Yeah, I'm totally on Team Hiro. Better late than never, right? ;)

Pop quiz: any good recipes in involving beets or radishes? :D They're the only two things in today's veggie shipment that I have NO idea what to do with. I'm fairly ambivalent on radishes, but my only real impression of beets is those scary purplish ones that come in a can, and I did NOT enjoy that experience. ;p

Bonus points if you have a method for cooking either of those items in a hot dish, because A) I always like hot meals, and B) it's friggin' cold out.

Thanksgiving weekend was relaxing and lazy, but not *too* lazy. I actually got a lot of much-needed work done on a freelance print design project, and I'm feeling really good about it. I haven't done much print design--it's practically nothing compared to my web and graphics experience--so I'm happy at how well this one is turning out.

Random highlights/notables from the weekend:

--Random wushu practice at Phil's house on Wednesday. His mom fed us all pie. <3
--Glorious food on Thursday, which included pumpkin pie made from home-grown pumpkins. Yuuuuummmm.
--Running on Friday. I froze my butt off, but I'm glad I did it, nonetheless.
--Watching Rocky V and Live Free or Die Hard during the weekend, both of which were fun movies.
--Good conversation throughout, including a lengthy, impromptu roundtable discussion about Andy's love life. XD He *was* asking for opinions, I certainly have no problem with giving advice to those who are actually listening to it, heh.
--Saw Hitman on Saturday. Movie was okay, but not terribly engrossing, and I have no familiarity with the games, so... eh.
--Playing a round of DDR, and finding that I can still complete 7-foot songs in unreliable footwear. W00t.
--Hitting up Horsehead after the movie. Hanging out was fun, and I ran into [ profile] alleycatsphinx on our way out! :D
--Drinking Dutch Bros. and having David driving us around the countryside at night... simple times are nice. Oh, and three words: Egg. Nog. LATTE.
--Pizza party on Sunday before loading up and heading home.

Anyhoo, now that Thanksgiving is behind us, Christmas is looming large on the horizon. I'm still debating my mode of travel (car vs. plane vs. train... yeesh), but I'll be making a decision soon. Either way, it'll be nice to have more time to hang out and enjoy it this year.

Oh yeah, and I saw the new WoW commercials over the weekend. The Shatner one was actually kind of disappointing (could've been funnier), but DUDE. MR. T. I have no words. XD

That's all!
Ahhh, memories... too, too funny, even if he does bust on Gnomes. (Gnomes are SO not emo!)

There's lots of swearing in this, so if you're at the office, don't crank up your speakers or anything.
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Also, some movies we have viewed recently:

Marathon Man - Awesome cast, good pacing. I always like Dustin Hoffman, though, so it's an easy sell. :)

Little Shop of Horrors - The first version! They apparently saw fit to splay a picture of Jack Nicholson across the front cover, but he only appears in the movie for, oh, about two minutes. What's up with that?

Sideways - Very enjoyable and well-acted... I understand the Oscar hype. And, now I can't look at a wine list without hearing Paul Giamatti in my head yelling, "I am NOT drinking a fucking Merlot!"

Game of Death - Sigh, if only Bruce had been alive to finish the job he started, because the double just doesn't cut it. Seeing the man himself in action on those end sequences is pretty awesome, though.

We went to a Ron Paul social event last night, and it was an interesting experience. There were people there of all ages, from a diverse array of political alignments, and everyone was fired up and in good spirits.

I'd already read about the diversity of the various Ron Paul supporters' groups, but it really sinks in when you actually go to an event, and find yourself sitting across from recent college grads, middle-aged parents, and retirees at the same table, all with wildly different histories and backgrounds. It's nice to be in a place where you can state your views, and although the other folks may not agree with you on every little thing, they're not going to get all high and mighty about it, either.

We'll be at a Banner Brigade on Thursday, so if you're cruising through NoPo and think you've spotted me hopping up and down near I-5? You're probably right. ;)
I was so freakin' tired yesterday. That's not cool. :p Thankfully, I chopped up some components for turkey chili the night before, and dumped it in the crockpot, and when I came home yesterday, it was tasty and ready to eat. It came out significantly better than it does on the stove! I am pleased.

It's bloody good that today is Friday. I need a break!

My creative juices are bubbling up... I have website ideas that need to live! If I don't design something cool soon, I may go stark-raving bonkers.

I've been pimping CMAT to my family more this year than in years past, so they might actually come check it out this year. My aunt wants to come, so she might make it for part of the day. My mom said that my grandpa had asked them about it, too. It would be pretty neat if they all actually came out to watch! I think only my mom has any idea what wushu is all about, and I don't know if she'd be able to explain it to the rest of the family. *I* can barely explain it, sometimes, heh.

Of course, the bad part is that I have no idea of when my events will take place. CMAT is fairly notorious for not being able to predict their event schedule... they put out an Order of Events, but all the wrangling of judges makes it tough for the CMAT organizers to know what time an event will start. I don't want to make my poor family members sit there all day or anything. :(

Anyhoo, don't forget that Daylight Savings is starting this Sunday. Yes, it's happening earlier now. (that's W's fault) Also,
this reporter went and talked to THE Leeroy Jenkins. Ha!

That's all.

Dorking out

Mar. 1st, 2007 12:14 pm
So, [ profile] dakania just told me that /dance for Draenei was taken from our dear friend Daler Mehndi. So, I Googled it. And I found THIS and about died laughing. It's just like the original video!

Good lord, I'm such a dork. XD

We watched Babel last night, after I got back from practice, and that was pretty good. It was an interesting idea, although some of the things tying the stories together seemed pretty loose. As far as Return of The Plaguewatch, the plague is fading into nothingness, and I'm feeling pretty mellow and non-grumpy.

Well, okay, so there's one bit of grumpy: I seem to be plagued by potential subletters who turn out to be flakes. I've had three people flake out or bail on me just this week! WTF? Is it that hard to call back when you say you'll call back? Or to show up somewhere at a time that's at least *somewhat* close to what you planned on? I get more than enough flakiness just from people who model for me; I don't need it from potential subletters, too. :p

As for practice, it's kicking my butt, mostly because I'm weak from the plague. I'm finally getting some good ideas for my form, though, so hopefully, after I finish customizing it, it'll look like an entirely different form. I think I'm going on a diet for a couple of weeks, though. I need to go to the store and stock up, first, but yeah, I'm kind of wanting to cleanse the ol' body and refresh, and then I'll eat normally again on the week leading up to CMAT, so I can go out there strong. So, yeah, uh, don't tempt me with junky stuff until after CMAT. :D

In other news, Stephen Hawking is going into space! That makes me happy on a lot of levels.

Anyhoo, I'm going to grab some chow. Later tonight, I'm hopefully going to check out a traditional kung fu class and make some soup. Woohoo!
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The way to a WoW player's heart is through his stomach... with an insanely-detailed birthday cake! The entire thing is edible, too. Wow!

Return of Plaguewatch 2007: On the upswing, it seems. It is freaking COLD out there, though, and that is not helping my ability to cope with much of anything. :p I had two potential subletters scheduled to come by the house yesterday, but they both bailed on me, rrrgh. I did my taxes while waiting for them, though, and I'm all excited about my refund.

Me and Ben had dinner with Joey at Applebee's last night, and then we went to Jackalope to check out Guitar Hero night! I got soundly owned in the Medium bracket, but that's kind of my fault because I didn't ask for lefty flip. ;p I also got beat by the guy who basically decimated everybody in the bracket, heh. There were a fair number of people hanging around and participating, and there was a second setup at the other end of the place for practicing on, so that's pretty cool. I think I'll be rallying some troops to come with, the next time I go. :)

In other news, I've made comment previously, that I was a bit concerned about the Democrats' ability to win the presidency in 2008, when the two candidates with the most buzz seem to be a relatively young-and-inexperienced black guy (Barack Obama), and a woman (The Hillary). The idealist in me hopes that being a minority wouldn't hurt Obama that much, and I think I'd be less worried about a female candidate if it wasn't Hillary. Still, with those thoughts in mind, I was a little surprised to read this:

"_Romney may find his Mormon faith an obstacle with many voters. One-quarter of people questioned say they would not vote for a Mormon candidate, compared with 8 percent who say they would not vote for a woman and 3 percent for a black candidate, according to a Newsweek poll in December." (quote from here)

Yes, apparently, America thinks Mormons are scarier than ladies and minorities! ;p

That's all! I must procure lunch before my hunger drives me to madness.


Jan. 17th, 2007 10:46 am
One of my favorite uber-cheap meals is the deluxe oatmeal at Theo's: old fashioned oatmeal with brown sugar, walnuts, raisins, blueberries, and bananas, topped with steamed milk! It is tasty and filling and only $2.50, so that's a good deal for breakfast. Sadly, I went and got one for breakfast today, and they forgot the blueberries! It's just not as good without the blueberries. I am saddened.

So, yeah, everybody's talking about WoW and Burning Crusade and all that stuff. No, I didn't buy it, for several reasons:
A) I haven't had time to play WoW all that much lately
B) My computer is currently hosed, so even if I *had* the time, I still couldn't play WoW
C) I chose to spend my ~$40 on tasty vegetables and meat, and I don't get paid until Friday
D) If I don't have time to play now, I certainly won't have time before March 24, because I don't want to get schooled at Berkeley CMAT and I'll be Married to Wushu.

Point D is especially notable, because I remember last year, when I tried to train for CMAT *and* climb the stupid PvP ranks at the same time, and recalling the stress from that alone is enough to make me cry like a wee girl. ::rotfl:: I have a bit of angst about WoW right now, anyway, but that's a rant for another time. ;)

Speaking of training, Ben and I went running last night! It was super-cold outside, but it was nice to mix things up a bit. I'm still cramping up on my right side, but it didn't seem quite so bad. Hopefully that'll get better as my ankle continues to get stronger. (I can train without wearing my ankle supporter now, woohoo!) Practice should be good tonight, although I suspect a lot of time will be spent teaching the newbies who are competing at Maryland in February.

BTW, speaking of wushu, we have a demo on Sunday, at JSO Japan Night! Doors open at 5:30, show starts at 6:00pm. Yummy Japanese food should be included in the admission price, so it should be good. :)

Anyhoo, I should get back to it. ::poof!::
I was late to everything in the world on Friday and Saturday, and that sucked. Late to lunch with [ profile] junsiew, late to my haircut appointment, late to wushu (but only by 5 minutes), late to hanging out with the Posse, and late getting started on our slideshow photo review. Jeeez.

On Saturday, I got twisted around in Portland trying to get to Washington Park, and was late to my first shoot. Fortunately, the guy was from out of town and didn't seem to care much. (a few pics from that shoot are in the Flickr gallery) Then, I biffed around Portland trying to find my next shoot, and 45 minutes after I should have been there, the guy realized he hadn't told me that the shoot location was in Vancouver, not Portland! The light was going away by then, so we're going to reschedule that one.

Fortunately, I was *early* for my shoot on Sunday morning! That went really well; he had some nice equipment and a fun space to work in, and the proofs look friggin' awesome... as soon as I get photos that I'm allowed to post, you'll know. Unfortunately, the guy with the killer lighting technique that I was supposed to shoot with on Sunday afternoon had to cancel, because he had to watch his kids. We're working on rescheduling, though.

On a more positive note, Friday was pretty fun, in spite of the lateness. Wushu practices are getting smoother and more organized, and we got a surprise visit from David and Ken! I also got to hang out with my homeys later on, and meet Jeff, otherwise known as Natasla, heh. :) He seems like a cool guy, which I pretty much expected after all the running around on WoW that we've done over these many months.

As for the slideshow photo review, we pretty much rocked that shoot. That was easily my favorite shoot yet, and I loved the results. :D I put up quite a few photos. More will go up soon, once I finish retouching the rest.

On Saturday, after I got done shooting, we biffed around downtown, and stopped in at [ profile] twinki79's restaurant! I think we got there during the busy hour, because she was running around all over the place and didn't have a lot of time to chat or anything, but it was good to finally see the place and get a good meal. :) We found a neat bar downtown sometime after that, called Shanghai Tunnel... they had a bunch of good beers on tap that we'd never even heard of, so that immediately impressed us. We also found out about a really cool Star Wars Exhibit that's coming to OMSI later this month, so we might have to get an expedition together for that sometime!

After getting back to Eugene yesterday, I actually fired a gun! :O It must be an Oregonians-outside-of-Portland thing, because it seems like I meet more and more people who own firearms and used to "go shooting" as an activity. ;p Anyhoo, I didn't hit a damned thing, but I might've done better if the lighting wasn't so bad. The .22 rifle seemed to be about my speed... the .3006 and the pistol I tried had more recoil than I was comfy with. (yeah, I know, I'm a sissy ;p)

That's all!
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Ping. :)

Eugene Celebration was okay, I guess. It was fun hanging out with people and all that, but when you cut right down to it, they're basically charging you money so you can go in and buy food, beer, and various sundries at higher prices than you'd normally pay at the storefront... throw in some mediocre local bands, and that's pretty much the sum of what was going on. Sheesh. :p I didn't see the parade on Saturday, which is supposed to be a Big Deal, but odds of me getting up that early on a Saturday are pretty much zero.

Played some WoW on Saturday, finally got the Winklet up to lvl 57. I hadn't seen all the new PvP stuff in EPL, so that was interesting to observe. After that, I hopped on my bike and pedaled downtown and took some pictures at the classic car show, and wandered around the Celebration some more. The admission bracelet was good for three days, so I thought I'd get a bit more mileage out of it. I find that I'm really liking the whole thing of biking instead of driving. Too bad the weather will likely go to crap soon. ;p

Went to a dinner thing with Ben later that night, for a friend of his who was visiting from out of town. It was a little weird, because it was mostly the friend's family, and I always feel kind of weird at family gatherings where I'm not part of the family, but it was relaxing, and the food was good.

The renaissance faire on Sunday was pretty fun. We got a later start than expected, but we still got there in time for the joust, which was pretty cool! There were some old-style clothes and weapons and stuff to be had, and some eatables, and all that good stuff. I don't know if I'd go again, because it didn't seem like there was a whole ton going on, but we did get there near the tail-end of the things, so maybe the first day would've been more interesting. ::shrug::

I'm so friggin' moody right now. Bleh. I think I need to stop listening to Counting Crows. ;p Anyway, training tonight, and then I'll hopefully get to take it easy for a bit. My aunt is also going to call later on...
Man alive, I am SORE. I always forget about the time delay I have now, between when I do a hard workout, and when the soreness sets in. My hamstrings are currently crying from practicing wushu on Monday. And I have to slog through another practice today, if I want to keep the soreness at bay... aaaaagh.

I actually had a few minutes to play WoW last night! :O My little gnomes are doing fine, although I'm kind of afraid to log in as Fiz, because the rogue talents are all borked after the new patch. I wasn't awake enough to feel like mucking around with my character build last night, and I only lasted long enough to do a cauldron quest with the Winklet. (yeah, only having the bare minimum of sleep will do that to you)

That pesky web forum still isn't working yet, through no fault of my own... sigh. It's frustrating to have things that you want to get done, but not be able to do them for whatever reason. I did get some other stuff done, though, at least.

I've had the thought recently that maybe I'm becoming a more forgiving person. Not enough so that I'm going to be a doormat for anybody, but I think I'm more able to understand why people do the things they do, and if I understand it, then I can forgive it. I think I'm also getting better at recognizing when it's really dumb or unfair to hold a grudge over some things. Maybe it's because my own issues and faults have been really apparent, as of late, but it's unfair to give other people guff for making a mistake, when you're making them all the time yourself.

That's all I've got for now. I didn't get a whole ton of sleep *last* night, either! ;p

Pop quiz!

Jul. 14th, 2006 11:21 am
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So, at some point in the evening yesterday, somebody sent me a cell phone picture. I don't know who it was--their number isn't in my phone book--and my cell phone is really, really old, and can't receive photos, so all I got was a text message telling me to view it online. I can't even tell exactly what the picture is of, because it was taken at night, so it basically looks like two glowy spots and a bunch of black/beige stuff. ::rotfl::

Can you tell what this is? Did YOU send me this?


Seriously, I want to know. I can't imagine that it was sent by any of my more frequently-seen friends, because they all know that my phone is ancient. ;p

I think yesterday was the day for everyone to be Tired, because I was pooped out and didn't go to 80's Night. I started messaging people who said they were going to meet me there, feeling all bad that I was wussing out, but they all said that they were too tired to go, too. Heh. I wound up staying in and watching part of the Battlestar Galactica miniseries, and hitting the sack after that.

I had a great run yesterday, too. Even though my legs were tired from running and lifting on Wednesday, I felt like one-upping myself, so I did 3.5 miles. I'm hoping I can knock out 4 miles by the end of next week, because I seem to be good at pushing myself, lately. I'm kind of thinking about doing a marathon something in the semi-near future, even though I know I'd probably get a sound ass-kicking. Are there any local ones coming up?

Tonight, I'm hopefully having dinner with the Posse! Jeremy is also hosting another Poker Night, so I might drop in on that, too. I might not actually play, though, because A) I have terrible luck with cards, and B) I may not even be there for very long.

Not sure what's happening on Saturday, but I don't have anything planned as of yet, so I'll probably use part of the day to do boring-but-important stuff. I think Sunday is open, too... I keep having the notion that I'm forgetting about something I agreed to go to, but maybe it's just because my schedule's been so nuts lately that having a completely unscheduled weekend seems completely outlandish. Yeesh. x_x

I definitely need to play some WoW. My poor little warlock needs some love and attention, and 56 is too close to 60 to just leave it at that!
Yeah, that's right, bitches. I sang *THAT* at karaoke last night!! XD My butt-rawk scream needs some work, but wow, that one was hellafun to do. :)

So yeah, fun times on Sunday night. W00t! We had to change plans at the last minute, because the venue we'd originally planned on cancelled the karaoke for some reason, so we ended up at Diablo's for their karaoke night. It kind of sucked, because the guy who was running the system was obviously new to it, and didn't seem to know what he was doing, so there were more than a few technical difficulties. ::eyeroll::

I started things off with the Eurythmics and couldn't even hear myself for half of it due to mic problems, which sucks, because Annie Lennox is my voice twin. Grr. The same thing happened again when I attempted I Love Rock 'n' Roll, too, but I didn't know that song as well as I thought I did, so it wasn't ultimately all that tragic. Highlights that I can think of right now: [ profile] divadrummer on Radar Love, Loreen on House of the Rising Sun, Elana doing Black Velvet, and Ben on D'yer Mak'er. (the latter of which has been stuck in my head all morning, gaaahhh)

Well, the weekend turned out to be less busy than I thought, but I think that was a good thing. I biffed around on WoW for a lot of Saturday, leveled Wink via a too-long and fairly painful BRD run (grumble grumble), and got Fiz's first piece of the dungeon 2 set. But, I also managed to clean the house, get my old clothes ready to sell ("buy somethin', will ya?"), and I also did some more picture edits.

Serenity game on Sunday morning was good. Lots of silliness, attempting to beat on stuff, fancy flying, and... projectile vomiting. ::rotfl:: Tom is a crazy man! It certainly didn't help that my character has the Weak Stomach trait, and I also couldn't roll for crap--as if that's anything unusual--but it was entertaining anyway. We get to play again in a couple of weeks, which is sooner than we thought, but considering we weren't able to get through all the plotstuff we wanted to, it's good to not have to wait. :)

I started in on an obnoxious Flash interface before going to karaoke, because I haven't done it in a while, and despite the number of complaints from experienced folk--myself included--about creating and maintaining Flash sites, people still seem to be interested in having those created for them. So, I figured I ought to do one, because then I can point to it and say, "hey, I *can* do annoying Flash interfaces." And no, it's not something I hate doing, because I actually had fun working on that interface, so far, but I don't love seeing the technology used in stupid and impractical ways.

Anyhoo, it's Monday, and I'm sleepy after shorting myself of sleep on Saturday *and* Sunday night. Yeah, not so smart. I have wushu tonight, and hopefully [ profile] mathnerd will be taking some clothes off my hands, too. If the weather clears up enough, one of those paid photoshoots that was supposed to happen over the weekend should happen tomorrow evening. Yay!

I'm off for now! ::poof!::
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Peektures from Saturday! Most of them are on the silly side of things, although Bruce and Naomi showed up near the end, dressed in fancy-schmancy prom garb, and brought some dramatic flair to it. I liked how a lot of those turned out, and it makes me want to dress everyone in formalwear next time!

Weekend was a nice balance of fun and lazy. Before I went photoshooting on Saturday, I went out for lunch with the posse at Applebee's, and then went mini-golfing! The weather has been fantastic lately, so it was good to be outside. :) I don't think any of us came in under par--I didn't even know which side I preferred to hit from on the first few holes--but that's one of those activities where skill is not relevant to how much fun you have. I somehow wound up with the lowest score out of the ladies, which surprised the hell out of me. Oh, and afterwards? Ice cream. Chocolate peanut-butter. Mmmmm tasty! <3

Then, photoshoot, of course. I was in Dork Mode, rather then Hawt Model Mode, so there was much silliness, but it was fun. I'm finding that Ben, David, and I are doing pretty well at this, and the lighting rig that the guys got? Definitely bright. ::laughs:: Alex and a new chick (Stacy?) came to take some photos, too, so there were a ton of cameras at work. My stupid ghetto replacement camera was doing weird things to the exposure--probably due to the red backdrop--but I think I can fix *some* of it with a bit of creative Photoshopping, at least. The guys, however, are talking about buying new cameras, and I just want to cry like a 3-year-old because I can't afford it right now, and I'm probably the one who needs it most. :p

After we looked through all the pictures, Stacy was headed to a party, and the people having said party apparently didn't care who showed up, so we went along, too, heh. It was an odd sort of hippie pad, with a holy ass-ton of bicycles in various states of disrepair in the front yard, but the people seemed pretty nice. (even if they *were* drinking Pabst ::rotfl::) We checked out after a while and went to Indigo, and then came back and sat around talking until Ben finally made himself go to bed.

Yesterday was pretty productive. Go me! I added some stuff to my portfolio, cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen, and played some WoW. I *almost* got Wink to lvl 55, but I got oddly drowsy when I was 1.5 bars away from leveling, to the point where I was falling asleep at the keyboard. So, I had to log and do something else in an attempt to wake myself up again. Bah! This week, for sure. Also, FFT was pretty good, although I had some troubles on the first pull, when I tried to hit the hotkeys for Wink's opening DOT, and realized that this particular hotkey is completely useless as an opening shot for Fiz. I've been neglecting her, sadly.

I cannot freaking focus today. Gah. That's all.
If you were wondering about yesterday's subject line quote, it's Phil's fault. ;p Such a dignified coach! ::rotfl::

Thank jeebus for Fridays! It seems like I've been dragging my butt around all week, so I could use a break. I love Fridays, they just seem a little more relaxed. Also, lunch at Ambrosia = good times!

Tonight, there's wushu, FFT (Friday Fun Time) on WoW, and I don't know what else. Probably more computery stuff, because I'm feeling motivated. I don't think I've felt this consistently motivated in a long, long time. Think of the things I could accomplish! Heh. :) I also get to pick up my CD of pictures from Wednesday night, after practice... dude is fast! I'm excited to see how they came out; it's hard to tell from a 2-inch preview screen, but they looked very cool.

Saturday is kind of up-in-the-air. I'm definitely going running, and there's talk of either doing an MC attunement run, or starting on the Dungeon 2 quests... either way, I'm praying for phatty loots! I'll also be hitting up the fabric store to look for potential photography backdrops, and then I get to take more peektures later in the day, and probably pose for some, too. We now have some crazy-bright lights to test out for indoor shooting, and somebody might even come and do some fancy-schmancy makeup, so I'm looking forward to that! I have to say that it's awesome to get compliments on pictures that I modeled for *and* worked on behind-the-scenes... it's like two compliments in one, heh.

No idea what I'm doing on Sunday. Probably running again, because I didn't go yesterday. And probably more WoW. :) I might try to see if I can set up a paid photography gig, because money's good, but it might be too-short notice.

I'm tiiiired, and I get to leave soon, so I'm off.
You must read this Flintlocke, if you haven't already! XD

Also, check this out: Google kills Mango Sauce. It's a pretty ridiculous story about Google AdSense and the inconsistently-applied rules that come with being in the AdSense program. If you agree, help the guy out by writing an email.

So, weekend was busy, but fun. Friday afternoon/evening was kind of busy; I was in Corvallis for the afternoon, then I came back for wushu practice, and then I de-stenched myself and hurried off for birthday sushi. Birthday sushi was pretty nice; we ended up doing the teppanyaki side of Shoji's, rather than the sushi bar, but I still got to have sushi, and a very large, tasty drink, so that was cool. :) It was kind of hard to hear the various conversations for a lot of the time--teppanyaki is *loud*, y'all--but it was nice to hang out with everyone anyway.

The eco-friendly fashion shoot on Saturday turned out to be good times! It wound up being me, another girl, and a couple of guys in front of the camera. I was a little dismayed to discover that the clothes they'd borrowed for the shoot were all Smalls and Mediums. (I'm currently on the upper-end of Large!) I tried some things on, though, and they had enough stretch that we were able to roll with it. We basically moved around to several locations and did some shots as a group, and some individuals. They had some nice equipment and reflectors on hand that I can currently only dream of getting for myself. ::drool::

Gizmo had fun romping around on Mt. Pisgah, and one of the assistants brought her dog, too, so they made friends. And by "made friends," I mean, "mutually tried to hump each other at random intervals." :) I managed to scratch the hell out of my foot/ankle by running through some prickly plants that were growing under some very tall grasses, and a lot of us had allergy flare-ups with all the grasses and plants around, but it was generally pretty fun.

I also got to keep one of the shirts that I modeled, and judging from the price tags I saw on some of the other stuff, I basically walked away with probably a $50 shirt. Yes, organic clothing is expensive. W00t for free stuff! I'll try to get some photos up eventually, but I think we're kind of limited on what we can share before the magazine goes to press.

Saturday night was also fun--the party was already going when I finally got there, but we had dinner and hung out for a while, and then a smaller sub-set of us decided to go out and do karaoke. The place we went to was basically a cowboy/redneck bar, but aside from the folks who insisted on singing the weepiest country songs ever made (bleh!), it was actually pretty fun. I even think I kinda rocked it on the songs I did, but that's hard to say, because we were all pretty ridiculously plastered. ::rotfl:: I need to do it again soon, though, now that I've found a bit more of my karaoke groove.

Sunday was magical hangover day. ;p Me and J had lunch, though, and I got on WoW later to do some running around in Maraudon. I have determined that I have shit luck with loot and should just give up now, but eh, I suppose that has never really stopped me before, so whatever. :)

Anyhoo, it's Monday. Whee. ;p Wushu practice tonight, and hopefully catching up on sleep, because I'm still tired today.
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OMG, so cute: the Ladybag! (stolen from [ profile] ghost_girl)

Also: Don't forget to weigh in on Birthday Sushi, if you haven't already! :)

The weekend was busy, busy, busy... not nearly enough time to sit around, but I suppose that was partly my fault. Jenny called me during wushu practice on Friday and invited me to come play some cards, so I went over there and we played Hearts and had some wine. We had enough people that it warranted using two decks, so it was a pretty bizarre game, and I managed to klutz out and spill wine on myself *and* Drew, but I had fun. :)

I finally got to play WoW for more than 2 minutes on Saturday, and we hit up Sunken Temple, so now Winkletoes has her cool warlocky scythe! I still have a quest left over, though, because I had to bail out and go to tech rehearsal for the Wushu demo at International Night. Imagine my excitement--and by, "excitement," I mean total lack thereof--when the I-Night folks asked us to come in for *another* rehearsal at 1pm the next day, when I didn't think I'd even have to show up until late afternoon. Grah. :p

Anyhoo, Goo did the I'm Hungry! roar, so we all decided to go to Pearl St. Ice Cream Parlor after rehearsal got out... mmmm, ice cream! I guess a lot of them hadn't been there before, so the first time the birthday siren went off, it kind of freaked everyone out. Ben called while I was there, and we eventually decided to meet up at Cornucopia and hang out for a bit. David met up with us later, after escaping from a concert that he didn't seem to want to be at, heh, so after a lot of hemming and hawing, we wound up picking up some beers and dorking out watching episodes from Season 1 of Stargate SG-1. LOL!

Yesterday seemed like it would never end; I basically got up with enough time to have a semi-lesiurely breakfast before going out to the effin' dress rehearsal, and while there were some breaks between rehearsal, dinner, and the actual show, it wasn't long enough to make it worth going home. Siiiiigh. I killed some time during the breaks by learning to play Mah Jong, which was interesting, after seeing Ma play it all the time when I was little, and going to WinCo to get groceries.

The demo itself was pretty good. We had a lot of n00bs making their demo debut this time, but I think they did a nice job! Unfortunately, we older folks apparently need to learn when to quit: I aggravated my ankle strain more while doing a butterfly--if not for Alison's ankle supporter, it might've been worse--and David (Ng) hurt his ankle really bad trying to do an aerial. People apparently liked it, though, and we got a lot of compliments, so I'd call it a success.

Anyhoo, that's all I've got for now. Lots to do.
I haven't played enough WoW for my taste, lately. BOOOOO! Being busy is Teh Suck.

Why is it that, when you make some wisecrack about hating shamans, people just assume that you rolled a paladin? ::rotfl:: I *know* pallies aren't the only people who have shammy problems. I guess I haven't tried taking on a shammy with my warlock yet, but when I'm playing Fiz, I hate those little shammy bastards and their stupid instant heals that always manage to go off at the very last second.

Training last night was… difficult. My stance work was pretty atrocious, because certain stances made my ankle hurt something fierce. Having to do everything all slow-like during the practice was incredibly frustrating, especially since I happen to be feeling motivated right now. Hopefully I won't start feeling lazy before the ankle heals up. J says that I've definitely strained it, and was pretty close to a sprain, so I definitely need to be careful. Phil said to ice on my ankle when I got home, which I did, and it does seem to be feeling better today, so hey, fingers crossed!

Tonight I go forth and lift, because I haven't done it since before Berkeley, and I feel like I should do *something* more, seeing as I'm currently gimped at wushu practice. Stupid body! ::shakes fist::

Weekend plans? Don't have 'em, yet. (well, unless you count the International Night demo! Gogogo!) I figure something will materialize, though, and if not, there's lots I can get done at home.
Is it just me, or does Coca-Cola Blak sound kind of gross? I guess it depends on what they define as "coffee essence," but it seems like a real toss-up to me. ;p

I finally got to play some WoW last night. :D I suppose it's only been a week, maybe two, but it was nice to be playing again. One of our guildies who had a priest at 3 or 4 levels behind Wink has since caught up with her, d'oh. I only have a few bars left until 53, but I still kind of feel like a slacker. ::laughs::

My wrist still hurts as much as yesterday, and I'm thinking that I may also have to take a break from foosball, which is a bummer. Aside from broadsword, that's the other wrist-intensive activity that I've recently added to my daily life, so if the wrist doesn't get better soon... Booooo. Joint problems FTL.

Practice was pretty fun last night, heh. We weren't working super-hard, but we did do some basics, and eventually wound up farting around on jumps. I managed to string together 3 butterflies in a row at one point, which is pretty funny! I'm sure they looked like fried ass in the air, but hey, at least I kind of pulled it off.

I'm thinking about heading back east in August, if I have the money, and among other things, hitting up the US Wushu Union Nationals. I think part of what got me all psyched out and crazy over Berkeley this year was the fact that I couldn't compete at Collegiates, so I didn't really know how I was progressing, and I ended up panicking over the whole thing. The timing of USWU Nationals seems perfect, because it's 5 or 6 months away from Berkeley, so it's a good time to measure progress and test myself. It's all very tentative, though. Stupid money and me not having any. :p

My weekend is looking not-too-shabby. I've got a ticket to the Cherry Poppin' Daddies tomorrow night! That should be pretty fun. I'll probably also be heading up to Portland, but I'm not 100% sure if that'll be Saturday or Sunday. I could kind of use a rest after last weekend, but whatever, there are people to see! :)


Apr. 5th, 2006 01:51 pm
batskeets: (yan!)
Added a few more pictures last night. It's rather silly to be doing these, because I don't have a lot of time and I'll probably have to just fix a lot of them after this weekend, but... I can't resist the Photoshoppy fun. ^^; Dork!

Practice was hellafun yesterday. Nanquan is looking better already. I think I learned something just from seeing Keith do those 2 sections of the form on Monday, amazingly enough. Maybe I actually *do* have some idea of WTF I'm doing? Heh. The ankle that I messed up last summer is nagging me again, for some mysterious reason, but it doesn't seem to be slowing me down too terribly much. I'm having a hard time telling myself to take it easy like I should, but I did try to take longer breaks between forms and scale back the intensity, so I don't burn out again.

I think the fear is subsiding, and I'm actually getting EXCITED about competing! I certainly didn't expect *that*. I'm sure the fear will rear its ugly head again about 5 minutes before my first event on Saturday, because that feeling of sheer terror always hits me 5 minutes before any type of performance, but right now, I'm just pumped to get out there.

I'm bummed out because I had to miss group dinner in favor of practice, though. It seems like I'm far from being the only one who'll be out of town this weekend, and some will be gone for even longer! [ profile] polysciguy and [ profile] numfar will be gone for 2 weeks. (I think?) Blahhh. It's a bummer to have them gone that long, but I hope they have fun, all the same. :)

In other news, I'm hoping to hit Portlandia next weekend, because [ profile] shannidee will be in town!! :D I hope that, by then, I can somehow catch up on all the sleep I won't get when I'm gone *this* weekend...

Also, the current arc in the Flintlocke comics sums up everything I hate about battlegrounds so, so well. XD Soooo funny.
So I joined [ profile] lippy_addicts because my beloved Hollywood Geisha bustier, which I've only gotten to wear twice, is now too big on me. I had planned on pimping it on the community whenever I get 'round to listing it on eBay or somesuch, but man, now I keep seeing other Lippy things go by on the community that I want for myself! Thank god most of the people on the community are tiny and selling Smalls or Petites, or I'd have some serious temptation to resist.

Also, it is far too difficult to find viable pants when you actually have a butt. *Especially* after that whole "low-rise" pants fad. I mean, I've never liked high-waisted pants very much, but Low-Rise = Butt Crack Showcase, and I don't WANT to do it plumber-style! Blecch.

In other news, popular opinion seems to be that I broke myself by overtraining. YAY! I didn't even think I was doing *that* much more... all I really did was resume the weight training schedule I was keeping in Jan/Feb., and do some extra cardio on the weekends. I guess that was too much, though, because look, now I'm Princess DeadLegs. ;p

Berkeley is scary, yo. At least last year I had the excuse of competing in intermediate when I was technically still in their beginner bracket--I wouldn't have been able to do compulsory nanquan in beginners--but now I'm actually intermediate, so I guess I'd better not mess up! But really, I think I just need to follow my own damned advice, and just relax and have fun. I've been too hard on myself lately, and I think that's partly to blame for my recent tendency to get overly riled up at completely random things.

Funfun portraiture photo session yesterday. We got at least a few cool pictures of everybody, some could even be frame or portfolio material with some Photoshopping. I'm happy. They all apparently thought I was a good model, so um, yay me? *I* personally think I squinched up my mouth weird too often, but I'm picky about myself, so whatever. Anyway, I'll be playing around with them over the next few days, and I might post some cool ones. At the very least, cool ones of me and/or ones that I took.

Anyhoo, I'm taking it easy this week, so I don't die. No weights or other crazy stuff, just tweaking forms. I might spend the extra time levelling Winkletoes, because I'm sort of feeling semi-relaxed again, and I'd like to actually *keep* it that way. ;p Hopefully I can do Sunken Temple tonight, and get some Very Important Warlocky Quests out of the way.
St. Paddy's was okay and everything. Wushu practice was entertaining; near the end we took some fairly serious team pictures, and then we took some hilarious ones, hee. :D I might put some up later. [ profile] polysciguy's birthday dinner was fun, we kind of took over the place We also have the greatest idea ever for a silly guild, which I will share later on, after we get off our butts and do it. XD

David--as in, not-wushu, not-[ profile] barndawwg David (argh too many Davids)--called me up as I was on my way to dinner, so sometime after dinner I met up with them at Lucky's, and there was a very fun Irish band playing. No green beer, either! Love that. I didn't get nearly drunk enough to suit me, but I danced anyway. I apparently need to buy smaller pants, because mine kept threatening to fall off as I was making up Irish jig steps on the dance floor. Oopers. ^^; Exactly two good things happened: A) mac-n-cheese, and B) free beer from a random, very tall dude named Casey. Nice guy, and I chatted with him for a couple minutes, but I feel a bit guilty for taking advantage of the freebie, esp. seeing as I don't usually go fishing for freebies. (yeah, I should get over it)

I trained my ass off on Saturday morning, did weights and everything, and I *still* hurt today. That means it's working, right? ::rotfl:: And, I went out and got some handle grip and pretty new flags for my broadsword, yay! I couldn't take another day of those nasty day-glow yellow and red ones they give you by default.

I did a whole lot of nothing after that--I played an ass-ton of WoW this weekend, and got Winkletoes to 49. It would've been 50, if I hadn't run out of rested XP. ;p J invited [ profile] craftyran over for dinner on Saturday night, and he made burgers and fries for the three of us. Burger-and-fries is sooooo much better homemade, lordy! Sunday night, Sean fired up the Grill Of Doom again, the rest of us contributed salad makings, and we all had dinner and biffed around. Yay!

It is Monday, and IT IS EFFING FREEZING IN HERE. I cannot deal with it any longer!

We have a foosball table in the break room. I was the grandmaster of foosball in middle school, and I apparently still rock pretty hard at it today. You may call me Destroyer of Worlds. :O Muahaha.

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