In a flurry of exclamation points:
  • I'm moving this weekend! My new house is beautiful! And I'm going to have my own bathroom!
  • I just snagged a new client! Possibly two!
  • I've been gluten-free for three weeks and I'm not going crazy yet! (in fact, I actually feel great!)
  • I'm eating most other things again! (coffee and I still need to work a few things out)
  • My two favorite RCR home teams won last weekend! (now if only I were on the roster for one of them)
  • I finally went running today after wimping out many times due to weather! (it hurt like hell, but TAKE THAT wimpy legs)
  • I skated with the Longview league on Wednesday! It was fun! I'm still a competent skater!
Today is apparently National Chocolate Cake Day, of all things, so I think I may actually flirt with sugary danger and get myself some cake. Gluten-free cake, naturally. God, I feel like a stereotype saying that, but eh, whatever works, right?

So, yes, if you hadn't already guessed: things are good. I only wish I could spread a bit more of the Good around.
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Yes, I finally got around to writing about the Shamrock Run, after being derailed by the Stomach Flu That Ate New York:

Shortly after my 30th birthday, I learned of a thing known as the, “30 Before 30 List,” which is, essentially, a list of 30 goals you’d like to accomplish, or things you’d like to try/do/experience, before you turn 30. Not to be discouraged by something as silly as already having turned 30, I made my own 30 During 30 List, and set out to complete the things on it. The list certainly did help make 2010 into an awesome year, but when I looked over the list again a month or two ago, I realized that some of the things on it weren’t the sort that I could realistically complete in the time remaining, and some were things I wasn’t even all that excited to pursue, anymore.

One of those things, however, was a goal I could set into motion immediately: registering for and running a race. That race was The Shamrock Run, and before I knew what I was doing, I found myself boldly signing up for the 8K.

[ the rest is on the blog! ]

I now have my Shamrock Run packet in my hot little hands, so there's no bitching out now. I'll be getting myself out of bed far earlier than my usual, and running the 8K. I'm not sure how long it'll take, but I don't care; I'm just in it for the doing of it.

In light of that, it probably wasn't the most brilliant idea ever to stay for Wreckers today, because, uh, that's four hours of skate practice. On the other hand, it might be a good thing, because I could very easily pass out asleep right this second.

Well, at least waking up in the morning won't be much of a challenge. ;)
Whooof. What a couple of weeks this has been. But hey, I survived. You can surprise yourself with your own strength, sometimes.

By some miracle, my evening cleared up last night, so I pulled myself together enough to finally make it out for a photo outing with [ profile] theamazingjosh and a few other photographer types. I wasn't entirely in the best headspace for shooting *or* socializing at first, but I got into it after a little while, and maybe when I stop being exhausted, I'll post some shots.

We also capped off the evening with some food and laughs at the Night Light. I really need to remind myself that the Clinton St. neighborhood exists, because there are some nice spots down there that I always somehow forget about.

And speaking of "finally," I finally, *finally* went running again this morning, for the first time in a while. I kind of sucked, but not as badly as I expected to. I also think some of the crankiness in my legs was due to beating the hell out of them yesterday with bike commuting and circuit training, so it definitely could've been worse. It's been hard to get firmly back on the wagon with fitness, but the fact that I even *made* myself go running? That's a promising sign. :)

In conclusion, there is a man in this coffee shop who looks disturbingly like John Noble (a.k.a. Walter Bishop from Fringe) in profile, and I'm silently hoping that he'll start tripping out on Brown Betty, instead of having the lame conversation he's currently having. ;)
Christmas was short, sweet, and full of good eats. My grandpa just recently got through some pretty crazy eye problems that required surgery and a host of other wildly uncomfortable treatments and accommodations, so it was something of a comfort to see him up and about, and working on his traditional ham. :) Now it's just another SLO day at the folks', hurhurhur. (if you don't get the lame pun, don't sweat it)

Saw Sherlock Holmes today, and for all the action-hero-ification of the title character, I thought the movie actually dragged a bit, in places. It was amusing overall, though, and Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law had some cute scenes, heh. I tend to like RDJr in most everything nowadays, though, so that was a pretty easy sell. ;)

Also saw Avatar on the day before Christmas, and OMG PRETTY. It still boggles me every once in a while that computer animation has gotten so freakin' good. The 3-D was also worth the extra few bucks: it was cool in some parts, and damned-near-amazing in others. Also drove myself nuts trying to figure out why the main guy seemed so familiar, and it was because he'd also been in Terminator: Salvation. Go go gadget iMDb!

Knocked out a 3-mile run without much trouble yesterday, but man, my lower back is not happy with me today. I can't wait until the weather starts to warm again, so I can keep more regular on the running... it's hard to talk myself into the monotony of the treadmill. At least here at the folks' place, I can choose what's playing on the TV... at The Job's gym, I often have Faux News on their TVs giving me an aneurysm as I run. ::eyeroll::
Whoa. I just received a Facebook reply containing an emoticon that I completely cannot decipher! I MUST be getting old. ;)

Also, if you were interested and missed the info: my Wushu Demo is on Nov 21st.

This week has been great for senior sessions. We had our last one of the week yesterday, and I think I actually made squee noises while looking through the proofs. We've gotten some really nice images this week, and it'll be really fun when it comes time to sort through these past few months of work and freshen up our portfolio.

I think the only downer is that, aside from our male senior rep, we've literally only been booking girls for 2010, which is, honestly, pretty weird! So, yeah, we don't have a lot of updated images with guys to add to the senior album. But still, I'm really pleased with the work we've been doing lately.

We have some rad stuff coming up, too. I got us on board for a holiday vendor event a few weeks from now, and it looks really promising. I'm also meeting with KatieMay tomorrow, to hatch delicious plans for partnering her event planning business with our business, and I know we'll love working with her, so that's exciting stuff, too!

In other news, I made myself go running yesterday, and I'm proud of myself for that because I've been lazy about exercise these past few weeks. I only had 20 minutes to squeeze it in, but that's still 2 miles, so it's better than nothing. I was having more difficulty breathing, so that officially SUCKED. But it's better than when I cramped up after 10 minutes, like I did last week. Still, ugh. I should get consistent again, so that I won't feel like death is upon me every time.

Also, it's only 1.5 hours after finishing my lunch, and I'm already hungry again. Especially for muffins. Shut up, stupid tummy! I have nothing for you!

I have no idea what else is happening this weekend, beyond my usual wushuing, and the fact that my parents are in town. I might go celebrate Pete's birthday tonight, and I might be able to help [ profile] matrixleap and [ profile] herince_emyn move tomorrow, but I guess it depends on what my folks have in mind. Hopefully, I'll have a better idea once I hear from them later today. :)
Well, last night didn't turn out like I'd planned at all. I wound up bailing on dancing, because my knee was hurting after I got back from wushu. As [ profile] marykae pointed out, I do have to take care of it, so I decided to take it easy. The Beetlejuice screening got to be way too crowded for us to have any hope of getting seats, so that didn't happen either. Boy put on Evil Dead and I was dozing off by the end of it.

Today, we did the horse farm portrait session, which was FUN, and then wushu, and then I had to crank out a proposal and get issues worked out with someone else's FTP server. And also process some senior portrait images. I'm parked at Muddy Waters, though, so at least I'm getting some ambiance, a hot cup of tea, and a yummy veggie quiche out of the deal.

I also noticed earlier today that I have to shoot the Portland Marathon in the morning. Boy has been so swamped with the studio move that he forgot to mention that they emailed him about it. They tend to wait until the last minute anyway, so I doubt he heard anything from them before this week.

I think races are my least-favorite thing to shoot, and it is entirely because I have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to shoot them! I actually enjoy watching all the marathoners pushing through the pain, and seeing all the fans cheering and pumping up the runners. People will cheer for folks they don't even know, or people who don't have anyone cheering them on at the finish, just because they're running such a long race. The whole energy of it is really cool, and I always come away from it wanting to run the marathon myself.

But man, getting up at 5:30am to make sure I'm at my station by the 7am start time? Rouuuugh. I bitch and moan about getting up at 7am for work, so 5:30 just makes me want to shoot myself!

Anyhoo, I'll probably be spending most of tomorrow shooting the race, and then taking a nap and otherwise being a brain-dead vegetable afterwards. So much for catching up on sleep! ;p
I've been having a rough go of it, as you might've guessed from various Friends-Only/Filtered ramblings. Work, stress, emotions, PMS, and a stupid head cold, have all given me a mighty punch in the face.

But, one bright spot yesterday went a long way: I ran 2.5 miles yesterday, and my knee actually felt okay when it was all over. Not perfect, by any means, but noticeably better. I was wearing my new insoles, and had a couple weeks of PT under my belt, and it all appears to be working.

That run was exactly what I needed to work out a lot of my recent stress and negativity, and it feels really, REALLY good to know that I'm starting to get my body back towards normal. Not being able to work out the way I want to has taken a huge toll on my well-being, as of late. Before starting treatment, I'd actually gotten to the point where I couldn't do a few lousy jumping jacks without my knee hurting. Things are looking up!

Oh, and I kid you not, I even saw a rainbow during the first 5 minutes of my run yesterday. Coincidence? I think not. ;)
Hey dudes. I see my Friend Of list has grown a little. Kindly introduce yourselves? :)

Anyhoo, what a crazy and good weekend. I got home from wushu on Friday around 9p, and felt totally dead both physically and mentally, and really couldn't deal with a party situation. So, the plan was to watch Girl, Interrupted and huddle under blankets instead of going to the Divo Party. But, then I heard that Andy was at the Divo Party, and something in my brain said, "okay, I HAVE to see this." By that time, it was midnight, and I dragged myself out of bed to head over.

Caught some people as they were about to leave, kicked around with the few remaining folks, tasted some interesting tequila and verygood scotch, and capped it off with a donut run and chat with [ profile] katlyn. I'm so glad I came out after all. I love you guys.

Saturday was madness. Got up early, went back to house to print off labels and stick them onto our sparkly-new promo postcards (which are awesome, by the way), got caught up in move-out-related room-checking and deposit-giving, and dashed off to wushu. Practiced hard, dropped off postcards at the runway show venue for the VIP bags, made a quick stop to get some earring-type bling to wear to the show (met my client's intern, too, who did an *awesome* job on their new press kits!), and then went back to the house to do even MORE label-and-stick duty.

After the label-and-stick routine, I am seriously considering getting an intern. ;p

Got done with that just in time to toddle off to the runway show and do my photographic duties. There were pirate performers at the show, which I was completely not expecting! I knew they were going sort of nautical in theme, what with it being at a yacht club and all, but I did not know there'd be pirates! That was awesome. Anyhoo, I ran back home after the show, got all the photos processed, and by then it was approaching 1:00am and I was mad-tired.

Oh, and speaking of move-out-related things, EVICTEE IS GONE AT LAST. And! AND! The last houseguest will be gone TODAY! This is me doing the Snoopy Dance, y'all.

Yesterday was [ profile] nidaba's baby shower, and it was really nice to see her, and also [ profile] spiralshannon. I also burned myself rather spectacularly making chocolate chocolate-chip cookies for the shower, but it was worth it, because they were *really* yum. After I got back from Salem, I cleared my stuff out of the housesitting place, since they were getting back later in the evening, and then I kicked around at Camellia Lounge until they closed up. Yeah, I was kind of avoiding going back to my house, heh.

I did go back home after that, though, and things seem significantly more chill around the place already. THANK GOD. It was actually good to see and chat with my roommates again. Fancy that, eh?

Anyhoo, I'm back at work, and I'm tired, but things are looking significantly more mellow here, too. The day's only half-over, and there's the rest of the week to wade through, but I finally feel like I can breathe.

Oh, and I ran this morning, after taking all of last week off. Both the break and the coming back to it felt good. I shortened my loop down to 2 miles instead of 3, so my muscles will hopefully not feel so dead again like they were week-before-last.

Oy. That was a lot of weekend.
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Woohoo, I get to pretend I'm [ profile] bellybalt and post party pictures! Granted, I didn't take 80-hojillion shots like he does (who could hope be awesome enough to take so many shots and still have fun at a party?), and I'm lazy. ;) So, here are five that I generally liked as photos, without taking silly-fun factor into account:

+5 )

If you want the rest, they are here. :D

So, yes, the birthday picnic for [ profile] katlyn was awesome! It was so freakin' good to see everyone, and hanging out at the park was just what the doctor ordered for a lot of us, I think. :) And I now have [ profile] katlyn (and bubble tea!) to look forward to on Thursday! And I also have a crapton of plums from [ profile] bloodred37 to do deliciously evil things with. I was thinking maybe a plum-almond clafouti, but I lack a good tart pan...


Yesterday was good, too, although the ending was, erm, not so good. Boy's brother is in town until Tuesday, so the three of us plus Nathan attempted to go tasting at the Clear Creek Distillery yesterday, but they were closed. So, we wound up hitting Bridgeport for a beer and then walking around Trendy-Third for a bit. After that, we decided that homemade ice cream sounded awesome, so we snagged Nathan's ice cream machine and went back to the homestead. By the time we got back, it was close to 8pm and Brother and I were both starving.

Nathan had served us 2 screwdrivers, in the meantime (small ones with a lot of ice), and later on, a vodka and lemonade. Boy went upstairs for a while, so Brother and I mistakenly assumed that he was up there on the deck, starting the coals for the grill, because we'd been bitching about how hungry we were on the way home. Bad assumption. Boy is easily distracted and wasn't hungry like we were, so we didn't find out that he hadn't started until almost two HOURS later.

Anyhoo, we FINALLY got to eat dinner at frickin' 10:30pm, and I'm not sure what happened, but after eating my chicken, salad, and ice cream, I started to feel really, really sick. Not to where I was throwing up, but sick. My stomach felt like it was very gassy, and the pressure was building up and pushing outward on my stomach to the point where it just hurt like hell.

I tried to sleep for about an hour, and then I wound up making myself puke just to take some of the pressure off of my stomach. I felt much better after throwing up, but it was a very WTF experience. Maybe it was just drinking alcohol and not eating much in the way of real food between breakfast and dinner, or maybe that last vodka-and-lemonade was really strong, but I didn't think I drank *that* much.

I am recovering nicely, though, and after the vomiting was over, I laid out on the deck with Boy for a while, cooled off, and listened to him ramble about his recent philisophical musings. He is absentminded as all get out, sometimes, but he's always thinking, and thinking different, at that. :)

I also got up at 7:15 this morning, so I could run 3 miles before breakfast, because I'm a rock star. Or a masochist. You pick. ;p I actually made good time at it, and the morning air was a lot cooler than the afternoon will probably be. OH, and I'm finally at the front of the queue to check out Making The Cut from the library again, so I'm going to start that today! And I'll actually finish it this time, since I'm not flying off to China on Day 15 of the program like last time around. ;p


Jul. 16th, 2009 01:38 pm
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This is such a cool idea: The Big Busk. I might have to go on a walk on Saturday, so I can run into some of these people!

This is really stupid: intentionally ordering Pho and picking the meat out of it. I seriously hope the comment was horrendously misquoted or misinterpreted, because if not, then this lady is just DUMB.

Also, how awesome is it that Wil Wheaton and Nathan Fillion follow each other on Twitter? Like, damn, that's too much tasty for one female sci-fi dork to handle.

I did my Shred workout this morning and was hella, hella sore in the legs. Which makes me even more shocked to find that, at this moment, I am actually looking forward to going running. I'm tempted to take my break early and just go right now, even! Usually, running is the LAST thing I want to do when I'm sore. I'm boggled by this development.

I found some wheat berries at Limbo yesterday, and there's now wheat sprouting in my kitchen! At $2.49 per bag of wheat berries, I can make 2 loaves of manna bread, so it's about $1.25 each. I've never seen Ezekiel bread sell for less than $3.00, so that is CHEAP, y'all. (P.S. If you're in SE, Limbo is raaaaad. And right next to Trader Joe's, too!)

Oh, and we finally got to see Amy and Travis last night after way too long. They came over to BBQ and kick it with us on the new deck. It sort of highlighted that I'm very "off" since getting back from China, though, because my energy's out of whack and I feel socially half-retarded again. I hope it's just Monthly-related, or due to my being tired.

I think my only possible regret about going on the trip is how crappy I've felt since getting back, because I was in SUCH a good headspace before I left, and it had nothing to do with trip anticipation.


Jul. 13th, 2009 04:31 pm
If running keeps going as well as it's gone the past few days, it might become my new fitness drug. Good thing, too, because I sorely need one. I did 2.5 miles yesterday and 3 miles today, and I have to admit I'm proud. There were some hills on today's route, and I beat the hell out of them. :D Running outside is so awesome compared to the stupid treadmill. I need to quit being a wussy about weather and just run outside.

I've been working my butt off by day, coughing and not sleeping at night, and generally feeling as though my life is not my own. I had two weddings to shoot this past weekend, one of them running almost 9 hours (!), and I couldn't even go to my wushu classes, because they conflicted with the weddings.

Combine that with *really* not wanting to deal with large groups of people--traveling in a group of 18 people for two weeks does that to you, I guess--and I damn near thought I was going to lose my mind.

The weddings did turn out beautifully, though, and in spite of being so tired while shooting them, I *am* looking forward to picking out shots for the blog. :) The one on Saturday was held in this amaaazing church--the courtyard wasn't anywhere near as attractive as I was led to believe, but the interior of the sanctuary was just amazing. I think the church director was close to flipping out, because everything was running late and all the guests-with-cameras were breaking the church's photography restrictions, but all things said, it could've been worse.

Running, though, has been better for my psyche than anything, since I got back. I almost feel in control again.

And I TOTALLY slept until noon yesterday, and caught up on TV. So, I feel tons better just because of that. :D

Hot damn

May. 15th, 2009 12:41 pm
The next two weeks are going to be busy, busy, busy. Tomorrow, I go to wushu, pick up some wardrobe for a shoot next week, do a pre-Zombie-Prom portrait for some folks, and then get myself gussied up for Zombie Prom. (crap, I need to track down some makeup supplies for that, too...)

Sunday is Girly Craft Night hosted by [ profile] sarapada. Wooooo! I need to pull together something snacky before I go, so I imagine that plus sleeping in after a late Prom night will knock out my morning.

Still, SO FUN. The fun is worth the busy. And there are a couple people who I particularly need ("need" as in "zomg want") to see soon, so I hope that works out. <3

I have two Swap CDs to go! I think #4 has been my favorite, thus far, but there's been something good on all of them. I'm chomping at the bit to see some tracklists!

Tattoo idea is also evolving... I need to ask Master Gao how to write it, but a word she used a while back when correcting me was "fa jing." It's more of a taiji term, but at the time, she was basically telling me to find the flow and move my body in a harmonious way. Literally translated, however, it means, "manifest internal force," which sounds hellacool to me, as a concept. I'd be 100% happy with either idea, but I think this one speaks more to empowerment, and I love that.

Anyhoo, agh. SO MUCH WORK TO DO. I am out.

P.S. HOLY DAMN it hurt, but I ran 3.15 miles yesterday. I've been feeling it in my lower legs from the moment I stepped off the treadmill, blargh. I should really get back to running outdoors now that it's warming up--even with closed captioning on for the gym TVs, CNN pisses me off nowadays--and I might switch to Mondays, just so I get a rest day sooner after the run.
Updated resume: in the can. (thanks for the helpful words, btw) Next, cover letter. I generally hate writing cover letters (who doesn't?) but in this case, it should actually be a huge asset, so I'll get over it. ;)

Also in the can: 3.25 miles. I ran the first 2.5 at ~9-minute-mile pace, and then my legs were dead, so I power-walked another 0.5 miles. The rest was cooldown. I'm lousy on muscle endurance (jeeeez), but at least I didn't crap out due to being out of breath. It's the first day, eh?

Roommate is talking about seeing Star Trek, and although I lovelovelove Star Trek, I think I'm over the whole Opening Night show thing. Although, it'd be worth it at the St. Johns Cinema. Cheap tickets + beer = WIN.

Mrr, I might have too much to do tonight, anyway. I have my appointment to get counseled, and I also *must* get to the store, or I won't have a good breakfast tomorrow! It's the most important meal of the day, for monkey's sake.

I thought I had something more interesting to say, but I've already forgotten it. Sigh. ;p

On the run

May. 5th, 2009 10:59 am
Don't forget to sign up for the Speed Shoot, if you're interested! (apologies in advance, I'll be pimping this for the next few days)

Heh, it looks like the 30 Day Challenge bug is spreading. [ profile] cmsunflash is starting one akin to what I did last month, and Boy declared after we got back from Birthday Happy Hour that he's not drinking for a month. I don't think he was even particularly aware that I was doing the 30-Day. And that doesn't even include the people I know who were already quitting smoking, quitting caffeine, exercising again...! It's so cool to see people making changes for the better. :)

Anyhoo, shooting the marathon was less painful than I expected. We were in the same shooting positions as the previous year, and even though they'd changed the course a bit this year, they gave us the same instructions. Things seemed off when we ended up waiting for a good hour longer than we expected, but we followed the directions, so we figured they'd just moved our location to later in the course.

So, imagine our surprise when the first place runner blasted by, coming from the other direction! Whoops. We caught the rest of the runners, but it threw us for a loop. Buggers! Hopefully they'll give us the *right* instructions next year. Jeeeeez.

The rest of the weekend was okay. Way more time in the car than I'd have liked, but we got a comped Chinese food dinner on Saturday, and Boy's folks fed us a nice lunch after we got done with the marathon on Sunday. I didn't even run *that* short on sleep, although the motel bed wasn't exactly the most comfortable.

I admit that shooting these marathons makes me think about doing one. I've never had much talent for running, though, and my body doesn't seem to take well to the extra impact. I think a half-marathon could be doable, though. I've only run 5 miles one time, and I was sore for a week afterwards, but even with my occasional tendinitis flare-ups and super-tight IT band, I think I could train up to squeezing out 13.1 miles. I'd consider a half-marathon to be a real accomplishment for somebody who's as bad at running as I am! ;)

So, I'm thinking on it... I suppose the real challenge is finding a half-marathon to run that I'm not already shooting. I'd want to do a bigger one, to get the full experience of the screaming spectators and all, but I tend to be on camera duty for those. We'll see, I guess...


Jul. 10th, 2008 04:54 pm
Somebody please tell me that, not only is it okay if I skip my lifting workout today, but I *should* skip it, because I'm all achy with menstrual badness and sleep deprivation. Srsly. It'd make me feel better. :p

And hey, I went running on my lunch break yesterday, so I deserve *some* workout-y kudos for the week. It was roasty-toasty hot outside, and I totally wanted to stop, but I pushed through the whole 3-mile loop. Hopefully, I'll keep up with doing that at least once or twice a week, but I have a spotty history with running, so who knows. ;)

I've been adding and reorganizing our portfolios bit by bit, as of late, and it's getting a lot harder. I *was* just adding shots that I loved, but now I'm realizing that we really need to pare down our portfolios. On one hand, that's actually happy-making, because it means we have a lot of awesome shots to choose from! But on the other hand, it's terribly daunting, because it's so, so hard to cut out shots you love.

Portfolio building and refinement is such a beast for any creative professional. I always hate updating my design portfolio, too. It's so hard to pick and choose the best work, when you're emotionally invested in all of it.

And in closing, here are more shots of the girl with photoshopped-in eyebrows!

+6 photos )

Yeah, I don't even know how I'm going to choose portfolio-worthy shots from this, seeing as there are others I liked that I haven't even gotten to yet. Beh!
"It" being my friggin' quads, that is.

After setting the goal back in January, I finally went on a morning run this past Monday morning, and also today. They were short runs of 2-2.5 miles, but it was *rough*. Sweet hairy Jesus, I've been lazy.

And clearly, I've also gotten quite squishy and out of shape, seeing as I'm feeling every last one of my 27 years today. XD I did do an extra wushu class on Tuesday, but that's only 90 minutes of training, which is piddly compared to what I used to do at UO. SO WIMPY!

I'm not quite sure what I was thinking with the whole "run in the morning" idea. It has been long-established that I really, really don't like mornings. Also, running is one of those really tough workouts that often makes me want to die. I'm not sure if there's a faster way to make me hate life than putting those two things together. XD Oh well, it's one step down a path to greater awesome.

I'm pooped beyond all reason. I've done shoots for 4 out of the past 5 days, and on the one day I had off, I was sitting there in my pajamas when, "surprise! people are coming over!" Don't get me wrong, it was much fun, but I'm tiiiiired.

Oh yeah, and I'm doing yet more shooting tonight, too. Time to make friends with stress!
I went running last night, for the first time in a while, mostly to try out the new earphones I got for my iPod. They're just earbuds with the dangly piece that wraps around the back of your ears, and I got them for less than $10, but they DID NOT MOVE for the entire run. Running with music is so, so many times better than running without!

For a company that normally puts out such cute and generally awesome products, you'd think Apple would include better earbuds with their iPods. Those stupid things fell out of my ears constantly while I ran, to the point where I just gave up on them. Boo-urns.

As for the run itself, it was a 2.5-miler, so nothing big. After wrecking myself on the 4.5-mile run, I figured I should maybe, y'know, take it easier on the distance, and just work on being more consistent about actually going running in the first place. Feels like a good decision, so far. :)

This weekend is going to be BUSY. We'll be doing some shooting at the wushu school's Chinese New Year party on Saturday afternoon. They plan to have silks and weapons on hand for people to pose with, so it's just photobooth-y shots, but those also tend to sell more prints. Muahaha.

Sunday is going to be eaten entirely by the Headshot Day, which I've spent the last month or so planning. 4 actors and 3 models are coming in, plus hair and makeup and general mayhem. And maybe cookies. It's going to be a long day, but it'll be good for the portfolio!

On the relaxing side, there is an Identity Protection Party hosted by [ profile] phasmaphobic (if you see this, hit me up with your address!), and [ profile] adventure_girl's birthday at a bar that's close to our house, which I've been wanting to pay a visit to anyway. We can't stay at either for too late, what with the headshot day being bright and early the next morning, but fun times shall be had!

That's all I've got. Me sleepy.

P.S. Yes, I was totally remiss in my duties as an Asian yesterday by not wishing y'all a Happy Chinese New Year. So... Gong xi fa cai!
Y'all, if this isn't Mac pr0n, then I don't know what is. That's hot. With two Ts.

So, is Bacon officially "back" now, or something? There was that period during the low-fat/low-calorie craze where people were afraid of bacon, but now it seems to be making a resurgence into all kinds of random food, especially in desserts. Bacon is being slapped onto practically every hamburger and meat sandwich in the food service industry. I've sampled a Bacon Peanut Butter Truffle at the Pix Patisserie. And now, I learn of this: Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies. Holy jeebus. Crazy thing is, I kind of want to make those. XD

In other news, we watched 30 Days of Night over the weekend, and I have to say, the movie was going along all right until the end, when Cut for Spoilers ) Way to ruin the experience in 10 minutes or less, guys. ::eyeroll::

Fortunately, [ profile] halfempty rented Shoot 'Em Up, so we watched that yesterday, and it was much more entertaining. They crammed in probably every action movie cliche in the book, and many of the sequences were just so awesomely ridiculous that you can't help but have fun watching them. Hells yeah.

And, on a final, happy note, it must be a week for personal bests. [ profile] phrassie ran her farthest ever on Sunday (which makes me glad I didn't go to the [ profile] damnrunners meetup, because I *totally* would've slowed her down), and I hit a new personal best yesterday! It was kind of by accident, because I got all twisted around and half-lost near U of P, but I wound up running 4.6 miles! It's only a little over half a mile farther than my previous best, but that's still rad. Wushu is likely to hurt like hell today, but it was totally worth it.

Chow time!

Dec. 24th, 2007 04:09 pm
Bleh. Driving yesterday was murder, largely because a drive that should have taken me 10 hours took over 12! I-80 in San Francisco fails at life. I didn't get sleepy or anything, though, so it could've been worse.

Today has been relaxy. I worked on some photos that I've been putting off, so it's been productive. I also went running down to Morro Rock and back--about 3 1/2 miles--which is farther than I've run in a while! I even practiced with my spear and my straightsword for a bit, but the driveway was too slippery for anything besides weapons practice.

I also did a spot of food bloggin', so those who feel like a baking adventure can throw down some of my Apple Parsnip Muffins! Oh yeah, and a couple weeks ago, I also blabbed about Leisure, a.k.a. our new favorite North Portland bar.

If I don't get online tomorrow: MERRY CHRISTMAS! (to those who celebrate it)

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