(EDIT: Uh, HOLY CRAP, this is TL;DR. Sorry for the ridiculous length.)

You may or may not have noticed that I haven't talked about wushu much, lately. For a while, it was simply because not much was happening there, and it was easily overshadowed by the tremendous emotional rollercoaster that was the first few months of Fresh Meat. For the past few weeks, however, it's because I haven't actually been to practice. Like at all.

Looking back on it, this is something that's been building for quite some time, now. I've had no shortage of complaints about the class format at the wushu school, that I learn much faster than they're willing to teach, that they don't train me hard enough, often enough, or for long enough. I don't think they've ever taken me seriously as an athlete, and each tournament I've been to since moving to PDX has had me going in feeling hideously unprepared and in sub-par physical condition, compared to what I had at UO.

I quit demo team back in February, and I've been fine with that. Surrendering the competitive aspect of wushu was acceptable, given the constraints of training at the School, and the fact that I had a much more robust athletic culture offered to me through derby. It was a relief taking things down a notch, and I enjoyed simply working on basics and learning compulsory straightsword.

But, then the nagging complaints started to creep back in. The classes are still designed for weekend warriors, for kids who are under-18 and have short attention spans. I wanted fine-tuning, I wanted deeper understanding of the practice, but there was never time or allowance for that.

They still teach too slowly. I realized that, even coming to class only once a week, I was still able to easily keep up with the new material in the form. Even after having missed class for close to a month, I could probably still go in and catch up fairly quickly.

There was also the fact that, without demo team, I had little-to-no say about what forms I'd be learning in class. I was lucky that we were learning compulsory straightsword, and that I was actually excited to learn it, because who knows what they'd be teaching next?

And, of course, there are belt tests, which have always been completely and utterly arbitrary, and not at all tied to actual skill level. EVERYONE passes, and some of those people can't even remember the entire form on their own.

And then, I injured my knee, which meant that I didn't do jumps or sweeps in class for two months.

And then, my summer workload kicked in, with meetings to attend, sessions to shoot, and editing backlogs to take care of.

And, finally, the "annual renewal" came up at the beginning of June. Yes, not only was I paying monthly for the privilege of practicing a sport I've trained in for over 7 years, but they also charged an annual "membership" renewal. It's a bullshit fee, and I know it. In fact, once you factor in belt testing fees, and whatever weapons they arbitrarily decide to teach (and therefore, sell) to us, I was spending over $2000 a year on wushu.

Yes, I loved the sport THAT MUCH. When I first moved to PDX, quitting was unthinkable, even in the face of expensive classes, and having to go through 2-3 months of white belt class, because they wanted to "evaluate my skills." I even searched for classes at other schools in town, but I wouldn't settle for their incorrect teaching methods. I wanted real, honest-to-god wushu, with coaches from China who really knew their shit, and I sucked it up and did what it took to afford the fees. I did gain some very amazing coaches. Master Chen and Master Gao were both fantastic to learn from, when I actually got a minute or two of their undivided attention, and they're sweet people, but I feel that the business model imposed by the head of the School stifles a lot of what they have to offer.

I lost a lot of things, when I left UO Wushu. The community of (relative) peers, the culture of support and the "wushu family," the drive to train harder, the ability to put in more practice time and effort, the infectious excitement of just being around people who are as obsessed with the sport as you are? I haven't had any of that in several years, aside from small doses via occasional visits to Eugene or once-a-year trips to Berkeley. It's no wonder I got bitten by the roller derby bug when I did, last year--there was a huge gap where UO Wushu and the rest of the Wushu community used to be, and the derby community was able to fill those gaps.

To keep spending that kind of money, and not even get what I truly want from the practice? I've reached a point where that doesn't make sense to me anymore. I can pay $25/mo to skate until I'm blue in the face, and another $30/mo gets me kick-ass full-body circuit training 3x/week. That's still not even half what I was paying for 45-minute kiddie classes twice a week at the School.

So, yeah, I haven't been to wushu since the end of May. It's sad to me that this is the way things have gone. It took them four years to take all the fun out of wushu for me, but they did wear me down. I DO still think about going back, though, or switching to Taiji, or something, ANYTHING. I do miss wushu, but I also want to be doing it on my own terms. That may be too idealistic to hope for, but what I had at the School was so far from what I want that it's just not worth it. Not right now.

It's okay, though. It's not who I am, it's just a thing I do. There are days when it'd be fun to go to wushu class, but there are other days when it feels more like a distraction from more important goals. I want to nail down my business and really make it work. I want to get drafted to an RCR team. I want to spend time with J, I want to see my friends. And I *need* a certain amount of down time.

I do think some part of my brain will find a way back to it again, though. I still do my splits and stretches, and I love the idea of finding a nice place to use the Taiji knowledge I gained from Chen and Gao. It'll just have to be a far different way of doing things than this, and at a different time than this.
In the sea of "Same Shit, Different Day," that feels like my life as of late, there is one bright spot: I am SO freakin' excited to be doing Taiji again.

I have been to class 1x/week for all of two weeks now, and I feel like I've entered a whole new universe of details that I don't yet understand. It's so similar to wushu in some ways, and yet completely different in others. I'm being reminded again that Taiji Is Not Just Wushu Done Slowly, and I've already been let in on nuances that I didn't learn when I did this the first time around, back in Eugene.

It's also going to be really good therapy for my knee, I think. One of the things I was corrected on was the difference between a wushu bow stance and a taiji bow stance, and the taiji bow stance? Requires me to work the bejeezus out of the muscles that will support my knee. And the slower, more controlled moves allow me to be more aware of what my legs are doing and how well they are (or aren't) staying aligned. So excellent.

This feels a lot like how wushu felt before my knee started acting up: I can let go of everything else for a while, and just hand over my body and consciousness to the thrill and complexity of movement. Wushu is more about feeling powerful, though, whereas taiji taps into something else entirely. Taiji is more subtle and centered, a more quiet strength.

I find it a bit funny that both of these things appeal to me so much, because they represent such opposing extremes, even though they're built the same foundation... but eh, it's all about balance, in the end. We could all use a little Yin to go with our Yang.

Good Stuff

Feb. 2nd, 2010 03:24 pm
Oy. It feels like there's so much to say, but putting words to it...? Eh, it's not happening, I guess.

So, let's roll with the good (and simple) stuff:

Hosted a wee dinner at the house last Thursday. [livejournal.com profile] daemonwise made the dinner, and I made these for dessert. And [livejournal.com profile] matrixleap brought homemade muffins, so we were plenty stuffed by the end of it!

[livejournal.com profile] monkeyhole pulled some folks together for games on Friday! We played Race for the Galaxy, which I think I need to play a couple more times, because there's a LOT to know when you're first starting out. And we also played Dominion, and I won AGAIN. Because I am awesome. ;)

Saturday yielded dinner at KatieMay's, and then girls-only gaming night, which was, um, unexpected. Haaaahaha. It was pretty freakin' hilarious, though, and I had a good time. I do curse my lack of quick-thinking-on-my-feet skills, though; I feel like I spend half my roleplaying time blanking out and not knowing what to do. Kiiiinda like real life. :/ Meticulous-planning-in-advance skills? Not so useful here.

Sunday was pretty mellow; it involved a failed trip to ChocolateFest (they were closed), dinner at Beulahland, and then dessert from Pix and teevee. They had this crazy Japanese movie on while we were at Beulahland, and it was subtitled in cyrillics, and just... wow. No audio, so it was perfect "make your own dialogue" fodder.

Yesterday was my first day back at Taiji, after having not done it for... 4 years? Holy jeebus. Some of the details on the stances and such have jumbled around in my brain over the years, but some of it came back easily. I'm looking forward to a few weeks from now, when I start to get the details down, and regain some of the body awareness that I had back when I was practicing regularly in Eugene.

Also, in the vein of self-experimentation: I read an article that talked about strengthening the neural pathways of happiness and mood through meditation (thereby making good feelings a "habit" and a more frequent occurrence), and I'm thinking I may try it on. I've been pretty god-awful in my few prior attempts at meditation, so it may not get me anywhere, but eh, that was quite a few years ago. Maybe I'm more "enlightened" now, hahaha.

Got a big meeting this afternoon. Hoping for good things.
OKAY. Time to revel in good vibes.

--Actually had a decent wushu practice on Friday. As in, one where I didn't feel super-tired and didn't feel like I was struggling the whole time. It's progress!

--Got the all-clear to start doing a weeknight of Taiji instead of Saturday Wushu. I've missed the last 3 Saturdays due to photoshoot bookings, so it's good schedule-wise. It'll also be good for regaining body awareness (which should help with the knees/hips) and generally staying mellow.

--Snow shoot went really well. We wound up having to go all the way up to Timberline Lodge to find snow, so that added a half-hour or so of driving on both ends of the trip, but the Lodge exterior gave us a lot of cool options. Shooting with snow is pretty fun! I can't wait to photoblog about this one.

--Board Game Night apparently didn't work out so hot, but I had a nice chat with Scott for a bit, at least. And, that also freed me up just in time to go catch The Fruit Bats show with Amy and Travis. I was completely new to The Fruit Bats, but I enjoyed the show, and it got out early enough that we had plenty of time for drinks and Rock Band after. :D

--Went to a free yoga class last night, and [livejournal.com profile] katlyn came out to do it with me! I also definitely noticed an increase in my upper-body and core strength since the lhast time I did it, which is AWESOME. Circuit training FTW.

--Sat down and played Disgaea on the PS2 for a couple hours after the HD Fail, which at least mellowed me out to the point where I could sleep. And I also have a copy of RE4, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] veiravx, so I can play that soon, too!
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Hot damn, Rumsfeld is stepping down as defense secretary! And, of course, the Democrats took the House of Representatives, and might end up taking over the Senate, too. Let's hope they actually make good use of that gain. ;p

Taiji practice was good last night. We had to practice in the mat room, so it was tough to do good taiji on a squishy floor. On top of that, my ankle was unusually cranky, so I opted out a bit early in favor of some weight training. Still, it was good review, and I still remember most of the 24 Yang form, so that gives me hope, heh.

Last night also involved large quantities of roasted vegetables, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] bychoice's gigantic zucchini and some summer squash I picked up a few days ago. I could seriously eat off of those for close to a week!

It also involved processing large quantities of photos. I got some very cool stuff from the photoshoot I set up two weekends ago... more than I initially thought, even! I also got more viable material from that kid's birthday party than I thought I did, too, so that was a nice surprise.

I also played Apples to Apples with some of the roommates, and there may soon be a regular Game Night happening at Corey's house... woohoo! Hopefully, between all the various people I know who've been talking about doing a Game Night, somebody will actually get the ball rolling. ;)

That is all.


Nov. 7th, 2006 05:33 pm
Wushu was good yesterday. My legs were totally busted-dead from the bike ride on Sunday, but I did pretty well in spite of that.

One of the wushu newbies has done Taiji before, so a few of us are getting together tonight to practice it! I'm sure my internal structure will be awful, but eh, only practice will make it better again.

I got a ton of stuff done last night, and dolla' bills will be headed my way soon. Woo!

Speaking of dolla' bills, I'm considering taking on a one-day-a-week paper route. I balked at the idea at first, but A) it's extra money, B) it's only one day a week, and C) I'd only have to make sure the papers were delivered by 6pm, so I wouldn't have to do it at some ungodly hour of the morning.

Oh, and yes, [livejournal.com profile] polysciguy, I did turn in my ballot today. ;)

And now, a bit of boy blather, because I'm feeling pent-up and want to let it out:

About The Boy )
SNOW, mother bitches! At the beginning of March! That is just crazy.

Alphonse lives again; I still have to reinstall a lot of my software, and move my backups, but the thing WORKS.

This is funny. Click it or be destroyed!

I think I'll have to PvP on WoW this weekend if I want to keep my Knight rank. I kind of don't want to, though.

Nobody came to wushu last night except Goo. (yes, that is just a nickname) I still put in some good practice on my forms, though.

I can't decide if I'm doing the 24 Yang Taiji form at Berkeley or not. It'd probably help if I actually, y'know, *worked* on it...

I'm convinced that my stomach is trying to leap out of my body and flee in terror. It's been misbehaving for most of the week.

I cooked last night, and I'm right pleased with the results! I just hope the stuff re-heats well, because there's a ton of it.

Nothing planned for the weekend. Peekture session, probably. I think I'll mainly be catching up on sleep.

That's all. Go go gadget Weekend!
This made me laugh and laugh: Freak Dancing is for Freaks.

Today, I say: Fie on androgynous names! I finished doing a lovely illustration of a androgynously-named dude at a computer, but then I read further down in the specification and notice that the androgynously-named dude is *supposed* to be a chick. Argh! (and yes, I do realize how dumb this sounds, considering some of my favorite potential baby names are androgynous names ;p)

Weekend was busy, but fun. Saturday involved tech rehearsal for the demo, and after that, I ran back to hang out at [livejournal.com profile] numfar and [livejournal.com profile] polysciguy's, and they fed us yummy burgers cooked on their new grill. Lots of hanging out and blabbing, and I think I'll be making a character for [livejournal.com profile] numfar's Serenity RPG. The system looks interesting and hopefully not-confusing, or at least, as much so as can be expected from an RPG system. Also, you need to watch Episode 2 (Girls) from here, because it was funny. (and is it just me, or does the guy talk in some weird Canadian/Fargo mishmash?)

On Sunday, I made this instead of PvPing. I guess I'll be slumming it at the very bottom of the officer ranks for one more week, but wushu club hasn't had a new website since at least 2002, so we really need it. And since I generally get the phat buck$ for this sort of thing, who better than me? :)

The China Night demo was hellafun. Hearts and stars! I saw some video, and the whole looked pretty good... maybe because we actually put time into organizing it more than 5 minutes before the demo. ::rotfl:: The China Night folks fed us lots of Chinese food afterwards, and they seemed really happy with the performance. Sifu was also there with some students from the Taiji school--they performed in the stage show before us--and it made me sad, because even though I still don't know a lot of the people, there are a few in particular that I miss, because they're just that nice. Man, I miss Taiji.

Anyhoo, today is more wushu, of course, and some PvPing after that.


Dec. 30th, 2005 03:02 pm
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I just overheard a co-worker tell an anecdote that involved a little kid, sitting in the store, loudly *demanding* that his parents give him... LUTEFISK.

I just had to mention that, because A) I was immediately reminded of the time [livejournal.com profile] kitsileya ranted about how people always think of lutefisk when they think about Norwegian food, and B) it's a CHILD. Who wants to eat LUTEFISK. There are a lot of *adults* who wouldn't eat lutefisk.

I sometimes wonder why I rarely bear witness to some of the completely random and insane things that other people see, but then I remember that A) I'm about 80% homebody, so I don't actually get out *that* much, and B) I'm often completely oblivious to what's going on around me. ;p Well, unless it involves somebody I already know, anyway.

Taiji was off the chain yesterday. I want to finish the freaking 24 already, but at least we're practicing later sections of the form now, and I'm remembering most of it better than before. I am very pleased.

Gizmo was whining a lot last night--probably because he wasn't allowed to eat for about a day--and his eyelids were at half-mast, thanks to the painkillers and anesthesia. But, he's doing pretty well, especially considering he had three teeth removed yesterday. (yes, it was three, rather than the one I originally thought) Poor little guy, sigh.

That's all I've got. Hi-ho, weekend!
I want to see: Syriana, and/or Narnia. And of course I want to see GAY COWBOYS!!! Brokeback Mountain, but that's not out in Eugene yet, so I'm willing to wait... for now.

There's probably some stuff at the $1.50 theater that I wouldn't mind seeing, either.

So, movie this weekend, anyone?


Taiji was tough last night. The good thing was, we paired off and worked on sequence, which I really needed, because I get various chunks of the short form mixed up in my head. (I usually have someone to follow or cue me, so it's not an issue most of the time) The less-than-good part was, my structure was off-center and messed up, I suspect because of my stupid left hamstring. Graaah! The muscle *is* feeling better, slowly, but it ticks me off that it's affecting me this much.

I desperately want sushi. Or Thai food! Maybe I'll be able to do something about that today. :)

I also desperately want to do wushu today, and I will definitely be doing something about that.


What does my birthdate mean? )
Last night was pretty bleh. I'd thought about going to Taiji, and I got an invite to go see a show at Jo Fed's. Instead, I spent most of it with stomach pains, and wound up doing chores, doing stuff for my dad, and what-have-you. I would really have liked to go to the bar, but bleh, too busy and too icky-feeling. Oh well, pouring beer into an ailing stomach is probably not the best idea, anyway. ^^;

Well, at least I got to sit down, watch House, and have a nice sandwich, even if my stomach was being a rat bastard for the majority of it. House babble )

I really have to figure out why my stomach has been upset so often, lately. I suppose it might just be related to whatever sickness I had on Sunday, but the stomach problems started well before I started running that fever, so I'm skeptical.

Tonight, I am thinking about going to Taiji, since I didn't go yesterday, although I want to go to yoga, too, and the times coincide. :( I also want to ask about the Chen style class, but I keep putting it off. It's too easy to put things off this time of year.

My new fish is still swimming around like a crazy man. My last betta died a little over 2 weeks after I got him, but this little guy looks like he might buck that trend. :)

Interacting with me )

I'm off!
I am disconcerted by the lack of new tee-vee this week. First, no House, in favor of the stupid Billboard Mass-Produced Pop/Alt-Rock Crap Music Awards, and now a rerun of Lost yesterday. After a too-busy day of working and training and doing errands and chores, it's hard *not* to look forward to kicking back for an hour and watching some good television. It's nice to have the excuse to vegetate for an hour, but when the show is a rerun? I don't have the time *or* the patience to let myself sit through an episode I've already seen and thoroughly digested.

I went and did some wushu last night, but nobody really showed up, so I was left to my own devices. Training by yourself is, well, not so fun, at least not in my current state of mind. It's hard to get motivated... especially when you have an upset stomach, and what may very well be a hamstring strain. (I still have no idea how it happened, if that's what the latter thing is)

So, eh. Not much to report. Company party on tap tomorrow. Still have no idea what to wear; last year's dress is too big, and I'm realizing that I don't really like any of my other dresses; they don't flatter me and they don't reflect my current style... which I suppose makes sense, seeing as most of them are remnants from high school dances and bridesmaid duties. ;p

I would say that I've been bored, but I think I'm too freaking busy and exhausted to *be* bored. ;p

Taiji tonight, hopefully Chen style! Never mind, I am tired and lazy. Saturday, for sure.


First 2 sentences of each month of 2005 )
::deep inhale::


WHO'S COMING WITH ME?? :D I'm rather ticked that it's opening right before Thanksgiving, because getting a group together for the movie will be a bitch. But, I've been seeing commercials for it on TV periodically, and just... gah!! I can't wait. I think I'll be playing my RENT soundtrack in the car all week to get myself pumped.


Weekend was so freaking busy, but totally awesome.

Grandmaster Chen stuff )

After workshopping on Friday night, I got to have dinner with my posse at Red Robin! It was [livejournal.com profile] craftyran's birthday, but we didn't make the poor Red Robin waitstaff sing at her, heh. They had already sung for four other birthdays, so I guess they had plenty to worry about. :)

Saturday shenanigans )

Sunday was the appointed Harry Potter expedition. We didn't leave quite early enough, so we had to park ourselves in one of the first three rows, but the movie was very cool. I think I've liked the last couple of HP movies a bit better, maybe just because they seem darker, but yeah, it was worth seeing, even if you've never read the books before. One of these days, maybe I'll actually remember to ask one of my friends to borrow the books, at a time when they actually have them on hand to loan to me.

Also: I finally dinged! Fiz hit 60 and then went to Arathi Basin, where I got thoroughly pwned 6 times. Stupid Alliance kiddies couldn't cooperate if their lives depended on it, apparently. :p

The rest of the evening was spent watching Veronica Mars and playing with computer parts. I managed to cut myself twice, this time, without even noticing it until I suddenly saw blood on my hand. Apparently, the computer gods now require a sacrifice in blood, in order for me to get a box working.

Anyhoo, that's all I've got, and there's work to be done, so I go poof.
Today was busy... I dunno if I'll have time to post tomorrow, either, so here's the skinny.

Taiji workshop with Grandmaster Chen tomorrow night! And Saturday morning. Probably going to [livejournal.com profile] nidaba's on Saturday evening.

Going the low-pressure route and seeing Harry Potter on Sunday afternoon/evening.

My legs hurt.
[Poll #614052]

(Note: If you're paranoid and don't want anyone to know what you're doing, no worries--I'll be the only one able to read your responses.)

I made turkey chili last night! It was quick and easy and pretty tasty, but it would've been even better if we hadn't run out of pepper. :p

Fiz didn't ding last night, but she did do a quick 5-man LBRS run with some success. I also used Ventrilo for the first time, while doing this, and being able to communicate with your party without stopping to type is actually pretty handy. The only drawback is when someone else is physically in the room talking with you, 'cause then you can't hear what people are saying on Vent. ;p

For some reason, I'm thinking it would be wildly entertaining if TPK had a Vent server; just the idea of [livejournal.com profile] damnathan1 and Clack getting on there and cursing at each other in Spanish gives me the giggles. :) (they're siblings, so they do this a lot)

Taiji was HARD yesterday. We did repetitions of brush knee and grasping the sparrow's tail for pretty much the entire class, so my legs feel a bit like Jell-O at the moment. I'm happy with how I did, though--it was tough, but I managed to maintain relatively good structure and low stances for almost all of it. If anybody ever tries to tell me that Taiji is for wimps, I will kick them in the face.

What World of Warcraft Race/Class would I Be? )

That's so appropriate, seeing as Winkletoes *is* fast becoming my favorite character to play... The only way that result would've been more weirdly coincidental is if I'd gotten Gnome Rogue. ^^;

Bah, too much WoW blather. I'mma go do that Work thing that they like me to do.

P.S. This is the greatest icon ever. Muahaha.
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For some reason, this wallpaper reminded me of [livejournal.com profile] aniline's post-apocalyptic Strawberry Shortcake painting. (see? It's a take on Super Mario Bros.)

It's going to be a very martial-artsy week. I'm going to Taiji tonight, when I usually take the night off, because classes are being pre-empted on Saturday for Grandmaster Chen Zheng-Lei. He's one of the top 4 Chen Taiji practitioners on the planet, and he's coming to our wee hamlet of Eugene to teach some workshops. I'm very interested in Chen style, so I'll likely be going to one of those on Saturday.

Also, apparently Phil and David are skipping town tomorrow, because they are going to see the Beijing Wushu Team perform in San Franny. (lucky bastards) This means that I'm the boss of wushu practice on Wednesday and Friday. Phil told me to be mean to the kids while he's gone. BWA HA HA!! :)

Anyway, yesterday was pretty okay, as Mondays go. Work was smooth, practice was difficult but still fun, and the new episode of Prison Break was neat. With how much I like this show, I'm amazed that Fox hasn't killed it yet. ;p Wentworth Miller has startling eyes.

Tonight, I hopefully attempt to make chili. And maybe, just maybe, Fizzywig will ding to 60! I've been kind of putting it off, because I don't think I have enough solo quests to put me over, and I haaaate grinding for XP, but I suppose it's high time I just went for that last push.

What race of Middle Earth am I? )
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This just in: 2005 can officially blow me.

I'd make a list of all the horribly depressing and awful things that have happened this year, but that would just be, well, depressing.

Take cover, December 31st, cos here I come!


Taiji was fun last night; the lady who's taking us through that Xingyi form came in and took us through the rest of it. :) I am far from having it memorized, but hopefully I can nail it down in my brain the next time she's in.

I busted out some blueberry cobbler last night! It turned out pretty okay, and people at the potluck today seemed to like it. I'm thinking of some modifications to make for the next time, though.

Survivor babble )

Weekend should be cool. Party on Saturday in all likelihood. Might brave the Black Forest for karaoke on Sunday, although I don't know if I'll actually sing. I've been spoiled by Japanese-style private room karaoke and the lack of stage fright that comes with it, and I've never done karaoke in a bar setting before. It's a lot easier to yowl like a jackass when it's only in front of your equally skilled and/or inept friends. :)

Oh, yeah, I'll probably have to work for a bit this weekend, after being out sick on Monday. That's a big ol' BLEH. But I'll deal.

That's all!
Two wins for the Sox, y'all!! I still can't believe they're really doing it!

Gyaaahhh. My stomach is killing me. x_x

This wallpaper is so weirdly funny.

Weekend was kind of quiet. I went to Taiji on Saturday, and wound up being asked for an interview about Sifu for the Emerald. ::laughs:: I like being interviewed--or at least, I don't *mind* it at all--but it's also an unfortunate reminder that I'm not always very well-spoken. Taiji class itself was fun; we started out experimenting with some basic Chen style movements, and I've been wanting to try Chen style anyway, so that was cool. PK also said, yet again, that I'm making progress. ::boggle::

After that, I acquired some toy pistols at the dollar store, and some spraypaint to decorate them. Oh, and I picked up some fabulous knee-high boots for cheap. They're really for the costume, but they're cute enough that I could wear them with normal clothes, too. I suppose I can actually think about buying skirts now that I have shoes that won't look ridiculous with them. I think I'm mostly just amazed that the boots will actually zip up over my gigantosaur calves. ;p

I'm also planning out some new scarves that will actually go with most of my clothes, so I picked up some deeply-discounted yarn for a blue-toned scarf and a black one. I haven't done any knitting or crocheting in a while, so this should be nice.

Fiz has hit lvl 58. Also, she is now Corporal Fizzywig. ZOMG! Of course, I don't know if the Corporal bit will last beyond tomorrow; there was too much server lag yesterday for me to do any remotely effective PvPing.

I need to see friends soon. I've been spending a lot of time alone, lately, and I think it's getting me down. I actually need alone time every so often, but too much of it is saddening.

I feel like I'm being a crappy friend. I'll try to stop that as soon as possible. This week is going to be crammed full, though, especially with that pesky wedding on tap for Fri/Sat, so I guess I'll just do my best.

That's all.


Oct. 20th, 2005 04:33 pm
Had a haircut over lunch, and am now feeling fah-bulous. Pictures of the most recent cut + dye job to come soon.

After much deliberation, and also after learning that the Sasuke outfit was not guaranteed to arrive in time, I'm going with the Yuna costume. I took my measurements and everything before buying, but I'm still a bit paranoid that it might not fit. I hope to GOD that it does, or else I am totally boned. ::laughs:: I need to spray paint and decorate some toy pistols this weekend, and pick up some tights, and then I should be set. Yay craft project! :D

Going to extra wushu practice tonight... unfortunately, I have to miss Taiji in order to do so. :( But, I've been considering trying the Wing Chun class they offer at Taiji school, so I might just take 2 classes on Saturday morning to make it up. I'm not sure if I'll like Wing Chun; I'm rather gun-shy about sparring, but I figure I should try it before I completely knock it. :)

I'm mildly surprised that it's Thursday already, but that's never a bad thing.

That's all.
A must-see GIF for you: LOTR meets WoW! ::rotfl::

Weekend was groovy. I kept pretty busy, and I wish I'd gotten more sleep, but it was a fun kind of busy.

Wushu is kicking my butt. I want my aerial cartwheel, and I think I may actually have the speed, strength, and whatever else to do it, but I'm still too chicken to go full-out. ^^;

I got a new yoga DVD recently, because the two that I already had were getting too easy (!), so I tried the new one yesterday and OMG I AM DESTROYED. Yeah, it was hard. I liked it, though; when I was finished, I felt like I'd actually *done* something. My old DVDs barely make me break a sweat anymore.

I had to lead some ultra-n00bs in Taiji on Saturday; it was okay. I actually remember most of the short form, and PK said that I can work on the short form, "a little longer," and then they'd start me on the long form! I'm a little surprised, because I thought it'd be a while before I'd hear that. But, on the other hand, "a little longer" could mean anything. Well, I hope it is yet another sign that I don't suck. :)

Oh yeah, and: OMFGWTFSOX!!! I can't believe they actually made it!

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