...you're having to leave communities because A) nobody has legitimately posted from it in ages, and B) it's being taken over by Russian porn spam.

Wooo. :p
I woke up to a frantic-ish e-mail that the web site is broken. Nobody on our end had touched anything in weeks, so this already chapped my hide, without even knowing what the problem was, yet.

After investigating, I found that it's due to a database connection error. The login is incorrect, and the error that's being thrown is:

Could not connect: Access denied for user 'cp_dbs'@'agent02.com' (using password: YES)

The "agent02.com" isn't supposed to be there, I figure, but I can't find anything in the .htaccess or the config files that would be adding it to the login. I've blown the better part of my morning trying to work this out, and now all I can do is pray that the support staff at the webhost has some idea of what happened to make this suddenly break.

This is a potent reminder of why I never, never want to be a sysadmin.

EDIT: Yes, it's fixed now. Irritating thing is, the webhost fixed it using the very first solution I tried. D: What the crap? Sometimes, I hate you, Internet.
I'm not sure what it is, but friends-of-friends seem to be finding me via Facebook and asking me out with a greater and greater frequency, as of late. I'm not sure why they're approaching me, because most of them seem to have very few, if any, of the fundamental things in common with me. But one, in particular, is becoming quite the source of amusement for me and the couple other friends of mine whose profiles led this person to me.

This dude apparently found me through a friend's event invitation, and messaged me to ask about hanging out. We did seem to have a few things in common, and he must've caught me in an exceptionally good mood, because I foolishly said I might be open to that sometime. After getting the inside scoop from our mutual friends, however, it sounded like he was more of a casual hookup kind of dude, which isn't my type at all, so I was less interested, after that. And, well, he hasn't exactly been helping his case.

He's been inviting me to various things every week or so since, and on several occasions, even after he's invited me to something and I've told him I'm busy, he'll re-invite me *again* on the day-of. For some reason, that really hits my pet peeve nerve, and having to re-iterate that, hey, I said I already had plans, gets spectacularly annoying. I'm a busy person, and I like to take things at my own pace, and being bothered by virtual strangers tries my patience pretty badly, sometimes.

But, the amusing part is, after a few iterations of this, where does he decide to invite me next? HOT TUBBING. The first invite was for the soaking pool at the Kennedy School, which is at least a neutral location, but the second invite was for hot-tubbing at his place, with a few friends of his.

Of course, neither one sounded like a good time to me, because, call me crazy, but hot-tubbing as a first-meetup? Even if a few other people are present, that just sounds REALLY. AWKWARD.

I've since told him as much, and hopefully, that'll be enough to get him off my case. Because now I basically have no desire to meet this person, uh, ever.

And that is the story of Hot Tub Guy.
And here's why!

This whole "Ice Breakers" thing, where they essentially recommend that you write to a person, knowing nothing about them other than the fact that they like something you happen to like. While I understand the importance of common interests, there are plenty of obnoxious people in the world who happen to enjoy one thing that I also enjoy.

People who comment about how cute I am in pictures, and who obviously didn't read my profile? If I wanted to be objectified, I could just go to a bar. At least then, I'd have a beer in my hand.

One aspiring suitor described me as an "X-Men conocer." I sincerely hope that is an obscure English word that I haven't yet learned, because if that's supposed to be "connoisseur," I may just have to punch something.

And speaking of word abuse, Anxious and Eager? NOT INTERCHANGEABLE.

On the flip side of the word abuse angle, there are the dudes who try *too* hard to sound smart. Overusing pretentiously-long words isn't quite as irritating as using more conventional words incorrectly... but it's close.

Dear Unattractive OKStalker: "i want to marry you" is not an effective conversation starter. THANKS.

Another dude wrote to me... for the sole purpose of asking me if I'm looking to do freelance web development work. Because I'm *obviously* on OKCupid for the purpose of getting jobs. Riiiight.

And finally, Paul Atreides is apparently hiding out in Portland and looking for love. Well, at least that one's more funny than it is irritating.
After getting featured on Behance.net, I decided that, hey, maybe I should make my own account there, too. So, I did.

Then, as I was poking around on our photography MySpace and responding to various inquiries, I started thinking about how many social networking sites I'm on. I only have a few personal accounts that I really use anymore (primarily LJ or Facebook), but for the photo business, we have a fairly ridiculous number of accounts, and I probably use at least half a dozen of them regularly.

On the one hand, it's useful to have some of them, because we have made some great connections through them. But on the other hand, it's a friggin' time suck to log into each one of these blasted things to read and respond to messages and whatnot. I mean, there is value to it, because it gets our name out there, but gah, so much time! Could be taking more pictures or making more cool things!

But, as they say, it's not about what you know, but who you know. And you know? I could be taking the most amazing shots ever, but if nobody knows about it, then I gets no moneys. I guess it's one of those necessary evils.

And hey, at least I'm actually networking, instead of installing dumb "applications" and SuperPoke-ing everyone I know on Facebook, right? ;)

In other news, I just won a cheap new toy on eBay, and it'll allow me to do some cool DIY-ish things that I've had saved in my queue forever. Oooh, fun experimentation. I only wish I had it right now!
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Weekend was pretty rad, although it would've been better if I hadn't slept like crap on Friday night. I was getting weird jabby pain in my earlobe, of all things. Not inside my ear, just the outer edges. Needless to say, it kept waking me up, so I slept until 11am and still felt like crap. Sigh.

Anyhoo, Saturday we went sailing up the river, and it was an *awesome* day for it. We had good wind for most of it, the sun was shining, and the temperature was perfect. After that, we were super-hungry, so we went to Corbett Fish House, and they had some of the lightest, most non-greasy fish-and-chips I've *ever* had. We had a sampler that included a fried oyster, and I am *still* scarred by the oyster shooter experience last summer, because even the cooked one was kind of gross. No more oysters, EVAR. But the rest was yummy, as was their soup of the day!

After that, it was off to [livejournal.com profile] monkeyhole's shindig! Meeting LJ friends is fun, especially seeing as I've had both him and [livejournal.com profile] sarapada on my Friends List for a long-ass time. :D We played some Fluxx, and Guitar Hero, and silly Wii games, and watched animated shorts, and there was good snackage and beer. I am also, apparently, Teh Win at all the Mario Party minigames that involve making wanking motions with the Wiimote. *NICE*. ^^;

Sunday was yet more runway. I'm a bit crabby about it, because this go-round, they had the designers watching and picking the girls they wanted, so even though the previous two meetings were labeled as "auditions," this was the one that actually mattered. ::eyeroll:: I did all right, though, so that's good. After that, I met with a makeup artist who did some crazy doll makeup on me, and then we rolled on out and did some shots. It was unusual working with a photographer that shoots film--it's not all snapsnapsnap like a lot of digital folks tend to do--but I think the end result will be pretty fun. :)

In other news, I keep seeing ads on Craigslist from people looking to have their MySpace page designed by a professional, and I find it... irksome. I understand that it's an easy way to network, but dude, it's MYSPACE. The very nature of the service and the people who use it doesn't exactly scream professionalism to me.

And if that's not bad enough, I don't know if I've EVER seen a MySpace layout that wasn't boring, difficult to read, or completely obnoxious. I almost don't think it's even possible to make a MySpace page that *doesn't* look like it just fell off the fugly tree, and I'd be impressed if someone managed to do it.

Memo to business people: make your MySpace a great big link to your REAL web site, and quit wasting your money on MySpace redesigns! Kthxbye!

Oh yeah, and this week is rad because: PAID JULY 4TH HOLIDAY WOOOOO! Too bad there's not a lot of actual Independence to celebrate nowadays. :p Hopefully, that'll change.
Still looking for red or brown high heels that'll fit on my gunboat feet. Who wants to be my hero? :D

Okay, so did MySpace recently forge some kind of partnership with a dating site or multiple dating sites? I'm suddenly getting an influx of friend requests from strange men, and have gotten messages that reference "my ad," when I haven't *placed* an ad. ARGH, hatehatehate.

In happier news, we have a potential roommate for one of the remaining rooms... I met him this morning and he seems sane. :) He also has a cat, so we'll still have a pet around once StalkerKitty is gone, *and* he says it's cool around dogs, so if I decided to get a dog, we'd still be good to go. Yee!

Speaking of dogs, the dog sitting period has begun! I came in yesterday and there was a cute little terrier with a pink bow in her hair staring up the stairs at me. That's almost too much cute for one little dog, heh. :) I haven't been home much since Monday, but she's been very quiet and very sweet when I've been around. Aawww. :)

I had some work that I thought I'd be doing this evening, but I'm still waiting to hear back on various things from various people... so I think I'm going to train! Well, and knock out a thing or three on the to-do list, too, I suppose.
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Okay, this is bummer news: there was apparently some miscommunication with the editors for that photo shoot I did last weekend, so I have to give back the shirt I thought I was allowed to keep! BOO-URNS. :( Well, at least I know the pictures are going to look hotsauce; the editor who called me sounded pretty thrilled about how they turned out.

So I got a message on MySpace today, that was basically some pot-smoking idiot--seriously, he actually says "I smoke a lot of pot" in his incredibly sparse bio ::eyeroll::--sending me unsolicited sex poetry. Um, EWW?! God, I effin' hate people on MySpace. Well, at least they have a Block User feature, because baaarf. ;p

Last night, I finally bought sarahgiffrow.com, after many months of thinking that I ought to buy a more obvious domain name, so I can point people to my real website(s). I suppose there wasn't really any hurry, since that domain name was probably not a hot commodity--I have yet to meet or hear rumor of another person with my name--but the timing seemed right.

I worked on some layoutage, too, but I'm not sure if I'm happy with it. I might use Flash to make it a bit flashier (heh, pun not intended), because my portfolio doesn't really communicate that I have mad Flash skillz. I think I'm just happy to be designing, at the moment. :) I also set up a WordPress blog in one of my sub-folders, just for the hell of it. I'm not sure what I'll use it for, yet, but I have a few random ideas.

Tonight = wushu and lifting! I keep meaning to lift on Mondays, too, but I always end up working late enough that I don't want to spend that much time at the gym. :p
Today is definitely a coffee day. Lordy, I am exhausted. I would love a long, long bath. Or a nap. Or hell, both.

My legs essentially gave out on me near the end of wushu yesterday, and after 5 minutes of sitting down, I proceeded to weight train them after that, because I am a glutton for punishment. :p And, of course, I'm practicing again tonight, so I'll be even more dead! Whooooo! ;p On the plus side, I have my new sword picked out, and Byron plans to split shipping costs with me by ordering together. Mmmm, swordy goodness.

Jenny, David, and Ben invited me over for lunch earlier. We threw together some tofu tacos, which actually turned out pretty good! The tofu might've been better if there'd been some cumin on hand, but I did all right with the whole herbs and spices thing anyway. I take food so seriously, sometimes. :)

Tonight's going to be busy. I'm making tomato soup, going to practice, and J is hopefully going to help me toss together my thuggish character for [livejournal.com profile] numfar's Serenity RPG. I'm thinking about making it more of a hand-to-hand combat character, but the whole gun-toting bad-ass thing also sounds appealing... hrm.

Complaint of the moment: So, I put up a picture from the party a couple weekends ago, on MySpace late Tuesday night. I was drunk and feeling oddly energetic at the time, so I busted out some splits:

And guess what? It took less than 24 hours for random idiots with pec-flashing profile photos to start contacting me with flirtatious messages and things like "i want to get to know u" and "hey ur cute" [sic] and GAAAHHHH I HATE PEOPLE WHO TYPE LIKE MORONS. The only people who messaged me on MySpace prior to this were real-life friends and the occasional random garage band, which was exactly what I wanted! I'm only there because I have friends who use it. What. The Crap. Just because I'm flexible doesn't mean that I'll put out for any retard who crosses my path!

I am so changing my profile picture now. Jesus effing Christ.

That's all.
Question for the photographers in the audience: I'm feeling froggy and plan to do some photography--primarily indoor and portraiture, but probably some outdoor, too--but all I have so far is a good digital camera. I figure on getting a tripod and some lighting equipment... do you have any recommendations for cheap-but-decent items I can get to fill that need? Are there any other inexpensive items I might want to pick up that would improve a shot?

I enjoyed the new House episode. I must admit that I don't quite see the UST between House and Wilson--at least, not to the degree that other people seem to--but their scenes always seem to be my favorites in a given episode. It's always entertaining to watch how they interact. Everyone seems to know at this point that Hugh Laurie is doing excellent work, but Robert Sean Leonard is fantastic, too.

Last night was a good WoW night, too. I didn't make Knight-Lieutenant, but I barely PvPed at all last week, so I'm not all that bummed about it. Besides, I was pumped about my new gear, which actually seems to be working pretty well. Maybe it's just because I was lucky enough to get into some decent PUGs, and the computer wasn't lagging too badly, but that was probably the smallest amount of swearing I've done during a PvP session. ::rotfl:: I also stuck a level on Bobblethumb, because I've neglected my alts for too long.

Complaint: I'm a bit tired of getting Friend Requests on MySpace from people who are just pimping their band. Half the time, it's not even music that I really like. If I was interested in every crappy little indie group to crawl out of the garage, I'd go looking for them!

Okay, that was a bit hateful. But, man, sometimes MySpace makes me want to hurt things. LJ FO' LYFE :O

I hope the sunny weather lasts for a while! I LOVE YOU, DAY STAR <3 Funny how much my hate of daylight decreased once I got some decent mini-blinds to keep the light out on those lazy weekend mornings. ;p

That's all!
So, I've been on MySpace for less than a week, and already, I am continually receiving messages from people who can't type and who are probably only messaging me for completely shallow reasons. There is the occasional person who doesn't lay down all that "hey baby baby" junk, but mostly, it's not Scottish, and is therefore crap. ;p

I had this same issue on Yahoo! Messenger, too. I only started using Y! IM because I had friends who were using it more than AIM, but the swingin' singles started pestering me more than my real friends did... that is, until I went to the trouble of changing my status to, "Long-Term Relationship." ;p I am half-tempted to list myself on MySpace as Married so these people will quit bugging me, but that would probably confuse the hell out of the more legit people who might actually want to friend me.

In other news, Ben is going to rally some troops to go see the Johnny Cash movie on Thursday, so, I should be going to that, finally! :D (Joaquin Phoenix = A+!) Also, the Chronicles of Narnia movie comes out this week, and that looks really cool, so maybe on Saturday...?

Crap, apparently Syriana and Brokeback Mountain also come out this week. Maybe I should just live at the movie theater this weekend. Anybody have a camping stove? ;ppp

Speaking of movies, WHY CAN'T I SEE THE FREAKING X3 TRAILER?! ::cry:: I just get a broken quicktime icon when I click to start the movie clip. Whyyyyyy ;_;

Anyway, yesterday was good. I got free lunch from the office, in the form of yummy pizza from a local joint that opened semi-recently. I went to a yoga class for the first time in a while, and most of my left leg is still bothering me, but the yoga helped relax it quite a bit. We also got caught up on Veronica Mars episodes through the magic of BitTorrent--the local UPN affiliate completely botched the feed for the 80-bajillionth time, bastards--and it was so good! Dear Writers: I LOVE YOU GUYS. <3

Soooo tired.

Letter to Santa! )


Letter to Cthulhu! )
Curse you, Oregon Sky! Why aren't you opening up and dumping snow on our heads? Oh, yeah, because this is Eugene, where you can count the number of times it has snowed on one hand.

Against my better judgment, I now have a MySpace account. It's ugly and uncustomizable and I kind of hate it, but enough people have harassed me about it that I finally caved. So, yeah, friend me already, because it's probably at least some of you people's fault that I have one in the first place. ;p

Yesterday was tiring; I've been getting the absolute minimum in terms of sleep this week, so it's catching up with me. :p It wasn't all bad though; I got a random invite from Ron to chat on AIM with a bunch of people from the summer when I was in PA, even though I didn't know everyone present. :) Still, interesting to know what people are up to, and a reminder that I really should get down to San Franny and actually *visit* people, rather that just passing through on the way to somewhere else.

Wushu was good, as usual. I finally finished learning my first broadsword form, so after some fine-tuning, I can move along to something more bad-ass. I also recently acquired an instructional DVD for staff, so hopefully I can learn a long weapon before I die.

I can't decide what I want to do this weekend, if anything. There will probably be some WoW in there, and some cleaning, and I think something is happening tomorrow night, but I have no idea what. Well, hopefully good things will happen. :)

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