Here's how October is shaping up:

Oct 1st: Client photoshoot
Oct 2nd: Draft Night
Oct 4th: Other, Different Client photoshoot
Oct 5th: First Home Team practice of the season
Oct 9th: Shoot at fashion show
Oct 10th: Team Fundraiser Party
Oct 14th-15th: Move to New Studio
Oct 16th: Get on a plane to Austin to skate with Travel Team (?!)

And that's just the first half of the month. And it also doesn't factor in design/coding deadlines.

Sweet jesus, I'm going to die. XD
I don't often remember my dreams, but last night, I had two:

1) I saved up enough money to get some kind of crazy new low-rider rollerskate plates that my brain made up. They'd gotten good reviews from the few people who had tried them, and I was excited about them, but hesitantly so, because I wasn't sure that they'd work as well for me. (people who skate know that new gear can be equal parts exciting and terrifying)

2) I somehow came to be temporarily responsible for some kind of bizarre cyborg baby that had a robot head. The head would periodically fall off or temporarily stop functioning, and I needed to fix it so the baby would continue to be alive and functioning until its parents took it back.

Yep. Cyborg babies with malfunctioning bits. Thanks for the clear messaging, Subconscious Brain!

Fresh Meat

Dec. 19th, 2010 11:59 pm
I think I'm going to remain in shock about this until I actually go to orientation--which is, of course, the first day after I get back from CA, whoof--but, to my incredible surprise, I MADE FRESH MEAT.

I'd had such a busy weekend of running pre-trip errands that I essentially had no time to even think about getting nervous for tryouts. We'd been advised to wear something that'd make us stand out, though, and Alyson snagged me a free pair of rainbow booty shorts from her new job. I'm not usually a rainbow shorts kind of girl, but I threw them on over my leggings, donned my favorite "Science!" t-shirt, and wandered into the hangar... where I found over 40 other girls waiting to sign in for tryouts.

This gets long, heh. )

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