Heh, I didn't write anything here at all in November! I can't remember the last time I've done that in like a decade. Not that there was much to talk about anyway, because most of it was just, "HAY GUYZ, I'm sick and exhausted and I barely have any energy for work or roller derby or anything." The cold I had hung on for long enough that I actually went to the doctor about it... only to have them give me Sudafed and tell me to wait it out. ::sigh:: That was the case for most of the people I know who caught it, though, so I guess this season's crud is just a particularly brutal one.

My car also has decided to be a turd twice in the past month-or-so: the first time, the alternator was going out, so the car crapped out rather suddenly on the way home from derby. Fortunately, [livejournal.com profile] matrixleap helped me replace the battery, and another professional mechanic buddy of ours was able to come over straightaway and put in a new alternator.

The second time was apparently the new alternator being defective, so it started to crap out, too. Fortunately, I caught that problem early and recognized it from last time, so I didn't get stuck anywhere. And, the part was still under warranty, so that replacement was free. I had a dentist appointment in Beaverton less than two hours after it started acting up, though, so it was a pretty annoying inconvenience, but an inexpensive one, at least.

I also have a new bike now, which is pretty excellent. I got it on a huge, hundreds-of-dollars markdown thanks to a Black Friday sale, so all I had to do was head to their pop-up showroom, take a test ride to see if I liked the thing, and they ordered it and had it shipped to my house for free. I finally got it and took it on its maiden voyage around the neighborhood a couple of days ago, and it rides so much smoother, and it'll be lighter on hills, too. Now, if only it we weren't having the rainiest week ever right now, so I could actually ride it!

Tonight is another home team draft, and it is once again a thing of controversy. The only truly melodramatic part dropped late last night, and my co-captain got really fired up about it, but our coaches and I were able to calm things down. It sounds like other team captains are feeling similar about the aforementioned melodrama, too, so that's a comfort. In any case, I'm confident that we'll be fine and will get rad draft picks, and it's nowhere NEAR as stressful as last time around. (I slept straight through the night last night, which is a far cry from the night before our previous draft, heh)

In other completely random news, I think I leveled up my karaoke game yesterday: I did Juke Box Hero at a holiday party, and then afterward, a lady came up to me and asked if she could talk me into doing backing vocals on her band's next album. Haaaaahahaha. I'll be shocked if they actually contact me about it, but it's a cute story, anyway.

I've also been watching a lot of 80's music videos recently (or rather, putting them on in the background while I work), and they're completely bananas and also making me want to do photoshoots based on them. It's been a while since I've had any headspace available to feel inspired, so it's a nice feeling to have.

I mean, really. LOOK AT THIS STUFF.


Yeah, something like this might have to happen soon. XD


Nov. 10th, 2014 05:13 pm
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I'm getting reeeeal tired of getting slapped around by the universe at large for no good reason.

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So, yeah. Late last Sunday, I got robbed.

It had been a long day--shooting at the Comic Con all day, immediately going to three hours' worth of derby practice, and then I went straight to the comic con after party. I'm normally careful with my things, on these busy sorts of days when I might have to leave them in the car for a bit. I'll cover them up, or hide them away in the trunk, usually. But, I had my bike with me, and I can't physically open the trunk when my bike is attached to it, so I wasn't so careful this time.

After a lively evening of drinks and geekery, a friend and I ambled towards my car to head home, and when I opened the driver's side door, the dome light popped on, and I saw the wreckage of the broken-out rear-passenger-side window.

I didn't even know how to process it, honestly. I'm pretty sure I just sat there with my mouth hanging open, looking confused and wild-eyed for several minutes. I pointed to the floor behind the driver's seat and said, "you know what was there? My camera..." And then I moaned about my skate bag, which had been on the back seat.

I dropped off my friend and headed home. Joe woke up a bit when I came in--he'd apparently noticed that I was in a foul mood, based on my footfalls. He asked how I was, and I told him what had happened. He immediately leaped out of bed, hugged me, and told me to file a police report. Then, he got on his computer and started a donation page, asking people to throw in a few bucks to help me replace my things.

I slogged through a Monday filled with insurance claims, phone calls, and a full workday on 3 hours of sleep. Throughout the day, people messaged me, e-mailed me, texted me, offering to let me borrow their skates, their kneepads, their cameras. And, when I got home from work, Joe sat me down in front of the computer, and showed me all of the donations he'd received, in the 15-or-so hours since it happened. There was close to $1200 raised, in less than a day. And, as I looked through each of those names, I finally cried.

I'm still waiting on some of the insurance claims to clear up, but some of that is wrapped up, at least--it's taken claims through three different insurance policies (car, renter's, and business), but minus deductibles, the losses and the damages are all covered to at least some degree.

In the meantime, I did get to skate on Wednesday evening, thanks to loaner skates from an old Fresh Meat friend, and a whole case of loaner pads and wheels from a derby friend who recently retired. I was able to do the photoshoot I had booked early on Thursday morning with a reasonably-familiar camera, thanks to a league photograher's backup D7000. Things don't quite feel normal, but they're closer to normal than I expected them to be in just a scant few days.

I've gotten a lot of support and a lot of hugs from the people I hold dear, in a very short time. Joe has been a champion throughout--checking in on me, cooking dinner, gathering friends to surround me with warm feelings, and just being the supportive and warm human he always is. It's all an incredibly bright spot amongst a lot of aggravation. It's what keeps me from getting caught up in those flashes of anger about the things I won't get to share with the people I care about, because those things were taken away before I could give them.

I only hope I can repay all of this in some way. I don't know how, yet, but as with most things, maybe I'll be able hack something together and make it work. :)
Heh, and the individual I complained about here yesterday is now out of the picture. So it goes.

The tech staffing agency who connected me with that gig played some phone tag with me today, and we finally caught up in the evening. My rep let me know the gig was being terminated, which didn't shock me. I got a chance to give him some insight into the lady's stunning lack of respect for my time, and the incredible lack of direction she gave.

My rep confided in me that they'd asked their branch manager if they should back-fill the position in case more help was needed, and their branch manager recommended against it. Basically, this lady was a poor communicator even with the staffing agency--she'd go radio silent and say that everything was fine, and then (in my rep's words) "out of nowhere she'd start complaining." Even their branch manager saw a "huge lack of direction" from her, and she seemed to be expecting them to manage her projects, which is not at all what they do.

In short, she was such a not-ideal client for them that, if I didn't work out for her needs, the agency was planning to sever the relationship with her anyway.

To be honest, I'm not even a little bit sorry that this gig is over. I mean, I'll miss the money a little, but, simply put, that bitch wasn't paying me nearly enough for the amount of aggravation she caused me. :p

I'm glad that I've evolved into the kind of person who knows how to treat the people she hires, and who also won't put up with disrespectful behavior. It certainly seems to help me get rid of the unreasonable and toxic folks faster than I used to.
Uggghhhh. I think this is the worst I've felt after a game all season. I guess that's not saying much, because I haven't really felt bad at all after any of our games, even when we lost by a wider margin. I don't feel super-awful, or anything, and I know I didn't play badly last night.

I'm mostly just mad at my uterus, because I could have been better if my head was clearer and I'd had a little more energy, instead of fake Midol-induce energy. I'm usually super-mellow and positive during bouts, and I make an effort to be that way--I feel that I play better coming from a calm and uplifting perspective. Last night definitely came from a more emotional place, however, most likely thanks to Aunt Flo. I think I worked harder when I was on the track, but I don't know that I played any better. So, I just have this vague, shitty feeling of wanting to be better for my team, and knowing that I did a lot, but also that I probably could have done more on a different day.

There also was a moment early in the game last night, when I was apparently in a good place to do offense for our jammer, but I didn't see it at the time, so I didn't do it. So, we came off the track, and she immediately went, "right there, you could have hit [so-and-so] out of the way and I could have gotten through, and I was like calling out to you, so you really should just watch out for that," and so on.

The way this teammate gives me feedback usually rubs me a little wrong in general, but in that moment, that was pretty much The Last thing I needed to hear in the middle of a bout. I need to stay positive and think about the good things I'm going to do next, not dwell on little mistakes. Our entire bench needs to, in fact, and our captains even said as much.

So, I basically blew it off and walked away, because if I hadn't, I'd have just stewed on it and feel crappy about it, and there was no time to feel bad about myself or anything I did during that game.

I'm probably going to have a conversation with her today or tomorrow that amounts to, "please don't do that with me during a game, especially when we need to be keeping our bench positive," so she at least knows why I blew it off, and that it wasn't about her so much as it was bad timing. I don't know if she'll understand it, and I'm kind of expecting her to get defensive, so I'm not exactly looking forward to it. This gal and I are pretty fundamentally different people, and having been teammates with her for close to a year, I suspect we may not ever completely understand each other.

One of the neat things about being in a team sport is being exposed to people whom you'd probably never have cause to be around under normal circumstances. A lot of the time, you get to know them, and they surprise you in a really neat and positive way. But, sometimes, there's the down side.
Friday night's bout was a tough game. I knew it would be, and I don't feel horrible about it, but I could have done without the super-convenient head cold that came a couple of days prior to it.

Part of why it was a such a tough game? Well, one of my teammates had some freak accident on Wednesday, and managed to tear the tendon that holds your thumb in place. She's currently wearing a super-rigid brace to keep it supported.

On the same day, another one of my teammates managed to sprain her ankle and aggravate a knee that she was already having problems with.

And then, yet another one of my teammates let us know on Friday morning that she'd had a death in the family.

And you know what? That's just the most recent run of terrible things that have happened to people I like. There were a fair number of Not Good things that happened to others I know, before that. I am not bloody happy about it, and I also can't do anything about it except try to be supportive, but even that doesn't seem like enough.

And, shit. Just recently, I was the listening ear for a story that, just, WOW. I won't share it here, because it's not mine to share, but, JESUS. I can't even fathom how anyone can do a thing like that to such a sweet person, and continue to live with themselves.

So, yeah. I'm pretty happy with my own life, at least, but I want to punch. Literally. EVERYTHING. on behalf of the people around me. Yep.


Mar. 15th, 2011 04:35 pm
OH MY GOD. I think this is the most violently ill I've been in at least several years. I woke up this morning with a fever and a touch of vomiting, oh boy! Apparently, you can get the Con Crud at all manner of large events!

I've spent most of today at home in bed, sleeping and trying to keep food and water down. Food *has* finally started to sound appetizing again over the past half-hour, so hopefully, I'm over the hump.

Let's home tomorrow is better.
Well, that was certainly a weekend.

--I toddled on up to the St. Johns Bizarre for a bit on Saturday, because I'd heard about a recent collaboration one of my awesome clients did, where she'd made jewelry using recycled camera parts. Naturally, I HAD to go to her booth and pick up some of those, and I'd been meaning to visit with her anyway, so it made for a nice excuse to enjoy some sun.

--I went over to [livejournal.com profile] marykae's after that, to watch a few episodes of Party Down with her and Andrew. I got some pretty unpleasant news while there, so I was distracted for part of it, but the show was hilarious and featured a metric ton of Veronica Mars alums, so I still laughed and enjoyed.

--Then, it was pre-W00tstock dinner, and W00tstock itself, which I've already covered to some extent. I am still finding it impossible to choose a single point of awesome to comment upon, but I figure that's a good thing. I also ran into several people whom I hadn't seen in ages, but, given that I've historically run with nerds, and we were attending a show geared towards nerd hilarity, that shouldn't have been surprising.

--THEN, it was [livejournal.com profile] saofoir's birthday party, which was much more relaxed-and-groovy than I expected, and that was perfect for the mood I was in. It's always nice to slow down and enjoy the company of others, without the wild-and-crazy-party atmosphere. :) And her new tattoo is beautiful!

--Sunday was a late breakfast and a fairly impromptu trip to the coast with [livejournal.com profile] katlyn and [livejournal.com profile] daemonwise. It was a gorgeous day, and I snagged some photos that I liked quite a bit, so I'll have to toss them up on Flickr soon. I got a lot of hugs, some much-needed barefoot wading time, and oh my LORD, did we have some good laughs along the way.

--Today's opener for Taurus: You've probably had enough communication snafus to last you for a while, so you are ready for Mercury's retrograde to end. Oh, horoscope. Why are you so eerily accurate these days?

In closing, I received a comment on the ol' Facebook, telling me that I looked "so pretty and happy" in a recent photo. This was rather amusing, because I was anything but happy, at the time it was taken.

Never let it be said that I don't put on a fantastic Stiff Upper Lip. I dare say I'm handling my shit like a rockstar, so far. And it feels good.
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Just when I thought I was finally getting caught up, and feeling like I could really relax, de-stress, and just take good care of ME for a bit... my laptop hard drive decided to crap out last night.

In the MIDDLE of my first Mozy backup.

Of course, since it didn't complete the backup, I lost the last couple weeks' worth of work. I'm not going to lie, I am pretty freaked out and depressed over this. And I am NOT looking forward to re-doing all of this work.

On the plus side, I'd just finished moving all of my China pictures off of the laptop and onto the photo server--which backs up in two separate locations--yesterday morning, so those are all safe.

I would also like to give thanks to Dropbox, because I used that to sync a good chunk of web work to my computer at The Job. So, my recent work on that is also safe.

Otherwise? January is SO. FIRED.

I need some positivity. ;_;


Jan. 13th, 2010 04:22 pm
I am so freakin' tired and sore today. I even got a 15-minute chair massage today and I still feel ridiculously wound-up-tight. Aaaaugh. And of course there's a wedding consultation tonight, after the 6:00 appointment I already had! Ugh.

Took me over half an hour to fall asleep last night, because I couldn't get my stupid brain to shut up and let me relax.

Just have to get through today, and then I have nothing to do tomorrow night. Or at least, nothing that I *have* to do. Which is nice.

I definitely cannot continue at this pace and keep my sanity. Must slow down, and soon.


Oct. 17th, 2009 06:25 pm
I think I'm catching Boy's cold.

I have been ridiculously tired and achy since yesterday (despite getting plenty of sleep), and all I've wanted to eat today is carbs.

Bugger all. @#$%*@#$%*^!

Damn Jobs

Jun. 2nd, 2009 01:26 pm
If you missed it on Facebook yesterday, LOOK HOW CUTE [livejournal.com profile] virgoqueen7 AND HER KID ARE <3 (sorry, couldn't help myself)

I'm taking a Sad Panda moment here, because it's been a few weeks since I applied to Bally's, whicm makes me fairly certain that I won't be hearing back. :/ They had a brief multiple-choice questionnaire when I submitted online, and I think that saying I wasn't currently enrolled in a certification program might have cost me. I'd be in one if I could, of course, but the expense is too much for right now, and I didn't exactly feel right lying about it.

The Job is going along okay, though, and they are keeping me busy, so I have to be grateful for that. It's still very isolating, though--e-mail makes for a nice Wall of Safety from moronic clients and customers who ask for idiotic things. It also means I spend a lot of time by myself, however, because small changes and updates don't exactly merit regular meetings with your co-workers.

I can't believe I used to think that being in an office all day would be an ideal situation. I suppose it's easier emotionally, but when I look back, the few instances where being healthy and relaxed came naturally to me were during periods when I had a variety of things to do throughout the day, people to meet with, errands to run, etc. Right now, just the idea of taking even one break in my workday, to photograph someone or do a training session, excites the hell out of me. Sitting in one place for 8+ hours is, apparently, not how I'm meant to live.

I'm still looking towards the future, though. I'm getting a small-but-unexpected surge in my photography income before my trip, and I might be able to get in on a CPR/AED class. That'd be a nice small step to take towards the certification... so here's to hoping. :)

And P.S. I really didn't need to know that Sims 3 is out. SO COOOOOOL. But I don't have time for video games! ;_;

Shine on

May. 19th, 2009 10:55 am
It has only been a week or so, so this may be premature, but I must admit to being at least vaguely bummed that I haven't heard back about that application I sent out yet. Not horrendously discouraged, just concerned. I'll just have to keep saving up for my certification...

On a better note, crafting at [livejournal.com profile] sarapada's on Sunday was lovely, even though I haven't knit in several months. I'm *still* working on Serafin's scarf, and I started that thing last December when he didn't have any winter clothes and I wanted to help him not freeze to death. Hurhurhur. This is why you shouldn't ask me to knit you things. ;)

And even better: camping trip weekend after next! I'm actually going to skip wushu on Saturday to go on the trip, so y'all know I'm pumped about this.

Speaking of Serafin, he walked in a fashion show on Sunday evening, which was amusing. He was the only male model, and was wearing a dress designed by a friend of his, but he is a tiny, fey little Asian man, so he totally pulled it off. You could tell that he's a dancer, too, because he was working the salsa hip action on his runway walk, haha.

I did a shoot with a plus model yesterday, and she wasn't very experienced, but her starter portfolio pictures didn't do her hardly any justice. She had a much prettier face in person, and her eyes were each a different color! I really need to work with plus models more often, because I always enjoy it; maybe I'm just good at choosing the right ones, but they always bring great energy to set, and are genuinely excited to be doing what we're doing.

Usually, the plus girls are asked to be smiley and commercial by the industry, or they're asked by non-fashion photographers to do glamour work or art nudes. I realize that there aren't a lot of photographers doing what I do with full-figured models, and I know the industry isn't quite calling for it yet, but I love putting some edgy fashion flair on these ladies. They get such excitement out of it, and it's SO cool to watch that shine through. :)

Oh, nuts, I need to post my tracklist for the mix CD soon. [livejournal.com profile] typsie, I'll get on it after practice tonight. :D

P.S. I did Level 3 of 30 Day Shred for the first time yesterday, and HOLY JEEBUS it burned like hell. But I got through it, and I was expecting it to completely kick my ass. W00t!
So I spent much of my Friday at home, feeling feverish, and throwing up anything I ate. Boy finally managed to make something that I could keep down late that night: some fabulous homemade chicken soup. D'aww.

I got up on Saturday, and Boy was down at the studio getting it prepped for a renter, and I tried to eat a normal-ish meal of eggs and toast. I was jabbering with Erick and got about 3/4ths of the way through that, when Erick got a text from Boy, saying that he'd messed up his arm, and could somebody come pick him up?

So, I hopped the bus to go retrieve Boy and my car. Thankfully, I didn't have to see my eggs and toast again, because that would've been *really* unpleasant during a 40-minute bus-and-MAX trip. :/

Story is, Boy was up on the ladder changing backdrop rolls at the studio, when the ladder gave way and slid out, so he landed sort-of on all-fours, but the left arm got more of the business end of things. X-rays today showed no fractures they could find (phew), but it's a *nasty* sprain, and there's a possibility of torn ligaments. But, all things considered, he came out of it pretty lucky.

So, yeah, this is officially Cripple Weekend, and we've been sitting around watching a crapton of movies on Netflix, with him trying not to move his arm, and me balled up on my side because, even though I'm not puking anymore, digesting food is still a highly, highly uncomfortable process. :p It's definitely put me off oatmeal for a while. (seriously. I threw up oatmeal?)

Tomorrow needs to not be Monday, because I basically got robbed on the whole "having a nice weekend" thing. BOO-URNS.


Jan. 14th, 2009 02:27 pm
Aw, saaad. 'Fantasy Island' star Ricardo Montalban dies.

I have a meeting about a clothing shoot today, environmental portrait on tap for tomorrow, and stock/fashion shooting on Sunday. I finally get to start processing some hairstyling competition shots I did with a salon, and we went up Mt. Tabor and did some night photos the other day, too.

So much going on, yet I have the itch for even more shooting. I wish I had some kids to take some fun, spontaneous pictures of... I'm in the mood for that sort of thing.

As for funtimes, I think we're playing poker tonight, and I might be able to do the Beer/Pizza/Games thing tomorrow, and definitely KARAOKE FRIDAY. I heart smoking bans so, so much. <3


Jan. 12th, 2009 11:55 am
JESUS CHRIST. I'm tired of people.

Well, okay, that's not entirely true. I'm primarily tired of people who completely refuse to discuss their issues with each other, or handle their own crap effectively. I can't effectively mediate these situations based on hearsay, and I don't think I particularly want to be placed in the position of mediator, either.

The above is really, *really* not directed at anyone who's reading this, BTW. Honestly, if you can refrain from bringing TEH DRAMA into my sphere, I still very much want to hang with you. :p

Hell, I might even put up with a bit of drama from y'all, because then it'd at least be different drama. And it wouldn't be in my frickin' face 24-7.

Ugh. Hugs to y'all.

(P.S. Answer the Dr. Who poll!)


Feb. 8th, 2007 06:46 pm
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So I heard this morning that one of my dad's former co-workers died in an accident... I used to biff around at his house and have sleepovers with his daughters when I was in middle school, and although I haven't seen him or his family in quite a few years, I was pretty shocked to hear about it. :( He was about my dad's age, and it's jarring to hear about someone dying when you don't even consider them to be old yet.

I really wonder sometimes how I'd deal with something like that, if it happened to someone who was very close to me. I can't even imagine.

Anyway, so I don't bring everyone down, and also to complete the circle on this week's Phase of Addle-Brained-ness,


Tom (a.k.a. "Tom the bokken guy" or "Tom the broom guy") made that yesterday, along with one of Nelson flowering with staff, and one of Goo doing a butterfly kick. If you've heard me blabbing about butterfly kicks, but have no idea what one is, now you know! (and knowing is half the battle!)

Anyway, I'm out.

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