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This is overdue, heh.


Working after dinner. This continues to be good. I've had these weird bursts of energy, since derby season ended, where I just feel like working, so I have occasionally taken advantage of that impulse.

Social media/e-mails before breakfast. I've been able to keep this down to a pretty manageable level. Having to go to the gym in the morning helps a lot, so it doesn't really get out-of-hand anymore unless I'm really sleep-deprived and just not wanting to do anything at all.

Some derby things. It's off-season! Woohoo! Everything dropped off pretty quickly after Champs. And then I got called up into the TT Reserve, heh. I'm not entirely sure what I'd do if they wanted to put me on the TT Roster, but as a Reserve skater, I only have to show up 50% of the time, and even if I were on the team, nothing in the summer schedule would cut into my weekend. So, it still feels like a break and doesn't feel like such an imposition on my personal life.

Working on weekends. Aside from the very occasional photoshoot, I've been doing really well at this. I've had a couple of occasions that are much like the after-dinner times, where I just felt like working on something, but usually a fun project.

Things/people that suck up my energy and give nothing in return. I'm trying to think of something that would fit into that category, and am so far coming up empty. So, I figure that's really good news. :)


A SMALL movie afternoon/night or other small-sized gathering. I just finally put a new one on the calendar! I'm looking forward to it, and actually even bothered to come up with a theme, of sorts. They've been working

A creative photoshoot every quarter. Q2 is definitely not going to happen, given that Q2 ends, uh, tomorrow. ^^; But, I've been throwing a lot of my energy towards another project that'll hopefully result in a successful crowdfunding campaign and some ongoing residual income. SO, that seems like a perfectly reasonable alternative. :D

Networking. My Derby Networking group has been going okay. Attendance hasn't been great on the face-to-face meetups, but we're going to try rotating dates, because there's apparently a fair amount of interest. And there's also been some discussion in the online group that isn't driven by me, so that's also a good sign!

Better eating. I have to admit, I haven't been the best about this. I dove back into doing social things more frequently, after Champs, and surprise, that's left me with less time to cook. Also, Joe's busy season is in full swing, which means he's not able to pitch in as much, either. But, I think things will calm down in the coming weeks, especially with my intern's 5-week stint ending in less than two weeks.

So, yeah. There's always something that can be better, but I can't complain much right now, either. :)

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