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The protests made it onto my street today. I heard the shouts and chants from inside my office, so I grabbed my camera and ran out to the street to see what was happening.

It seemed like a relatively small group, but there were so many young faces in that crowd. They chanted and held signs, but they also hugged, teased, and socialized with each other like kids always do. It felt weird to see the frustration of protest and the behaviors of everyday life alongside each other.

Then, one of my junior skaters spotted me taking photos, and ran up to me to say hello. I've only had a couple of practices with the team so far, so it feels a bit funny to call them "my" juniors, heh. But, even though I've only just started to get to know this teen, I couldn't have been prouder of her.

The group passed by quickly, so she ran off, and I called after her to stay safe. I later learned that it was a group of students from Portland Public Schools, so hopefully that fact will keep them safer.

I'm proud of the young people of my city--they're paying attention, and they're not content to sit by in apathy. But I'm afraid for them, too. I know their future hangs in the balance.


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