I'm taking a moment to tell you about [livejournal.com profile] drjeff's Kickstarter project: A How-To Guide for Therapy Clients. I really want you to throw money at this project, for several reasons:
  • It's an important topic that nobody's talking about. I briefly tried therapy back in 2006, and gave up on it, because I didn't see how it was helping me. The real reason, however, was that I hadn't found the right therapist, I wasn't patient enough, and I didn't go in with the right mindset. When I tried it again (successfully) in 2009, I finally understood why it didn't work the first time, but only because I found the right person (a wonderful LCSW) who knew how to guide me and explain it to me, and because I refused to give up.

    Even now that I'm out of therapy, I still can't help thinking that, if I'd known all of the ins and outs of finding and working with the right therapist--the information [livejournal.com profile] drjeff will be sharing in his book--maybe I'd have succeeded at therapy the first time, and saved myself a lot of pain and heartache.

  • It's a project that he's passionate about and expert in, and it'll mean a better life for him. He does good work helping people every day, and he loves doing it. But, it's not exactly high-paying work. Making this e-book project happen would be a wonderful way to keep him doing the important work that he loves doing, while also making life better for him and his family.

  • It's a project he's chosen me to design and build. He's putting the words to pages, but he knows that he needs a professional-looking book, and a pro-stylie web site to stand out, and he'll be using some of the Kickstarter fund to hire me to do that work. He's also respectful enough to know what I'm worth, and is endeavoring to pay that rate without hesitation. So, yes, my livelihood is invested in this, too.
So, yeah, here's my plea to donate to the project  and make it happen. If the project doesn't make its goal, then it gets ZERO funding, so if you have a few bucks, throw it in today. <3
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I probably semi-mangled that LOLspeak up there but, eh, who cares? I only use it, "ironically," anyway. ;p

Anyhoodle, my birthday's coming up, [livejournal.com profile] matrixleap and I decided to do a joint shindig ages ago, and the invite went out on the Facepages a few weeks ago. SO, if you haven't been on there lately to look at the invite, now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

In other news, last weekend's Travel Team bout was AMAZEBALLS (seriously, skip to 1:20:00 and behold, my dears: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhaS5dPlXIg), work is trying to eat me, and my brain apparently still remembers the 6 original marshmallows (both color and shape) in the early-80s incarnation of Lucky Charms. Thank you, Geek Trivia.

Oh, and I'm taking a six-week MercyCorps business course, to help make sure I have all of my business-y ducks in a row. I'm actually enjoying it, and it's already helping me think about how to potentially do things differently/better. So far, I've also learned that I've chosen the right business entity to register under, that I know more about credit than I thought, and that I still need to figure out how to talk about my business without A) rambling, or B) feeling like I'm not being myself. Apparently, I can do one or the other, but not both, heh.

And, in conclusion: The Cabin in the Woods? EXCELLENT movie. Go see it immediately. I won't say more than that, because I don't want to ruin it for you. ;)
Yes, because it's mid-December and I've heard nary a peep about New Year's Eve festivities, I'm taking the bull by the horns and throwing the shindig myself.

Short version: Big Yellow House, 7:30pm until we collapse, BYOB, bring fancy clothes and/or a festive attitude, snacks appreciated but not required.

If you are the Facebooking kind, let me know if you want to be added to the invite.

EFF YEAH 2012.
I spent most of last weekend working, because I'm ridiculous. BUT, in all fairness, I'm not working on Thanksgiving, and I'm not working on Friday, either, so that's pretty excellent.

First off: First Friday is back! I just picked up a bunch of flyers to promote it, over the weekend. We're going to have live music this time, too. I really hope y'all can come out.

Also, I'm totally helping the animals this holiday. I got together with Alyson and Carolyn for laptop party goodness, and 1) I helped them Bieber-ize their studio door for the holidays, and 2) I designed a flyer and put up a web site for our pet food drive. I'm really excited about it, because do-gooding with the power of your expert skills is awesome, and because I'm incredibly happy with how the flyer turned out.

I also made this, which is being printed into greeting cards as we speak. People who bring in donations for the pet food drive during First Friday will be getting a little pack of said greeting cards as a thank-you, along with coupons and/or goodies from some of the vendors:

In other news, Thanksgiving is going to be a truly epic meal. OMJESUS. I've been horribly indecisive about what to make, but I finally settled on my contributions today, and they're going to be sweet-potato-riffic. And everyone coming over is bringing something wonderful-sounding, too. It's going to be a good day.

Derby is fairly uneventful, because I can't skate. Well, correction: I *can* skate, but actually playing derby and taking contact made my ankle angry and swollen again last week. Obviously, I didn't give it enough time off, so I'm honest-to-god resting it until it's 100% better.

I checked in with the doctor yesterday, and learned about Proprioception, which is basically the concept of the body sensing where it is in space, and sending signals back to your brain to react to that when it’s needed. It’s what my bad ankle doesn’t really have right now--it’s noticeably slower to react than my good ankle. I now a Thera-band and a new list of therapy exercises, though, so a few weeks of diligent home therapy should get me back on the track again.

I might go back to endurance or speed skating class sooner than regular practices or scrimmage, but yeah, no contact for me for a solid month, I'm guessing. But, at least I can make myself useful while I sit the bench: I got to time the penalty box at Saturday practice, which was actually pretty amusing.

Authority looks good on me, y'all.
So, hey, I'm doing this First Friday thing at my studio next week.

It has a lot of potential to be a big deal, so I'm really hoping some of y'all who are actually interested in this sort of thing will come. (Seriously. I have 15 Yes responses after sending out 200+ FB invites. I'm a little bit freaked about that) Here's the Facebook invite, if you're not already on it.

I know there are probably a billion things going on that same night, but hey, it's only 6-8pm, and you can totally drop in and say hello before you take off towards other fancy adventures.

And, hey! Free wine! I take care of my people. ;)

HAY GUYZ. Rib-Off is almost upon us, and I realize that amid all the flurry here, I forgot to announce it. I'm not the organizer, all I did was say, "sure, you can do it at my house," when [livejournal.com profile] daemonwise was casting about for a venue, and he sent out Facebook invites quite a few weeks ago. (July has been, uh, "interesting," enough as it is, so cut me a little slack, heh)

ANYWAY, the short version: My house. Saturday. August 6th. 1pm until we get tired. 10 different rib recipes will be pitted against each other in epic battle. You get to eat ALL of them and vote for the best in five different categories. There is also a side dish competition, open to anyone who wants to make an appearance! Also, bring whatever you want to drink. Hang out, have fun, enjoy the pork-drunk excellence.

Or, if you require more details, here's the long version, as posted by [livejournal.com profile] daemonwise on FB:

The Long, Copy/Pasted description )

On a related note, guess who's throwing down a test batch before going to the studio today? Oh yeeeeah.
YOU GUYS. Next month, Evil Dead will be coming to Wonder Ballroom. In the form of a MUSICAL. http://www.evildeadtour.com/northwest/buytickets/

I am SO there. Who's coming with me? :D
I have a ton more things to get done before I go, but, PSA: I'm going camping! Cell phone service will be sketchy.

Back in town Sunday late-afternoon, but I'll be at practice and the league meeting until night.

SO looking forward to this. Hiking! And reading! And marshmallows and stuff!
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It's time for our next big fancy Coliseum Bout, and this time, the four home teams from Seattle are taking on Portland's four home teams, in an awesome display of skating prowess.

Rose City vs. Rat City
Memorial Coliseum
Doors at 5:00pm
Skating starts at 5:45pm

The deal is the same as last time: $14/ea for tickets, and when you get them from me, you save on annoying service fees!

I currently have exactly one interested person. If you have interest, let me know how many (and soon!) and I will get the tickets for you! 
In case you weren't already aware: I'm raising money for Special Olympics Oregon, via the Polar Plunge! Yes, I am voluntarily prancing into the Columbia River for a good cause. The Plunge itself happens this Saturday, so if you have a few bucks to kick in for the fund, follow the link and do so. Our team is closing in on our $1000 fundraising goal!

Also, there will be unicorn costumes. And video posted on the Intertubes. Alyson and I worked on the former for the better part of yesterday afternoon.

In other news, I think I'm entering one of those periods where I don't feel like saying much here. I mean, I did things this weekend, but hell if I feel like writing anything about it right now.

Clearly, y'all needed to know that. ;p
Saturday Night. Wushu Demo. PSU. I believe the event doors open at 5pm, but I was told to be there at 7:30, so the stage show won't be starting until later in the evening. But yes, come see, if you're so inclined!

So, yes, another full weekend was had. Gatherings, karaoke, photoshooting, and derby practices... the latter of which was quite the rollercoaster.

I had a terrible time during the on-wheels portion of Thursday's practice; I was extremely tired for no apparent reason, and wasn't performing well at all. My knees have been acting up again, too, so pushing through exhaustion was next-to-impossible, once the knee pain was thrown on top of it. When you're already at the low end of the field on your better days, that all becomes pretty damned demoralizing.

Then, when we did the half-hour of off-skates conditioning, I busted it out, and when I looked around, it became pretty apparent that I'm one of the fittest people on the squad. I've received comments from other girls at derby, too, about how strong I am, or how strong I look, so this has been something of a pattern. After off-skates training wrapped up, though, the self-deprecating part of my brain said: "hey, if I'm one of the fittest and strongest, why am I also one of the absolute worst skaters here?"

...stupid brain.

Needless to say, I felt pretty despondent after that, and was dreading Saturday practice. That practice didn't go too terribly much better, in terms of how well I skated, but we did have the opportunity to scrimmage, so it was more enjoyable, at least. Captain O also took each of us aside for a one-on-one during practice, to check in and see how we were feeling about things, so I actually got to have the, "I'm struggling very badly, when I don't think I should be!" conversation. He gave me a few things to work on, but he also did assure me that I'm not as horribly behind as I think, and that a lot of my basics are solid.

He also noted that I should pay a visit to the skate shop and have my skates looked at, in case there was a problem there. I actually had a few spare moments after practice, so I hustled on over and did just that... and found out that I hadn't been measured correctly for my skates. My current pair is too big, so I've spent almost 6 months on skates that don't fit me. Hearing that was equal parts relieving and frustrating: I was Relieved to have confirmation that my skating issues weren't just a matter of my being a lousy skater, but Frustrated because I don't have the cash to buy properly fitted skates just yet. So, I get to deal with the problem for at least a couple more weeks.

Still, I finally got enough of my energy back to feel somewhat stronger at Sunday practice, and I think I'm over the emotional hump, at least temporarily. A lot of girls now have Blue Star clearance, I'm not one of them, and the coaches have made it clear that they want to clear the rest of us SOON. The pressure's on, but there's not much I can do but keep pushing onward, and hoping that things will get better sooner, rather than later.


On the plus side, just about everything else is either looking hopeful, or going along really, really well, so even the looming specter of bad skating can't cancel that out. I'm feeling good today. :)


Jan. 3rd, 2011 03:49 pm
GUESS WHERE I AM! Hint: It's that place where I spend 40 hours of my week, that requires me to get up earlier than I want to in the morning, and where my constant boredom knows no bounds. I've already mentally set a deadline of June 2011 to get the beast that is The Job out of my face, because that will mark 4 years at this place. FOUR YEARS. Enough is enough.

So, yes, between The Job and The Sick, focusing on anything today has been next-to-impossible. On the plus side, my Year In Review is done, for those on my Friends List.


Anyhoo: ROLLER DERBY SEASON OPENER! Saturday, Jan 15th, doors at 5pm. In short, this is one of just four derby events being held at Memorial Coliseum this year, so it's kind of a big deal! If you've been wanting to check out a bout, this would be a *great* one to attend.

I'm also selling tickets to the bout, because Fresh Meat girls apparently have to do that. SO, if you're interested in going, I highly recommend buying your tickets from me, and avoiding the evils of online ticketing fees!

Note to self: Make a roller derby icon.

LA Story

Dec. 17th, 2010 01:48 pm
Omjesus. Just over THREE HOURS UNTIL MY VACATION BEGINS. Well, "vacation," in the sense that I do not have to return to The Job until January 3rd. There is still much to do before I depart on Monday. SO. MUCH. TO DO.

Hopefully, at least some of that will involve getting some goddamned sleep. Thanks primarily to my awful workload, three out of the last four nights have had me up past 2am, which, when you have to be at work by 9:30am? NOT FUN. I kind of want to die right now.

Speaking of which, my travel plans: I will be in San Francisco evening of the 20th, LA on the 21st! I'll be romping around LA with lots of free time, until my daddy is off work on the 24th. I would also

12/20: evening in the Bay Area
12/21: EP dinner in the evening
12/22: 8pm skate w/Angel City Derby?
12/24-28: family-type things, playing it by ear in LA/central coast. (Karaoke? More derby?)
12/29: Departure date

So, if you'll be around, let's hang, eh? Let me know if you need my digits, if you want to make plans, etc.

Okay, somehow I'll survive this day. Wish me luck.


Nov. 19th, 2010 03:47 pm
I love this so hard.

Also: Last Call for our Thanksgiving Friendly Feast! We cooks need to know a head count, so we know how much food to make, even though I'm sure we'll probably *still* have more than enough. But yes, if you want in, speak now, and if you're a Maybe, get your fine self onto one side of the fence or the other. Muchas gracias!
I've mentioned this before, but possible alternate plans may have come up for me on the same day, SO, I'd like to poll the audience and see who will actually come to the Derby Bout this coming Saturday:

Wheels of Justice vs. Windy City Rollers
Saturday, October 16, 2010, 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
General admission $14.00, Rockstar guaranteed seating $20.00

Doors open at 5pm, skating starts at 6pm.

If you're not feeling 100% about going, then don't worry about it. I'm just looking for firm Yes-es, for planning purposes and whatnot. And yes, [livejournal.com profile] marykae , I know you'll be there. ;)
I already created an event on FB, but it's being odd at the moment with allowing me to send out invites. And hey, cross-posting is never a bad thing.

SO! This Thursday is the FINAL ROUND of the Karaoke Contest at The Pit Stop! There's $250 on the line, and they've already had a few rounds over the past few weeks, which I unfortunately had to miss, due to working constantly.

But, one of the finalists had to drop out. And the person replacing said finalist? Why, none other than Yours Truly, otherwise known as The Drunken Master!

I'll be bringing my usual brand of karaoke bad-assery, in an attempt to capture the grand prize, and I've been instructed to bring my friends for support in the final vote. If you haven't seen me do karaoke before, I'm not going to lie: it can occasionally be pretty darned epic.

I know we're all busy people, so no pressure, of course, but if you can make it, I'd love to see you and have your support. :)

Also, question: I must pick a song, and it must be completely awesome. So, if you *have* been to karaoke with me before, what do you think is my best tune?
There's been talk of having a few gatherings of various kinds at my place in the near future, and one of the suggestions was a movie night. But, a simple movie night isn't enough, so, after having this conversation with multiple people, multiple times, I propose to you:

"Why Haven't You Seen This Movie" Night!
WHAT: Kick back with some snacks, and watch those Important Films that everyone "should" see, but you haven't yet, for whatever reason.
WHERE: My Big Yellow House
WHEN: Fill this out and tell me when is good!
WHO: You, of course.

I'm pretty sure [livejournal.com profile] daemonwise will hang me if Casablanca doesn't make the list, but other than that, suggestions for films are welcome and encouraged! E-mail threads and/or Google Waves may ensue, once I get enough WhenIsGood responses.

This will kick off as a one-day marathon-type viewing, but could spin off into a semi-regular evening, where we just set aside a couple hours to watch one film from the list.
Since the only people I've heard from today are people telling me they're not coming, Ground Kontrol's not happening. (probably for the best, as I'm in a power-napping mood anyway)

Reschedule will happen soon!
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Ground Kontrol Update: Saturday evening sounds agreeable to most, so that's the plan! I'm thinking maybe 6 or 6:30-ish, in the hopes of getting some games in before it gets *too* terribly busy?

Also, [livejournal.com profile] twilite_embrace sent out invites to Neal's show, which is at 9:30pm, so I'm thinking I might like to do both, if possible. Y'all are not obligated to join me for the show, but if you'd like to, let me know. :)

Speaking of shows, [livejournal.com profile] _dilate_ and I went to see the Buzzcocks last night, and it was *awesome*. They played a lot of the songs I already knew, and it made me want to DANCE. The crowd was pretty sedate for a punk show, but at least there were a few people who were getting into it, so I flailed around as best I could in the space available. And man, there's something about seeing old dudes who've been around forever, still rocking the hell out of a venue that just warms my silly heart. They put on a great show, and I emerged half-deaf, covered in sweat, and thoroughly satisfied.

On a completely unrelated note, while I was kicking around with [livejournal.com profile] katlyn and [livejournal.com profile] daemonwise the other day, I was commiserating with the former on recent sad-making events, and the latter quipped something to the effect of, "this isn't a meeting of the Sad Sack Club." To which I replied, "nah, I have a dumptruck full of sad!"

After a flurry of silly jokes, brainstorming and speculative t-shirt ideas, an image came into my head. And yesterday, I got bored enough to open up Illustrator and put a very rough version to pixels:

The Sad Dumptruck Club )

I like that I did this, and I'm thinking that dedicating a little 30-minute chunk to silly design-y flights of fancy every week or so could be a nice way of exercising my inspiration muscles, and boosting my creative output. Here's to hoping...
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In case you didn't see my note about it on Facebook: NO PINTS FOR ME UNTIL CMAT (May 1st).

Alcohol seems to decrease my progress in athletic pursuits, and increase the negative impact of my occasional dietary sins, more than anything else in my life right now. Well, aside from stress, that is. But I can more easily control the amount of alcohol I consume than I can control the amount of work that is thrust upon me.

So, yeah. No beer, and definitely no hard-A, since I rarely drink it straight. *Maybe* the occasional glass of wine, but I'm laying off that, too. Don't hesitate to hold me to this, if need be.

...and of course I would make this declaration the day before St. Paddy's, which is quite the drinky holiday around here. Of COURSE. ;) But, then again, this is Portland: what holiday *isn't* an excuse for pint-clanking?

And, on the plus side, it will have the added benefit of weakening my tolerance. Which is good, because I think my alcohol tolerance has increased, seeing as I had a hell of a time getting any sort of buzz while we were in Vegas.

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