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Birthdate:Apr 27
Location:United States of America
Website:Sore Loser
DISCLAIMER: I don't friend people back automatically. If you're adding my LJ to your Friends List, drop me a comment and identify yourself!

I am currently rolling with the Just Like a Man LJ template.

Lived in many different places, currently in Portland
B.S. in Multimedia Design
Rabid photographer, designer, and general-purpose webmonkey
Obsessed wushu practitioner (5+ years experience)
Enjoys biking, cooking, games, hiking, movies, karaoke, creating things...

I'm a newly-thirty-something female who mainly just wants to explore, create, and enjoy life, and I'll try just about anything once. I train wushu like crazy, I cook whenever possible, and I get my creative juices flowing with design and photography. I love to sing, and I enjoy spending a healthy amount of time in the sun. (rather funny, seeing as I live in the rainy Northwest...)

I can get along with lots of people, as long as they're reasonably intelligent and aren't assholes. Typing like an intelligent person is also a plus, because I can be fairly anal-retentive about spelling and punctuation. I can sometimes be rather cranky about new people, but try not to hold it against me. I don't hate you, promise! ;)

You should probably read the journal, if you really want to know more. I am not generally a fan of labels, so it's hard for me to know when to apply them to myself. If you're bored enough that you decide to read the entire archive, I recommend you skip ahead to, say, June 2000 or so.

Because I like lists, I'll try to define myself in what may be oversimplified terms:

-- I'm a nerd/geek/dork, and I enjoy being this way.
-- I'm a pragmatist with optimistic tendencies. I am fairly logical, as a generality, but I can never lose all hope.
-- I'm a romantic. It may not always show, but I love very strongly and fiercely.
-- I'm smart. Not always well-spoken, especially since I never get enough sleep, but I'm certainly no dolt. I probably sound more intelligent in print.
-- I like films that tell a good story, I like music that breaks a rule or three, and I like writing that makes me think.
-- I love functional design. Abstract art makes me want to break things.
-- I am, in large part, Libertarian. The government is pretty broken, and I'd like to have it out of my life as much as possible. The two-party system can suck it.
-- I'm a cartoon. I have a very expressive face, and people keep saying that I should be a voice actor.

That is all.

Interests (150):

8-bit theater, 80's music, acting, alyson's mom, amy tan, angel, anime, atari teenage riot, baseball, big feet, bis, boba, brian/mikey, british accents, bubble wrap jumpsuits, buffy the vampire slayer, caffeine, calpico orange soda, captain tightpants, cartoons, cheese, chicago white sox, chick drinks, chuck palahniuk, computers, console games, conversation partners, cooking, coupling, cowboy bebop, d'erlanger, daler mehndi, dance dance revolution, david bowie, depeche mode, devo, douglas adams, drinking, dune, dutch bros., dvds, eastern religions, eddie izzard, engrish, evangelion, fake?, figure skating, food, friends, gaming, go-go boots, guitar, gyoza, hair extensions, hide, insomnia, iron chef, j-rock, jackie chan, japanese, japanese guy yell, jun onose, justice, karaoke, katori shingo, katsuya suou, ken lloyd, ketchup chips, kewpie mayonaise, king of the hill, kinneyism, knitting, koyasu takehito, kung fu, kuroyume, laputa, love, luna sea, men, monster movies, mr. t, music, musicals, naruto, nick-at-nite shows, nine inch nails, oblivion dust, odango hair, oyako don, patrick stewart, perl, persona 2, photography, piano, pinstripes, queer as folk, r. dorothy wayneright, rancid, rent, roger smith, role-playing, romulan ale, rufus wainwright, sawyer twins, science fiction, sewing, sexy pixels, shaft, shingo mama, shiny pants, singing, smap fighting crime, smashing pumpkins, spelling, spike, spock's beard, star trek, star wars, subtext, subtitles, survivor, sushi, swordchucks, swords, t-shirt modding, taiji, teriyaki, the a-team, the big o, the clash, the mad capsule markets, the satomi tadashi song, the simpsons, theatre, they might be giants, tori amos, tv, uke shorts, utada hikaru, utena, web design, weiss kreuz, world of warcraft, writing, wushu, x japan, yaoi, yoga, your mom, zoltan
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