Jan. 18th, 2016

WELL, I can't say that playing the Season Opener with metric tons of Midol swimming through my veins was how I wanted to play it, but other than the lady-problems-induced brain fog, it was a good game. We came out very strong in the first bout of what could easily be called a "rebuilding season," so if we look this good now, we're going to look awesome in these next few games.

The only thing I feel sort-of-bad about was that I wanted some of the newer folks on our roster to have more play time, but the game was too close for comfort on that front. It makes me wish I had played better. :/ But, the new folks that did get a fair amount of play time did SO incredibly well, and I'm proud of all of us. It's going to be a great season with a lot of opportunities for our people to shine. :D

On a semi-related note, I really ought to follow up on the hormonal birth control thing, now that I actually have a primary care doctor that I've visited in the past year. (did I mention that the November Death Bug was bad enough to actually make me go to the doctor? Because, yeah, that.) I quit the pill quite intentionally, but I've been hearing about other methods that could help make The Monthlies less debilitating and awful, without involving such a high dose of hormones.

Anyhoo, a mid-month check-myself-before-I-wreck-myself about how things are going:


  • Working after dinner. I've been pretty conscious about this one, in particular, and am doing well at it so far.

  • Social media/e-mails before breakfast. It's not perfect, but it's getting there. I still poke at social media on my phone while brushing my teeth, but it's a lot harder to get sucked into things.

  • Some derby things. I asked our Volunteer Coordinator about handling our practice signups for Fresh Meat, so while I haven't handed it off yet, it'll be off my plate before February!

  • Working on weekends. Ehhh, hit-or-miss. I wound up working for a couple hours the Sunday-before-last, but that was mainly because I'd given up a couple hours on that Friday to do volunteering. Still, it'd have been nicer to just have that free day, and I feel the difference.

  • Things/people that suck up my energy and give nothing in return. Doing pretty great here, I think? It's a bit harder to tell what the return is on something when you're not very far into it. But, there are at least a couple of things/people that I'm wasting less of my life on.


  • A SMALL movie afternoon/night or other small-sized gathering. It just happened yesterday! I was tempted to cancel, because I was still having horrible cramps, but I sucked it up and pushed through. People came over and watched a great movie and ate bread that I made, and I wore pajama pants the whole time, because that's the true test of friendship, really. XD

  • A creative photoshoot every quarter. I have started assembling a team for the Q1 shoot, which will probably drop in February. All are excited. I am excited, too.

  • Networking. I unfortunately screwed myself out of attending a new group this month, because my dentist appointment conflicts with their next meetup. :/ But, I ended up being booked for a gig later that day, so I guess it wasn't meant to be. On the up side, I've been dutifully polling my seed group of Derby Networkers about what we want out of the group, and will likely be putting our first face-to-face meetup on the calendar this week.

  • Better eating. First freezer meal is in the freezer! The Joe and I have been eating more breakfasts at home, too--the fact that his tour schedule is so reduced right now helps with that.

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