Which makes me even more shocked to find that, at this moment, I am actually looking forward to going running. I'm tempted to take my break early and just go right now, even! Usually, running is the LAST thing I want to do when I'm sore. I'm boggled by this development.

I found some wheat berries at Limbo yesterday, and there's now wheat sprouting in my kitchen! At $2.49 per bag of wheat berries, I can make 2 loaves of manna bread, so it's about $1.25 each. I've never seen Ezekiel bread sell for less than $3.00, so that is CHEAP, y'all. (P.S. If you're in SE, Limbo is raaaaad. And right next to Trader Joe's, too!)

Oh, and we finally got to see Amy and Travis last night after way too long. They came over to BBQ and kick it with us on the new deck. It sort of highlighted that I'm very "off" since getting back from China, though, because my energy's out of whack and I feel socially half-retarded again. I hope it's just Monthly-related, or due to my being tired.

I think my only possible regret about going on the trip is how crappy I've felt since getting back, because I was in SUCH a good headspace before I left, and it had nothing to do with trip anticipation.


Jun. 9th, 2009 12:41 pm
THIS IS AWESOME. Mark-Paul Gosselaar on the Jimmy Fallon show.

I'm not kidding, you guys. Watch the video clip.


(you KNOW you watched Saved By The Bell when you were a kid. Don't even try to deny it.)
How sinful is America? Well, less so than *I* expected, apparently. ;)

Saturday was awesome, awesome, awesome. It was good to see everyone having fun and to see [livejournal.com profile] bellybalt having a great time for his birthday. Even though I was dead-tired, I'm glad I stuck around for the whole thing. :) Hugs to you for being wonderful and real.

Yesterday was exhausting, but also awesome. Shot with a pretty plus-size girl early in the afternoon, and she was very new, but had nice energy and delivered the smiley energy I was aiming for. Then, I helped Ben out with some conceptual evening shooting right after that... I spent about 7 hours either in the studio or on location yesterday. Oooof. But it was worth doing, and my favorite MUA was on hand to lend her awesomeness the whole time. <3

I'm super-tired today, and I also embark on the first day of the Making The Cut program, because I completed 30 days of Shred, and because I'm out of my damned gourd. XD At least I don't have to eat differently, because I'm already doing what's instructed in the book, but holy CRAP I'm intimidated by the workouts. Cross your fingers for me.

I recently found out about The Green Microgym, and holy crap, the concept excites me. We expend all this energy on exercise, so capturing that and putting it back into the grid is an amazing thing to see in practice. AND they are looking for trainers. I completely don't have the bandwidth to try selling them on hiring me before my trip--I have zero time available until then--but after I get back, I'll definitely get in touch with them.

Still worried about the Knot-That-Won't-Die in my back. I swear I can see where one side of my trapezius is puffed up more than the other. Euuugh.

Man. I don't know what else to say. My brain's going 10000 miles an hour right now.

Hay guyz!

May. 15th, 2009 02:35 pm
batskeets: (yan!)
I listed the photography business on Yelp. If you've had a good experience with us, I would *really* appreciate you giving us a review!

And, so this isn't just a pimping post: I just learned of Bad Joan. Cute designer clothes, and you get 80% off everything with the special code!

Oh snap

Apr. 16th, 2009 01:34 pm
They're doing Trek cons on CSI tonight! BAAAHAHAHA XD

Did I mention Left 4 Dead is awesome? Because it is. :D

I am so, SO weary of the complaining around the house, as of late. There has been some slacking on chores, which is bad, of course, and I don't like it, either. But one of the Problematic Roommates complains about it so much that I actually find myself defending Chore-doing Roommate, just so he'll lay off and STFU. Not to mention this Problematic Roommate makes, by FAR, the biggest messes of any of us, and he's certainly not perfectly on-point about cleaning them up, so IMO he has very little room for complaint on that issue.

But then, as Andy pointed out last night, Problematic Roommate has a way of bitching about pretty much everything, to the point where you just start rolling your eyes and blowing it off automatically, even in the rare instance when he's actually making a valid complaint. And yeah, his complaining would be much more effective if he'd just pick his battles, instead of wailing about things so frequently and indiscriminately.

Well, on the up side, if I ever feel that I'm complaining too much, I can just think of Roommate, and I suddenly feel better about it. XD

In conclusion: because looking like a cultist is SO hot right now: The WTF Blanket! (yes, it's a parody of the Snuggie)
This is bananas: dresses made out of porcelain and china. Practicality score is virtually zero (well, it *is* fashion-as-art), but it's one hell of a feat of construction!

Housewarming party was happy-making. :D It was rather disorganized at the beginning, but our foodmaking team performed rather awesomely. I think I love party-prepping as much as the actual party. Highlights include drunk Karaoke Revolution, Serafin in an incredibly tiny corset, an impromptu comedy mini-set by Andy, and other things that I was too tipsy to recall clearly. But really, just having y'all over to my place (finally!) was awesome. :) Thank you to everyone who came by!

I have only three regrets:
1) By having that many people in the house, and being in Hostess Mode, I felt like I didn't get to spend enough time with any individual person. Saaaaad panda. :(
2) I wish we hadn't run out of beer quite so soon; I'm speculating that not everyone in the house got the "BYOB" part of the memo.
3) I totally apologize that the TV was, at one point, occupied by terrifying So You Think You Can Dance auditions... jeebus. TV can be such a drain on the soul of a party. :p

The pre- and post-party periods also reminded me that it's pretty fun living in my place. We help each other out, share food, dork out, whatever. Even though the party wound down relatively early, we were still up until 2 or 3am just kicking around and hanging out. There is the occasional minor drama amongst the roommates, from time to time, but for a bunch of people who didn't even know each other a couple months ago, we're getting on rather swimmingly.

Three-day workweek! Oh, yes. Thanksgiving weekend is going to rock.
This thing looks terrifying: Honda unveils walking assist device. Whaaaat?

In other news, we started watching Heroes again, thanks to the Netflix online on-demand viewer, and we're now a couple of episodes into Season 3. I kind of get why viewership has dropped, because I certainly have a few complaints. The few that I can think of, off the top of my head:

1) How many times are they going to pull the, "I'm dead! Oh, wait, I'm magically healed!" bit? Sure, it fits within the confines of their universe, but come ON.
2) Peter and Mohinder need to learn that they pretty much have crap for judgment.
3) Why hasn't *anyone* figured out yet that, when faced with a person or creature that's seemingly invincible, your best bet is to AIM FOR THE HEAD?

Also, now that I've seen promo shots for the new J.J. Abrams-directed Star Trek movie, I keep imagining pointy Vulcan ears on Sylar. Hurhurhur. ;p

I made chili and corn muffins for dinner last night! I deviated from my usual chili recipe and it turned out pretty well and still healthy. I think that it was technically vegan, too, because the most appropriate meat option we had was vegetarian sausage, and the other ingredients were animal-free. I need to go to Goodwill and get a crock pot, though, because slow-cooked chili is so much better.
This is funny as hell: presidential candidates as roleplayers.

Zombies vs. Zombie Hunters party was a kick! I wore this, thanks to a pair of scissors and a $4 red dress I'd gotten at The Dig many months ago. I got turned into a zombie within 2 minutes of arriving, and I lost two of my precious Nerf darts, but I had a good time and a enjoyed a lot of beer, so I'd say I came out ahead. ;)

[livejournal.com profile] dnelson came up from Eugene with Jeremy on Saturday, so after wushu, I wound up going back with them to help Jeremy move, get a whirlwind tour of several people's new houses, and see one of Andy's comedy shows before heading back up here the very same evening. I really need to make my next trip down there more than a few hours long. ;p

We had the chance to try out Chaos Cafe & Parlor for brunch yesterday, and liked it quite a bit. Local and organic (and, of course, tasty) food, plenty of vegan options, nice atmosphere, friendly people. Something behind the counter sprung a leak and tried to slowly flood the place, but other than that, it was an A+ meal. Go eat there!

Anyhoo, I have a busy, busy week ahead, so I'mma shut up now!
Yesterday got better, thank *god*.

--Ordered a new bag that has not been doused in protein shake, and that will be equally as, if not *more* awesome than, my current bag.
--Had free chili for lunch, thanks to The Job.
--Got invited by [livejournal.com profile] halfempty to a comedy show that was actually better than I expected. Usually, the headliners are funny, with the other comics being not-so-funny, but all of the comics were pretty entertaining this time around!
--Figured out that I might have sufficient costume stuff for the zombies-and-zombie-hunters party already in my own house! This pleases me to the point of ridiculousness.
--I think I need to see this movie. It looks kind of hilarious. Well, aside from the whole bit where Quentin Tarantino tries to act. (ugh)

I also find it amusing that, not only is Backspace currently decked out with Obama-related artwork, but they even had a sign made so they could temporarily rename themselves, "Barackspace." Baahahaha.

I still have cramps and a headache today, but my mood is improved. Now, go read this, because [livejournal.com profile] divadrummer has writing skillz: Top 10 Halloween Songs. :D
Getting sick pretty much sucks all around. I thought I was better when I woke up on Saturday, but then my fever came back on in the early afternoon, so I spent the rest of the day sitting around feeling crappy. And, of course, now I'm also having monthly lady issues, so I can't tell if I'm still sick, or if it's just PMS.

We did watch I Am Legend, which was okay, I guess, but I think the dog was the most sympathetic character. ;) Will Smith needs to quit making these Sci-fi Lite movies. Or rather, he shouldn't have even started, because damnit, I want real sci-fi, not an action movie that happens to be wearing a sci-fi hat!

The shoot yesterday was FUN. The concepts were hilarious, stylish, gorgeous, the client *loved* the stylists and models we brought in, and the shots themselves are super-hot. I can't wait to start processing these bad boys.

We did have one model call in sick, but I got an awesome girl to fill in, who was actually my original top pick for the slot, anyway. She'd been unavailable when I was first casting the project, but she'd just given me her phone number in a recent message, so I was able to call her in last-minute. I love it when a plan comes together. :D

Anyhoo, it's Monday, which is blah, but I'll hopefully get to take a couple days of PTO later in the week. And hey, George Takei got married, so that's pretty cheerful news, right? Now they can enjoy Tim Hardaway's smooth, chocolate-y head together. ;)


Sep. 11th, 2008 02:52 pm
I am seriously taking some of my PTO soon. I have plenty, but I kept putting it off, because every time a project started wrapping up? OOPS there's a new project with another tight deadline!

Well, pardon my french, but fuck that shit. If I keep feeling this burnt out, I'm not going to continue to do my job well, anyway, so I might as well take a couple days of PTO and give myself a brain break. I'm bugging my boss lady about when I can do that, so hopefully soon.

I got word from my nutritionist that, with how my bod has been feeling for the past week or so, I should probably take a day or two off from workouts, because I'm probably fighting a bug or something. So, I'm taking today off from the gym, and it feels goooood. AND I won't have to stay late at work today, either. I still have to be a good monkey and eat right, but I'll recover better that way, anyway, so I can live with that.

We have a *really* exciting shoot coming up this Sunday. It is awesomely creative, featuring amazing jewelry by our client. We're working with one of my absolute favorite MUAs, and several models whom I love working with. AND! We're getting paid to do it! It's a pretty tight budget all around, but the rate is fair for the Portland fashion market, and getting paid for fabulous, creative fashion work? I can't ask for much more than that! (well, okay, maybe I can, but it's pretty effin' sweet, regardless)

You know, I hadn't been feeling that excited about the shoot, but now that I'm writing about it, I'm getting all pumped up again. My brain still feels too globby to add much in the way of creative juice, but we already have great ideas, so it'll rock either way. Awww yea.

Anyhoo, I'm being boring in the name of my own sanity, so I'm going to sit on my ass, watch movies, and play video games tonight. I've been playing through the weird campaign mode in Soul Calibur III on my PS2, and it's a little bizarre, but still smashy-good fun, and my custom character has the best outfit EVAR.

Oh yeah, and even Obama's web site is better. Neener neener! ;) Yeah, the article *is* likely biased, but the comments are interesting, and I'm a fan of whoever's on Obama's 1337 design staff, because he's always had pretty campaign materials. (And seriously, 85 validation errors on the McCain site? FOR SHAME.)

Time to get back on the ball, I guess. Oof!
O'Reilly fans can save themselves 59 minutes with this handy link!: The O'Reilly Factor in One Minute. Astonishingly accurate, no? ;)

Anyhoo, time for some photo spam! It took me forever, but here are more pictures from the motel/laundromat shoot. I can't say enough about the whole team; they're all awesome, and I'm reminded of it every time I look at these. <3

Et, voila!:

+10 shots! )

There were plenty more, but those were my picks out of what's edited so far.


Jun. 20th, 2008 02:09 pm
Whether you're up on your internet memes, or blissfully ignorant of them, you might enjoy looking at this: Internet Memes Timeline!

In other news, I'm quickly becoming fascinated with dumpster diving. I had no idea that much good food went to waste! I'd at least consider nabbing produce from New Seasons or something, after reading that. (I hear they even put theirs in boxes near the dumpster, rather than directly in the dumpster)

Not much to report today. Up to my eyeballs in work. Tonight we go to a party, I think. Tomorrow we look at more houses. Sunday is [livejournal.com profile] phrassie's get-together (hopefully), an engagement session, and a runway show that the designers were kind enough to pay me to shoot.

Speaking of, here's the skinny on the fashion show:

June 22, 2008, at Mt. Tabor Legacy
Doors at 6:00pm, Show at 7:00pm

featuring designs by Sweetz Clothing, Ashley’s Assets, Billie Jo Retro, MayaLisa, and Talia Marie Fashions
music by Honest to Empire and My New Vice

It should be a fun show, and there will be actual music and fun, not just runway. And you get an excuse to dress up all retro-50's. :)

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