Aug. 31st, 2011 03:58 pm
So, PAX was pretty excellent. I mean, I spent Friday sleep-deprived, Saturday wrestling with cramps, and Sunday being just totally wiped-out because conventions are exhausting, but cool things were afoot, so it was worth it. I've actually gotten good sleep since returning, too, so that's pretty excellent. I'm working on a recap right now.

Oh yeah, and this happened:

It's amazing how easily he turns me into a blushing, babbling idiot. And by, "amazing," I mean, "utterly embarrassing." I AM 31 YEARS OLD. You'd think I'd be able to comport myself a bit better than that by now!

Oh, and today's my last day at The Job. All of my things here at the office fit into a reusable shopping bag. People here have been sweet and full of well-wishing, but it's time for the next thing. Hell, it's past time for the next thing.
JESUS CHRIST I need to not let so many days go by between posts. Much TL;DR follows:

It's Saturday night and I'm at home on the intertubes. Not that I have a problem with that. ;)

Things have been interesting since the layoff. I've hardly had to do anything for The Job, and I've been "working" from home with their blessing. I've only been into the office once since they dropped the news--for a meeting that I thought was unnecessary, and that wound up taking all of two minutes--and my mood dropped about a billion points in the half-hour or so I was there. I really am stunningly unhappy there.

I've definitely had a couple of flip-out moments since, sparked by the issue of money, but the root of the issue was really just my feeling incredibly overwhelmed. I've been working a lot of weekends lately, and then working through the week, too, and keeping up with derby and meetings and social things, and doing that seven days a week is just not a thing I can do. It's not a thing that anyone can do, but it's easy to make yourself work constantly when you work for yourself.

Staying focused on a task--any task--doesn't come easily a lot of the time, and working at The Job, on things that were unchallenging and not engaging, got me in the habit of time-wasting. Now, I have projects that I'm excited about, but the habits that The Job cultivated in me over the past couple of years still creep in. I can tell that the next few weeks (or even months) are going to be about training my brain to be better focused, so I can make the most of my work time, and actually allow myself to make the most of my personal time, too.

Derby's going to be much the same--I'm reaching a point where I'm not running into physical barriers as much as mental barriers. I've built skills, but keeping track of everything happening in the pack is tough, so knowing when to use those skills isn't exactly clear. I have athletic ability, and my balance is improving, but my mental game is almost nonexistent, so it's going to be training the brain there, too, for the next couple of months leading up to draft. I can tell that I'm improving at that just within the past couple of weeks, but it takes a lot of active focus, and that's hard.

It is nice to be at peace with how I'm progressing, though. Open scrimmage was this morning, and I felt that I did okay-but-not-great, but I can point out several things I did that I actually feel good about, and most importantly, I had FUN and didn't get all hung-up on performance. It's pretty excellent to just keep working consistently, and to feel confident that I'll get where I want to go if I just stick to it.

So, eh, maybe I need to transfer some of my derby attitude over to my work life. I'll make it, as long as I keep pushing.

And, hey, a few breaks aren't going to hurt me any, so after this working weekend, I'm giving myself the day off on Monday--I have no meetings, no practices, no work-like obligations. And? I totally get to go to PAX at the end of the month, because my friends are awesome and managed to hook me up. I'm hoping to find a way to get a pass for Joe, too, because he'd love PAX, so fingers crossed on that.

Which, yeah, appreciation time:
--Joe is an awesome human being. He's been understanding through all of my bad moments this week. I can be myself with him, whether that's giggling like a moron watching Japanese monster movies, racking my brain at pub trivia, or being boring loaf of TV-watching person because I'm too tired for anything else.
--Rib-off was fun, and I'm proud to have A) not lit anything on fire, and B) earned a Best of Show vote from [ profile] daemonwise, even if it was the only one we got.
--I think I've seen more of my friends in the past week or two than I had in months, which is *awesome*. Randomly kicking around on Belmont with a few friends last Sunday night was the first time in a while that things actually felt normal. I have friends whom I can be myself with, too, and that's worth so incredibly much.
--I cranked out a web site I'm proud of, and a fashion photoshoot I'm looking forward to unveiling, and I'm getting paid for all of that. Uh, yes please.
--That said, sometimes, all you really need is a good book and a bit of meditative time in the kitchen making pineapple chicken and a banana salad. I feel pretty fortunate to have my Saturday night looking like that.
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So, yeah. After 4 years of quietly grumbling my way through each and every workday, I've been laid off from The Job. I'm one of several people being affected by budget constraints. They made a point of emphasizing multiple times that it's not at all performance-related, and that I'll be eligible for unemployment benefits.

The layoff is effective September 1st, but they aren't requiring me to come in for a lot of August, and want me to concentrate the majority of my attention on looking for new work. I'll be paid out all of my unused PTO, too, which I have a metric ton of, because I rarely ever take more than the occasional long weekend for vacation. So, eh, it could be worse.

I also had my bloodwork done recently, and just before I got laid off, I'd met with my naturopath about the bloodwork results. My adrenals are not just exhausted, but depleted and not doing their job. My thyroid levels are off because they're trying to compensate for my overly-stressed adrenals. My B vitamin levels are low, my vitamin D is low (not shocking given our climate, but still), and my immune system is barely holding itself together.

I haven't been sick in a while, but the message was still pretty clear: the lifestyle I've been living is kicking my ass. With a full-time job, side business, social life, athletic goals, the self-care element fell by the wayside. I've been much better about slowing myself down before I completely burn out, but it's been over four years, and it's taken a toll.

I've already dropped a few pounds since the layoff, and I haven't even been trying. Maybe that should tell me something, eh? ;p

Thing is, with the bad stuff, there's also been good stuff, in the form of people asking about my work, both web and photographic, and being willing to pay for it. I couldn't take much on before, especially in the realm of web projects--40 hours/week at The Job was enough to send me fleeing from the computer, on some days--but now there's no reason why I can't say Yes to the opportunities. I have a lot of hours to fill.

Self-employment has been on my mind for a long time, and everything that's happened in July with the studio, the medical stuff, the positive interest in my work, and the layoff is reading to me like a gigantic, light-up sign telling me to stop being a sissy, and take hold of my destiny as a successful entrepreneuse.

So, okay, Universe. I'm listening. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.


Jan. 3rd, 2011 03:49 pm
GUESS WHERE I AM! Hint: It's that place where I spend 40 hours of my week, that requires me to get up earlier than I want to in the morning, and where my constant boredom knows no bounds. I've already mentally set a deadline of June 2011 to get the beast that is The Job out of my face, because that will mark 4 years at this place. FOUR YEARS. Enough is enough.

So, yes, between The Job and The Sick, focusing on anything today has been next-to-impossible. On the plus side, my Year In Review is done, for those on my Friends List.


Anyhoo: ROLLER DERBY SEASON OPENER! Saturday, Jan 15th, doors at 5pm. In short, this is one of just four derby events being held at Memorial Coliseum this year, so it's kind of a big deal! If you've been wanting to check out a bout, this would be a *great* one to attend.

I'm also selling tickets to the bout, because Fresh Meat girls apparently have to do that. SO, if you're interested in going, I highly recommend buying your tickets from me, and avoiding the evils of online ticketing fees!

Note to self: Make a roller derby icon.
[ profile] marykae issued a challenge this morning to stop what we're doing, and write about what you'd been doing for the past hour, in a story format. There was a time when I was at least quasi-serious about becoming some type of writer, and that part of my brain must've been firing on all cylinders this morning, because I took that request more seriously than I expected to. So, here it is:


It's another brisk, fall morning in Portland.

Blinding rays of sunlight penetrate into the cool, dark space of my kitchen, as I swallow the last remnants of a hot herbal tea. I've thrown caution to the wind by donning a sleeveless dress under my peacoat this morning, in spite of the chill in the air, but as I'm ready to dash out the back door, I remember at the last moment to grab my favorite pair of fingerless gloves. Style isn't quite worth the discomfort of cold extremities.

Trudging up the road with the Dandy Warhols wafting through my earbuds, I see three people saunter out of the church up the road. Two of them get into their car, while the third stands in the middle of the sidewalk, watching them go. He's young and attempting some semblance of Shabby Chic, but instead lands squarely in the land of Trashy Hipster. He's so enthralled by his friends' departure that he doesn't realize he's blocking my path until the last second. He steps aside just in time for me to brush past him.

As I arrive at the bus stop, I pull out my phone and load up my latest app download: High School Hero. I silently curse Melissa and Josh for sucking me into yet another time-wasting iPhone game--as if I have time to waste even without it--but the gamer in me does her best to power-level her Intelligence score before she runs out of energy to spend on Activities. I imagine the novelty will wear off before too terribly long, but for the short few minutes of lingering near the Tri-Met shelter, it's good enough.

Stepping onto the bus, I flash my pass at the driver, and look towards the back, noticing that my favorite seat is occupied by three high school kids. In fact, there seem to be quite a few high schoolers on the bus this morning, and they're as loud as I remember being at that age. Turning up the volume on my headphones, I bury my nose in a loaner copy of Down and Derby for the duration, and do my level best to drown out their frenzied chatter, as I absorb as many roller derby factoids as possible into my brain.

When the bus finally pulls up to the office building that will own my soul for the next 7.5 hours, I make motions to get off the bus. The seemingly-able-bodied woman occupying the aisle seat simply moves her legs a bit to the side, because she apparently can't be bothered to stand and give me room to get out. I manage to clamber over her awkwardly, and make my escape from the dingy vehicle, politely thanking the driver as I step out the door.

After a short walk and an elevator ride to the 5th floor, I approach my cubicle with a bit of hesitation in my step, until I look up and see a very tall tripod in my space. That certainly wasn't there when I last left the office. My steps slow and I stare at it quizzically, and my fellow web developer takes notice, explaining in his usual slightly-awkward fashion that he needs to shoot video at an event tomorrow, and wanted to see how high the tripod would extend. Why he needed to do that in my cube, I'm not certain, but I quip with a surprisingly chipper tone, "oh, I was thinking, 'is that a gift? Because I'll totally take it!'" Wishful thinking, on my part.

He moves the tripod out of my work space, and I plop down in my chair, back exposed, with a resentment-flavored sigh. Counting down the hours never seems to get easier.
Okay, The Job is simultaneously going well and filling me with RAGE this week.

The good part is, my old department has had me shooting at a training for the past couple of days, and they've been great about planning their shot lists, coordinating the necessary resources and people, so it's all gone really smoothly. And I'm always happy to be shooting, of *course*! And, I'm also experiencing at least 72% less hate for hotel conference rooms, now that I have my lovely little pack of gels for the 430EX, so that makes me happy.

The bad part is, I had to arrive 90 minutes early to work today, in order to grab some of these shots, and y'all know how I feel about mornings. Between that and my crazy weekend, I'm pretty exhausted, so I'd almost rather be sitting at my desk than do all of this running around.

And, there's this an individual who had me set up some surveys to be used internally, and it's been a long string of, "add this person to the access list," "oops, this person isn't actually supposed to be on the list," "take down the survey," "oops, put it back up again," and all of these disorganized, niggling requests are REALLY starting to grate.

And, this is also a person who likes to jokingly comment that I must be getting annoyed by all of these requests. It would be so, SO cathartic to say, "yes, actually, it IS incredibly irritating, so would you please stop it and get your shit together already?" But, I think that course of action would get me fired pretty quickly. ;p

So, yeah. It's Wednesday. ALL DAY. Sigh.
Hello, internets. I haven't seen much of you in the past 48 hours! Can't say I'm complaining, exactly, but hey, whatever. :)

Short version: wedding shoot was exhausting, but [ profile] bellybalt and I both survived the experience and came out of it none too worse for wear. After the wedding, I think we lasted through... *maybe* an hour of [ profile] _fool's house party? And spent a lot of it griping about the insanity of the shoot day. PBR has never tasted as good as it did at that party. (not that that's saying much, but, yeah.)

Sunday was brunch at Besaw's, which was pretty tasty. Then, a bit of shopping and then heading over to catch Day 3 of the Hometown Throwdown roller derby event, which was awesome, and left me wanting to A) train more, and B) come up with a punnier prospective derby name for myself. Then I headed down and kicked it in the E-U-G, which was a relaxing cap-off to the weekend. And I actually got to enjoy the outdoors for a bit! I've been so nose-to-the-grindstone these past couple of weeks that I'd almost forgotten that I actually like being outside sometimes, heh. ;)

And, I took some PTO today, because after such a draining Saturday, there was basically no way in hell I'd be able to do anything resembling work. I'm doing some shooting for The Job tomorrow and Wednesday, so at least I won't have to go back to my desk right away, even if that almost *does* sound strangely comforting.

Have I mentioned how happy I am that this is the last low-budget wedding I will ever shoot? All that remains from the old business is Alyson's wedding in October, but it'll be a non-traditional ceremony and a Halloween-costumed reception, so I don't know how I could possibly NOT have fun shooting that.

And, I'm spent.
Yesterday was EXHAUSTING. It wasn't a *bad* day... just a tiring one. Today, here I am, back at The Job, all because of a meeting that was supposed to happen at 11:30am... of course, it didn't happen until four HOURS later, so my entire afternoon and my evil plans of leaving early have been thrown off. :p

Fortunately, I should be able to escape in the next few minutes, and I get to hang with my best bitches tonight. <3 And tomorrow is PTO TIME. Which really means lots of photo work, but whatever. That still merits a huzzah!

Here is another photo, because I can:

Mudbowl! )

I will also be posting a list of the gear I'm selling soon (probably tomorrow), so keep your eyes peeled if you were one of the interested parties. :)

And, in conclusion, that Old Spice guy is KILLING IT. I had a good laugh watching those videos.


Jul. 14th, 2010 04:04 pm
Not feeling very wordy today. Lots of running around town to various meetings for upcoming weddings, and now I'm kicking it at the ol' coffee shop, telecommuting for The Job. Today's amusing coffee shop patron is the guy at the next table over, working a very '80s pink polo shirt and a *serious* mullet.

I am also annoyed because my grand plans for taking PTO have been somewhat thwarted, seeing as I'm telecommuting today, and have to go in for part of the day tomorrow. BOO-URNS. Other people's vacations should not be causing me such grief!

Here's a photo from last week: (jeez, was it really only last week? Heh.)

Pilings )

I did have my first really good wushu practice in at least a month, yesterday, and an initially-painful but ultimately-good run this morning. I feel like I'm *finally* getting back into the training groove, and it feels good. And this Saturday? ROLLER DERBY TIME with [ profile] marykae. <3

And, I'm spent.
So, yes. The fancy annual dinner at The Job last night was about as boring and awkward as I expected it to be. My +1 also had to jump ship at the 11th hour, due to a new job, so I was left to navigate the waters with nothing but my camera at my side, heh. Fortunately, I kept busy taking photos, and there was also a hosted bar, so after three glasses of wine and a pretty tasty meal, I felt at least a little less robbed of my time, heh.

Being in the youngest demographic doesn't make these things easy, though, *especially* when the few other people in said demographic didn't even GO to the dinner. Also, when I was getting up to leave, one of the over-50 gents at my table said in his best Dad Voice, "go straight home." I mean... really, dude? A) I'm 30-years-old, B) I was vaguely tipsy at worst, C) I'm one of your colleagues, and D) Come ON.

Fortunately, being downtown without my car, wearing a pretty dress and uncomfortable shoes, and looking for an excuse to run away from a dull and awkward social occasion, led to spontaneous drinks and good times with [ profile] daemonwise and equally spontaneous donuts from Voodoo. (ATTN [ profile] katlyn: I have, at last, consumed a peach fritter!) So, the evening ended on a good note.

Tonight's another evening of crazy, with wushu, a girly get-together, and dancing at Holocene. Tomorrow is sleeping in (YES!), catching up on work, a senior rep interview, and then Horse Brass with some Potentially-Good Company.

OH, and Sunday: I'm volunteering at the North American Organic Brewers' Festival! I've been to this brewfest before and greatly enjoyed the beers, so I definitely recommend dropping in. And, well, I'd pretty happy if anyone came out to pay me a visit, seeing as I'm the only one among those I talked with about it who actually followed through on volunteering. ;)

Oy vey. I'm happy the week is almost over.


Jun. 15th, 2010 12:13 pm
This past weekend was so exhausting that I still don't think I have the energy to post about it yet, heh. But it definitely had a lot of good points! Maybe tomorrow. :)

I also think I might be getting sick, because I have a sore throat/sinuses, but I'm hoping it's just allergies. Still, laziness is coming far, far too easily right now. Eh, I probably need it. 

Also: working from home in your pajamas is basically the greatest thing ever. Well, until I decide that something else is better. But, my new desk at The Job has my back completely exposed, so I've spent the past week feeling like office ninjas are staring a hole into the back of my head. I have no idea when my extra cube wall is supposed to show up, but they've theoretically ordered one for me, and it can't possibly arrive soon enough.
Here's the rest of that list. Again, in no particular order:

16. Get digital piano and play the hell out of it.
Oh lord, do I want to play. So much. I'm watching Craigslist like a hawk until a deal on a good keyboard pops up.

17. Stimulate the local economy.
This is something I've always wanted to do more of, but I didn't feel I could afford it. Now that money is more free-flowing, I could really take this on, and still have quite a bit left for savings. I've always been a fan of farmer's markets and locally-produced foods. I'd love to focus my girly spending on locally-made wearables, because I know great people who produce such things, and I want to support them. I've also sometimes been able to support local businesses by going to them for my own business' needs, too, and I love that and want to do even more of it.

18. Learn bike maintenance.
I know at least a few people who maintain their own bikes well, so why not me? Every time I ride my bike and look at my screwed-up back tire, it fills me with sadness.

19. Do something that scares the crap out of me.
No, this does not mean pursuing the realm of "extreme" sports. This is about confronting fear, and gaining strength from doing things I would previously have avoided, no matter how ordinary some of them might seem to others. Some of the things on this list could fit the bill, but I imagine the real triumph will be something very personal, and fairly difficult to quantify.

20. Tap dancing class.
Of all dances I've tried thus far, tap is probably my favorite. There HAS to be a tap class for adults in this town (EDIT: that does not also conflict with wushu practice). I've looked for this off and on with no luck, but confound it, THIS WILL HAPPEN.

21. Try out kettlebell and/or CrossFit.
I was reading about both of these things off and on, at the height of my fitness frenzy, and I wanted to try it, because functional strength training is fantastic. This might be a good opportunity to do so. I think I might be too wimpy for CrossFit, but maybe kettlebell would help me work up to it?

22. Aesthetic improvements for my house.
My bedroom is already well into this process, but the rest of the house essentially looks like a bunch of random crap haphazardly thrown together, because... well, that's what it is. I *would* like to get some paint in the walls, and then some art to go with it, and maybe some furniture, further down the line.

23. Art prints for my home, and possibly yours.
I've procrastinated on getting my own art prints sorted and printed, largely because doing that before I'm done painting didn't make much sense. But I have a lot of shots, and a lot of bare walls, and maybe you have bare walls that need prettying, too.

24. Doctors and dentists.
Because I'm the sort of person who doesn't seek medical care unless I'm having a problem, I still don't have a primary care physician or a dentist, after living in Portland for three years. This is dumb, and I should fix it.

25. Give more gifts.
I think I fell out of the whole gift-giving thing during college, because I had no money to spend. Still, when Christmas shopping time rolls around, I'm consistently reminded that I enjoy finding the perfect gift for people I care about, the thing they'd love but wouldn't expect. It'll likely be a thing I do when I'm struck with a great idea for someone, but I already have a couple ideas for upcoming birthdays and am putting them into motion, and I hope to make this more of a habit.

26. Leave room for spontaneity.
My calendar is taking over my life, and I do not like it. I'm something of a Plan Monster, and most of my major goals require me to be, and I'm usually assailed by raging guilt when I promise something and then fail to follow through on it. But, it *is* possible to leave room for large, unplanned blocks of time, and I must learn how to do so without becoming a flake.

27. Stop hating my job.
This could manifest in several ways. I could learn to accept the boredom and frustration, because it is only temporary. I could somehow alter the shape of my job so it becomes *less* boring and frustrating. Or, I could quit The Job entirely and do something else that I love much more. Which of these things it'll actually be? Biiiig question mark.

28. Teach an after-school program.
After shooting for an article at The Job about after-school programs and meeting some of the volunteer instructors, I had the thought of running an after-school wushu program. I'd be teaching older kids, *and* spreading the gospel of wushu. Of course, now that I might actually have time, the school year is almost over, but there's always this coming Fall.

29. BAKE.
I have not baked nearly enough, largely because this tends to run counter to goal #4. But hey, maybe doing this will teach me the meaning of moderation.

30. Let the right ones in.
Yes, I Have Trust Issues, but it doesn't have to rule me. There are people worthy of my trust, and I should know when to give it to them.

And, even though it has already been stated previously, an extra one to grow on:

31. Play more games.
The D20 campaign is starting off on the right foot, and this weekend, I am officially buying myself an XBox 360 and a copy of Dragon Age: Origins. Throw in monthly game nights and other such gatherings, and I'm already pretty well on my way with this. W00t!
Heh, so first session of the D20 Pulp Adventure was last night, and good times were had. I'm rolling with a farm-raised girl from the midwest, who's fairly simple-minded and Really Good At Hitting Stuff. (Knockout Punch, anyone?) I think I'd originally envisioned her as being a bit more cantankerous, and I'm sure my lame accent is not exactly accurate for a Nebraskan, but after living in the same college apartment with two nerds-raised-by-rednecks, I'm not *completely* ignorant of the culture, heh.

Anyhoo, it was a good start, and I like the shape of our group. And there was, as always, plenty of room for wisecracking. This will be good. :D

Worked at home yesterday, too, which was nice. Most of it was processing photos from the conference in Eugene last week, but there's something to be said for spending a large part of your workday in your pajamas, once in a while. I need to do more of that; it's so much easier to relax into the groove of getting things done when I don't have to throw myself together, run out to the bus stop, and brave the morning commute.

Recovering from LA has been harder than I thought; sleep has been elusive for a couple weeks now, but it seems to finally be getting a bit better.

So much to do. I'm equal parts excited for the birthday party, and looking forward to having it overwith. Well, okay, not the party itself, I'd just like to be done with all the preparations. I'm so tired, and I should probably spend the next couple nights at home to work on all of it.

And, I'm off.
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SO BUSY TODAY. Wrestling with MailChimp and emo and headaches. Got a branding workshop after work, too, but it should be really good. I only hope I can stay awake, because I'm wicked tired. But, I got to have dinner with Sean because he was up here from Eugene yesterday, so that was good. And the Thai Beef salad at Produce Row is pretty darned yum.

In other news, I remember now why I suffer the slings and arrows of riding the bus 5 days a week... because parking downtown makes me want to PUNCH. THINGS.

Should be heading out for a magazine assignment for The Job in T-minus... 5 seconds ago. Oops!

Busy busy

Jan. 12th, 2010 02:39 pm
I had an awesome Saturday. Got to hit up the Chinese Garden with [ profile] marykae/[ profile] _dilate/Joey/KatieMay, and then also got to hang out at [ profile] dark_knightly's birthday get-together. Lots of good times, and the occasional epic Twister match. ;)

We did a senior portrait consultation on Sunday, and the client wants to do them in the snow! That'll be *really* fun. I also shot our first wedding of 2010 in the afternoon, for an older couple, who were each getting married for the second time. They met via an online dating site, and they were really cute and super-happy. And, one of our wedding planner friends did the decor, so the reception tables were really pretty.

I went to Science Pub last night, and I have to admit I left feeling disappointed. I think maybe I should pay closer attention to what the scheduled topic is, because last night's lecture was, um, pretty boring. :/ The one for Valentine's Day sounds interesting, but I'm not sure I want to pay the $15. (yeah, I'm cheap. What?)

Anyhoo, I have to dash off in a minute, to shoot for an article for The Job. I'll be visiting a school and documenting some of their community programs... and the sun looks like it's trying to poke out! Fingers crossed, and hooray for Job occasionally not sucking!

For some reason, I haven't felt much like posting, recently. I'm sure it'll pass. ;)


Dec. 8th, 2009 04:30 pm
The frigid temperature in my office is really screwing with my mood. I didn't even realize how bad it was until just now, when I ran into [ profile] phasmaphobic in the lobby and I basically mumbled two words and wandered off rudely.

Seriously, though. Everyone else I've talked to in the Org agrees that it's freezing, so I know it's not just me. And I've been sitting in my office, wearing my winter coat and gloves for the ENTIRE DAY today, and I am STILL cold. BLAAAGGGHHH. This place is trying to kill me!

I am DEFINITELY working from home tomorrow. I usually don't, because I wouldn't get anything done. But, I'm getting so little done today, due to freezing my ass off and going to the bathroom every 5 minutes just for the excuse to walk around and get my blood moving, that it would make absolutely no difference. So I might as well be comfortable!

This is ridiculous.

P.S. Oh, and this monster headache? Also not helping. ;_;


Sep. 16th, 2009 02:15 pm
Things are BANANAS right now.  Deep breath, deep breath. Aaaagggh.

Yesterday was actually a pretty fun day at The Job, because I got to go out into the field with one of our writers, and shoot for a feature story in the upcoming quarterly magazine. We were covering a pretty inspiring story, and it was interesting to see the school environment in such a small town, since I went to a larger, suburban high school. I also shot most of the photos with the wide angle lens, which was not my usual choice for photojournalistic shots, but I'm pretty pleased with the results. :)

Finally had a chance to go in, sign a bunch of docs, and get the refinance ball rolling this morning. It's going to save us a good chunk of money, so I'm glad we finally got this stuff sorted! Refinancing = WIN.

We're looking at new studio spaces and have pretty much fallen in love with one that's much more visible, easier to find, *and* closer to our house. We're still working out the details, but excitement is in the air.

And of course I am working on freelance design stuff right now, because I'm crazy. But it's good. I need somewhere to direct my energies, so I can focus on that, and calm the eff down about all these other things.

Last night we watched the True Blood Season 2 finale at Morgan's. I think tonight is a relaxing at home kind of night. Booyah.


Aug. 18th, 2009 02:31 pm
Wow. I'm already excited about this weekend (even though it's going to be busy), and it's only Tuesday!

I'm taking Friday off from work and getting a TON of stuff done. Some of it is annoying, like going to the DEQ to get my car registration renewed. But some of it will be fun, too, like meeting and chatting with several different people whom I'll likely be working for or collaborating with in the near future... huzzah!

Saturday morning is a clothing shoot with a repeat client, and [ profile] matrixleap will be assisting me! That aspect will be interesting; I've never really worked with an assistant before, because I usually either handle things myself, or have Boy there to help me. And we may also be filming a bit, so I can pull together a little promo video.

Saturday night is [ profile] typsie's luau birthday, which sounds fun and awesome. When it comes to my wardrobe, I tend to avoid anything floral like the plague, but I think I have a cheesy plastic lei kicking around the closet somwhere...

On Sunday afternoon, I'll be doing a fashion collaboration with another photographer, and that'll be really fun. I've met her before and like her quite a bit, and we have some awesome models and stylists lined up, so it'll be a nice chance to play and see how other folks do things. It seems like I haven't shot fashion in forever!

Overall, I'm feeling surprisingly good today, considering I had to get up at 5:45am this morning to drop Boy off at the bus station. I hope this is due to the recent bed improvement.

Oh, and I totally self-timered my new employee photo earlier today, hahaha. I figured I should, seeing as I have ten pounds less fat and ten inches more hair than when I got hired 2 years ago. All of the photos are a definite improvement on the old ones, but today I figured out how I could set up the space to actually *get* some background separation, so I'm liking today's employee photos way better than yesterday's. WIN :D

The only thing I can think of to complain about is that my PAX badge hasn't come in the mail yet. BOO-URNS. USPS has generally been made of fail, lately. They also recently broke the new french press I ordered on Amazon... I pulled it out of the box and whee! Broken glass! Guess I need to find some time to call about having it replaced.
We went to an early dinner on Saturday with a couple friends, after doing their baby portrait session, and then we wandered around Mississippi and OMG there is this freaking amazing chocolate shop up there. Good thing it's completely on the opposite side of town from my house, because they have all kinds of very good, very spendy chocolate. My wallet would cry.

Stopped in at a rubber duck race yesterday. Feeling really blitzed, but got to see lots of people. :D Almost made up for not dancing on Saturday night.

Got a memory foam mattress topper yesterday, to help with the whole crappy bed issue. I'm most definitely enjoying the added squishiness, so hopefully I'll start feeling 100% more awesome in the coming days.

Today is Day 1 of new staff photos. This room they're having me use is tiny, so I can't do much that's amazingly cool (not enough background separation), but at least I can make sure that people's faces aren't strangely pink.

I'm hoping to get a lot of things in my world fixed up soon, or at least on the path to being fixed. It's shocking, at times, how you can see where even a few small issues can just bleed outward and muck up every other aspect of your life.
OH MY GOD I HATE MEETINGS. That's the absolute worst part of the organization's re-brand: I have to sit through hours and hours of hand-wringing because I'm being called into all of these bloody meetings. I'm already on an aggressive timeline, so we're going to waste more of my work hours by making me sit through two-hour meetings all the time? Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

In other news, House-sitting turned out to be even more eye-opening than I thought. See, I slept great during the week or so when I was away house-sitting. They had a nice, comfy bed, and I slept well there. I consistently woke up before my alarm every morning, and didn't feel tired at all during the day.

Contrast that with being back at my place, where I'm dragging myself out of bed after the alarm, falling asleep on the bus ride to work, and generally feeling exhausted and crappy. The bed at my house? Not so comfortable.

I said multiple times that house-sitting was the only thing keeping me sane last week, and looking back, I suspect that may have had as much to do with the sleep as it did the peace and quiet. This leads me to think that my health, fitness, and overall quality of life would improve dramatically, if I would just get a decent friggin' bed.

I think it's time to go bed shopping, as soon as humanly possible. Being tired all the time suck-diddly-ucks, Flanders.

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