I'm about ten kinds of exhausted, after sorting through and hauling my stuff from the old place to the new one, over the past 3.5 days.  I remember when I used to feel like this more days than not. How the hell did I ever function like this? Fortunately, I'm being nicer to myself nowadays.

The new place is shaping up really nicely, our internet is hooked up, cooking in the kitchen feels like a breath of fresh air, and I sleep better at night. This is going to be a place for good times, and also a place to feel relaxed and groovy, and at-home.

Jeebus willing, I'll have the last of my things out of the old place tomorrow morning, and then it's just figuring out the buyout terms. I feel like a massive weight has already been lifted. Hells yes.

Maybe in a year or three, I'll buy a new house, one that fits what my life is becoming. But for now? This is pretty damned fantastic.
In a flurry of exclamation points:
  • I'm moving this weekend! My new house is beautiful! And I'm going to have my own bathroom!
  • I just snagged a new client! Possibly two!
  • I've been gluten-free for three weeks and I'm not going crazy yet! (in fact, I actually feel great!)
  • I'm eating most other things again! (coffee and I still need to work a few things out)
  • My two favorite RCR home teams won last weekend! (now if only I were on the roster for one of them)
  • I finally went running today after wimping out many times due to weather! (it hurt like hell, but TAKE THAT wimpy legs)
  • I skated with the Longview league on Wednesday! It was fun! I'm still a competent skater!
Today is apparently National Chocolate Cake Day, of all things, so I think I may actually flirt with sugary danger and get myself some cake. Gluten-free cake, naturally. God, I feel like a stereotype saying that, but eh, whatever works, right?

So, yes, if you hadn't already guessed: things are good. I only wish I could spread a bit more of the Good around.
JOE: I thought it was funny that last night, we were amusing ourselves by watching a show about a writer and a graphic artist.
ME: [laughs] ...wait, does that mean I'm Simon Pegg? Woohoo!

We recently watched The End of Time, so to give Joe a bit of time to wind down between the end of David Tennant and the beginning of Matt Smith as The Doctor, we've been watching Spaced, and it's pretty great. And yes, it is kind of amusing that it's about a writer and a graphic artist, although I don't draw as well as Simon Pegg's character. Fortunately, I have plenty of other mad skillz to fill the gap. ;)

I've been playing the waiting game with living spaces for the past couple of days, and I'm going a little bit nuts, because of it. I haven't heard back from one place which was supposed to get back to me by the end of the day yesterday, so I'm kind of assuming that's not good news. One awesome place remains, though, so I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed on that one. :)

I'm skating at Wreckers tonight, and doing Actions for the Stats team at the Season Opener tomorrow night. It's going to be a bit odd seeing some of my fellow Meaties skating in the bout--namely, the people who were eligible for the special draft that essentially forced me to step down from Fresh Meat. I'd have been eligible for that, if I hadn't been injured. But, you know, I'm so deliriously happy to be skating again that I don't think it'll matter that much. I'm sad to not be drafted right now, but I will be. I'll be getting back onto Fresh Meat in just a few short weeks. I'm just, y'know, not the most patient person, sometimes.

Oh, and the cleanse is going pretty swimmingly. I got to start eating cheese again today, and OH GOD I MISSED THAT. I'm so very glad I don't have any sensitivity to dairy. I'm going to at least try to stay off of gluten for another couple of weeks, but testing sugars should be, um, interesting.

Business has been busy, and I'm furiously squirreling away the dolla' bills. Having [livejournal.com profile] dark_knight_l as an assistant has already made me at least a little bit saner, and that's only going to improve as time goes on. Also, it's pretty excellent to have an assistant whom I can talk with about nerdy things while wearing ridiculous derby shorts.
I have the jitters for a lot of reasons, but the major one is that I'm going to Wreckers tonight, and it'll be a scrimmage-heavy practice. I AM PLAYING DERBY TONIGHT OMG. It's been over two months since I skated a derby practice, but I feel pretty primed.

Oh, and last night, I started getting trained to do Action Stats, which is not easy, but it's also a really fun NSO position. It's the kind of thing that's likely to make me a better player, too, because it essentially boils down to watching what happens to/around the jammer, and judging whether it was effective or not. 

So, I get to watch a lot of derby, nerd out about gameplay, and do a service for the players--they've apparently been begging for action stats at home team games for quite a while now--and that's just about the best job I can think of.

Somewhat hilariously, I'll be doing this position for the season opener. Ha. Ha ha ha. HA.

Otherwise? Work's going well, my cleanse-related caffeine withdrawals have subsided, and I'm generally feeling pretty good. Things at the House have been pissing me off, so I'm kind of teetering on the edge of overwhelmed because of that, but that's the only real complaint I have right now.

I had to pass on a couple of contracts, but those people couldn't afford me. Which, given my current workload, is totally fine. I have enough to keep me busy for January and February, and likely most of March, too. The right clients will come along, and I will be ready for them. I read an article yesterday that made me feel eleventy-billion times better about my productivity, and gave me some good ideas for how to manage my work style. Also, 

And, DUDE. The sun is out! Onward and upward, y'all.
This has been an exhausting week, but damned if I haven't been crazy-productive. There have been fun bits mixed in, too.

I've also been up past 1am two nights in a row, and it's all derby's fault, heh. I did my Cheap Ticket Night duties with GnR, this time around, and they were more open and friendly than the other teams have been, I think. We went to karaoke after CTN was over, too, so that was a kick in the pants, and I got to wow them with my mad karaoke skillz. As for last night, we had to do floor pickup after practice, and then I hit up the food carts with a few Freshies afterwards, because we were all starving. They were all MSR cleared, so I felt a bit left out of some conversations, but I'll get there soon, too. I'm definitely improving.

So, yeah, I'm feeling less worried about the social aspect of derby. A little. I'm still asking myself, "where do the nerds hang out in RCR?" because I know they must be out there, and I want to find my people, heh. I don't expect to be the super-gregarious person that everyone loves, because I'll be an introvert until I die, but as long as, "we don't know you," isn't the thing preventing me from being drafted, I'll be happy.

I'm also editing and shooting like mad, and also trying to read up on marketing things, and see what I can put to use right away, and what I can plan to build in the near future. I attended a branding workshop a couple of days ago, and got a few good thoughts from that, and I'm hoping I can find the bandwidth to put this and other knowledge to work. It's obvious that I'm good at what I do; now I just have to convince the rest of the world that this is the case.

Speaking of shooting like crazy, I'll be covering the derby bout and some part of the Portland Pride festivities, for the new photojournalist-y gig I recently picked up. As if Big Bout weekends weren't exhausting enough already, right? Still, it'll be okay. I do get to sleep in tomorrow, since there's no floor at the hangar and therefore no practice.

Also, complaining for a moment, because I'm a great big Whiny McWhinerpants: the New Roommate hunt has really been cheesing me off. Andy supposedly knows a guy, but I'm cranky about this person for two reasons:

A) he's been dragging his ass about getting us a deposit, or even coming to SEE the bloody room. He's supposedly super-excited about moving in, but I've yet to see or hear about any action to show that. Like, you know, paying me some freaking money to hold the room.

B) he's yet another comedian. See, we already have two comics in the house, and now that another of my current roommates has started doing open mics, it's effin' COMEDIANPALOOZA every time I'm at the BYH. Which, granted, isn't that often, because I'm usually out and about, or over at J's, but I'm not exactly a fan of how it's shaped the culture of the household. So, naturally, having one more comic move in wouldn't help, uh, at all.

So, yeah. I'm annoyed both for practical reasons and frivolous interpersonal ones. I'm hoping to work something out with one of the derby girls I know, but it's all up-in-the-air and I'm tired of having to think about it. :p

On a more positive note, here's another photo I took last week, at Mother's downtown. I still can't believe I said no to this pie; looking at this photo is making me hungry for it all over again!

Chocolate Pie
I think I spent all of my extroversion on senior shoots last week; by the time the last one wrapped on Saturday, my brain felt like jello. I did have enough brainpower left to watch Thor and grab a late bite at Hopworks with [livejournal.com profile] katlyn and some other folks, though.

The Great Yard cleanup was, indeed, great. I'm continually amazed when I go into my yard and see actual grass and dirt! Having roommates who are actually able and willing to pitch in was incredibly motivating, and a conveniently scheduled Neighborhood Cleanup saved us about a billion trips to the dump. Next step is to destroy all of the weeds in the front yard, so my crazy rockscaping ideas can finally begin to take shape.

I also feel compelled to note that I really love how my relationship is developing. I find myself continually amazed at the fact that I've found such a considerate, caring, expressive, intelligent, and utterly hilarious individual to be with. We can share so many things, we retain our individuality, we care for ourselves and for each other. Our core values align ridiculously well, our differences in tastes complement each other. He always seems to know what I want from him, without my saying a word.

He wondered idly a couple nights ago what our first fight would be about--because, well, no relationship exists without the occasional disagreement--and I have no idea what the hell we'd argue about. Fiscal policy? I don't know. I'll take it as a good sign that we couldn't really think of anything we disagree on, though.

Anyhoo, here's another senior session photo, because I can:

...and that's weird! I'd better squeeze this in, seeing as I have FIVE shoots this week. Yes, you read that right!

So, yes, that was a pretty excellent birthday week. Dinner out on the day-of was delicious, despite an intensely long wait for a table. Birthday potluck also went well, and I was once again impressed by the culinary skillz of my friends. I also found myself relatively sober and with a clean kitchen at around half-past midnight, so that was a marked difference from my 30th. Not having hangover-induced brain ache the next day was definitely a welcome change, though.

I did some truly epic house de-cluttering, and it feels as though there's much more left to do, but at least the inside of the house looks better. Also, I acquired a huge new-to-me table with 8 matching chairs, so now that I have decent dishes *and* a decent table, I really am out of excuses for not having dinner parties. The basement junk will be conquered soon, we have a successful compost bin, and the roommates are combining their powers to help with the garden, so things are actually looking pretty good. :)

In less-cheerful news, I've been off-skates for over a week now, and I'm not thrilled about it, but I'm surviving. My knee was not improving at all, so I'm taking at least two weeks off to let it heal, and hopefully, that'll be enough. I'm also looking up an orthopedic specialist to get a better idea of what's actually happening, because joint injuries are scary. :(

Of course, being forced into a much more sedentary lifestyle--which I basically am right now--is also pretty scary, because I do not want to turn into a pudgy, stressed-out version of myself. I'd rather have that be a temporary thing than a permanent one, though, so I guess this is how it has to be for now.

Anyhoo, I have a ton of work to do before this first senior portrait victim shows up, so, I'm off.
This is what I did with part of my Friday night. Yep, that's from a people-and-pets runway show.:

Boutiques Unleashed

After that, it was off to the Bagdad to see Aliens on the big screen, which was awesome. I was so tired that I started doing the head-bob in the middle of it, but it was still worth making the trip out there. Also, if you're a pop culture nerd and a Starcraft dork, there are *way* too many awesome and quotable lines in that movie. I'd forgotten until I actually *heard* them all again, heh.

Oh my stars and garters, I LOVE SCRIMMAGE. After being off-skates for all of last week, it was fantastic to be back on them, and I had a great time at Open Scrimmage. Apparently, I'm getting okay enough as a jammer that a couple of the Freshies commented on it, but I think at least part of it was that I seem to do fewer klutzy things in scrimmage than I do during drills. I'm still one of the slowest Freshies, both in terms of skate speed and reaction time, but if I ever get my body even close to where my brain is, I could be fierce. Maybe. Possibly. I have miles to go before getting MSR clearance, though, so I probably shouldn't get ahead of myself. ;p

I think the distraction of having a goal, as I do in scrimmage and especially as a jammer, keeps me from the chronic overthinking that makes regular practice so frustrating. Things would probably be far easier if I didn't fall into the, "don't screw up," mindset that I often do during drills. I really need to find a way to hack my brain. :p

Good news is, my knee seems to be holding up okay, and the world now feels like a much safer place with my new TSG Force III kneepads. I feel like something of an idiot for not simply making the investment sooner, because, DUDE. These are my knees, and they're of massive importance. At least I've learned the lesson early enough to avoid any serious harm.

OH, and [livejournal.com profile] marykae found an extra ticket for the bout on Saturday evening, so I got to spectate there with her and [livejournal.com profile] katlyn. I'm a little sad that I was too late to get on the photographer list, but it was a nice break to just hang out and take everything in, rather that just what my lens was focused on. I'd also heard via the Intertubes that there'd be karaoke at said afterparty, so we went there afterwards, and it was *super* fun. The Heathers are definitely earning a place in my heart, especially after throwing down some truly epic group karaoke.

Sunday wasn't as productive as I hoped, but I did get a couple of things done around the house, and [livejournal.com profile] dakania and I went to pick up some gardening and composting supplies for the house, which will yield awesome foodthings in the coming months. She's already doing a lot to get the space ready, so I'm pretty damned excited, almost enough so that I'm tempted to use a couple of vacation days to play gardener. That seems, erm, less-than-likely, but oh, it's a nice thought.

I've had a definite case of the blahs for the past few days, and I'd kill for a solid 10-hour sleep right now. I noted to J on Friday night that I've been feeling stressed out, but not over any one particular thing, so I probably just need some extra down time. Maybe tonight's the night.
I'm going to talk about things that do not suck!

1337 Design: one of my awesome design mockups for Western Regionals is being turned into a fully-functioning site RIGHT THIS MINUTE. My Wordpress customization project for [livejournal.com profile] littlebluedog is nearing completion. I rolled out a swanky new look for the senior portrait site. I had a meeting on Monday with PGC3 about making *their* web site pretty.

In short, my portfolio is freshening up rather nicely, and I may be getting nicely networked for future designthings. This is something that I nearly gave up on, as a source of income. I told myself that The Job hamstrung me by giving me such unchallenging work, that my skillset was becoming more and more outdated, that nobody would hire me for another job with such an outdated portfolio, but you know what? I'm effin' good at this, and anything I don't already know how to do is something I can learn. I am, frankly, kind of pissed at The Job for making me think that web design wasn't something I could pursue anymore.

Random Happenings: I had brunch with Alyson and Carolyn on Sunday, and it was nice to chat about random things and about future shoots. Carolyn's been out of the country for work, so it was good just to even see her. Joe and I did Geek Trivia on Tuesday, and then went roller skating--and by his request, no less. He's actually really jazzed about getting better at skating, and although he's still in the, "oh, hey, I'm doing physical activity that is not bicycling!" stage, it's very cool to have him asking ME when we're going skating again next, rather than the other way around. We wound up doing dinner with some friends of his and playing a game known as Scribblish last night, which was hilarious and amusing.

In the land of house things, I picked up two berry plants that I'm hoping to pot and grow on the upstairs deck--likely the only full-sun area we have in the yard--and I almost picked up a basil plant, but decided to save that for later. I'm also researching landscaping ideas for the front yard that don't involve a stupid-and-high-maintenance lawn. I also filed my taxes; I'm usually done with it much sooner than this, so it's nice to have it all finished at last.

Photography: I've gotten some helpful advice in the past day or so, for getting things resolved. The new Seniors site is just one part of an exciting plan to do truly kick-ass senior portrait photography, and of course make many Real American Dollars in the process.  We interviewed some interns and found people who feel like just the right ones to help us get things done. And, as previously mentioned, I got to shoot at the derby bout last weekend, and it was pretty excellent.


Marching On

Mar. 7th, 2011 03:04 pm
If you have never seen March Fourth Marching Band, I will tell you this: it is exactly as fantastic as everyone claims. We went to the late show on Friday night, and it was 100% AMAZEBALLS. The music was fantastic, the costumes were rich and envy-inducing, and the showmanship was above and beyond. I'm absolutely in for next year's show, and I intend to wear a much more ridiculous-and-awesome getup! I need more hats.

I also surprised the hell out of myself by jumping on stage and dancing my ass off, during their audience-participation Dance-Off. As I worked my way towards the stage, I kept thinking, "what the crap? I'm not actually going up there." But, then I got to the front, and somehow talked myself into it. I didn't win the trophy, and I have no idea what anyone else was doing, dance-wise, but I had a surprisingly good time flailing around like an idiot in front of a room full of strangers, and at least I had room to dance without having some idiot spill half of his beer all over my leg. (yes, that actually happened) It was completely exhausting, but in that good way.

All the dancing and the lack of sleep on Saturday made practice truly brutal, but after some unexpected bumps in my schedule, and having crepes with [livejournal.com profile] katlyn, I rolled on over to watch Brutal Beauty with a handful of Wreckers and Freshies. It was amusing seeing people we recognized from the league in the documentary, and it was fun

On Sunday, I picked up a few things for some house-prettifying projects, one of them involving a trip to the Rebuilding Center. I was sorely tempted to tear apart my downstairs bathroom, while there, because they had the perfect matching toilet/sink/bathtub set there, but, fortunately, I talked myself out of that. ;) I still have plans to throw down some accent wall paint soon, however, and I have a good lead on a free dining room table that will be far more awesome than the current one. (which is, quite literally, on its last legs, hurhurhur) After that bit of running around, I also did some website-prettifying tasks for Real American Dollars.

I got done with the latter early enough to talk myself into going to extra off-skates training before derby practice, and that turned into a serious beating. Something about off-skates derby training flips my overachiever switch, so I blew myself out during the off-skates, and then barely made it through the hour of on-skates practice. There was a point during pace line drills when my lower back muscles hurt so badly that I nearly started hyperventilating.

I don't think I've ever, ever trained through that much pain in my life, and I don't want to move today. Like, at all. But, damned if I didn't pull through that entire practice, and keep skating for the rest of the hour, after the endurance-cleared skaters were excused at quarter-til. The human body is an amazing thing.

And yes, I was the only not-cleared skater at practice yesterday. The few other not-cleared skaters were either sick, injured, or had quit Fresh Meat entirely. I was strangely not bothered by the fact that I was doing laps around the track by myself, while everyone else packed up.

Anyhoo, the question looming on my mind today? Whether to stick with the 8K for the Shamrock Run, or downgrade to the 5K. My foot seems to be doing somewhat better than it was the other day, especially the Achilles, but The Plague that's been going around at derby seems like it's trying to take me down. And, well, I haven't run anything beyond a 5K since I registered, so, er, that's not a great sign.

Well, whatever. I plan to go home tonight, sleep off Teh Sick, and then get up tomorrow and keep marching on.
batskeets: (yan!)
Quick announcement: people who want Jan 15th Derby Tickets, I need to offload these as soon as possible, by Jan 10th at the latest! Several people have indicated interest, but haven't actually bought them, so bring me some $$, or at least let me know one way or the other.


I'm generally not a New Year's Resolution type of girl. I know that works for some, but for me, it's historically resulted in setting myself up for failure and self-flagellation. There are always things I want to do and try, and things that I'm seriously working on, but there are some things that you can't set a deadline on, and some things that are such an involved process that you can't realistically know when or how they'll come to pass.

Still, I like lists, and I have goals. So, documentation must happen!

Goals that are Serious Business (and a few potential strategies for each):

1) Become a full-time photographer in 2011!
  • Sub-goal: Quit The Job or *at least* reduce hours by June 2011, aka my 4-year job-iversary
  • Learn/implement better internet marketing and SEO strategies
  • Try to suck less at networking and schmoozing
  • Shoot more in general; use that to push boundaries and generate interest from potential clients.
2) Do serious work on better managing my focus and attention.
  • Aim for no more than 6 browser tabs open at a given time.
  • Try using Concentrate or other focus and attention apps to help with this.
  • Possibly limit time spent on non-business-related social networking.
  • Get more sleep. No less than 7 hours, preferably 8!
3) Take better care of myself, reduce stress, leave more free time for friends, and for things I want to learn and do
  • Continue learning to say No, and prevent overcommitment.
  • Leave at least one free evening open every week; schedule introvert time into my calendar, if I have to.
  • Cook/eat at home often; use clean eating and 80/20 strategy. Include friends in this; it doesn't always have to be a big production.
  • Stay committed to physical activity and making time for my own wellness.
  • Go to bed earlier!
4) Widen my awareness of the world and all the things happening in it, while still remaining aware of and true to myself.
  • Read more books and more articles
  • Listen to NPR and podcasts while waiting/riding the bus
  • Use free time created via goals #2 and #3 to research and pursue certain interests more thoroughly
  • Continue with therapy and thought, keep up on journaling and writing things out in various locations.

A Few Things I'd Like To Accomplish With Any Newfound Free Time
  • Photograph, write, and publish my roller derby photobook project
  • Shoot more personal projects and collaborations, in general
  • Read more books and play more games.
  • House Things: Yard and basement cleanup, painting accent walls, small improvements which I will not list exhaustively here
  • Finish greenhouse and start veggie garden in Spring, and Do It Right. Maybe a chicken coop later in the year?
  • Study Chinese language, at least in its spoken form
  • Suck less at running (again)
  • Go on spontaneous walks, hikes, road trips.
  • (other things that I'm currently not remembering, heh)

I have to say, I'm also heartened by the fact that Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-List is any sort of weight loss. I can't even begin to express how many times I'd set unrealistic goals for my weight and failed at them, during the times when I was still making New Year's Resolutions. And, oh, there was self-flagellation by the truckload with that one, every single time.

Truth is, I thought about listing that this year, and it's... just not that important. Yeah, after the holidays, I'm feeling a bit more chub-tastic than I'd like, and I'm definitely a bit slower during workouts and I get tired more easily. But, I'm not exactly worried about dropping pounds, and I'm pretty confident that, as I get the Serious Business Goals in motion, the weight and fitness setbacks will settle out on their own. In fact, I haven't yet stepped on a scale in 2011. Granted, we're all of 6 whole days into the new year, but when I think on it, I can't remember the last time that's happened.

This is a new and strange emotional space to be in, but I like it. Focusing on being well, rather than being thinner, feels pretty damned amazing. It'd be nice if I'd reached this point earlier in life, but eh, better late than never. Go me! :)
I know several of you have mentioned Miike Snow in the past, and I feel rather foolish for not following up on that, because, damn, I'm loving these tunes and getting them for myself as soon as is humanly possible.

The contents of my existence over the past week can largely be summed up with the following:
A) Work Work Work
C) ...wait, WTF?

Things are going well, but I've definitely been thrown the occasional interesting curveball. I think I have too much on my plate to devote more than 2 minutes of thought to things outside of Points A and B, but a few things in list-y format:
  • Thanks to a lot of thought, a few good practices, and a well-timed message from [livejournal.com profile] marykae, I've committed to trying out for Fresh Meat in a week or so. Odds are, I won't make it, because I'm new, and my endurance sucks, and there are 30-some-odd girls doing the special bootcamp that I wasn't able to do. But hey, no expectations is not a bad place to be.
  • My busted furnace is finally scheduled to be replaced! Yelp proved successful once again in helping me find some good heating companies to give us estimates, so not only are we getting a really nice, 98% efficient gas furnace, but we're also getting in on a ton of federal and state tax credits, so it'll be wicked-cheap. (comparatively speaking) Other than the fact that we've been freezing our collective butts off for the past three weeks at the house, this really couldn't have turned out any better.
  • I started watching Hellsing last night, in the hopes of powering through it so I can return the DVDs to their rightful owner in a reasonable amount of time. I'm only two episodes in, but so far, it's amusing.
  • I found a few spare minutes on Tuesday to throw together an infusion, and it seems to be progressing okay, so far. Hopefully the end result won't be awful!

Tonight, I wushu and consume a Killer Burger. Tomorrow, I get a massage, go to derby, and hit up a cocktail party. And Sunday? Nothing but gaming in the evening. And I'm sure any blocks of free time I manage to find over the weekend will involve working or studio things. Waaauuuuugghh.

No complaints, though. No complaints.
I sincerely hope I have my energy back tomorrow, because I have some mad shopping to do, and some serious kitchen time to put in over the next couple of days. I have a dozen-or-so people coming to the house for dinner and games, and I may even light up the ol' fireplace for an extra bit of cozy.

My own nefarious plans for Thanksgiving food include: Toasted Brussels Sprouts w/Almonds & Parmesan, Pumpkin Cheesecake, and possibly a highly-experimental batch of Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies. I might also throw down another greenish vegetable, or maybe some mulled wine, if I manage to keep time from getting too far out of my grasp.

AND, I have other folks bringing their own contributions for what's looking like it'll be a truly excellent feast: Turkey, Ham, Gravy, Sweet Potato Casserole, Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole, Mac & Cheese (possibly two kinds!), Garlic Dill Mashed Potatoes, Squash, and Brownies.

Ladies and gents, it's time to get your eatin' pants on. WOOYEA!
I think I've spent the past week feeling like something of a shadow of myself. Being sick has really knocked me out, and aside from a flurry of productivity on Thursday, I've been largely useless for any pursuit that involves thinking on my part, which includes doing chainwhip form with any level of competence, and being fun/interesting at parties.

With the former of those two points in mind, I skipped the frustration of wushu and went to derby instead on Friday. There's a different coach on Friday nights, so there was a much different feel to the practice overall, but it was nice to just be there, be challenged physically, and not have to pull my brain out of its fog and overthink the whole thing.

And, I also picked up a very caffeinated [livejournal.com profile] dakania from the airport later that night! We went out with another friend of hers for drinks (well, they drank, I stuck to water so as not to anger the diet or sickness gods), and I arrived home after 2am with her and two giant suitcases. She's already been making good use of my kitchen, and seems to be settling in pretty nicely, so that? Is awesome.

Saturday morning had me rolling out to a pre-wedding ladies' brunch at Muddy's for Alyson, and Alicia crowned her with a unicorn horn for the day. They all went for manicures afterwards, which I had to miss out on, but it was still good to see my ladies.

Then, of course, MOAR DERBY. I'd had the thought of trying to scrimmage for the first time, but we wound up not scrimmaging, and instead doing an awesome drill that was a nice stepping stone for scrimmaging. And, having the Friday night practice in my mind as contrast, I think I adore Napoleon (our Saturday coach) even more now. If that's even possible. XD This is not to say that the Friday coaches aren't also awesome, but Napoleon is just dorky and hilarious and has an infectious energy that I can't help but love, AND she pulls really excellent drills out of her hat every week. <3

I had to run some unexpected errands after derby, and by the time I got home and showered, it was basically time to get ready for [livejournal.com profile] _dilate_'s party, so I suited up for that. Having The Plague all week blew my evil plans for making my Fire Flower costume, so instead, Chun Li made another appearance! I was bummed at having to recycle an old costume, but I *did* have proper boots for it, this time, so it was much improved.

Since [livejournal.com profile] marykae caught the aforementioned plague, I gave Joey a ride to and from the party, so I got there later than expected, but it was fun, the decorations and food all looked amazing, and I met a few cool new people. I was feeling very addle-brained and tired, though, and engaging in conversation with new people started feeling like too much effort, after a while. Joey also looked pretty bored, so I took that as a sign that maybe I should just head out. I wound up getting home before midnight on a Saturday, which simultaneously made me feel like an old lady, and left me feeling relieved.

Sunday had me sleeping until... 11:30am (wtf?!), working on photos, and then heading up to visit with [livejournal.com profile] archmage before he departs on his next big adventure. I'd originally planned to hit up the derby Get Fit class later in the afternoon, but laughing and watching old episodes of the animated Star Trek series with a few friends sounded much better, in the end. Gaming and get-togethers will definitely not be the same around here, without [livejournal.com profile] archmage, but I'm happy and excited for him and what he has to look forward to.

I went to my nutrition group meeting, and then threw together some veggie broth later in the evening, and worked on more photos, and then watched my TV girlfriend on Fringe before passing out. Spending time at home, making food, and generally chilling out has been great... probably the only Up side to getting sick, heh.

And finally, here's a shot of me during the Saturday scrimmage-like drill at derby! Yeah, still looking clumsy-ish, but I'm on my way. I am a bit concerned that I seem to be knock-kneed in all of my skating photos, though. Hooray for lack of hip mobility. :p

Derbylicious )
Well, I got busy with photo processing yesterday and forgot to post about last weekend. And I should, because it was pretty great.

Friday night was wushu practice, as always, and I've been working with Master Chen on a new nandao form for the past few weeks. At this point, we have several good pieces, but haven't strung them together into a cohesive whole, yet, and there are parts that definitely don't come naturally to me. But with more practice, this form will be badass, and 100% worthy of advanced competition. I may never make it to Nandu Land, but having a new and personalized form is exciting. Working on this at demo team practice is basically the only thing that's truly motivating me to go to wushu, at the moment.

After practice, I came home and had dinner, took a shower, and then had my bedtime tea and read a fucking book. Being home alone was fantastic. <3

Saturday, I went to Derby practice, and it went pretty well! I realized after practice that I didn't fall down even once, which came as a complete shock to me, so I hope it was due to increased skill, rather than lack of risk-taking. I have felt like less of an uncoordinated slob in general, over the past couple weeks, so I figured maybe the previous weekend's practice wasn't a complete fluke.

But no, the highlight was just after practice, when guest coach Napoleon (who's becoming something of a regular coach; she's been there for several weeks now) told me I looked a lot more comfortable on my skates. (!!!) "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it." D'aaaww! I'd already stopped feeling quite so awful about how I was progressing, but it was SO nice to hear that from her. It's amazing how supportive and encouraging some people are in the derby community, and it's obvious that many of them go out of their way to do that.

After that, I went to IKEA and picked out my new couch, and was fortunate enough to save some dolla' bills by finding the comfy chair I wanted in the As-Is section. Of course, I spent that on some new curtains and throw pillows to go with, but I've needed to get curtains for that room for a while, so it was a legitimate and long-overdue expense.

Then, I had a delicious dinner out, which was, unfortunately, riddled with some disturbingly awkward and uncomfortable moments. But, I got to dance it off with [livejournal.com profile] katlyn afterwards at Holocene, until we got worn out on the guest DJ's selections. We sat and chatted in one of the side rooms for a bit, until a bouncer suddenly ordered everyone out of the room. It looked like some guy had gotten in a fight/hurt himself on the dance floor, but we didn't find out any specifics. HOORAY DRAMAZ. :p

Sunday was much better and far less dramatic: my new couches were delivered, and hoshit, the living room looks at least ten times more amazing. I'm withholding photos until I have a chance to clean up a bit more, because I'm re-thinking the furniture arrangement and considering painting an accent wall, but I'm excited to finally be doing something respectable with the living room.

Then, I met up with [livejournal.com profile] _dilate_ at Oaks Park for the Halloween Bazaar. There were some cool classic cars styled up in spooky fashion, incredibly cool steampunk jewelry and accessories that I was tempted to buy, and also some strangely adorable crocheted Cthulhu and Shaun of the Dead dolls.

We had a mid-afternoon nosh at the Muddy Rudder after that, and then I went to Get Fit class at the hangar, and all of us derby girls had our asses thoroughly kicked by the trainer. It's basically an hour of bootcamp/circuit-type training, and I've always done circuit training solo, in the past, so it was quite a bit different. But dude, I worked HARD, and I'm still sore today, and I LOVE IT.

In between, I did a lot of cleaning and tidying around the house, and working on photos. I'm still more behind than I'd like to be on the photos, but I'm getting there. I guess I wound up doing quite a bit over the weekend, after all, but I had the luxury of choice. I wasn't committed to be at a bunch of places at any particular day or time... it was nice to just decide spur-of-the-moment, for once.

Oh, and I completely neglected to mention this last week, but on Thursday night, I went to see the Corin Tucker Band at the Aladdin. It was interesting to hear what she's doing now, outside of the context of Sleater-Kinney; we agreed that she didn't quite seem like herself, early in the set, but she was rocking it out by the end.

Feh, how is it almost lunchtime already? Time needs to slow down.


Oct. 7th, 2010 02:03 pm
I am COUNTING DOWN THE HOURS until the weekend, y'all.

I'm doing very little this weekend, and that is a wonderful feeling. Derby practice, of course. Girly dance night on Saturday is possible, if I feel up to a late night, but at the rate I'm going, this is completely up-in-the-air. And, I'll have a bit of leisurely wandering through the Halloween Bazaar at some point on Sunday.

But, outside of that, there will be lots of unstructured free time to myself, some of which will be devoted to A) sleeping, and B) my costume. But, much of it will be spent on getting things done around the house that I've been planning for a while. I'm going to do an actual Thing That Adults Do, and buy a couch. As in, one that is brand-new, all mine, and not from the Craigslist free section. And, I'll organize my desk and the rest of my room, tidy up the kitchen and common areas, and clean terrifying things out of the fridge.

Basically, it'll be like Getting Things Done With Dolores. But with no webcam. And less contact paper. Booyah.
It occurs to me that, with roommates departing this weekend, I'll soon be needing some new living room furniture. So, if anyone wants to hit up IKEA with me on Sunday morning, let me know.

Tonight: ARCADE FIRE! And Calexico! Wooyea!
(most of this originally posted on [livejournal.com profile] damnportlanders)

I have a (large) house in SE, conveniently located near TriMet Lines 17 and 14. Our fix-up work on the basement bedroom is nearing completion, and I've also had two roommates give notice, so I have three rooms coming available on October 1st.

The house is 3000+ sq. ft., 2 bathrooms, awesome island kitchen and spacious dining and living room areas, and you'd be living with myself and another female, two relaxed-and-groovy males, and whomever takes the other available rooms. We're all in our late-20s/early-30s, laid-back and friendly. We're all pretty busy people, so the house tends to stay pretty quiet most of the time, but we're definitely open to good times.

We have a small upstairs room at $300/mo, a large upstairs room at $500/mo, and a large basement room at $425/mo. All rates are utilities-included, we have wireless internet, and we're open to trading work for rent discounts, if you're up for cleaning the common areas in the house, doing some gardening or work in the yard, etc... if you have ideas, don't hesitate to throw them at me.

If you have questions, feel free to ask!

NOTE: I think that I, and everyone else in the house, would be much happier to live with someone who is a friend, or whom a friend can at least vouch for. So, if you're looking, or if you know someone who is, that'd carry a ton of weight with me. :)


Mar. 29th, 2010 01:29 pm
Oy. It was good to be home for a weekend... and I even had a completely free day in it!

Friday night had me dashing over to [livejournal.com profile] marykae's to watch musicals and be silly for a while, because Claudia was in town! They were watching Dr. Horrible when I got there, which is *never* a bad thing, and then we started watching Grease because Claudia had never seen it. (!!) I wish I could've stayed longer, but it was fun to at least be there for a little while. AND I'm looking forward to taking pretty portraits of Claudia on her next visit. :)

Then, it was off to Game Night, hosted this month by [livejournal.com profile] rmalena! Things were already beyond silly when I arrived, and they just got even more silly over the course of the evening. I'm sure I'm to blame for at least some of it, because I *did* go on a beer run while they finished their round of Dominion. XD We played Shadows Over Camelot, which we amazingly managed to win, despite a horrifically bad start, and then capped things off with a few rounds of The Great Dalmuti and goofing around after.

I had some photo edits to take care of on Saturday, and then it was off to [livejournal.com profile] bellybalt's for a Passover Seder hosted by [livejournal.com profile] herince_emyn. The weather was gorgeous, so we got to enjoy the backyard deck while smells of brisket and matzoh ball soup wafted out the kitchen window. Emmy led us through an abbreviated version of the Seder readings, and of *course* we were wisecracking throughout, but it was a great time, and oh my LORD, the FOOD. Matzoh ball soup, brisket, latkes, way too friggin' much noodle kugel, and then baked apples with caramel and granola for dessert, along with macaroons! And, of course, more than a few splashes of Manschewitz for everyone. I haven't been that stuffed in a LONG time, heh.

After that, a few of us went up to a random party at Casa de [livejournal.com profile] _fool, and kicked it there for a while. I was expecting a crazy party--when you hear the words, "liquor luge," it does have a way of setting your expectations towards the Wild end of the scale--but it was actually fairly mellow (well, comparatively speaking), so that was both nice and odd at the same time. But still, SO WORTH IT just to see people I haven't seen in a while. And there was also trampolining, which is never a bad thing.

I had a completely free day on Sunday, so I wound up doing my own thing for a bit, and a few boring errand things like going to Trader Joe's. But, I DID do the important step of moving furniture, and then masking and painting the last of the walls to be painted purple in my room! The one remaining wall is mostly window, and won't require me to move much furniture. I decided to do that in the green to help balance out the green nook on the opposite side of the room. Hopefully that'll get done this week... and THEN I can really start decorating and putting the whole thing together.

I also got to kick back with [livejournal.com profile] katlyn for a couple hours, which was really nice. She made some tasty salmon for us both and we chatted and sipped on tea and watched some Season 2 Buffy episodes. It's been a while since I've initiated a friend hang-out session that wasn't planned around a specific activity days in advance, and it's also been at least a couple years since I've had friends whom I felt comfortable doing that with. I feel blessed. :)

Speaking of planning in advance, [livejournal.com profile] saofoir and I had talked about party-sharing a few days ago, and at first it sounded like a good plan. But then I saw how gigantic the guest list would be (i.e. way bigger than my house can probably accommodate without bringing cops to my front doorstep), and from there, we basically figured out that we each wanted different things for our birthday. My 30th is apparently more important to me than I thought it was, and I feel like a dick for not realizing that sooner. BUT, I'd feel much, MUCH worse if she wound up being unhappy with her birthday because of me. :/

SO, we're back to separate parties now. But hey, that just means we can celebrate with each other TWICE! :D And it'll be a lot of fun. I'm also hoping to have my room fancied up enough that I can open it up for my party, and we can use the deck, if the weather's nice enough. I'm finally starting to get ideas for what to do and how to make it happen logistically, and I am effin' EXCITED.


Mar. 3rd, 2010 01:14 pm
FIRST OFF! Here is the interview [livejournal.com profile] marykae did with me: Sarah could probably beat you up if she had to.

I have learned that I speak in run-on sentences, and greatly overuse the word "super" when I've just woken up and haven't had my coffee. But some guy already made a comment about how I seem cool, so I guess I should cut myself some slack. AND he also said that I have good design skills, and that's based on my hideously outdated design portfolio, so YAY <3

My bedroom is on its way to looking swank, little by little...! This is less than half of the room. The ceiling, trim, door, etc. will all stay white, but the rest of the unpainted wall shown there will be in the purple:

I really hope there are some fun-and-cheap matchy fabrics at the textiles show in Vegas. After I paint, I'll set up my sewing machine in the green nook, and then I can make curtains! I could get more ambitious and make a bedspread, too, but I'll probably just buy one eventually. I also have a cool canopy idea for the bed (a.k.a. Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Photo) that I need good textiles for, so if I can just get textiles for the curtains and the canopy, I'll be happy.

I also keep lingering near the potted flowers and plants selection when I'm at Trader Joe's, which probably means I'll get a plant soon, too. Fortunately, I know for a fact that those are only a few bucks. Now that I'll be in a clutter-free space, the likelihood of me forgetting to water the flowers and subsequently killing them is *vastly* reduced.

AND, then I'll work up some nice black-and-white prints of my own photos for the purple walls, since there'll be more empty space to break up there. I'm also thinking about painting an interesting and possibly plant-like pattern growing out of one color and into the other, if I have enough paint left over.

Runting around for cheap and easy ways to make my room pretty has been really enjoyable, so far. I AM EXCITED.

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