I am so glad it's Friday that I can't even express it. The past seven days have been largely great--well, except for the part where I've had zero energy and snot coming out of my face for the majority of it.

Last Friday, I finally got to go to Bagby Hot Springs for the first time--I did a half-day photoshoot that began at 8:30am (ugh), and I knew I had a party-and-work-filled weekend ahead of me, so I decided to take the afternoon off. It was just a small cluster of folks who went, but it was all the outdoorsy, relax-y fun I'd come to expect, based on other people's tales of the place.

Sometime after I got home on Friday night, the slight fever set in, and oh, there began the misery. I took a very lazy Saturday morning, packed the studio for moving, and felt largely okay when it came time for Infusion Party and my Team Sleepover, respectively. That didn't last, though--come Sunday, when it was time for the movers to show up, I wanted to fall over dead.

Moving day, and the days following, have been all about pushing through illness and exhaustion. This week was loaded with things, and I wasn't sick enough to be non-functional--just sick enough to be functional and miserable.

The good news is, I'm all moved into the new studio, and I've had two shoots there already, both of which went pretty swimmingly. I really like the place, and everyone who's come to visit has responded really well. It's still a fair bit messier than I wanted it to be by this point, but I've been so tired and busy with work that just getting the minimum set up was all I could manage. 

I did finally feel like I had some of my energy back last night, thanks to a well-timed nap, and had a really fun team practice that included scrimmaging with dudes, and a positively delicious jam that had me as the jammer, pulling down points and calling it off like a boss. It's my not-so-secret hope to dual-class, and although the team seems to be training me primarily as a blocker, I'd like to keep working on my jamming. I'll have to grab more opportunities when they present themselves.

Anyhoo, I'm heading out of town next week, and this time, I'm taking a plane. I'm insanely grateful for having made that choice, because that much driving sounds utterly exhausting, right now.

Holy crap

Jun. 15th, 2011 02:28 pm
SO MUCH TO DO TODAY. And yesterday, and the day before. Waaauuugh.

Last weekend was awesome, though. I got to see one of my awesome friends ([livejournal.com profile] monkeyhole) propose to another of my awesome friends ([livejournal.com profile] sarapada), eat french toast and bacon in the woods, and go hiking and take cool nature photos. We also rescued a cute little bunny from the pit of the outhouse at the campsite. Yes, that actually happened.

Then when I came back early for derby practice, we spent the whole TWO HOURS skating outdoors on the trails. The first part kind of sucked because I was running late and they left without me, but I caught up and it was a total kick in the pants overall.

Also, here's a photo I took last week, one from the many sets I have left to edit:
Do Good, Feel Good
I have a ton more things to get done before I go, but, PSA: I'm going camping! Cell phone service will be sketchy.

Back in town Sunday late-afternoon, but I'll be at practice and the league meeting until night.

SO looking forward to this. Hiking! And reading! And marshmallows and stuff!
This may seem like a small thing to a lot of people, but I can proudly say that I have successfully followed my instincts and managed to make Actual Sense out of my feelings on a very confusing issue. And! I'm also responding to it in a sane, direct, and responsible manner. Now, it's a matter of waiting, and hoping that the outcome proves my inner pessimist wrong.

Times like these maybe me think that, hey, maybe I'm not as dumb as I thought! Of course, I'm likely proving just how dumb I am, by even daring to think that, but I can't help at least trying to counter the pessimism with a bit of optimism. ;)


Anyhoo, this weekend was all relaxed-and-groovy time, and not a moment too soon. Derby practice on Saturday was a beating in the best way possible, thanks to our guest coach from the A+ awesome PDX derby team, Wheels of Justice. I felt spectacularly out of my depth for most of practice, but it was fun and challenging, rather than frustrating. And we did couple of drills that I really liked. I know I'd probably end up on Blocker duty, were I in an actual bout, but I think my heart secretly wants to be a Jammer. ;)

AND! I also got some outdoor wheels for my skates. Now I can roll around and be scary on the mean streets of PDX! Or something.

I also got to do a shoot with Amy, to promote her music, and it is *always* good seeing her. She also wanted hair and makeup, so I got to bring my favorite MUA on for that, and we all had a nice chat during the fancying-up part of the afternoon.

AND! Karaoke! It was fun, as always, and I tried some tunes that were not of my usual sort, thanks to the BINGO-esque game they had going on that evening. AND, I also talked to the KJ, resulting in a development that I will post shortly. I think Andy gets the award for Most Ambitious of the evening, though, because he attempted TWO Queen songs in one night. I love me some Freddie Mercury, but even *I* won't do more than one in a sitting, so damn, props.

Sunday was a nice day of kicking it down south at Brice Creek for a few hours. We hiked a bit of trail, played with dogs, and enjoyed a crapton of sun and a rather chilly but ultimately awesome swimming hole. I was rewarded with a wonky sunburn, but it was awesome to finally take some time to lay around and enjoy a warm day, and not think about all the places I have to be or work I have to do.

Of course, once I got back, it was nose-to-the-grindstone again, but I was significantly less cranky about that fact. And now I only have one wedding left to proof, so huzzah!
I've been meaning to do some photo spam, but, well, time has been getting away from me far too easily, as of late. But, no more! IT IS TIME.

So, yes. Hood Canal was much fun, and all of our antics are on Facebook already, but here are some of the pretty and/or interesting favorites that do not involve people:

+5 )

I'm hung over from last night, but in a great mood in spite of it. The past 24 hours have been pretty excellent. Let's hope the next 24 match it. :)
Camping weekend was good. It was kind of a blur, but I'm sure that's in large part due to the madness of Friday, and also due to sleeping rather fitfully. Sleeping on the ground is, uh, less-than-comfortable when you're a side-sleeper, and tends to result in limbs falling asleep more frequently that most of us would like. But hey, STILL WORTH IT.

Friday: WORST DAY EVER. Ok, I'm exaggerating, but it didn't exactly go smoothly.
  • Woke up and internet was broken. Wasted lots of time tying to fix it and eventually figured out that it wasn't our router causing the problem, for once. QWest, you suck. A lot.
  • Ran out to buy a tent, a crapton of fruit, and and other misc. camping gear that I needed
  • Rushed out to lunch at Hopworks with my dad and mom, because they were in town for a couple days.
  • Hurried home to pack camping stuff, rushed out to Bipartisan Cafe to squeeze in some work time, since the stupid internet was still broken at home.
  • Ran off to photoshoot; it was okay, but my brain was all addled from rushing around constantly. Still, the lighting for the shoot was pretty, so all was well.
  • Rushed through awful traffic to drop off lighting gear, load up camping stuff, pick up friends, and drive 3 1/2 hours to Hood Canal! Stopped for dinner at a family restaurant called Spiffy's, which was only somewhat spiffy.
  • Woke up at 8am and ate breakfast in the mother-effing woods. <3
  • Went down to the beach, walked along it for a good ways while the tide was out, took lots of pictures and dug for clams
  • Spent lots of time around campfire, because it was kiiiinda cold. And drizzly.
  • Read books and played board games and toasted s'mores!
  • Group breakfast! Bacon and french toast, and coffee cake, and the amaaaazing strawberries I brought.
  • Hiked down to Guillemot Cove at low tide; finally got some sun breaks, splashed around in the water, and saw a metric ton of awesome sea critters! Yes, I took about a billion pictures of said critters.
  • Played more card games (Guillotine FTW!), finally finished my book for book club.
  • Group dinner of spaghetti with meatballs, salad, garlic bread, brownies and homemade sandwich cookies for dessert.
  • Stayed up until 4am getting tipsy on sweet tea vodka while playing Uno and scarfing down leftover brownies.
  • Got up, ate breakfast under a beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds.
  • Packed up camping gear, drove back to PDX
  • Got home, unloaded, and had the longest, hottest, most wonderful shower ever, and then rolled over to [livejournal.com profile] katlyn 's to talk and hug and watch a few episodes of Avatar with her and [livejournal.com profile] daemonwise .
  • Came home with pizza from Hot Lips, watched more Doctor Who and SLEPT IN MY BED. <3
OH MY GOD. Today started off completely on the wrong foot from the moment I woke up, and basically nothing has gone according to plan. Half the things I wanted to get done today are not done. This day can't end soon enough!

Hopefully, my shoot today will be at least somewhat enjoyable, but at the rate things are going, I won't be satisfied until I have my car fully-loaded, and I'm on my merry way to Hood Canal. Hopefully, setting up my tent in the near-dark won't be *too* tragic.

On the plus side, the last two days have been okay. Two Gents rehearsal was interesting, and I may elaborate on that later, when I'm not so pressed for time. Last night, I paid a long-overdue visit to the Kennedy School, where Andrew and I watched Shutter Island, and I filled my own head afterwards with dreams of future photoshoot ideas, after seeing their new Boiler Room Bar in-person. SO COOL. I do enjoy that place, and don't get up there often enough.

OKAY. Time to crap out a last quick web update, and then I'm off to photoshooting.
Hey dudes. It occurs to me that, in preparation for the Hood Canal trip, I should stop procrastinating and actually buy my own tent. But, since I only really need a single-occupancy tent, I'd also like to kill two birds with one stone by getting a tent that I could use for backpacking at a later date.

SO: can you recommend an inexpensive, compact-and-lightweight tent that would work well in a backpacking context? Or maybe a location in Portland where I could acquire one?

Holy balls. I climbed Mt. Taishan today, and it was HARD. I'd never have thought to do it, if Sifu hadn't suggested it, but on the other hand, I did make the decision to actually climb the stone steps, instead of taking it easy and riding the cable car. I feel pretty awesome for making it up the whole thing and not quitting, even as my knees and calves cried out in agony.

I figure videos are worth crossposting, so here are some! I probably sound exhausted and half-delirious in these... because I WAS exhausted and half-delirious. ;) This wasn't the idyllic, peaceful hike I expected it to be. There were probably hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people climbing this beast, but I made better time than a lot of them! I got two thumbs-up from some random old ladies at the top, too, heh.

The skin on the back of my neck that wasn't covered by my camera strap is a rather terrifying shade of crimson, but dude. So worth it.

I'm about 3/4ths of the way up in this one:

And here I am reaching the top:
A Dr. Zoidberg moment seemed appropriate today, seeing as I'm currently rather lobster-colored!

Friday night turned out much different than I anticipated, heh. I had to squeeze in a client consultation (which we booked) before wushu practice, and I had to rush around a ton before I even got to practice. For some reason, I was really sore and tired after wushu, and I had a bunch of camping prep to do, so I didn't have it in me to do all the moving around that dancing requires *after* that. :/

I finally got done with everything pretty late, and Boy was out with Nathan and Morgan at a low-key place in Sellwood, so after some hemming and hawing, I carted myself over there to hang out. I'd figured on calling it an evening around midnight, but the role of Devil-on-the-Shoulder was played by Nathan, because whenever a drink was emptied, poof! A new one was suddenly in front of each of us. So, long story short, after too many drinks, some chocolate cake, and a bit of hot-tubbing, Boy and I rolled on home at 4am. Yeah, that's an Oops, but the soreness did feel better after the hot tub.

Camping! So fun. The campsite was up in the Hood Canal past Bremerton, and the drive up there was really pretty; there were little yellow flowers all over the place near the roads and highways. We got a late start, but there were still a few hours of light left when we got there, so we met up with everybody on the beach and kicked it for a while before dinner. There was a lot of games, a round of horseshoes, and relaxy-good times. Boy was pretty hung over and tired, so he crashed early, but some of us held out until past midnight. :)

Sunday was awesome group breakfast with omelets, bacon, homemade coffee cake, fruit, and even coffee in teabag format, heh. We hiked around the beach for a while after that, since the tide was actually in and we could get to the water easily, and by the time we were done with that, people had started taking off, so Boy and I rolled out in the mid-afternoon.

...or, so we thought, because we got to the nearest little town a few miles away and saw a dude renting kayaks, so we wound up stopping, renting a two-seater, and paddling around in a kayak for 3 hours. Of course, we completely spaced on sunscreen until we were pretty far out on the water, but the breeze was nice and kept us cool until we pulled back in for the day.

So, today, I'm sore as hell (yet again), and yes, I have a pretty goofy-looking sunburn. But man, it was good to see some new places and enjoy the overall change of pace. :) I'm tolerating work rather nicely, heh.
We went to the Lucky Lab a couple nights ago for a hiking Meetup group, and it was okay. No actual hiking, just nuts-and-bolts stuff. I'm not sure how many of their hikes I'll go on, because I *am* kind of a fair-weather hiker, but I'll probably do some, and I'm sure Boy will. And Morgan and Miles came, too, so we wound up bouncing over to Belmont Station and then Horse Brass, after the meeting. Those two are some of my favorite people, so I hope we see more of them now that Morgan is living up here full-time. :D

And speaking of hiking, the four of us also did a hike near Multnomah Falls the next day, towards Waukeena (sp?) Falls, so I'm wicked sore and tired from that, but it was a cool hike. There was more and more snow (!) the further up we went! We lobbed the occasional snowball at each other, of course, and at one point, I started to venture off the trail to catch a good view, and then SHOOMP!, and I was knee-deep in snow. It was kind of hilarious.

Boy made a huge batch of lasagna yesterday evening, while I was off being counseled. <3 And Reefer Madness at the Doomster pad was good times. ("Eat the brow-nie, eat the BROW-nie!") Yes, it was the musical, and it is still awesome. And bacon brownies, y'all, like damn! Damn tasty, that is. Chocolate and bacon make surprisingly good friends. <3

And phew, I finally have a place to stay for Berkeley. (Couchsurfing.com FTW!) And, even if that falls through, I have a Plan B via my aunt in Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is a good 2 hours' drive from UC Berkeley, though, so I kind of hope it doesn't come to that, because tournament check-in starts at 8am, and I haaaate early mornings.

On a sadder note: I think my previously mild-to-non-existent allergy to cats is getting worse. I had a cat perched next to me for a good chunk of the gaming party last Saturday, and I got pretty sneezy and itchy towards the end of it. And then last night at the Doomsters', I got the itchy eyes and sneezing again, and it didn't go away until a couple of hours ago. Darn it all, I LIKE furry critters! And I lived with Gizmo for well over a year without having any problems. Granted, he was a dog, but still, I can't be *that* bad off, right? Do people become allergic to cats without also being allergic to dogs? Pet Allergies: DOES NOT WANT. :(

Bridal shoots this weekend, but otherwise, I am free as a bird. Although I should probably practice my form, yeesh. And tonight = HOW CAN BE? <3
I sent in my registration for Berkeley, for two events. And yes, Master Chen is working with me on both of them. :D The hard part will be dividing my time between the two of them, but they're moving me through Nanquan faster already, so I'm pretty confident we'll get it done and ready. :)

3-day weekends are so great. Admittedly, Saturday was kind of boring, because everything we tried to do that evening was crowded, expensive, and/or annoying in some way. We'd originally planned to go to the Gorge overnight, but I got bogged down with wushu practice and meetings and house-related errands, so by the time I was done, we wouldn't have gotten out to the Gorge early enough to do anything.

Disappointing, but we made up for it with a couple hours of hiking in Forest Park the next day. :) There are so many trails in that area that I wonder if we'll ever cover them all. It was incredibly squishy and muddy, which it seems to be every time we go up there, but it was still good to get out and about in the fresh air. And when we got back, I warmed up with tomato soup and totally awesome grilled cheese sandwiches. (Willamette Valley havarti, with dill and a bit of mayo and garlic... ommmmnomnom)

Did brunch with [livejournal.com profile] katlyn at Bread & Ink on Monday, which was happy-making. I can tell that I've been hanging around with dudes for too long, because I'm more often doing the male thing of interrupting people, rather than waiting my turn to talk, heh. :) Gaw, totally need more lady contact. And it was so nice to hang out in an environment that *wasn't* ridiculously noisy and crowded.

We also did a bit of idle shopping at Alteration Nation. I'd made a rule that I'm only buying long-sleeved tops right now, because that's the only thing I'm truly lacking... so I didn't end up finding anything. Which is probably good. XD I did get motivated enough to pick out and hang some drapes in the downstairs later on, though, and everyone gives the new look a hearty thumbs-up. It definitely feels much more like a room. Now, I just have to decide what to do for the front-window drapes.

ALSO: Thanks to the hair competition photoshoots I did recently, I have an appointment for a free-of-charge full cut and color tomorrow afternoon. Woo! I have no idea what to ask for, though, because all I know is that I want to keep it long for a while. But, I can go nuts on the color, if I want to, so *that's* the hard part. My first instincts are pink or blue, which I haven't done before, or maybe orange, since my last flirtation with orange faded really quickly.

I am totally open to ideas, if anyone has them.
Lots of fun stuff went on over the long weekend, and thank GOD for that, because I would've been crabby as hell if I'd had to work on Monday. XD

The UO wushu crew came up, and the UW wushu team came down, so everyone in the "Northwest Wushu Alliance" (haha) converged here in Portland, and Brandon and Peter came all the way up to share their 1337 wushu knowledge and hang out with us. Nathan's mom was also nice enough to host all 20-some-odd people at their house after we finished training, and she was all-up-ons with providing party snacks!

Having good coaching is *such* a treat, and our teams would be so awesome if those guys could train us all the time. I felt super-weak that day, but it was still good to train and get focused advice. I don't get as much of that as I'd like at my wushu school, because, well, I'm a fast learner with good basics, so they spend more of their time teaching the kids with short attention spans. Sigh. I wish there were all-adult classes, so they might actually train us harder. :/

Anyhoo, we hit up Astoria on Sunday, which was cool, and we got to do some hiking around while we were out there. I was a bit grumpy that Fort Stevens closed before we got out there, but there was still plenty to do. :)

We did some ice skating with Serafin on Monday, and although we were only out there for an hour or so, I managed to not fall down at all! Bwahaha. After that, we had a quick client meeting and it was pretty much vegging time after that, because we were all tired, or at least, Serafin and I were.

It's been swamped here at The Job this week, and I'm sure it won't be stopping anytime soon. Jeezy! I wish I was getting better sleep.
Good lord. So much going on. Where to begin? I suppose I already blabbed about the Dirty South (not having a car to get around doesn't allow for much sightseeing), so here's the rest.

--I'm figuring out what to do for my birthday. Any votes for activities? It's on the 27th, so I figure we can have some birthday shenanigans in the evening on the 26th, since that's a Saturday. I'm mostly concerned with other folks having fun, because there are plenty of things that I'd enjoy doing.

--We got ourselves a hot deal on a 5D from a lady on Craigslist. I thought for sure it'd be a beater, but she'd used it once and then decided she didn't like it because it didn't have a pop-up flash. It's practically new and totally AWESOME.

--Big ol' photoshoot this past Saturday. FIVE models, multiple outfits for each, a remote flash trigger failure and a dead battery made for some crazy times. Still, we got some pretty good images, the designers were super-nice and made all the arrangements, and they even capped it off with a BBQ after the shooting was done! They've offered to custom-make some clothes for me as thanks, too, so that's *really* awesome. Here's a sneak preview of the shots. :)

--Hiking at the coast on Sunday! Booyah! After the hiking was done, there was some prancing around on the beach and some dinner... pretty much exactly what I needed to wind down after 4 days of travel and an all-day photoshoot.

--[livejournal.com profile] benefitz clued us into a partner acrobatics class, so we went yesterday, and it was lots of fun! My arms are tired as hell from all the handstands--you try supporting 170 lbs. with these wimpy little arms ;p--but I definitely want to keep pursuing it. If I keep doing that for long enough, it'll probably make my wushu more awesome, too. <3 hops!

--[livejournal.com profile] niro left us earlier in the month, and hopefully he'll be able to find a house worth buying soon. :) Looks like Serafin will be taking his place, which is happy-making! We are assured that the house is going to be noticeably cleaner once he joins us. And likely more full of yummy cooking smells. Muahaha.

Oy. I think that's everything? I still feel like I want to sleep for a year, seeing as I averaged 5 hours of sleep per night while I was away, but other than that, my spirits are high.


Mar. 28th, 2008 12:09 pm
Okay, it's almost April, and when I left for work this morning? It was SNOWING. Huge flakes, falling from the sky! And now? It's all kinds of sunny here in downtown.

Oregon, you are confusing me. Where are my tweety birds and pretty flowers?

We ran around Mt. Tabor for a bit yesterday, because there was beautiful sun in the sky when we left the house! But, by the time we got there, it was too cold and wet to allow for *too* terribly much running around up there. Boo-urns.

After we got back, [livejournal.com profile] benefitz and [livejournal.com profile] misshepeshu came over, and the lot of us watched some Eddie Izzard. Hooray for spontaneous visiting! Everyone else was really sleepy from work and flu germs and other such things, but I can safely say that 1) his suit was friggin' awesome, 2) I still need to raid his shoe closet, and 3) turny-buttons do, in fact, still lie.

Tonight, I attempt to wushu one-handed! Har har. I'm sure some venerable old Chinese dude has done it before, so I can, too. ;p After that, there *should* be karaoke, which I'm long overdue for. W00t!

Oh yeah: yesterday, I heard some lady say on her cell phone, "...that's her cacheted webpage!" Web browsers have a CACHE, not a CACHET, lady. Jeez.
HELLO MY DEARS! It is time for a friendly reminder: I have a big Friends List, so if you're new to the party and haven't made yourself known yet, don't just sit there like a quiet little lamb, wondering why I haven't Friended you back yet! Make yourself known via comment, or something. I've been seeing new names crop up on the Friend-Of list as of late, and I like to know a thing or three about who's doing the stalking, before I add. ;)

Saturday was, as expected, a day of Adventures in Skiing! :O We went with a chick from Ben's job (Amy) who likes to snowboard, and she was kind enough to loan me some warm-weather stuff and drive us all out to Hoodoo. First off, let me just say: when you are already something of a klutz, adding skis to the equation sure won't help with that. ::rotfl::

An Eventful First-Time Experience )

We came back to town, where Amy's husband had some very tasty beef stew waiting for us, and we got to try out their Wii. After hearing all the blather about how awesome it is, I can't say that I disagree, heh! It's pretty fun, and the controller thingy is surprisingly accurate.

Yesterday was a slow day, but I was totally fine with that, after all the excitement of the previous day. :) Played around with camera flash experiments, watched Nightmare on Elm Street--which is pretty corny and hilarious--and got some photo stuff done.

Tonight = first wushu practice of winter term. Competition is in Feb. for some of them, and March for most of us, so playtime is over. Muahaha!

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