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So, today started off on a pretty crap-tacular note, but it got better, thanks to [ profile] daemonwise spearheading the Gourmet-Q, and having many wonderful people bring their fantastic selves over, along with some truly awesome food. And dude, I have friends who will stay and help clean up the epic party mess. I'm a fortunate being.

And, tomorrow I'm photographing a wedding. For one of my exes. Yes, I do find that fairly amusing. ;)

Photo: I got into my car after shooting an event a couple weekends ago, and one of my friend/clients played the Lipstick Fairy on my rearview mirror. D'aww.

A Visit from the Lipstick Fairy

On those (fortunately, increasingly rarer) days when I wake up in the morning and wonder why I bother talking to anyone, I can look back at all of these things and be reminded.
So, yeah, this happened last weekend:

Yes, my sandwich-themed superhero, Club Slamwich, won Best Hero Costume at the Alter Egos pub crawl. I think it was the sandwiches in my utility belt that sealed the deal. Yes, as in actual, edible sandwiches that I made myself.

(thanks to [ profile] matrixleap for grabbing my camera and taking this, because I completely did not expect to win)

In other news, I still suck at small talk, but it doesn't seem to stop me from having a good time. I heard Bobcat Goldthwaite utter the above quote on a podcast a few days ago, and thought, "Bobcat Goldthwaite, you understand me." Which is not to say that I plan to don a loud voice and "wacky" persona for any extended period--I certainly wasn't planning on it--but, still. Truth is there.

Oh, and regarding the Heroes/Villains event, there are more photos on Google+. And yes, I'm linking to G+, because Facebook's photo compression makes pretty photos look at least 47% worse.
Yes, because it's mid-December and I've heard nary a peep about New Year's Eve festivities, I'm taking the bull by the horns and throwing the shindig myself.

Short version: Big Yellow House, 7:30pm until we collapse, BYOB, bring fancy clothes and/or a festive attitude, snacks appreciated but not required.

If you are the Facebooking kind, let me know if you want to be added to the invite.

EFF YEAH 2012.
And that's, "do-over," as in, "I want one."

This week has basically sucked from start to finish. I started getting sick on Sunday (possibly Saturday night, but it's hard to pinpoint), slept for half the day on Monday because I had a fever, and then shook that off by Tuesday morning, only to go to derby practice and bust my ankle on Tuesday night. The rest of the week has been a parade of snot, sinus pressure, and hobbling around like an old woman.

Today, I've managed to acquire a splitting headache, drop my 50mm lens (it's fine, thank jeebus), and spill water all over my desk. Yep, this week can TOTALLY be over now. XD

On the plus side:
  • My ankle *is* improving, at least, and I'm walking much more easily than I was two days ago
  • I geeked out on paper products and have started building some really cool packaging ideas for my client contracts and deliverables
  • My ghetto Bioware costume for tonight's birthday get-together is going to be hilaaarious
  • We're having J's birthday party at my place tomorrow night, which should be fun and easy because I'm doing basically no planning for it
  • I have a client shoot on Sunday that should be super-fun!
Also, I am determined to get my abs back. I've gradually been getting back into running once a week, and it's going surprisingly well. As soon as my ankle gets in line with that mission, ass-kicking will commence!

I still want to go to sleep, though. Just sayin'.
Most exhausting weekend EVAR. It was worth it, yes, but I want a nap.
  • I covered a Friday Happy Hour event with a few contacts from the local shopping guide I shot for. It was fairly low-key, and it wasn't a packed event, but it was nice to chitchat/network with these folks in an environment that wasn't completely overwhelming. Also, the lady doing floral for *my* First Friday event in October is a bloody genius: she used pea shoots in an arrangement for the happy hour. Everything she makes is a surprise.
  • Oh, yeah, and I'm hosting First Friday at my studio in October! I'll post more details in the none-too-distant future, but I'm interested to see how it pans out.
  • Friday night was dinner, drinks, and late-night shenanigans with friends from out of town. It was eventful, but in that good way.
  • Saturday morning scrimmage was fun. I love being able to say that. Getting compliments on my derby play still feels weird, and I think I'll continue to be skeptical of it until I hear it from people who aren't my skating peers. (i.e. non-Freshies)
  • On a more positive note, I did juke around a team skater pretty awesomely while jamming, and had a much-better-than-me Freshie say that my jamming looked good. She may have even used the word, "exciting." So, hey, that's pretty excellent.
  • There was a skater BBQ in the afternoon, which didn't exactly turn out very BBQ-y, given the rainy weather, but it was nice to hang out in a social context. We already see a lot of each other by virtue of the practice schedule, so it's easy to forget that part.
  • Saturday night was a 30th birthday party for one of the aforementioned friends from out of town, so that meant a low-key but well-attended party. A smattering of conversation, a bit of impromptu booty-shaking, and good times were had.
  • Sunday was brunch, with homemade breakfast burritos! Also, it feels funny to be out at brunch with visiting friends and tell them that you’re, “checking your scores,” when the closest you usually come to being a Sports Fan is going to the occasional baseball game with your dad. Thank you, WFTDA East Region Playoffs. ;p
  • Endurance practice in the evening was surprisingly good. I felt like crap after drinking two nights in a row, so I expected it to be awful, but it was unusually easy to snap into really good skating form, so it felt easy. Then again, after the brutal endurance practice we had *last* week, I think just about anything would've felt easy. ;p
  • After practice, some of us from the Birthday Party Squad reconvened to play board games, and I got to break out my copy of the Battlestar Galactica board game. It's a great game, but trying to teach it to a cluster of people who'd never played it before was, erm, difficult. Once you understand how it works, though, it's *awesome*. We also played a game called Quelf, which was pretty amusing and would probably be even moreso with a few drinks in you.
  • Yes, I was also wearing the Not A Robot t-shirt while playing the BSG game. Yes, that was on purpose. XD
So, yeah, good times, great skating, and I'm all out of extroversion. I'm taking tomorrow off, because it's going to be the last bit of calm before West Regionals this weekend. That probably sounds worse than it is, actually, but I do have to photograph part of it for that web site that pays me money to shoot for them, and I don't yet know what days I'll have tickets for. Hopefully, I'll get to sneak in an actually-restful weekend day.

I'll be relieved when Regionals is over after this weekend, and even moreso when Draft is done with 2 1/2 weeks from now. I feel like all I have to talk about lately is derby and work, and I know I've been doing other things, too, but those two things *do* have a way of taking over my entire consciousness.

Tomorrow is going to be awesome, though. Hot damn.

Remember when weekends were restful and rejuvenating? Yeah, me neither.
Super-advance notice for y'all, because I'm back in action: Saturday, June 4th, 10am-1pm is OPEN SCRIMMAGE! Just $5 to come and see me skate, and you don't have to be there exactly at 10am, so feel free to show up late. The Noon-1pm hour is co-ed, however, and I'm not 100% certain whether or not I want to get hit by boys for my first post-injury open scrimmage, so if you actually want to see me do anything, I recommend getting there before 12. :)

I've been in a crazy-good mood these past few days. I felt much stronger and more sure-footed at skate practice on Thursday evening, and following that up with a lazy evening of dinner at home and showing J another Doctor Who episode was just the break I needed before another busy weekend.

Bake-Off got to a late start, but once we got rolling, there were tasty baked creations to be had. My macaroons went over well, too--I found myself saying over and over that, "it's like if peanut sauce and cookies had a baby," so I named it after my favorite Thai joint in Eugene (which, incidentally, serves *awesome* peanut sauce) and called them Tasty Thai Macaroons. They wound up winning the Spicy and Originality categories, so I call that a success! Recipe posting will follow, once I have a couple of photos edited that I can post with it.

After filling myself with baked goods and not getting rapture'd (heh), I went to a party which involved everyone dressing as one of the seven virtues or deadly sins. (I hastily assembled a Wrath costume) It was fun, and I got to drink tasty pineapple wine and sit on a giant d20 ottoman, but I started running out of steam well before midnight... probably because I'd woken up early that morning and wound up editing photos before practice, heh. I've done way too well at solving my empty to-do list problems.

Sunday was relatively lazy; I did more editing, went to give/get some free stuff at [ profile] marykae 's, and then had my ass handed to me by a particularly tough endurance practice. My lower back is still sore today, but I'm pretty jazzed to have made it through not one, but two hours of beatings. My muscle endurance is definitely not where it was, but my skills are coming back much faster than I expected. <3

After that was sitting through the league meeting, when all I wanted to do was go home, shower, and eat, but I did get to inhale a most excellent taco salad (tinga pork, OH YEEEAH) and watch Game of Thrones afterwards, so I have no complaints!

Oh, and in even better news: the appointment I made several weeks ago with the orthopedic specialist *finally* happened yesterday, and the news was good. Running and jumping still don't feel good, but after poking and prodding at my knee, the doc said my knee is stable, and didn't feel the need to push for an MRI. I now have a hinged knee brace, but more for the mental cue to take it easy than for any actual need for joint support, and they said to call in if it's not at 100% in a few weeks. It's pretty much the best news I could've gotten. Hooray!

Anyhoo, it's Tuesday, and I started off my morning shooting with Moonstruck. 9am call times are not my favorite, but it was a fun shoot, and the owner was an incredibly sweet and energetic lady. And, when I mentioned wanting to buy some of their new chocolate varietal, she insisted I take some home at no charge. God, I love food shoots. <3

That's all I've got. Ding!
...and that's weird! I'd better squeeze this in, seeing as I have FIVE shoots this week. Yes, you read that right!

So, yes, that was a pretty excellent birthday week. Dinner out on the day-of was delicious, despite an intensely long wait for a table. Birthday potluck also went well, and I was once again impressed by the culinary skillz of my friends. I also found myself relatively sober and with a clean kitchen at around half-past midnight, so that was a marked difference from my 30th. Not having hangover-induced brain ache the next day was definitely a welcome change, though.

I did some truly epic house de-cluttering, and it feels as though there's much more left to do, but at least the inside of the house looks better. Also, I acquired a huge new-to-me table with 8 matching chairs, so now that I have decent dishes *and* a decent table, I really am out of excuses for not having dinner parties. The basement junk will be conquered soon, we have a successful compost bin, and the roommates are combining their powers to help with the garden, so things are actually looking pretty good. :)

In less-cheerful news, I've been off-skates for over a week now, and I'm not thrilled about it, but I'm surviving. My knee was not improving at all, so I'm taking at least two weeks off to let it heal, and hopefully, that'll be enough. I'm also looking up an orthopedic specialist to get a better idea of what's actually happening, because joint injuries are scary. :(

Of course, being forced into a much more sedentary lifestyle--which I basically am right now--is also pretty scary, because I do not want to turn into a pudgy, stressed-out version of myself. I'd rather have that be a temporary thing than a permanent one, though, so I guess this is how it has to be for now.

Anyhoo, I have a ton of work to do before this first senior portrait victim shows up, so, I'm off.
Anybody doing anything Friday night? Or possibly want to get together?  My Friday night is mysteriously empty, and I'd like to change that. Also, J will be returning from a trip that night and looking to decompress, so drinks or funtime would be awesome. Maybe some karaoke?

Anyhoo, weekend update on a Wednesday, because that's how I roll:
  • As previously mentioned, I bounced around at the ComicsFest with J for a couple of hours, and it was lovely, and I also ran into a [ profile] dark_knightly and a [ profile] moonchylde !
  • Did a bit of in-studio test shooting with [ profile] theamazingjosh for a couple of hours. We started later than I expected, and I don't know that we got a lot accomplished, but it was good to hold a Nikon in my hands again. Soon, my pretties, very soon...
  • Went to a speed skating clinic, which was open to all levels, so that sort of limited what we could go over, but I did learn a couple of things that I'm going to try and be mindful of in my form. Faster, faster!
  • Closed out my Saturday at [ profile] sarapada and [ profile] monkeyhole 's housewarming, where there was a most excellent housespace, tasty snacks, lovely people, and Rock Band. I am also now less confused by Pro Keys mode, although I still think the interface is kind of stupid. I actually have piano-playing skills! IT SHOULDN'T BE THIS HARD. XD
  • I had a lazy morning at the house on Sunday, ate breakfast and worked out, and then bounced over to the Bagdad for the WOJ vs. BAD bout viewing party. Due to some odd thing about a restricted number of event permits, there was a bout, but they weren't allowed to have spectators at the hangar. So, we watched a boutcast on the big screen, and it was a bit strange to be cheering for people who couldn't hear me, so I imagine it was even weirder for the players to be playing a national-level bout with nobody watching. But, it was good fun and we had a pretty packed house!
  • Endurance practice was afterwards, and yeah, I love that. There's something that feels very zen-like about it, because it's all variations on a theme: namely, skating around and around the track. It's nice to just focus on working hard, rather than getting wigged out by confusing drills.
  • After that was the Game of Thrones premiere hosted by [ profile] phasmaphobic and [ profile] veiravx , and OMJESUS IT WAS SO GREAT. So great that I even blogged about it a little. It's already been renewed for a second season, it's getting fantastic reviews, and if there was a way for them to have executed this better, I can't think of it. I'm even more excited for the next episode, if that's even possible.
Anyhoo, tonight, I'll be shilling derby tickets at Beulahland for Cheap Ticket Night. The week has been pretty nice, thus far, but I think I'd like to just fast-forward to Sunday, because if the last Coliseum bout is any indication, I'll be ready to fall over from exhaustion by the time Saturday is over.

Still, it could be worse. I'm making calzone for dinner tonight, and it's going to be delicious.
I don't feel like writing at the moment, so I'm going to spam you with more photos from Saturday. Sadly, my costume seems to have gone largely undocumented, thus far. That seems to be a pretty consistent pitfall of being the photographer at an event: you take a lot of photos, and leave little other evidence that you were present. Great for weddings, not so great for random funtimes when you're dressed up in ridiculous fashion. Maybe one day, I'll figure out how to be a part of an event, and document it at the same time.

ANYHOO. Perhaps the most potent example of why villainy is awesome: one of the villains built a propane-powered flaming pitchfork!
Flame-y Goodness!

Gaze into the face of evil!:

The leader of the heroes is yelling things at us.
Heroes want you!

Dr. Manticore is very pleased to be inflicting Twister spins upon the hapless players.
Evil takes a spin

Another of the challenges was a multi-legged race, which the Villains won handily.
Too-Many-Legged Race
So! The studio party went along pretty swimmingly. I did my usual thing of stressing out about getting everything in order before guests started arriving, and then stressing out about making said guests feel welcome, once they did, but I did eventually get past that. Again, as usual. We had a good turnout, got plenty of comments about how great the space looks, and good times were had by all. Oh, and the cookies were an absolute hit. Bwahahaha!

Party hosting is hard, though. I realize more and more, each time I host anything beyond a small gathering, that throwing the party becomes about the guests' experience, and my own desire to spend time chatting and enjoying the company of others usually falls by the wayside. I'm always left feeling as though I didn't spend enough time with anyone, but would I feel better if I just did whatever I wanted, with no concern for how my guests are feeling? No, probably not. There are more important things than oneself, sometimes.

Still, it was a fun evening, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of the photographic silliness that ensued at various points. ;)


The weekend's looking pretty good. Saturday night, there will be private room karaoke for a birthday, and Sunday is largely up-in-the-air, aside from derby practice. Tonight, I make my way to Eugene, to give UO Wushu a good beating at tonight's practice and tomorrow's Nanquan workshop... or at least, as much of one as I can, given my currently-gimpy condition.

I'm giving some thought to whether or not I'll compete at Berkeley this year, and I'm leaning towards No, at the moment. I have fun practicing at my current school, but I don't like doing tournaments half-assed, and I have a hard time seeing any way that I could go to Berkeley and not do a half-assed job. As of now, I have two sections of a Nandao form, when we should really have the entire form choreographed. The teaching at the school has always been much slower than it needs to be for me, and I don't get enough carpet time to actually improve, so the additional pressure of competing under those constraints isn't terribly appealing.

I suppose I could, theoretically, chase down a 20x40-foot carpeted space--which, uh, not easy to come by--and train on my own with the buckets of free time I have. Except, oh, wait, that part about having free time was 100% sarcasm. I love wushu, and I'm having a great time learning compulsory straightsword in the too-short classes at the school, but that's not going to help me be competitive.

Fact is, there are more important things for me right now, than trying to pull together competition-level forms. It makes me sad to realize that, but the lesson being beaten into me, over the past few months, seems to be this: "Now may not be the right time. Now doesn't have to be the right time. Stepping back for now doesn't have to mean giving up forever."

Still, I might make the trip down for the tournament, just to cheer for my folks and soak in the vibe. We'll see what happens. In the meantime, I'll pass the Nanquan torch to a great bunch of kids who have a lot more time and a lot more fire for competitive wushu in their hearts.

Oh, and on a more cheerful note? THREE DAY WEEKEND! I love it when a work holiday pops up when I least expect it.
I already had my camera in the car with me, after shooting an assignment in Salem for The Job, so I pulled it out for a bit at Alyson's birthday get-together that same night. I had to roll out the flash, because it was at a very dark bar.

Conversate 2
Hamburger cake!
Birthday Girl
Well, last week may have been the single most exhausting week I've had in ages, but I survived. And I had a good time, on top of that.

Alyson bribed me with pie to come document the results of her recent bra drive, so I dragged myself out of bed on Saturday morning to meet up with her. She was able to collect 37 pounds of donated bras for the Portland Rescue Mission! I love that I know people who are doing good things in the community.

Then, I suited up in purple tights and booty shorts, and wound up spending over seven Hours at the Coliseum. I'd already helped with floor setup on Friday, and then spent the majority of the bout on Saturday strategically positioning myself amongst the crowd, while wearing an Ask Me About Roller Derby t-shirt, and being assailed with questions. I actually had a good time answering questions and chatting with the fans, but climbing up and down all of those stairs? Ooof. And, of course, I had to stay after for another hour with the rest of Fresh Meat, and help take down and load the skating floor back into the truck.

Not surprisingly, I was something of a zombie when I got back to my place, but a goodbye party for [ profile] matrixleap was in full swing, and everyone was feeling toasty and having a lovely time. It was nice to wind down with friends, rather than going to some crazy after-party, and I'm glad I was able to help make his send-off better, in some small way. :)

Sunday was a much more relaxing day of sleeping until 11am, doing a yoga class, seeing True Grit with Kenna--and I highly recommend the movie, by the way--and then wandering home for Demon game. We were down a player, so the other three of us spent a lot of the session flailing about and wondering what on earth our characters could do that'd be remotely useful, heh. Somehow, we managed to muddle through and actually accomplish things in-game, and I think I'm finally starting to settle into my character a bit more, so that was a pretty excellent feeling.

Yesterday, good ol' Martin Luther King Jr. got me the day off from work, so I met up with Alyson again for brunch, and we talked about shooting her spring collection, which is going to be the radness, as usual. This time? We're going to have cute animals involved, and thankfully, I do not have to wrangle them. After brunch, it was Laptop Party time, so I got to chat with her and Carolyn at their studio, while I got a metric ton of work done in the photoshoot project management system we've been using. So tedious, but so good to have it mostly-done.

I got to have a long-overdue tea and catch-up with [ profile] katlyn, after getting the work done, and then folks wandered over to watch Farscape. I'm also getting way too much enjoyment out of preparing veggie snack plates when people come over. Hostess Powers, Activate!

All in all, a good weekend, and this week will be much, much more chilled out than the last.
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Christmas Eve-Eve was an interesting romp. I spent most of the afternoon indulging my OCD tendencies via gift-wrapping, while I waited around for the folks' cleaning lady to finish up her work. By the time she finished, I was just in time to run down to meet up with [ profile] theamazingjosh, Melissa, and a couple of their L.A. friends, over by Union Station.

Traffic was an utter beast, so I got there later than I wanted, and didn't take a ton of photos, but we did wander around Olvera Street for a bit, checked out some amusing shops, and I also consumed a custard-filled churro that may have changed my life. Move aside, creme-filled donuts, there's a new fried pastry concoction in town! I did take a bit of issue with the fact that the shop was called, "Mr Churro," and I called it Senor Churro in my head, in passive protest. But, dude. THAT CHURRO.

After that, the aforementioned L.A. friends had us along for two holiday parties, which were both populated by quite a few other girls from the same sorority as said friends. The first of the two was possibly the most bizarre party atmosphere I've ever witnessed: there were babies. EVERYWHERE. There was nearly one baby for every adult in attendance! Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't have a problem with kids, but I can't say *I've* spent much time around them, while drinking to excess at the same time. Not surprisingly, we spent most of our time at that party hiding out in The Baby-Free Zone, otherwise known as: The Kitchen.

The second party was also a bit strange, but that was mostly due to the insane decor they had in the house. I also had an awkward, but blessedly short, conversation with a girl who decided I was very interesting, once I mentioned that A) I'm half-Chinese, and B) I'd been to China. She then said that she's dating an Asian guy, and just recently got interested in Chinese culture because of that. I'm not sure what Herculean force of will came over me in that moment, but I somehow I resisted the urge to facepalm, upon hearing that statement.

Otherwise, it was relaxed-and-groovy, the munchies were good, and we got pleasantly schnockered and had an overall amusing evening. I did occasionally get the sense that, even after having been out of school since 2003, most sorority chicks still don't exactly "get" me, and I think most of the in-depth conversations I had were with the husbands and boyfriends. But, everyone was friendly and in good spirits, so I can't complain. :)

Anyhoo, here a few shots from our pre-party wanderings. I feel like I should've grabbed a shot of that churro, but I was too busy EATING IT ALL.

Union Station: Light It Up!


Rock Chick de los Muertos
Okay. There's a post somewhere in this squishy mass of brain matter, I'm positive.

...okay, maybe not. I think all you're getting out of me is a list. Blame absinthe. Or Canada.
  • Killer Burger was pretty killer, all right. It was a peanut butter, bacon, and pickle burger, and I think the peanut sauce was a bit too sweet to make the experience perfect, but I ate the whole damned thing and I'm not the least bit sorry. The PB and pickle flavors actually came together nicely, but there were times when I nearly forgot there was bacon on the burger. Something seems a bit wrong with that.
  • I'm not sure what got into me before derby practice on Saturday, but I went in with my proverbial guns ablaze. It was exhausting from an endurance standpoint, and I fell down more than a few times, but I was on the attack, mentally. I'm tempted to say it was the best practice in ages, but there've been quite a few good ones, as of late. And! I may have the opportunity to skate with the flat track league in LA, while I'm there. This is happy-making.
  • Yes, absinthe is serious business. I'm making a point of noting this, on the off chance that I might actually remember it in the future. You know, as opposed to finding myself shaking my fist at the heavens again several months from now, when another absinthe-related hangover cracks me upside the head.
  • That said, it *was* a pretty excellent party, so even though my recollections are somewhat fuzzy, I dare say? WORTH IT. :)
  • Last night kicked off my first foray into the WoD, through a game of Demon: The Fallen. I always seem to fall back on making useful characters--yeah, I've spent too much time around deliciously creative D20 min/maxers--so playing in a game where there's a stronger storytelling aspect is going to be a nice change of pace. I was also hideously unprepared for the session, so figuring out who my character is via flailing around senselessly was pretty damned amusing.
  • Work-wise, editing has been grueling, but it's going more quickly than expected, thank jeebus.
There are other things worth noting, too, but I'm reserving comment on those until I actually figure out what in god's name is going on. XD

Okay, I think my next post is required to A) contain actual paragraphs, and B) not contain bullet points. I can handle that, right?
I sincerely hope I have my energy back tomorrow, because I have some mad shopping to do, and some serious kitchen time to put in over the next couple of days. I have a dozen-or-so people coming to the house for dinner and games, and I may even light up the ol' fireplace for an extra bit of cozy.

My own nefarious plans for Thanksgiving food include: Toasted Brussels Sprouts w/Almonds & Parmesan, Pumpkin Cheesecake, and possibly a highly-experimental batch of Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies. I might also throw down another greenish vegetable, or maybe some mulled wine, if I manage to keep time from getting too far out of my grasp.

AND, I have other folks bringing their own contributions for what's looking like it'll be a truly excellent feast: Turkey, Ham, Gravy, Sweet Potato Casserole, Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole, Mac & Cheese (possibly two kinds!), Garlic Dill Mashed Potatoes, Squash, and Brownies.

Ladies and gents, it's time to get your eatin' pants on. WOOYEA!


Nov. 21st, 2010 09:27 am
I think I may officially be Too Old For This Shit. The BarFly Bus was most certainly a good time, and it was so, so fantastic to hang out with [ profile] circeramone, [ profile] sarapada, [ profile] triskelmoon, and the rest of the posse. But, OWWWW. Head hurts.

Serenading a friend on her birthday remains one of my favorite things. God bless karaoke.

Also: Bunk Sandwiches. Pork belly, cheddar, and apple. If you haven't already, look into it.

Big Damn Wedding Vendor Show today should be fun, and hopefully my laid-back, pint-clanking date afterwards will be equally so. Assuming I don't pass out face-first into my first (and likely only) pint of chocolate stout, that is.
I think I've spent the past week feeling like something of a shadow of myself. Being sick has really knocked me out, and aside from a flurry of productivity on Thursday, I've been largely useless for any pursuit that involves thinking on my part, which includes doing chainwhip form with any level of competence, and being fun/interesting at parties.

With the former of those two points in mind, I skipped the frustration of wushu and went to derby instead on Friday. There's a different coach on Friday nights, so there was a much different feel to the practice overall, but it was nice to just be there, be challenged physically, and not have to pull my brain out of its fog and overthink the whole thing.

And, I also picked up a very caffeinated [ profile] dakania from the airport later that night! We went out with another friend of hers for drinks (well, they drank, I stuck to water so as not to anger the diet or sickness gods), and I arrived home after 2am with her and two giant suitcases. She's already been making good use of my kitchen, and seems to be settling in pretty nicely, so that? Is awesome.

Saturday morning had me rolling out to a pre-wedding ladies' brunch at Muddy's for Alyson, and Alicia crowned her with a unicorn horn for the day. They all went for manicures afterwards, which I had to miss out on, but it was still good to see my ladies.

Then, of course, MOAR DERBY. I'd had the thought of trying to scrimmage for the first time, but we wound up not scrimmaging, and instead doing an awesome drill that was a nice stepping stone for scrimmaging. And, having the Friday night practice in my mind as contrast, I think I adore Napoleon (our Saturday coach) even more now. If that's even possible. XD This is not to say that the Friday coaches aren't also awesome, but Napoleon is just dorky and hilarious and has an infectious energy that I can't help but love, AND she pulls really excellent drills out of her hat every week. <3

I had to run some unexpected errands after derby, and by the time I got home and showered, it was basically time to get ready for [ profile] _dilate_'s party, so I suited up for that. Having The Plague all week blew my evil plans for making my Fire Flower costume, so instead, Chun Li made another appearance! I was bummed at having to recycle an old costume, but I *did* have proper boots for it, this time, so it was much improved.

Since [ profile] marykae caught the aforementioned plague, I gave Joey a ride to and from the party, so I got there later than expected, but it was fun, the decorations and food all looked amazing, and I met a few cool new people. I was feeling very addle-brained and tired, though, and engaging in conversation with new people started feeling like too much effort, after a while. Joey also looked pretty bored, so I took that as a sign that maybe I should just head out. I wound up getting home before midnight on a Saturday, which simultaneously made me feel like an old lady, and left me feeling relieved.

Sunday had me sleeping until... 11:30am (wtf?!), working on photos, and then heading up to visit with [ profile] archmage before he departs on his next big adventure. I'd originally planned to hit up the derby Get Fit class later in the afternoon, but laughing and watching old episodes of the animated Star Trek series with a few friends sounded much better, in the end. Gaming and get-togethers will definitely not be the same around here, without [ profile] archmage, but I'm happy and excited for him and what he has to look forward to.

I went to my nutrition group meeting, and then threw together some veggie broth later in the evening, and worked on more photos, and then watched my TV girlfriend on Fringe before passing out. Spending time at home, making food, and generally chilling out has been great... probably the only Up side to getting sick, heh.

And finally, here's a shot of me during the Saturday scrimmage-like drill at derby! Yeah, still looking clumsy-ish, but I'm on my way. I am a bit concerned that I seem to be knock-kneed in all of my skating photos, though. Hooray for lack of hip mobility. :p

Derbylicious )
batskeets: (yan!)
So, I kind of forgot to post anything yesterday, because I was working. And actually enjoying it. Hoshit. When was the last time that happened? I'm not sure, but I like it, and I definitely hope it becomes a trend.

Mostly-Awesome Things Of Recent, in chronological order:
  • Murder Mystery birthday party for [ profile] herince_emyn was good fun, and she and [ profile] matrixleap had an awesome dinner spread ready for all of us! Lots of good eating and good laughs.
  • Derby class is getting better. I think I hurt my hip flexor a bit sometime mid-last week, so snowplows hurt like a mother, but I'm definitely sucking less at stopping. Still not great at it, but improving.
  • Wedding on Saturday went fine. Portraits were chaotic, as they often are, but everything else was fine, and having [ profile] katlyn there helping me out improved my state of mind immensely. Also: staying in on a Saturday night?! Shut yo' mouf! (seriously, though, it was exactly what the doctor ordered)
  • Veronica Mars Breakfast Land, heh. [ profile] marykae fed us well, and Sunday's viewing had some of the best episodes of Season 2. And that's saying something, because they're all awesome. Only bummer was that I got sad for a while, after saying goodbye to Andrew before he headed back towards Wisconsin.
  • Fortunately, I was cheered up quickly when I met up with Kenna for Trek in the Park! I am so, so glad I caught this last performance, because it was thoroughly enjoyable. And I cannot even *begin* to express how excited I am that they're tackling the Mirror Universe for next summer's performances!
  • I was invited to a group dinner afterwards, by a Dude From The Internets. Dude may be lacking the necessary cojones to actually date me, b/c he didn't seem to try very hard to engage me, but he did have his hands full with hosting. He was considerate and cooked an excellent meal, at least.
  • I also received an offer from a fine, Not-From-The-Internets gentleman I met recently, who wants to take me to the zoo and dinner this weekend, and he is definitely not short on cojones. In fact, he is bringing the directness and honesty in the most excellent way possible.
  • And finally? Partnership is AWESOME. After various dramas and difficulties in the past, I had almost forgotten, but when you put the right sorts of people together, amazing things can happen. I really need to write more about this soon, but DUDE. Excitement!
And, it's Tuesday. ALL DAY. Jeebus. Back to work!

There was no wushu on Friday due to the holiday, so a gaggle of us got together for a bite to eat, and then meandered over to watch The Last Airbender. I'd already bought my ticket in advance before reading a lot of the bad press, so I figured since I'd already given them my money, I might as well see it, and you know what? I WANT MY 90 MINUTES BACK. I'm a pretty forgiving movie-watcher, and I'd set my expectations low going into it, but this managed to hit even lower than my already-abysmally-low expectations. My face was stuck in Cringe for the entire film. It wasn't even hilariously terrible, it was just flat-out terrible, and even if they hadn't taken a fat, steaming shit on my fandom, I STILL would've been bored out of my skull. This movie is a crime against humanity on about ten different levels, and just... AAAGGGGHH. M. Night Shyamalasdflkahsdflkh? I have a 6-foot spear with your name on it.

...ahem. Sorry. Moving on.

Anyhoo, house/pet-sitting went well, and the animals were sweethearts. Unfortunately, the alarm I set didn't go off on Saturday, and then I got caught in stupid traffic, so the morning was a little more stressful than I'd planned. But, I finally got over to [ profile] marykae's to enjoy lots of Veronica Mars, and we finished Season 1! (Side note: I am ridiculously jazzed about re-watching Season 2, because it is AMAZING. And I basically never want to re-watch things without a years-long buffer between viewings. Seriously, SEE THIS SHOW, for monkey's sake.)

Afterwards, I went back up to Vancouver for house/pet-sitting and wound up kicking it at Barnes & Noble for an hour or so with [ profile] matrixleap and [ profile] herince_emyn, who were kind enough to throw their plans into chaos again so I could go with them to see a late showing of Get Him To The Greek at the $3 theater. That was a fun little slice of cinema, and it was rather nice to be reminded of what it feels like to walk out of the theater feeling satisfaction. ;p

The 4th was awesome. Worked out in the morning after having taken 3 days off due to the headcold I had last week, and then I wandered over to a BBQ spearheaded by [ profile] dark_knightly, for a truly excellent afternoon. Tons of good food, tasty beer, ridiculous amounts of trampolining, taking pictures here and there, hanging out with some of my favorite people, biking to the fireworks and back, lighting off our own fireworks in the street after. Good, good times.

Yesterday, I woke up sore and tired from all the random physical activity of the previous day, got some work done while enjoying the sun on my upstairs deck, and then [ profile] katlyn came over, and we both sat down with [ profile] daemonwise to have some greasy Chinese food, while watching episodes of Avatar to try and blot out the memory of the movie. Later in the evening, I went up to NoPo for a couple hours to laptop party, finish off some photo processing, and talk shit about the Kardashians with Alyson and Alicia.

I'm still tired today, and finding new mosquito bites on my person every time I reach to scratch somewhere, but at least I'm sleeping decently. I guess that's the one Up Side to having a metric ton of snot lodged in your sinuses?

And, I'm spent.
There's been talk of having a few gatherings of various kinds at my place in the near future, and one of the suggestions was a movie night. But, a simple movie night isn't enough, so, after having this conversation with multiple people, multiple times, I propose to you:

"Why Haven't You Seen This Movie" Night!
WHAT: Kick back with some snacks, and watch those Important Films that everyone "should" see, but you haven't yet, for whatever reason.
WHERE: My Big Yellow House
WHEN: Fill this out and tell me when is good!
WHO: You, of course.

I'm pretty sure [ profile] daemonwise will hang me if Casablanca doesn't make the list, but other than that, suggestions for films are welcome and encouraged! E-mail threads and/or Google Waves may ensue, once I get enough WhenIsGood responses.

This will kick off as a one-day marathon-type viewing, but could spin off into a semi-regular evening, where we just set aside a couple hours to watch one film from the list.

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