Okay, dudes. It's a new year, and it's time to make some goals happen! I actually did pretty okay at last year's goals, and although they didn't all go exactly as planned--because, really, when do they ever?--progress was definitely made on a lot of them. So, hey, the same format, because it's good to have ideas.

Raise monthly business profits enough to live awesomely on them!
  • Outsource and/or delegate the things that I waste time on or generally suck at. Use time to focus on things that I'm an expert at, or would like to become expert at.
  • Try to capture more design work, not just web-site-only. Logos, packaging, catalogs, illustration?
  • Be more proactive about networking. Meet people whose work I admire, support local creatives with my dollars, start the conversations that will make them want to pay for my expertise!
  • Do at least a couple of test shoots or photo projects that push the boundaries a bit. Use them to make people go, "oooooo!" and give me money to shoot more awesome photos.
  • Benchmark #1: surpass monthly income at old job in Eugene
  • Benchmark #2: surpass monthly income at my last job in PDX
Eat better, sleep better, train harder
  • Go running at least 2x/week, work up to 3-4x/week as the ankle allows; adjust as necessary as derby is added back into the routine.
  • 8 hours a night of sleep. Get to bed early enough to wake with the daylight instead of an alarm. (it worked in CA, so hopefully it can work here)
  • Be a more devoted yogi. At least 1 yoga class a week, hopefully two.
  • Since my old gym closed, find a new gym for myself and Boyfriend. Join it. Go to it regularly.
  • Do anti-inflammatory cleanse diet to help with remaining injury healing and, well, getting rid of holiday handles.
  • Mmmmaybe go gluten-free for an entire month, just to see what happens.
Give more time to friends, family, and good causes
  • Being less absurdly-busy = inviting friends out to do things more often = not being a shitty friend = Happy!
  • Try to work out an extra visit to California, hopefully spring/summer. See family and friends. Bring J along.
  • Help with Alyson's bra drive over the next few weeks.
  • Likely donating web site redesign to Newberg Animal Shelter.
Get drafted to an RCR team
  • Keep NSOing, return to Wreckers in mid-to-late-Jan
  • Do GnR Pre-Meat bootcamps in early-Feb
  • Get back onto Fresh Meat at Feb 11th tryouts
  • Extra scrimmage time w/Wreckers, co-ed derby, and Vancouver league
  • Get MSR cleared, make teams love me, BOOM. DRAFTED. Hopefully May.
Play more games
  • Being less absurdly-busy = more solo time = finishing freaking Dragon Age already = Happy!
  • Adjust my living space in a way that's more friendly towards spending a few hours on a lazy Sunday with my XBox.
  • Get in on a good RPG campaign. I know of a few that are in the pipeline, but man, it's been a while.
  • Have board game nights semi-regularly? I like my friends, and I like playing games with them!
Spend less money on gasoline
  • More bike commuting, because in-town driving makes me sad or makes me want to hit things.
  • Get a smaller and more fuel-efficient car!
Read more, listen more.
  • Being less absurdly-busy = more solo time = finishing more books = Happy!
  • Read a neat article on the internet with breakfast, instead of derping around and/or being rushed in the mornings.
  • Podcasts. They're neat. Maybe take them out running?


Jul. 12th, 2011 03:08 pm
I have a camera strap sunburn, and I hate shooting in noonday sun like, a lot. But I did it at the Mississippi Street Fair, and did so about as well as one could expect. After having done a couple of these gigs, I have to say I don't love the evil overlords' fixation on their purported demographic, nor do I like their decidedly not-photojournalistic desire for doofy photos of people mugging for the camera, but it's money in my pocket.

On the plus side, I did essentially get paid to spend the entire day walking around with my awesome boyfriend, and also to watch and take photos at an event that I'd have likely watched/shot for fun anyway--that event being Trek in the Park. It was a pretty exhausting day on my feet, but I had excellent company, at least. :) It's amusing to me that we each feel as though the other is doing the heavy-lifting on these gigs. He thinks I'm doing all the work by taking the photos, while I think he has the harder job being the outgoing guy who solicits random strangers for permission to take their photo. If he were extroverted, that'd be one thing, but his being a social introvert means that sort of thing *is* work. I guess it's good that we appreciate each other's efforts and talents. :)

Last night, we won at pub trivia (woo!), and then we went to the 'Tron for the midnight release for A Dance with Dragons, because we are total dorks. Well, and also because they were selling the book at 30% off, which is nothing to sneeze at for a fancy hardcover edition. I'm slowly making my way through A Clash of Kings, and I can't say that I'm in a super-hurry to get through the rest of the series. I fully expect a long wait before the next book comes out, and the next season of the TV series won't be out for a while, so I think I'm just going to savor this one.

In other news, I have someone interested in the studio share that I found through the local Geek Council, so hopefully this guy will see it on Thursday and take me up on it. That'd be a load off my mind, for certain. I'm also casting about for accounting help, and I have also nailed down a sexy new logo. Next up is new business cards and web site, but I'm already happy with it in watermark form:

Hoolie Designs
It's been solo time here in the Skeets-verse, this weekend: I scrimmaged and did Wreckers yesterday, and did a bit of yoga this morning, but other than that, I've been cooking, reading books, and watching Netflix. There was a definite need to recharge and reset my brain meats, so I can start really pulling my life together, and the calmer I get, the more things are starting to fall together in a way that makes sense.

I really and truly need to start eating better, because I'm getting headaches and feeling crappy for no good reason, and I don't like it. The on-the-go lifestyle isn't likely to let up anytime soon, however, so I grilled enough marinated chicken and veggies to last me a few days, and also made some wasabi almonds for snackin'. I'm also going to make a supposedly-Filipino-style pork stew in the crockpot in the next day or so, which is probably the first bit of serious cooking I've done in a while. Man, I miss my kitchen.

I've started reading Clash of Kings, to get my Song of Ice and Fire fix now that the first season of Game of Thrones is over. I find myself reading Tyrion's lines of dialogue and hearing them in my head with Peter Dinklage's characterization and inflection, which I think is sort of a testament to how fantastic the casting of the show has been, thus far.

Oh, and I finally, FINALLY watched The End of Time last night, so I can finally start in on the Matt Smith episodes of Doctor Who. David Tennant almost made me cry at the end, though. Bawww.

Also, Thursday was my first genuine attempt at photo styling for products, for a local aromatherapy skincare business. I'd had help with it on a few of the other shoots I did for the shopping guide I've been working with, but this one had me flying solo. I didn't have a lot to work with, but I think I did pretty well with a blanket we had at the studio, and some loose aromatherapeutic ingredients the owner had brought.

(P.S. I'm experimenting with a new logo/watermark. Tell me if it sucks.)


Essance (2)
I guess I did a lot of stuff this weekend, despite not having anything particularly planned in advance, but I haven't done any work, so I feel like I've been incredibly lazy. I feel like I've been stretched really thin, though, so I probably needed that. I'm still super-tired and nursing a monster headache, at the moment.

I skated a ton this weekend; Fresh Meat practice on Saturday, then a break for lunch with the girls, before doing a derby workshop after. It was exhausting, and I think I burned out any aggressiveness I had during FM practice--there was a note in my workshop feedback to be more aggressive, heh--but getting individual feedback from a WoJ skater was incredibly valuable. I also picked up new (narrower) wheels and bearings afterwards, too, so that was happy-making. Still, I was so mentally and physically exhausted after getting home that I just laid around, watched Glee and Castle, and passed out at 11pm.

On Sunday I slept in, finished reading Name of the Wind, made a nice breakfast and did a yoga class, and then I went to a really cute coffeeshop and started reading Watchmen. Then, I brutalized myself with Endurance practice for two hours. I went to Hands Across Hawthorne afterwards, and it turned out completely huge. Then I went for tacos with Joe and [livejournal.com profile] dakania, and then I dropped off the latter at home, and we went to the weekly viewing of Game of Thrones.

Yesterday, I didn't get out of bed until 10:30, and Joe and I decided to hit up Vita Cafe for brunch, which was delicious. (Thai Corn Cakes = WANT MOAR) Then, I wound up walking around NW, reading and internetting outside in the sun with a fancy pour-over coffee, and indulging in some girly happy hour time with [livejournal.com profile] katlyn and [livejournal.com profile] twilite_embrace. <3

I realize that I really, really want a vacation. As in, a real one that involves my not being on the stupid internet, or having to go anywhere in particular, or feeling guilty about it whenever I'm not doing something productive and worklike. I'm looking forward to the Hood Canal outing weekend after next, for that very reason. Even yesterday, after telling myself that I should let myself chill out and enjoy the day off--all the other 9-to-5ers were likely doing that, after all--I still wound up working on webthings for a while.

Also: Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness can go away and die now.

In conclusion, here are some pictures of me making un-sexy faces but looking generally badass, during practice on Saturday. The photography is middling at best, but this is the first time I've seen pictures where I actually look competent on skates, so YAY.

Hell. Yes.

Oct. 8th, 2010 09:25 pm
batskeets: (yan!)
I'm fresh out of the shower after an addle-brained, but ultimately good wushu practice, I have a tasty salad in my hot little hands, and I am *finally* going to finish watching the Dexter episode I've tried to watch three separate times this week. (I fell asleep about 15-20 minutes in each time... d'oh)

AND, I have two books on loan (Pattern Recognition and Apathy) with glowing recommendations to go with, and another of my own I've already started in on (A Game of Thrones). Oh, and yet another book on loan from a derby friend (Down and Derby, naturally). The mind reels at the selection.

This may be the best Friday night in ages. <3

P.S. I am strongly considering declaring next week to be Mental Health Week, because sweet merciful crap, I'm looking forward to the alone time this weekend. We'll see if I'm sick of my own company by the time Monday morning rolls around. ;)
And by "everybody," I mean, "just me." Because I'm a sucker. :p

Friday couldn't get here fast enough! This week has been pretty exhausting, and it doesn't help that my body has been waking me up before the alarm these past few days. But, there has been good.

Book club last night with Morgan and Pete was a good time, and I now feel like less of a philistine for not particularly enjoying On The Road. Pete picked the next book, but I've already started reading Catch-22, so lord knows when I'll actually get to the Book Club book. Catch-22 had been on my to-read list for a while, so when I randomly saw it on the Sale display at Powell's Wednesday evening, I took that as a sign of Fate and bought it. I'm only on Chapter 4 and I'm already excited to be reading it. It's also making me curse the fact that A) I've had a headache for most of the week, and B) I've become such a slow reader in my old age. (stupid internet decreasing my attention span to almost-nothing)

Tonight, there is wushu pain in all my muscles, and then possibly burning pain in my mouth from Nuclear Tacos. (p.s. is anyone going to the Nuclear Tacos thing?)

Tomorrow, I'm solo-shooting a wedding, and then going to see Dr. Horrible, and likely going to Edgefield to celebrate Miles' 30th birthday. I'm not sure what order the latter two things would happen, so we'll see what things look like when I get back to town post-wedding.

Sunday, I gather components for the Spaaaace Helmet and start working on it, and watch kung fu movies at [livejournal.com profile] archmage's, and possibly meet up with Alyson, Carolyn, and Alicia in the evening for Laptop Party, so I can get some work done. Assuming I can stand doing Work so soon after blowing a large portion of my Saturday on a wedding, that is.

Now I just need the sun to hang around until the wedding's over tomorrow. Please?
I watched Lost at the Bagdad last night, because they've been running the new episodes there, and I'd just heard about that fact. I'm getting closer to catching up--I'm at the very end of Season 4 now--and I'm starting to get some of the in-jokes.

It's also interesting how watching something in a room full of people will affect how you react to it. If I'm watching TV in my room by myself, something has to be *really* funny before I'll laugh out loud at it. But, last night's Lost episode had me giggling a few separate times, and I think part of it was because I sensed the imminent laughter of the people around me. I'm sure there are at least a few late-night movie premieres that I probably enjoyed more than I should have, due to this same phenomenon.

Also, JESUS. How do you broadcast-TV-watchers get through commercial breaks? Hulu and Netflix have spoiled me so badly. It wasn't so bad in this instance, because I could chat with folks during the commercials, but on a regular basis? Hells no.

Oh, and wushu started up again yesterday!... and I was 10 minutes late getting there, because I was late getting off work. Siiigh. We've been working on 9-section chain whip in regular class, and it's fun, but not at all easy. I actually worked on it during the Imnaha trip, in spite of it being too windy outside to do it very well, and it actually helped quite a bit. BUT, then Master Chen taught a new move last night, and with the help of said new move, I beaned myself in the head three separate times.

I sincerely hope I don't sprout a bruise on my temple, because I might actually like to look nice for this weekend's activities. And yet, even with the pain, I still went home happy. This whole wushu "thing" is such an odd affliction. ;)

I came home and read for a while after that, which was nice. I've been working my way through On The Road, because the book club Morgan started with us meets next week. So far, I'm not sure what I think. There are times where it reminds me of trips I've gone on, because it's just thing after thing after crazy thing, and it feels as though the events are just whirling around and whizzing right past before you can even be fully aware of them. And that's *exactly* like some of the random trips I've been on. As to whether I like it... meh. I'm reserving judgment until I actually finish it.

Finally, I think I know what I am doing for the next few Wednesday nights: Revenge of the Old-School Kung Fu Masters at Hollywood Theater!
Complaint: I'm currently experiencing periodic sharp pains in my left ankle, akin to what I assume a pinched nerve would feel like. It doesn't even seem to correlate with any particular motion I make, it just randomly starts spazzing out while I'm sitting at my desk, walking around, whatever. It's not often, but it still sucks.

God. Considering I'm a relatively healthy person, you'd think I wouldn't have so many of these freaking problems. :p

I cannot even TELL you how happy I am that A) it is no longer freezing, and B) I can see the sun from my window! I'm only wearing one light sweater today and I'm not freezing to death! I'd better enjoy it while it lasts, because it's going to be a long winter.

Quick impressions on books I've plowed through recently:

Atlas Shrugged - Well, "plowed through" isn't exactly the case with this one: it's a long read, and it took me a long-ass time to get through it. Still, it was worth it, because I enjoyed the ride.

The Celestine Prophecy - I kind of hate this dude's writing style, and I found myself thinking, "jeez, I almost want to re-write this myself, because I could do it loads better!" He does present some fun ideas, though, and it does encourage introspection on the part of the reader, so I thought it was worth putting up with the lame writing.

Fahrenheit 451 - One of the many books that I probably should've read eons ago but never got to because I had too much school reading, heh. It was a quick read, but Bradbury spins a good yarn in a short time.

That's all!
Ahahaha, I'm a dork. Blame [livejournal.com profile] ghost_girl and her Nerd Herd icon. XD

also blame meez.com )

Saturday involved wushu practice... there was no Demo Team tryout on Friday, so I'm clearly out of my danged mind and completely heard them wrong. We also made a trip to Powell's, because the weather was so stank. I've been doing a fair bit more reading, now that I'm spending my work commute sitting on the MAX instead of biking. I dig that, though. I don't often get an excuse to just sit there and enjoy reading, because I'm so adept at filling my time with other randomness.

After that, it was off to [livejournal.com profile] nick2310's Nick Day shindig. The man grills up a mean hamburger and there was tons of good stuff to sip and nosh. Also, I'd never seen beer pong played before, but now I have, and the whole thing was pretty hilarious. Or, maybe that was more due to the periodic instances of party guests tossing their hands up in the air and yelling, "IT'S A NICK DAY MIRACLE!!" Yeah, those were some entertaining times, heh.

Sunday was an early and long day, because we had a bunch of shoots lined up to take place at Nathan's house. Amy came and put her mad hair and makeup skillz to work for us, and brought another Amy to help, and we didn't get done until 6 or so. I didn't do much shooting, because I had design work to do and errands to run, but I did hop in to shoot something on a random whiff of inspiration. I haven't looked through the shots closely, yet, but I'm pleased so far. :)

The first model canceled, so the Amys got antsy and worked on me to pass the time. While they were at it, I learned that my hair is too HEALTHY to style without buttloads of product! (damaged hair is easier to put into wacky styles) That's sort of a double-win, because not only am I taking good care of my hair, but it also means that I'm not completely incompetent with it! It's just that my hair is too nice to work with easily, haha!

Anyhoo, I'm wicked tired and there's only an hour left at The Job, so I'm off.
I removed some shoulder padding from one of the blazers we got yesterday. I must be one of the few women in the world with decent shoulders, because shoulder pads of any kind make me look rather linebacker-ish, but I guess *somebody* still needs them, because they keep installing them into suit jackets. Didn't those things go out of style in the 80's?

I managed to roll my ankle while descending the stairs here in the house, earlier today. Go me! It seems to still work fine, and it's not swelling at all, that I can see, but it hurts a bit, when I circle my foot around at certain angles. I hope it's doing better in time for my next Taiji class. :p

I've just plowed through The Big U since I hopped onto the plane out of Eugene. I hope I finish my next book by the time my plane lands on Monday night/Tuesday morning. Who knows when I'll have time to finish it, otherwise?

I just got an e-mail with pictures of [livejournal.com profile] twinki79's restaurant! :D I'll have to pimp the restaurant here soon, for all you Portlandians to go and eat. :)

That's all I've got--reading is great, but it still makes me drowsy. :p

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