Hello, 2011

Jan. 1st, 2011 11:40 pm
Well, things didn't *quite* go pitch-perfectly last night--the short version: I still suck at time management, and moving more than three people to a new location is like herding cats--but nothing catastrophic happened. I had good times in several locations, the evening ended on a good note, and I did get to see many of my most beloved people, even if it wasn't for as long as we'd have liked. 

There are things that weigh on my mind, today (but then again, when don't they?), but I have to say: on the whole, Jan 1st has treated me *far* better today than it did in 2010.

I woke up at a reasonable hour, feeling happy, and with no sign of hangover, which is the direct opposite of last year. I had a low-key brunch at the house with a few of my favorite people. <3 I dashed off to Alyson's annual New Year's Day clothing swap afterwards, and actually found shoes in the pile that fit my gigantic feet, for the first time ever. I came home feeling run-down, but still had a nice, meandering chat with roommates. And, my body has surprised me by not giving me a full-blown case of Teh Sick after drinking last night! Still not feeling 100%, but at least I have *some* hope of fighting it off.

Overall, I'm fairly shocked that the holiday season was relatively angst-free, compared to previous years. Yeah, last year was particularly awful, so that makes for a pretty startling comparison, but even in years prior to that, things still never felt all sunshine and primroses.

Anyhoo, I'm tired and I'm editing, and I wish I were reading a book and sleeping, instead. But, it's okay. It'll all be fine in the end.
Mall shopping is exhausting. We burned 4+ hours at one department store, and I'm completely wiped out, and have had enough consumer indulgence to last me until *next* December. Well, at least my efforts were rewarded with a much-needed pair of flats, and some pretty dresses for an absurdly cheap price. Girly things, you put a secret spell on me, sometimes.

SO, because I'm feeling lazy, I bring you more picspam, from that lovely afternoon at Venice Beach:

Santa Monica

No Lifeguard On Duty



Santa Monica 2


Aug. 25th, 2010 01:13 pm
It occurs to me that I've been shooting a ton, but haven't posted photos in, uh, a while. SO! Here's a taste of what my life's been like these past few weeks. And, I'm even going to be a jerk and not LJ-cut this time, muahaha.

But, as a bonus, these are also linked to blog posts about each shoot, with more photos from each. Don't say I never did anything for you. ;)

FASHION SHOOT! We actually shot this back in February, but the collection was for Fall/Winter 2010, since fashion is always at least 6 months ahead. (we're in the planning stages for Spring/Summer 2011 and we're already behind, if that tells you anything)

TREK IN THE PARK! I'm kind of amazed that I shot this the whole way through, because I was tired that day and just there for sake of spectating, but it was a lot of fun to see and shoot.

JULY WEDDING! I had [livejournal.com profile] katlyn along for the ride on this one, and I'm so, so glad for that. I loved it when I left her in the groom's room for a few minutes, and when I came back she was helping them figure out how to pin on their boutonnieres. Always such a calming influence. :)

And there are even MORE shots from sessions that I haven't blogged about yet, so I'll save your bandwidth for now. ;)
It's pretty excellent when two people have the same silly thought at the same time. I find it way too amusing.

In other news, part of me can't believe that it's already Wednesday. Another part of me can't believe that it's ONLY Wednesday.

It occurs to me that I'll be performing TWICE this weekend. Once for the Wushu Demo, and once for the reading. This is (wait for it) AWESOME. Excitement! P.S. if you want the info re: Two Gents, let me know and I'll e-mail it to you.

I was also happy to see that--well, according to Google, anyway--Saturday will, reportedly, be sunny. YES. BBQ time, y'all!

And, I found a cute dress that has pockets and was also cheap, so naturally, I needed to acquire it. Hooray for supporting things you like with your American dollars.

I've been in an odd brain-fog state again, these past few days, and I think it might be because I quit sugar for a week. This is the 6th day of that, and I got strangely dizzy when I worked out this morning, to the point where I had to stop. That? Not so good. Hopefully, this won't become a trend. I would like my brain back, please. And also my ability to train like there's no tomorrow.

And in conclusion: mint herbal iced tea may very well be the best kind.
Well, that was certainly a weekend.

--I toddled on up to the St. Johns Bizarre for a bit on Saturday, because I'd heard about a recent collaboration one of my awesome clients did, where she'd made jewelry using recycled camera parts. Naturally, I HAD to go to her booth and pick up some of those, and I'd been meaning to visit with her anyway, so it made for a nice excuse to enjoy some sun.

--I went over to [livejournal.com profile] marykae's after that, to watch a few episodes of Party Down with her and Andrew. I got some pretty unpleasant news while there, so I was distracted for part of it, but the show was hilarious and featured a metric ton of Veronica Mars alums, so I still laughed and enjoyed.

--Then, it was pre-W00tstock dinner, and W00tstock itself, which I've already covered to some extent. I am still finding it impossible to choose a single point of awesome to comment upon, but I figure that's a good thing. I also ran into several people whom I hadn't seen in ages, but, given that I've historically run with nerds, and we were attending a show geared towards nerd hilarity, that shouldn't have been surprising.

--THEN, it was [livejournal.com profile] saofoir's birthday party, which was much more relaxed-and-groovy than I expected, and that was perfect for the mood I was in. It's always nice to slow down and enjoy the company of others, without the wild-and-crazy-party atmosphere. :) And her new tattoo is beautiful!

--Sunday was a late breakfast and a fairly impromptu trip to the coast with [livejournal.com profile] katlyn and [livejournal.com profile] daemonwise. It was a gorgeous day, and I snagged some photos that I liked quite a bit, so I'll have to toss them up on Flickr soon. I got a lot of hugs, some much-needed barefoot wading time, and oh my LORD, did we have some good laughs along the way.

--Today's opener for Taurus: You've probably had enough communication snafus to last you for a while, so you are ready for Mercury's retrograde to end. Oh, horoscope. Why are you so eerily accurate these days?

In closing, I received a comment on the ol' Facebook, telling me that I looked "so pretty and happy" in a recent photo. This was rather amusing, because I was anything but happy, at the time it was taken.

Never let it be said that I don't put on a fantastic Stiff Upper Lip. I dare say I'm handling my shit like a rockstar, so far. And it feels good.
I think I've spent more money on clothing in the past two weeks than I did in the entire 6 months prior.

Usually, I'd be too busy, too tired, or too broke for shopping, but apparently, I'm not immune to wanting to feel a little extra-pretty when I'm spending an evening with an awesome guy. And F21 and The Rack are all of three blocks away from The Job.

Okay, so it should be noted that I normally spend almost nothing on clothes. I'm friends with clothing designers who will sometimes make me things, after all. ;) Throw in a few naked lady parties and a few gifts from family, and it's not hard to keep stocked if you combine creatively. And at least I *have* more than enough to spend on this sort of thing right now, and I'm probably overdue for some new things. And hey, people seem to find it more appealing in general, when you at least attempt to display some semblance of personal style.

Beware, fashion world! Some day, I might actually understand you.

(I'm not sure how I feel about that.)
So the runway show I mentioned last weekend was officially off the chain. :D I didn't get to stay long, but I think it did the best job of any I've covered so far, in terms of creating a fun atmosphere AND having cool clothes. Most of the fun shows have middling clothes, and most of the shows that have the amazing garments are your standard blank-faced, heroin-chic runway walks.

Because [livejournal.com profile] beatnikbetty is awesome, her words and my photos will be coming together tomorrow. And an unexpected development: it looks like I'm getting two published credits for the price of one for covering it. Here's an article; lots more of my shots are featured in the slideshow.

Here are a couple shots that weren't in the article:

Colored lighting on runways makes me cry. But hooray for Alyson clothes! )

I told Carolyn that she has to make me one of these in time for Vegas. )

I liked this moment in particular, so I am not cutting it. Neener. ;)

In other news? Still busy. A lot of the business stuff is finally moved out of my bedroom, though, and the rest should be gone by the time I get home today. I think I might start masking some of the walls tonight, so I can paint either this weekend or next week!


Jan. 15th, 2010 11:35 am
I don't know if anyone else in this town has interest in watching Project Runway, but I do, this season. My lack of cable is a problem, though. Fortunately, at least some of it seems to be posted on YouTube, so I'm getting a taste.

I actually know one of the designers this season--you can probably guess who--and have hung out with her several times at various get-togethers, so it's going to be interesting to compare what I know of her in-person with her on-TV depiction. I am also totally rooting for her, because I freakin' love her aesthetic and the lines she creates. Her clothes are what I would wear in the alternate universe where I am skinny. <3

On a somewhat-related note, I have an early photoshoot tomorrow, doing a Fall/Winter 2010 collection at a vintage theater in Newberg. I love working with these ladies, so it's going to rock. Well, except for the "early" part. I might even try to make a little video of the day, if I'm not too tired.

Also, tonight is [livejournal.com profile] sarapada's birthday gathering, Saturday night is probably poker with Morgan. Sunday is probably Catch Up day, which means catching up on sleep and then catching up on processing. We also have a senior portrait in the afternoon, which I might just let Boy handle on his own, but I may very well stick my nose in. Now that I'm managing a lot of the projects, the temptation to get my hands on it and see it through myself is that much greater.

OH, and Monday is apparently a holiday! I love surprise days off from The Job. <3


Dec. 7th, 2009 08:55 pm
So I'm having another wushu demo, this Saturday at 2pm! This time it's A) Free, and B) at my wushu school on NW 17th and Pettygrove.

And I will actually stay for the whole performance and talk to people after! So yeah, in case you missed the last one and want to come see. It's family-friendly and all that, if you have kidlets. And maybe we can get a late lunch or coffee after.

I may also be rolling out my sleeveless purple silks, so I can flash my guns, hurhurhur! They're looking a bit squishier since Halloween, but eh, not sweating it. I haven't larded up like I did *last* Fall, so I consider that an achievement.

Besides, there's the fact that I am most likely appearing in the new Bishops ads for 2010, and the camera adds 10 pounds, so that? Is much more worth fretting over than having slightly-less-ripped delts at my wushu demo. AAAAAAAHHHH

On the plus side, they are putting the crazyhair on me this Friday! I have no idea what it will look like; I do have some input in what they do, but I have a ton of conflicting ideas. Well, however it turns out, hopefully Ma won't have a heart attack upon seeing it when I go home for Christmas. ;)

Okay, time to go do a Jillian DVD or something. I've got the antsy energies.
I'm so glad this week is over. Blegh! I am SO sleeping in tomorrow.

We got booked to shoot a costume party tonight, but they only wanted one photographer, so Boy's doing it. That means I have no transportation tonight, but I'm going to try and head over to KatieMay's party, because it's her birthday and she's not far from my place. Tomorrow is mmmmaybe a party that Morgan invited us to (at a no-longer-active church!), but most DEFINITELY [livejournal.com profile] matrixleap and [livejournal.com profile] herince_emyn's awesome party! Wheeee :D

Hair dye last night sort-of-worked. It's not as dark-purple as I wanted, but I guess it'll have to do, because A) I hate cheap wigs, and B) I don't have time to fix it. [livejournal.com profile] spiralshannon is down with some nasty illness, so I don't yet have the final component of my costume for extra awesomeness. Hopefully I can figure out a time to get them tonight, but if not, tomorrow's okay.

I also decided that I'll look fine in my costume with a couple extra pounds of water, so I'm back to eating normally. I figure I was being pretty ridiculous about it, anyway, because I doubt anyone's going to notice the difference but me. So eh, fuck it. Halloween's no fun without a bit of candy, anyway. ;)

Oh yeah, and we're doing a conceptual portrait tomorrow afternoon, and an engagement session on Sunday.

Jeez, I'm busy. Why was I feeling relieved about the weekend again? ;)
I pulled myself out of bed this morning, still feeling the last remnants of illness clinging to me. Not too awful, but not feeling my Wheaties, and definitely not feeling up to caring about my appearance beyond the "business casual" requirements. I threw some clothes on without much thought as to what they looked like, horfed down my breakfast, and shuffled out the door feeling rather tired and fairly dumpy.

About an hour ago, I walked into the bathroom here at The Job, caught a glance at myself in the full-length mirror, and was actually pleasantly surprised at how good I looked.

Not sure if it's due to healthier habits, or if it's simply because I'm learning how to be fashionable without putting actual thought into it, but yeah, that was a bit of lovely. :)
So PFW was pretty fun last night! I met up with a couple of designers (one of whom I've shot with) who were our neighbors at the old studio, we hit up Burgerville and then made our way to the show. Those two are a lot of fun. I actually went to a Naked Lady (clothing swap) party of theirs a couple weeks ago, and we dressed each other up in ridiculous combinations of the old clothes we all brought, and it was hilaaarious. :D We get on really well, and they've already informed me that I *have* to come to their Christmas party, heh. :)

Girly occasions like that can be so entertaining, sometimes. I don't do enough of that sort of thing.

Anyhoo, it was certainly interesting being at the show. The venue was definitely smaller than the previous two years, and I heard some mixed reviews of Night 1 from people who are more In-The-Know than I am. But, one of my other old-studio-neighbors showed an awesome collection last night... her work is absolutely the kind of stuff I'd wear if I were reincarnated as a skinny chick.

And OMG, I am SO proud of my client! Her collection looked really beautiful, and I love how flattering and wearable all of her work is. She'd also planned one look with overalls, and I even knew in advance that she was making them, but they still surprised me when they came out on the runway. The design was so freakin' cute, and completely not what I expected.

I think the most interesting part was being there with people who are actually plugged into the fashion community around here. I was all wide-eyed and new to Portland and the fashion scene, when I shot at PFW in 2007, so I didn't know anybody or even what to expect. And, in 2008, I got comped for the show and went with Amy, but neither of us were heavily networked in the so-called "industry," so it was still a very outside-looking-in sort of thing.

But man, being with designers gave me a whole different perspective on the event, and it was interesting to swap stories with them, and hear details I'd missed about recent happenings, falling outs, and what-have-you. I tend to run the other way whenever drama crops up, and the fashion industry is rife with it, but I've succeeded at staying above and out of it, so far. Still, it's good to be aware of those dynamics, if for no other reason than to keep yourself from being dragged into the middle of it. ;)

Anyhoo, not sure what's going on tonight, but I might be kicking it at [livejournal.com profile] typsie's after wushu, assuming nothing else interferes. Tomorrow I get to see [livejournal.com profile] virgoqueen7 for all of 30 seconds when I give her an art print (which, hey, better than nothing), hang with [livejournal.com profile] marykae and maybe go to a lecture later.

On Sunday, I'll be getting measured by Nina for my Halloween costume (eep) and probably doing lunch with her, too... but other than that, Sunday is wide open. I might just take some down time, because I've been out and about a lot more than usual these past few days. I suspect I'll need some time to decompress from various things, anyway.
I've been biking past a new place on Foster for the past while, and I noticed the other day that they offer dance classes. I've been wanting to take up dance again for a while, but everything I find is A) for kids, or B) at the same time as wushu, so it's been hard. I finally went to the website for the place on Foster last night, and they actually have a class I can go to, that is for adults and not horrible for my schedule! And it's really close to my house!

SO, if all goes well--as in, if I can find my shoes, and if they will let me into the class even though their "term" started 3 weeks ago--I am going to TAP DANCE tomorrow night! :D

I'm really jazzed about this, no pun intended. I did ballet, tap, and jazz when I was a kid, and I liked all of it, but tap was always my favorite of the three. I don't know if anyone here would want to join me, since SE Foster isn't the most convenient location for a lot of you, but if'n you do, let me know.

In other news, Joomla! and Drupal are making me want to punch things. Joomla doesn't seem to allow for a homepage that looks different from the overall theme, and I can't even install Drupal for the clients I have who want it, because it seems that every friggin' webhost on the planet has register_globals turned on. If requiring that register_globals be turned on is a sign of weak code, then WHY are they all leaving it on? Seriously, it's pissing me off.

But I got new earrings and a couple sweaters for cheap yesterday. And purple tights! So at least I won't freeze to death while waiting for the bus. (seriously, did we just skip Fall and go straight to Winter?)
So, we did a runway show on Sunday. The first part of the day was a pre-shoot, of sorts, where a good portion of the runway models got all gussied up early, and then worked with the photographers for the event, at different spots throughout the location.

I finally had a chance to edit one, so:

+1 hot vintage bride )

The clothes, and the entire theme of the show, was vintage and bridal, and the mansion we shot at was BANANAS. We stayed in pretty much the same area for all of the models we shot, but we still got a TON of variety. Srsly, if you're getting married in Portland, you should check this place out. It's freakin' amazing.

Also? I would totally get married in that dress. It was by another designer who does a lot of vintage and reconstructed work.... I'm finding that I really like that sort of thing. :D

Oh snap

Sep. 12th, 2009 10:59 am
I think I've just 90% decided on what I want to do for my Halloween costume. I hesitate by that last 10% because of two things, though:

1) I will need to be in really-freakin'-bananas-amazing shape for this one, because it involves a lot of form-fittingness. I've contemplated doing this costume before, but decided against it, because I was refusing--and still continue to refuse--to be that typical Fat Cosplayer Wearing Costume That's Completely Wrong For Her Body. I think I could pull it off now, but I'll have to work my butt off for the next few weeks to do it.

2) I've seen other people do this costume before, and it looked, well, pretty ghetto and cheaply-made. I need to figure out how if I can do it in a way that *doesn't* look ghetto. I think if I pick the right materials, it'll look good, but I'm not a master seamstress, so that remains to be seen.

Well, I have a month and a half to decide and to pull this together, and could possibly recruit help from clothing designer friends, so we'll see.
I feel like my weekend disappeared into thin air! But I guess I actually did a lot of stuff.

I had to get up early to start some CDs burning, proofs uploading, and various and sundry other smallish tasks. I got a lot done, so it wasn't a bad thing, I'm just really growing to hate being in a hurry. ;p

Shoot on Saturday was pretty good. The designer picked the location, and I liked the look of the spot, but thanks to the surrounding buildings and the passing clouds, I wound up having to rush more than I'd have liked. The light was almost too bright when we started, but towards the end I kept having to shoot fast and move around to beat the shadows creeping up towards the bottom of the frame. Normally, I could work around that really easily, but they needed at least a few shots of each outfit framed a certain way for their website, so I was fairly restricted on how I could compose my shots. :/

On the plus side, everyone on the shoot was completely relaxed and cool, and the designer brought us all Saint Cupcakes! (nomnomnom) And, I also got to pick out two completely awesome dresses from her stock. :D I apparently saved her ass by being able to shoot this stuff so soon, so she's also making me a reallycute skirt from her new Fall line. AND, because I'm a bit smaller and her sizes run a bit bigger than normal, I can wear a size MEDIUM in her clothes! Hahaha, vanity sizing FTW. ;)

I biffed around with Boy for most of yesterday, which was nice, because we've had almost zero time for that as of late. We went to Fry's to get some parts for photo server upgrades, and caught a matinee of District 9, which I didn't know much about going in, but I enjoyed it.

I also wanted to go to the Farmer's Market up the street, and Boy talked me into walking up there. We came back with some summer squashes, red chard, and a 1/2 flat of *really* yummy strawberries that are now happily stored in my freezer. I think I'm going to hit up the Downtown Farmer's Market on Wednesday, too, and try to score some good deals on grass-fed beef and organic meats. Now that I haven't been so strapped, I'm hoping to make my shopping habits more locally-oriented and socially-responsible.

This week is looking less full, which is a good thing, since I head off to PAX on Friday morning! Holy crap, it's almost heeeere!


Aug. 4th, 2009 11:05 am
Housesitting was grand and lovely yesterday. The place is small, and I couldn't get the internet working, but that was actually kind of a nice break. I threw together some dinner, and they happened to have Bend It Like Beckham in the DVD player, so I just kicked back, ate, and got kitty snuggles. Man, this was a good idea. The only down side is figuring out how to get up to the store for food components.

In other news, I recently decided that the About photos we had on our photography website--which were taken before we even left Eugene, for chrissake--didn't exactly fit where our business has gone since. Boy agreed, so we took some time yesterday to clown around in the studio, and take some shots that were way more fun and "us" than what we had before. I wasn't home to look through them last night, but I think I'll make some time for it this evening. :D

Oh, and I know I've said it before, but: I luuurve my hairstylist. She's such a cool chick. I wasn't getting much of a change in cut yesterday, since I'd decided that A) I want to let the short layers get longer, and B) I want to grow out my stupid, stupid bangs, but I told her these things, and I also told her I was bored of flat-ironing it all the time. She cleaned up my cut, added some layers, and showed me how to make a more natural texture by twisting the hair while blowdrying. I'm constantly amazed at how she creates a look with such seemingly simple methods, and I hope I'm not too impatient or uncoordinated to replicate this myself.

Hopefully I WILL actually have hair pics for you soon, since we shot so many yesterday. I know I'm a slacker about that stuff sometimes. ;)

Work is kicking my ass, but I actually kind of like it. It's been kind of a lift, too, because I'm seeing my work alongside others', and it's bolstering my confidence a lot. Some of it might just be my personal taste, but as far as design skill, I'm starting to think that I and the other web guy are the stronger designers... which is funny, considering we're regarded as being tech-oriented employees.

Anyhoo, I have plenty to do, so I'm off. :)


May. 29th, 2009 01:05 pm
Here's a shot from the Speed Shoot last weekend, with a commercial model who bought a slot. I'm not sure if she'll go for the processing, but I think it fits with her expression and pose:

Beachy )

Speaking of beachy, there'll be swimming opportunities at the campsite this weekend! But, I'm having swimsuit agony, because my old one is too big, my other one is still a bit too small in the booty region. I probably won't be able to find one by tomorrow morning that'll fit into my tiny budget, either. Mrrrr. :/

Dinner last night was Smoky Corn & Black Bean Pizza, but using my happy little Trader Joe's middle-eastern flatbreads to make them into personal pizzas. NOMNOMNOM. I used regular mozzarella, but I *really* want to get a smoked cheese next time around. I loooove smoked cheese. I love *all* cheese, though, so that was probably obvious. ;p

Tonight I do some prep and packing, and hopefully I'll have enough time and energy left to go shake my booty with the ladies. <3 And then tomorrow we head off to camping! Woohoo!

P.S. Team Sandhurst, hurhurhur ;)
HAY GUYZ: where would I get some wacky-colored hair dye in this town? It's time to add some interestingness to my hairs.

Seriously, this is kind of a ritual for me. Streaks of wild color in my hair has basically become my wushu tournament War Paint, for lack of a better term. In previous years, I braided in colorful extension hair, but now that I've had people dye my hair brightly without damaging the hell out of it, I'm feeling braver about the dye thing.

In other news... Billy Corgan and TILA TEQUILA?! I don't even know what specifically Tila Tequila is famous for, but my impression is that it's reality-TV-related and completely undeserved.

Yes, I know it's been said that Billy's kind of an egomaniac--and I'm sure that wording is kinder than most--but darn it all, I *loved* the Pumpkins! They're one of the few bands whose albums I actually bothered to collect. (well, up through Adore, anyway; haven't bothered with anything since they re-formed) I still listen to their old tracks and groove along like a dork every single time.

My inner 8th-grader's world view is officially shattered, y'all. WHYYYY ;_;
While passing by Pioneer Place this morning, I saw in a display window: "The Flare Pant." Flares are coming back! I love flares, and I HATE the skinny-cut pants they've been selling over the past year. Skinny jeans only work on skinny people, and as we all know, Me = Not Skinny. I'll have to budget in some pants purchases this year... wouldn't want to wait, and then find myself needing pants in a Skinny Jeans Year.

In other news, wushu is back on! <3 I tried running my full form again at practice yesterday, and crapped out at the halfway point again. Granted, I *was* sore from the squats and lunges on WiiFit, and the gym session Monday, and there's still something in the air keeping me from breathing 100% normally. I'm going to get some allergy pills today, and if that doesn't help, then I'm probably screwed. XD I know I won't stop when I'm on the tournament floor, though... it just may not look as good as I can make it look, heh.

Speaking of wushu, Master Gao recently commented that I looked like I was losing weight. I didn't think much of it at the time, but since then, a couple of the parents at the school have commented on it, too. Turns out that I have lost about 10 lbs. since I started logging Body Tests on the WiiFit in late January. I can't say that I'm super-excited about it, because most of the lost weight was holiday gain, but it *is* rather nice to have people notice. :)

Today: traffic court. On effing-April Fool's Day! That Milwaukie PD officer can officially eat a dick. :p But, if I get done with that early enough, I may go on the Dressed To Kill Hike! I'm currently debating between the curvy-delicious blue evening dress, or the Bruce Lee jumpsuit...

Also, since I haven't posted pictures in a while, here are some!

+2 )

We shot dresses for two different designers using the same lighting setup, so I played around with a few different looks in post-processing. The designer really liked the edit on the second one, but I thought the edit on the first one took the best advantage of the lighting. :)

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