Apparently, the clacking sound of people folding up their tent poles in the early morning causes me to dream about eating things with chopsticks. Not that getting me to dream of food is exactly a stretch. ;)

If the mention of tents wasn't a clue, I just returned yesterday from an overnight camping stay Walla Walla, because a college acquaintance got married. He and I had a couple of classes together back in college, but he was actually for-reals-friends with Joe, so we were both invited. I suspect I wouldn't have been invited if I weren't dating Joe, though, so I was definitely a tertiary character, rather than a top-billed or even a supporting cast member.

So, there were some of Joe's friends, and some people we didn't know. But, pretty much all of them were people I didn't know well, or at all. Those are circumstances that are fine when I'm in the mood for them, but when I'm not? Guuuhhhh. I have to very consciously be in the mood to engage with people I don't know, and my brain just wasn't up for that. Well, not until a couple of drinks in, anyway.

I'm also really coming to dislike the "goodbye hug" ritual. There are the people I hug because I WANT to, because they're my friends and I love them as people. And, on the other end, there are the people whom I "have" to hug, because everyone else in the vicinity knows each other and are hugging, and there's suddenly some weird obligation to hug me, too, just because I happen to be standing there. I don't like doing affectionate things like hugging, or saying I Love You out of obligation.

Not even joking: I got goodbye-hugged by somebody whose name I didn't know, and whom I'm pretty sure didn't say even one sentence directly to me over the course of our stay. RIDICULOUS.

Anyhoo, you know those vacations that don't really feel like a vacation? This was one of those. I'm very tired. But hey, lots of free wine.

P.S. if you're reading this, I'm quite certain you're not in the Obligation Hugger category. So, if you're wondering, you can stop. ;)
I really meant to write something after Derby Daze, but last week nearly killed me with stress. SO, in short:
  • It was my first year doing Derby Daze, and that much derby in one weekend was exhausting, amazing fun.
  • I learned a ton, and my little Moleskine notebook is full of notes that I scribbled down after each workshop.
  • Working outside whiteboard at WOJ vs. Minnesota was challenging–mostly because Minnesota put up a hell of a fight in the first half. Good derby is distracting!
  • Thanks to the good graces of my roommates, I hosted two ladies from BC at my place–from the Rink Minx Rollergirls–and also introduced them to the majesty of burgers and poutine at Kay’s.
  • I learned a new Rinxter position at the AoA vs. Skatesaphrenics bout–one that’s easy enough, unless you screw it up. Fortunately, I didn’t screw up. Computer skillz!
  • Derby Daze also gave me a newfound hatred for early mornings. 6:00am and I will never, ever be friends.
  • Due to the above, and also not being able to fall asleep, I literally spent more time skating than sleeping that weekend. WOW.
ANYHOO, the dazed feeling continued, because part of the whole being-super-stressed thing last week was preparing to skip town for my annual pilgrimage to PAX, a.k.a. everyone's favorite glowy, flashy wonderland of gamestuff and bad network reception. I did a lot of nerd things, like demoing Star Trek Catan, buying pretty dice, playing new board games with my friends, and watching Wil Wheaton play D&D on stage with the Penny Arcade guys and Scott Kurtz. (which is hilarious, by the way)

This year was shorter than years past, for me, because I had derby practice on Thursday night, so I couldn’t leave until Friday morning. AND I also left early on Sunday to get back in time for Endurance practice, because skipping Endurance is always a bad decision. Well, and also because there was a Fresh Meat End-of-Summer BBQ after practice. But yes, this was the first time I’ve been to PAX and not stayed until the bitter end.

Fortunately, Joe didn’t disown me for making us arrive late and leave early from PAX. He might have been a little upset, though. WROUGHT WITH EMOTIONS, even:

…oh, and there might be a little thing called Draft happening later this week. But, you know, no big deal or anything. Yeah, it’ll be totally easy to forget about that. I almost forgot about it just now when I was writing that sentence. Wait, what were we talking about again?

HURHURHUR. That there was sarcasm, by the way. In all honesty, I'm not expecting a call this Thursday, and I'm choosing to be okay with that. There's another draft on November 15th, I'm starting a new cross-training regimen, and I'm just going to keep doing what I do. And that? Is KICKING ASS. August was not exactly kind to me on multiple levels, so I'm going to rest, recharge, and kick September square in the pants.

Seriously, though, send me all of your best lolcat pictures on Thursday. I’ll need them.
batskeets: (j)
HAY GUYZ. I'm back in Portland, and OMJESUS I'm glad to be back. The trip was exhausting, but exhausting in that good way, and a lot of fun times were had. More on that, perhaps, once I've sorted through photos.

I also didn’t skate for that entire week--or do much of anything resembling a workout, aside from a 4.2-mile run at the beginning of that week--which was a little weird. I’m sure I’ll be making up for it soon enough, because I seem to have lost the ability to sit still. (related: that 4.2-mile run happened because, after being confined to airports and tiny commercial airliner seats for half a day, I was too twitchy and antsy to not do something.)

Between work, travels, and being sick, I’ve missed more Sunday endurance practices than I care to admit. Now that I don’t have any big trips on the horizon until Labor Day weekend, I’m definitely not allowed to skip that for a very, VERY long time.

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been depressed, for the past month, maybe more. It’s certainly not the soul-crushing weight of clinical depression I went through in college, but it does have a frighteningly familiar tone, at times. There’s the sense that I’m so very close to that brass ring, that I could grab it if I just did a little bit more, but I don’t quite have it in me to do one more thing in a day. The fates haven’t allotted me enough spoons for that.

It feels like I’ve been spinning my wheels (no pun intended) in many parts of my life, and I’m trying to keep up, trying to keep pushing myself, and waiting for something to happen. The work is paying off, but it’s paying off so slowly that it’s hard to stay motivated. Routine is the only thing carrying me through, and the big payoffs--big paychecks, life-altering changes, getting scrimmage cleared--haven’t come yet.

At least with derby, I have some idea of what I need to do. Having a formula doesn’t trump depression, but it helps push it down just enough to take some of that personal power back.

Beast mode, ENGAGE.
I'll be out of town! I fly out to LA early tomorrow morning, and then have a kickin' road trip back, arriving back in PDX late on the 15th, or early on the 16th if we decide a evening in Eugene looks like fun.

There will be family-visiting happening, and seeing friends, too. (like [ profile] aniline! Yaaay!) I'll probably be lame and have work to do while I'm gone, but I'll try not to let that get too much in the way of a good time.

Also: packing for trips is un-fun, and so is getting up at 5am to catch a flight. But, woo! Travels!
No matter how much shorting yourself on sleep, going to a large-scale convention- or sporting-type event, and then drinking a bunch of alcohol sounds like a good plan for keeping your immune system strong, it's really not a good plan at all.

Fortunately, I already have a ton of food ready to eat, and I have nowhere to be tonight or tomorrow morning. YES. (well, I would go to speed skating class, but eh, I'm obviously in no condition for that) I think it's Tea and Netflix time up in here.

Anyhoo, I did make the trek down to Eugene last weekend, I played in open co-ed scrimmage, I got to sternum-bust the hell out of a dude from Northern CA, and watch a lot of derby. AND, then I got to visit with friends I haven't seen in way too long. So, yes, worth the trouble, I think, even if my sore throat is trying its best to convince me otherwise.

Otherwise? Things are good. I'm really loving my living situation, and even Joe is already noticeably more relaxed and interested in hanging out at my place. I actually had enough free time yesterday, after getting back and doing a headshot session, to play a bit of Dragon Age and Castle Crashers. [ profile] daemonwise threw down dinner for the lot of us, and left [ profile] dakania with a healthy supply of pot roast juices and drippings to make something else with, over this coming week. Yep, it's definitely a home.

Anyhoo, I'm going to go be a loaf and hopefully shake off this crud by morning.


Sep. 2nd, 2011 01:54 pm
This userpic seems appropriate, seeing as I finally got a chance to play the BSG board game while I was at PAX. (which, by the way? Is compeltely awesome and I want to buy it)

But, yes: I totally blogged PAX 2011.

And can I just say again how incredible the Omegathon was this year? This will easily go down in my personal history as one of my favorite photographer stories. I love my work. :D

Guess what I'm doing this weekend? Well, I'll tell you what I'm not doing: I'm not leaving PDX, and I'M NOT WORKING. It's high time I had a weekend that looks normal-ish--just some skating and seeing a few friends. Oh, and playing a bit of 4th ed. D&D, because we apparently didn't get enough geekery at PAX last weekend. Silly, silly human, I am.


Aug. 31st, 2011 03:58 pm
So, PAX was pretty excellent. I mean, I spent Friday sleep-deprived, Saturday wrestling with cramps, and Sunday being just totally wiped-out because conventions are exhausting, but cool things were afoot, so it was worth it. I've actually gotten good sleep since returning, too, so that's pretty excellent. I'm working on a recap right now.

Oh yeah, and this happened:

It's amazing how easily he turns me into a blushing, babbling idiot. And by, "amazing," I mean, "utterly embarrassing." I AM 31 YEARS OLD. You'd think I'd be able to comport myself a bit better than that by now!

Oh, and today's my last day at The Job. All of my things here at the office fit into a reusable shopping bag. People here have been sweet and full of well-wishing, but it's time for the next thing. Hell, it's past time for the next thing.
Over the weekend, I was in Seattle to lend a hand with some wedding photography, and I thought it'd be fun to take a bit of extra time to hang out and see a fwe sights. I didn't have a ton of time, but I did get to visit Gasworks Park on Monday morning, and we also hit up Volunteer Park--the conservatory was closed, unfortunately--which was right by the cemetery where Bruce Lee is buried. After spending more than 7 years of my life dedicated to practicing Wushu, Bruce Lee is especially legendary for me, so I had to take a moment and pay homage to him.

We walked through the cemetery until we found the location of his headstone, and while I waited for a few other folks in front of us to take their turn, I thought about how I wanted to document the occasion. As a dedicated martial artist, a moment like this was a pretty huge deal, and since I already had my camera out for shooting at the parks we'd been to, taking a photo seemed to make perfect sense, but something about it was unsettling for me.

Then, I saw the guy ahead of me ask his friend to take a photo of him while he posed next to the grave site, and I realized: I don't want to be that guy. I'd done photoshoots near cemeteries once or twice before, at the request of portrait clients, and the sense of age and history has always been interesting to me. But, the idea of posing with or even just taking a photo of a specific grave didn't feel like the right way to pay my respects to anyone, much less somebody who'd had such a massive impact on the martial arts community.

When my turn came around, I went up to the headstone, and silently took everything in. We marveled at how young Bruce and Brandon Lee had both been when they died, but after a couple minutes of mostly-wordless observance, we simply moved on and left in search of other sights. So, yeah. It was a momentous occasion for me, and the picture in my mind is enough to be worth remembering. Sometimes, you have to choose your moment, and I chose to hold that one with brain matter instead of pixels.

Instead, here are a couple of photos from other spots. It wasn't the absolute best time of day for landscape-y photos, but Gasworks Park is definitely a photographer's wet dream:

And, seriously? This HAS to be a TIE Fighter. Am I right? ;)


Jul. 13th, 2011 02:49 pm
I got an email from the HR overlords at The Job yesterday, stating that if I don't use at least 4 days' worth of PTO, I'll exceed the PTO carry-over limit by the end of this year. And, yeah, I guess I really *haven't* taken a vacation this year. Not for lack of trying, mind you, but all of the things that have happened this year haven't exactly allowed for it. And, well, I DID do a crapton of traveling last year, compared to my usual.

I'm hoping to take a few days, or maybe even an entire week off towards the end of this month, if Bossman gives the go-ahead. I have a lot of shooting coming up in the last two weekends of July, so it'd be nice to give myself some down time in between, and also to have some extra, lower-stress hours for getting my last few ducks in a row on the business.

Also, Burning Man is now looking less feasible for J, and, honestly, I wouldn't mind holding onto some of those extra dollars, either. SO, I'm examining the possibility of buying a PAX badge from someone who can't use theirs, now that I know where resale badges are being posted by people who aren't douchebag scalpers.

If that works out, it would be awesome, and still cheaper than Burning Man. If I can find another badge for J, too, I know he'd have a good time. And, you know? Every time I've thought about not going to PAX this year, I've made the sadface. This would be my third year at PAX, and three's a good number. I like three.

I'm certainly open to other ideas, too, though. Maybe another long holiday break, or a family visit around Thanksgiving... we'll see how things shape up in the coming weeks, I guess!


Dec. 29th, 2010 01:58 am
I'm back a day early. The weather forecast was filled with nasty from tomorrow onward, so I opted to cut the trip a bit short. Which, eh, isn't so bad. I have a completely free day tomorrow, and easing back into life in PDX sounds like just the ticket.

After 14+ hours in the car, I'm *very* glad to be winding down for a good night's sleep in my own bed.

P.S. Snow is only fun when you don't have to GO anywhere in it. 35 MPH on I-5? That should not happen EVER.
Mall shopping is exhausting. We burned 4+ hours at one department store, and I'm completely wiped out, and have had enough consumer indulgence to last me until *next* December. Well, at least my efforts were rewarded with a much-needed pair of flats, and some pretty dresses for an absurdly cheap price. Girly things, you put a secret spell on me, sometimes.

SO, because I'm feeling lazy, I bring you more picspam, from that lovely afternoon at Venice Beach:

Santa Monica

No Lifeguard On Duty



Santa Monica 2
batskeets: (spoon)
Christmas Eve-Eve was an interesting romp. I spent most of the afternoon indulging my OCD tendencies via gift-wrapping, while I waited around for the folks' cleaning lady to finish up her work. By the time she finished, I was just in time to run down to meet up with [ profile] theamazingjosh, Melissa, and a couple of their L.A. friends, over by Union Station.

Traffic was an utter beast, so I got there later than I wanted, and didn't take a ton of photos, but we did wander around Olvera Street for a bit, checked out some amusing shops, and I also consumed a custard-filled churro that may have changed my life. Move aside, creme-filled donuts, there's a new fried pastry concoction in town! I did take a bit of issue with the fact that the shop was called, "Mr Churro," and I called it Senor Churro in my head, in passive protest. But, dude. THAT CHURRO.

After that, the aforementioned L.A. friends had us along for two holiday parties, which were both populated by quite a few other girls from the same sorority as said friends. The first of the two was possibly the most bizarre party atmosphere I've ever witnessed: there were babies. EVERYWHERE. There was nearly one baby for every adult in attendance! Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't have a problem with kids, but I can't say *I've* spent much time around them, while drinking to excess at the same time. Not surprisingly, we spent most of our time at that party hiding out in The Baby-Free Zone, otherwise known as: The Kitchen.

The second party was also a bit strange, but that was mostly due to the insane decor they had in the house. I also had an awkward, but blessedly short, conversation with a girl who decided I was very interesting, once I mentioned that A) I'm half-Chinese, and B) I'd been to China. She then said that she's dating an Asian guy, and just recently got interested in Chinese culture because of that. I'm not sure what Herculean force of will came over me in that moment, but I somehow I resisted the urge to facepalm, upon hearing that statement.

Otherwise, it was relaxed-and-groovy, the munchies were good, and we got pleasantly schnockered and had an overall amusing evening. I did occasionally get the sense that, even after having been out of school since 2003, most sorority chicks still don't exactly "get" me, and I think most of the in-depth conversations I had were with the husbands and boyfriends. But, everyone was friendly and in good spirits, so I can't complain. :)

Anyhoo, here a few shots from our pre-party wanderings. I feel like I should've grabbed a shot of that churro, but I was too busy EATING IT ALL.

Union Station: Light It Up!


Rock Chick de los Muertos
California beaches are a different animal from the ones we're accustomed to up in the Northwest. I'm sure that sounds like a wildly obvious point to be stating, but hey, it's true.

The family plans for today didn't pan out like we expected, so I headed down to Santa Monica, to skate the beach and snap some photos towards sunset. Sun, sand, ocean, people milling up and down the path, and 19+ miles of bike path ripe for skating? Yeah, I can go for that. No, I didn't skate the whole 19 miles, but it was still a kick in the pants, and I think I may have spied another derby girl skating the path, too. I probably should've just asked, but we were skating in opposite directions. (note to self: get more RCR swag to wear about town)

It was something of an exercise in people-watching, too. In Venice Beach, there are swings, rings, pull-up bars, and people engaging in various forms of physical conditioning on the equipment. Plenty of people on bikes and rollerblades, and people going on afternoon jogs passed by me; there were parkour tricksters in action, and even a guy or two running through Taiji forms. I probably should've just been happy for Taiji Guy, but I couldn't help mentally noting his awful flow and middling stance work. Because I'm a big jerk like that. ;)

The closest parallel I can think of for that phenomenon is, well, the parks in Beijing. It's not exactly a common sight to see so many people clustered together in the same area, doing conditioning on publicly available, outdoor equipment. Or at least, *I'm* not used to seeing it. That was something I saw pretty frequently in Beijing, though: exercising in the parks seemed to be something that practically everyone did, no matter what their age, and you'd see people getting buffed up on outdoor apparatus while cars flew by on the road, maybe 10 or 20 feet away. That continually struck me as unusual, while I was there.

Anyhoo, yes. Things are different here. The beach in Oregon always feels like a place I can go to lose myself, for a bit. It's colder, cloudier, and it's easy to just avoid all human contact, and let the salt air and the sounds of waves crashing on rocks take over. The beach in Santa Monica is very sandy, sunny, and pretty, and you basically *can't* get away from people for more than a precious minute or two. It's no wonder the seagulls seem less people-shy here than they are up North.

On a somewhat-related note, one of many reasons why we wear pads in derby: while I was skating the beach path, I ran into a drift of sand that was deeper than it looked, so I pitched forward and went into a double-knee fall. It was a proper, trained fall, but the impact alone still would've hurt like a bitch, without the pads, and this would've been my knee. Sand + scraping = hamburger flesh.

Christmas Eve-Eve was also amusing in a completely different way, but I'm going to thumb my nose at chronology and save that one for later. But, a sneak preview: My god, it's full of BABIES. They do make the best bacon, after all. ;)

A few days

Dec. 23rd, 2010 02:28 pm
So, yes. A lovely time was had in San Francisco, even though we didn't end up doing much, outside of just having a tea and chatting. I already expected Scott to be a complete and utter sweetheart, based on our interactions via The Intertubes, but he was all that, and a gracious host, and even though he and his roommates have only been moved into their current place for a few days, they already have a very warm and friendly space.

I bought him breakfast the next morning, before I left, so we wandered around the corner to a cute little diner, that played actual oldies, i.e. songs that were oldies when I was a kid. Oh, and peanut butter banana pancakes? Yes please.

Breakfast: It's Tops!


That evening, I had dinner with LA Email Party people, and every last one of them was lovely and sweet and hilarious. I was so exhausted from all the driving, and lack of sleep, and traffic, that I foolishly left my camera in the car, but the time seemed to fly by. I'd have loved to hang out longer that evening, but half of us had travel plans in the 12 hours following, and the rest had work in the morning. I'll just have to come back down again when the holiday madness isn't quite so all-encompassing. :)

Yesterday, my master plan was to go to a practice with the Angel City Derby Girls in the evening, but I got word in the morning that it was cancelled, sigh. Hopefully, some other skating opportunities will crop up, or I may just end up beach skating all by my lonesome. Hell if I'm going to haul all my skate gear 900+ miles, and not use it at least once.

Fortunately, I did get to have lunch in Burbank with a couple of my wushu homeboys. Thomas was UO Wushu during my first year with the club, so I met him for lunch near his job, and one of the kids I coached in Eugene (Tom) also met up with us. Apparently, I missed the boat on a lot of the wushu crew that lives down this way--most of them were back in Oregon for the holidays, heh--but it was nice that this worked out, at least. And! Collegiates is being hosted at UCLA this year, so that could be just the excuse I need for another visit. ;)

Thomas at Porto's

Other than that, I've been doing a bit of working out, some gift wrapping, helping out my relatives in the kitchen, and a lot of sleeping. The latter still feels like Not Enough, but I suppose I do have a lot of catching up to do, on that front. Still, it's very, very nice to just... sit.

Made it

Dec. 21st, 2010 11:30 pm
I did manage to get to San Francisco last night in one piece; I wound up having a relaxed and lovely evening chatting with my charming EP host, and sipping tea until I passed out from exhaustion.

Stopped in San Luis Obispo this afternoon to lunch with my dad, and then braved idiotic traffic through Santa Barbara, until I finally made it to LA for dinner with a lovely gathering of EPeeps. I am ridiculously tired, and happy to have my butt parked on my grandpa's couch, instead of inside a car.

Long drives are so much more enjoyable when there aren't other drivers about to break the spell. I should really just do all my distance driving in the dead of night, from now on, because it's worlds better for the soul. Well, aside from the fact that you can't see much of anything.

LA Story

Dec. 17th, 2010 01:48 pm
Omjesus. Just over THREE HOURS UNTIL MY VACATION BEGINS. Well, "vacation," in the sense that I do not have to return to The Job until January 3rd. There is still much to do before I depart on Monday. SO. MUCH. TO DO.

Hopefully, at least some of that will involve getting some goddamned sleep. Thanks primarily to my awful workload, three out of the last four nights have had me up past 2am, which, when you have to be at work by 9:30am? NOT FUN. I kind of want to die right now.

Speaking of which, my travel plans: I will be in San Francisco evening of the 20th, LA on the 21st! I'll be romping around LA with lots of free time, until my daddy is off work on the 24th. I would also

12/20: evening in the Bay Area
12/21: EP dinner in the evening
12/22: 8pm skate w/Angel City Derby?
12/24-28: family-type things, playing it by ear in LA/central coast. (Karaoke? More derby?)
12/29: Departure date

So, if you'll be around, let's hang, eh? Let me know if you need my digits, if you want to make plans, etc.

Okay, somehow I'll survive this day. Wish me luck.
I think I've finally escaped the clutches of the editing monster: I have one event left to edit, and I'm already about halfway through, so it's the home stretch. I actually got 8 hours of sleep last night, although I probably could use another 8 hours on top of that. I did a yoga class last night because I desperately needed to mellow out, and actually dozed off briefly during the final shavasana. XD

The past 6 months have certainly been an exercise in learning how to balance obligations with personal needs, and I think I may *finally* be figuring out how to do that, a little. I've been making a point of keeping up on my gym/yoga time and all of my derby and wushu practices, and that's probably a large part of why I'm not feeling utterly miserable from all the stress. Yeah, overcommitting is still a problem, but I feel like I have one piece of the puzzle, at least.

Tonight will be fun: dinner out and a midnight showing of TRON. Tomorrow evening will also be fantastic: wushu and ugly sweater karaoke. Saturday means derby time and [ profile] daemonwise's infusion party, and Sunday will be trip preparations and Fresh Meat tryouts. I haven't even had the presence of mind to get nervous about that last one, because I just haven't had time to think about it.

In the meantime, there are plenty of To-Dos and random tasks, and I kind of want it overwith, but I'll make it. I hope to attack the studio with cleaning supplies for at least part of this afternoon, and maybe Saturday morning or afternoon, too. There's one more day at The Job, and I'm off until the New Year. Exhale.

Monday marks my departure for California, and there's something very soothing about the thought of driving for 12 hours. Just a long, straight stretch of road, my foot on the gas pedal, and a few good discographies pounding through the speakers, as I head towards warmer, sunnier climes. Right now, that sounds like a pretty perfect day.

Part of me wishes that day were today, but I can be patient. I can make it a little longer.
Because I'm lazy, here's a taste of PAX, with photos.

I'm sure I'll write more later, but my head hurts right now. And dude, TOO MANY PICTURES I want to post. Here are the rest of them, and they're also on Facebook with captions, if that's how you roll.
I'm not sure what it was, but it's seeming like this round of PAX was at least a little weird for everyone.

The most notable difference for me? I spent a LOT of time wandering alone. Some of it was by choice, some of it was not, and I did also get to see a greater number of friends than I did last year. I had drive-by encounters with more familiar faces than last year, and actually got to hang out with friends that I didn't even physically see at last year's PAX.

But, yes, I spent a lot of time alone, and there were definitely a lot of factors that went into it. Part of it was the god-awful phone/network reception (thanks, AT&T! ::eyeroll::) and not being able to communicate with anyone particularly well. There were friends I didn't get to spend time with as much as I'd have liked, or even at ALL, because I couldn't find out where they were or what they were doing in any reasonable timeframe.

Part of it was the need to retreat into my own mental space, after the barrage of photo requests from strangers on Costume Day. Part of it was being interested in things that most/all of my friends weren't as excited about checking out. Part of it was keeping some distance between my dear friends and my emotions, because a lot of things I felt at various times were just signs that I need to get over myself, and I didn't want that to spill all over my fun *or* anyone else's. And, well, a lot of it was just going into this PAX even more exhausted, overtaxed, and overwhelmed than I was last year. (is that even possible? Heh.)

I also have to take a moment to look at the good and the bad of the whole PAX environment. Having embarked on the adventure of costuming at a convention for the first time, I've already witnessed some pretty ugly behavior, via photos and commentary post-convention. I've managed to filter my online universe enough that I don't see it often anymore, but the ability some people have to say things via the online medium that they'd never say to a person's face is just appalling. There are times when I'd really like to punch the internet in the groin.

But, on the flip side of that, wandering alone also exposed me to the warm-and-fuzzy PAX that everyone talks about. I was reminded of my experience at PAX '09, when I discovered just how easy it was to simply walk up and talk to a stranger, or to jump in on their one-member-short Rock Band group, or to join in on a game with your line neighbors while waiting for a panel. Even when I was in costume, people were usually polite about asking for photos, and, when I was busy trying to text a friend, a few even offered to sod off and come back later, without prompt from me. It was a nice reminder that, hey, people aren't always as scary as my brain makes them out to be. And there are people who are ready to give to those around them in beautiful ways.

Anyhoo, my karmic retribution for making my Save vs. PaxFlu 2009 seems to be that I caught a cold at this year's PAX, instead, so my formal recap will have to wait until I fight off the Con Crud and I can actually recall what happened in anything resembling chronological order. ;)


Sep. 2nd, 2010 11:45 am
Yes, I am leaving in approximately 90 minutes, Gods and The Job willing. I've already received one time-sensitive request from my, ahem, new favorite Job staffer, but at least it should be quick.

I will have a futurephone this year instead of my ghetto RAZR, and I have to say, The Conventionist app looks like it'll be immensely handy. And! I'll also have MY CANON 5D HOSHIT. Shooting last year, with the Rebel XT and one lonely fixed lens, in the dim light of the Seattle Convention Center, was not exactly inspiring. I'm excited to actually have some decent gear on me this time around.

And, a photo before I go! From my first session of shooting with both [ profile] theamazingjosh and with Nikon gear. It'd have been better if we had a more willing subject--it was extremely difficult to get this kid to loosen up and drop her forced smile--but hey, we still pulled it off:

Okay. Time to triple-check my packing list! YES. :D

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