Dec. 7th, 2009 08:55 pm
So I'm having another wushu demo, this Saturday at 2pm! This time it's A) Free, and B) at my wushu school on NW 17th and Pettygrove.

And I will actually stay for the whole performance and talk to people after! So yeah, in case you missed the last one and want to come see. It's family-friendly and all that, if you have kidlets. And maybe we can get a late lunch or coffee after.

I may also be rolling out my sleeveless purple silks, so I can flash my guns, hurhurhur! They're looking a bit squishier since Halloween, but eh, not sweating it. I haven't larded up like I did *last* Fall, so I consider that an achievement.

Besides, there's the fact that I am most likely appearing in the new Bishops ads for 2010, and the camera adds 10 pounds, so that? Is much more worth fretting over than having slightly-less-ripped delts at my wushu demo. AAAAAAAHHHH

On the plus side, they are putting the crazyhair on me this Friday! I have no idea what it will look like; I do have some input in what they do, but I have a ton of conflicting ideas. Well, however it turns out, hopefully Ma won't have a heart attack upon seeing it when I go home for Christmas. ;)

Okay, time to go do a Jillian DVD or something. I've got the antsy energies.
So! The show was pretty fun last night. I had to wear a cropped hoodie for my first outfit, which was a little odd at first, because, well, when was the last time *you* saw my stomach? ;p But, I found that these days, I'm actually rather comfortable with my abdominal muscles... and my abs... and my cloits... (sorry, obligatory Strong Bad joke) Anyhoo, the other outfit was the "Napoleon Dynamite jumper," which was pretty fun, and actually was comfy and fit really well.

It's kind of interesting to do runway shows, because I get thrust into a group of name-brand-wearing, pop-star-loving fashionista types. I really have to put aside my preconceived notions about what those sorts of girls are like, in these situations, because I have to be on a team with them, and share a tiny space with them. And you know? A lot of them are pretty nice. I won't likely be hanging out or becoming super best friends with them, because, nice or not, we still don't have much in common. But, they're all right.

This show also attracted some more "alternative" chicks, too, and they were actually pretty cool. Alternative models are fun, and they're always up for the really cool, experimental ideas. They also seem to be more aware of the absurdity that often comes with modeling, yet they're still able to have a good time with it.

In other news, things are going well in other avenues. I'm thiiiis close to being done with a web project, and it's actually turning out really well. It's a small, low-budget project, but I'm adding some features that are simple-but-cool, so it'll still turn out pretty impressive, I reckon.

We also seem to be getting significantly more calls and e-mails inquiring about our photography services, as of late. We even have a few weddings in September and October, which is unexpected, given that it's not really peak wedding season anymore, by then. That's really awesome and encouraging. Wooooo!

In closing, I find these way too amusing: Laugh-Out-Loud Cats!
Nothing against Richard Branson, or anything, but I kind of love Stephen Colbert for this. XD Fighting back is fair!

SO! I'm on the fashion show roster for an event called Girls Kick Ass! There are several great bands, and it's also a benefit show, so the proceeds go to shelters and organizations that help abused women! It'll be fun and is for a great cause, so if you're in the area, please make an effort to come out, even if it *is* on a Monday night. :D

Oh yeah, and this venue was also one of the stops on the Plunderathon route, and it's a pretty cool place. Should be good times!

This is going to be an amazing event in Portland. Amazing bands, rad designer, great friends and a perfect cause. What more do you need?

8.20.2007 @ 9pm, $5
Ash St. Saloon
225 SW Ash St., Portland, OR

Lovely Mess
Cootie Platoon
Tracy Klas
Fashion Show featuring Zombie Couture

More info at www.myspace.com/musicfashion

I'm actually really excited about this one, moreso than for that other runway show. Having the opportunity to have some fun *and* help a good cause, even in a small way, makes me happy. It's also not run by the same people as the other runway show, and these guys seem to be relaxed-and-groovy while still having their act together in the planning stages. If something happens that gets me pulled from *this* show, I think I officially win the Craptastic Luck award.

So, yeah, anyway. Come on over and rock out!


Aug. 13th, 2007 10:16 am

Both weddings were fun, though, even if they were tiring. :) The one in Seaside was relaxed and groovy, and they invited us to hang around for drinks and karaoke, after we were done shooting. (yes, they had karaoke at their reception. I kind of love that idea! XD)

Shooting [livejournal.com profile] rockinghalo's wedding on Sunday was fun, too; everything was laid-back and fun--her sisters kinda cracked me up during the posed portrait part of the afternoon, heh--and they had awesomely photogenic locations for both the wedding and the reception. :)

Oh yeah, and the crazy jumping around shoot on Saturday was fun, too! We ended up not being able to shoot at the Chinese Garden because they're anal about people taking pictures there (siiiigh :p), so we hit up Washington Park instead. You can see some hoppin' mad pics in the photog's Flickr gallery. (yes, the makeup and hair was my fault, LOL)

Anyhoo, totally exhausted, and really sore from all the jumping around and wushu practice on Saturday, and I'm ready to sleep for a million years or so. But other than that, feeling pretty good.
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Dear Hollywood,


Hearts and stars,

So, I guess we're not shooting the church conference after all, and guess why? Because somebody in the church offered to do it for free. An event that's expecting thousands of attendees and many religious bigwigs, and they're entrusting it to a FREE photographer. That's such a spectacularly BAD idea, and I suspect they're going to get some baaaaad photos.

Why does nobody understand that you get what you pay for? When you work with people who are performing creative services for ridiculously cheap, or even free, that's when you get shoddy product, or flaky workers who can't be bothered to get your work done by the deadline. Granted, some people charge *lots* of money for shoddy product, but generally speaking, something you got for free won't yield better results than something you paid a reasonable fee for.

Oh well, maybe they're remember this next year, when they look through the photos and think, "yuck, I wish we'd have paid for a *good* photographer." ;p

And... um. I had a short rant typed out about not getting into the runway show because I'm "harder to dress," but I just learned that I DID make the cut. They listed me as "Sara," but since there are so many freakin' Sara(h)s in the world, I assumed they meant someone else. XD

I suppose I *could* replace it with a rant about people spelling my name wrong all the bloody time, but that happens so often that it's not even worth it. So.... ::poof!::
EDIT: If anyone who lives in or wants to live in Portland wants a new job, we're hiring a web developer at The Job. Let me know if you have interest, and I'll throw you the info.

Hair pictures! Pardon my crappy cell phone camera, and the horrific fluorescent lighting here at The Job:

Two in here )

When I got home yesterday, it was combed forward and kind of looked like a sassy, girly Bruce Lee. (Maybe if I have his haircut, I can learn his moves faster? No? ;p) I think it'll look good as it grows out, too--I aim to grow it longer again--and my old one definitely wasn't, unless I spent a ton of time on it, and we all know I'm too lazy for that. ;)

Hooray for [livejournal.com profile] damnportlanders! We were late getting to the meetup, because I didn't want to eat crappy bar food for dinner, but it was HUGE and fun. I met [livejournal.com profile] fiercerose, and somebody whose real name I remember but whose LJ name I'm blanking on, and of course [livejournal.com profile] giapet for a second, and lots of other people. A smaller sub-group of us played Apples to Apples, and I tripped hilariously over a brick garden ledge when I hadn't even imbibed a drop of alcohol, and it was all very relaxed and groovy.

So, yeah, I've definitely concluded that it's pretty much like I was saying last night: internet people? Not scary. If you're meeting them in a dark alley at night, then yeah, that's a risk, but generally speaking, the worst that'll happen is a bit of social awkwarness. Hell, I deal with that plenty already by just being me, so no real difference there. ;p

It's only Wednesday, and the weekend is looking packed. Saturday is wushu, sailing, and hopefully going to [livejournal.com profile] monkeyhole's gathering, so I will finally meet him and [livejournal.com profile] sarapada and also see [livejournal.com profile] rmalena! (the latter is now also a newly-minted Portlander, woo!) Sunday is a fitting for the runway show, and a shoot directly afterwards. I'm doing some crazier wardrobe styling, and this really cool and friendly lady is doing the makeup and hair, so hopefully it'll be all artsy-looking and nifty. All of that is in the mid-to-late afternoon, though, so I at least get to have a lazy morning. :)

Other stuff is going on, too, but I don't have time to blab about it right now, so... ::pwing!::
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In these dark times, we can now look towards an honest purveyor of truth: Indecision 2008 from Comedy Central. XD Okay, I'm kind of kidding around there. But you know, I imagine they actually *are* more honest than Fox News, at the very least, so take from that what you will. ;p

Anyway, what a weekend. Whooooof!

Yoga, Runway, Wedding, and... a Buffy Sing-along! )

Sunday was, fortunately, a lot mellower. I went to another morning yoga class, picked up some groceries, made some granola, and biked over to the Vita Cafe to have a tempeh sandwich and abuse their wi-fi. :) I'm all kinds of sleepy, after staying up late and getting up early for three nights in a row.

So, yeah! That's the ramble. Back to work, kiddies!
Man, Mondays are so fired. Not for any particular reason, really, but just because it's Monday. Mondays never seem to feel very good.

We did yoga and went running last night, and it kind of wiped me out, but in that good way. We've gone to a different gym location the last couple of times, and I'm thinking that this location's instructors have a nicer balance of strength and flexibility poses in the workout. The other ones did mostly flexibility and, yeah, I think I'm pretty okay in that area already. ;p

I think that tonight, I may attempt making tacos with buffalo meat! They had it on sale at Fred Meyer recently, so we picked up a pound of the stuff. We'd had buffalo meat fajitas at the Rock Bottom Brewery a couple of weeks ago, and they were quite tasty. Buffalo is supposed to be a lot better for you than beef, too, so hey, why not? :)

I have also learned of a couple different weekly knitting groups in my area, so I'm definitely going to one of those soon. I'm sure I have at least *one* scarf kicking around that I haven't finished yet.

Also, I got my comps from the watermelon seed shoot in the mail the other day, so since at least one of you asked:

Here it is )

I was hoping they'd use one of the more fun ones, but I guess they settled on dainty. :)

That's all!


Jun. 18th, 2007 11:18 am
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Okay, it's COLD outside. And it's even colder in my office. That needs to stop!

Plunderathon was pretty awesome. (pictures coming whenever Amy sends them) There were apparently over 250 pirates in attendance, over the course of the evening, and all the pubs we stopped at were more than prepared for us! One place had a pirate-themed band play for us, another gave us complimentary appetizers, yet another had a huge batch of (again, complimentary) rum punch waiting for us. Having that many pirates in one place is pretty hilarious, and there were some pretty funny little games and tricked-out costumes.

The only crappy part? Some power-tripping door guy at the Fez decided that he didn't believe Ben was over-21, and even tried to confiscate his ID! Never mind that Ben turns 26 in less than a month, he had a legit and unexpired Oregon driver's license, and he'd also been hanging with all the other equally-or-more-drunk-than-him pirates since 3:30 in the afternoon. -_-; So, we called it quits early, but otherwise, good times all around!

Wushu was pretty good over the weekend. I was late to class on Friday, thanks to the delayed and painfully slow streetcar, but I got to start on a basic but new-to-me straightsword form in yellow/green belt class. Saturday was also unexpectedly fun: after I got done with white belt class, Master Gao asked me if I wanted to practice with the yellow/green belt folks. :D We only got through kicks and jumps before I had to leave, but it was a pleasant surprise, and hopefully a continuing trend.

The runway show casting was right between wushu and Plunderathon, so I hustled on over for that, and it sounds like it's going to be pretty fun. They're going to have a runway set up on the roof of the venue, and lots of food and rock music, so I'm looking forward to it.

No rafting happened on Sunday, but I went to the Church of Craft meeting; the group skewed older, but they were nice, friendly ladies, and there was some impressive crafting going on. The official project of the session was "shrine wallets," and maybe I'll post a picture of mine once it's done. The coffee house where they held the meeting was also pretty funky and cool, and the whole space was basically reserved for the craft group. I may have to stop in there sometime, when they're actually open for business. :) I think I'm going to look into some knitting groups, next.

Oh yeah, and I got my bike back from the shop, and it's doing tons better. We went out for a nice, long ride on Friday night, after we picked up the bikes, and explored the area near Smith and Bybee lakes. There's also a 40-mile bike path that loops all around Portland, so we might have to make a day of that sometime!

That's all!
Woooo it's Friday! This weekend is going to rock.

First of all, YAY PLUNDERATHON! If you're in Portland, then you'd best get yourself a piratical costume and walk the streets with us. :D

I'm going to yellow/green belt Wushu today, and I'm jazzed about that. The basics will be like what we did at UO, so it should be more challenging. AND, I'll hopefully get to try out the new straightsword the UO crew got for me. <3 I'm not sure what the situation is as far as when I'll get to train broadsword, but any sword training is better than none.

I might do another runway show, and hopefully it'll be better organized than the one I did last year. There's an entirely different crew behind it, and quite a few sponsors, so I have high hopes. The casting for that is also this weekend, so I should know relatively soon. :)

There's also a crafting group that I might go to... assuming that we don't go rafting! XD Thomas might be setting up the raft trip, so we'll see if that happens or not.
So, yes, the fitting I mentioned on Monday? It was for a wedding dress.

...no, it's nothing like that. ;) It was for a TV commercial for this fancy-schmancy bridal shop here in Portland. I'd answered the ad largely because they were actually looking for girls with my measurements, and that? Is a rare occurrence. It's always "Size 0-4" for fashion stuff, but they apparently like curves in the bridal industry. I guess the commercial will start airing on the CW affiliate up here in a few weeks, so maybe y'all will see me doing the ol' pageant-style spin in a poofy white dress with even poofier hair.

More )

Anyway, I talked on the phone with my daddy-o after I got home, and was pretty wiped out after that. I got a packet in the mail this morning about The (new) Job, and whoa, phat bennies. Dad was actually a bit skeptical that I was right about the number of vacation days I told him I was getting, but there it was today, in black-and-white. I also get a free Tri-Met pass, so I can bike and MAX to my heart's content. I'm feeling pretty fortunate right now!

I got a lot done yesterday, on paid work and my own stuff. My portfolio is going to be hellarad when I'm done updating it. Hella. Hella. Hella.

That's all!


May. 25th, 2007 11:42 am
I have tons to do today, so I'll be brief.

Fun times at the Kennedy School McMenamins last night! It was Ben's idea to get a posse together and celebrate The New Job, and it actually worked! My tiny, tiny social network up here is basically, one person from this crowd, one person from that crowd, etc., but even after throwing all these far-flung connections togther, everyone got along great. :D Most folks took off early, but me and Ben stayed to watch a movie there, which was pretty awesome. (3 words: Beer. Pizza. Couches.)

Photoshoot tomorrow. Not a paying one, but it's for that designer from a while back who took a shine to me, and there will be lots of wacky clothes and makeup. She's nice, she makes fun clothes, and she doesn't treat me like a fat chick. (there's going to be a plus model at the shoot, and it's actually *not* me :O) It should be fun and interesting.

Anyhoo, I won't be in Eugene this weekend like I previously thought, because the photoshoot got moved to a location here in Portland, and I have *buttloads* of work to do on my website, and for clients, too. Fortunately, Goo mentioned that they might come up and train this weekend, so I am *definitely* doing that. Kiddie wushu is definitely wearing on me. Otherwise, Ben's going to Eugene to visit his fam and go to some wedding reception thinger, so it's just going to be me and my crappy bike biffing around town until Sunday night.

Speaking of my crappy bike, I think I may stop by the bike shop and see about getting that thing fixed up some. It *still* needs help, even after all the upgrades Ben did recently.

Bugger, this was supposed to be brief! Maybe the blogging itch has finally come home to roost, heh.

OH NOES, Zombies! )


May. 11th, 2007 04:12 pm
The shoot today was pretty fun. The theme was "watermelon seed spitting day," so it involved me and another Asian guy being all dolled up at a trendy Japanese restaurant, pretending to eat watermelon and spit seeds at each other. We didn't get to *actually* eat any, though, because the "seeds" were actually black beans! Must be one of the secrets of food photography that they don't tell you about.

Anyhoo, it was a fun little gig, and I got to make some crazy faces (which they dug), so I think it went pretty well, and I did, in fact, get paid. I may post some photos, once I get them. I also spent a lot of the time getting prepped in the ol' makeup chair by a relaxed-and-groovy girl, so I'm (still) wearing a ridiculous amount of eyeliner right now! Don't get me wrong, it's pretty cute, but it's a little too much for daytime, heh.

The waiting game is almost over on that one job I was hoping to get, too. Pheeewww! They kept telling me that nothing was wrong or anything, but it's hard not to get a little worried when they keep you waiting for long enough. Today has been a pretty good day, and I'm looking forward to the weekend. I kind of feel like I should go out or something, since I have this fancy makeup job on me.

Anyhoo, I have to boogie on down to white belt wushu, so I'm off. :)
If you're bored, take a look at some proofs from a shoot I did in November. (as in, all the ones in the navy blue wushu outfit with the screen behind me) If you're *really* bored, pick 5 favorites!

Bear in mind that these are unedited proofs, so you'd be picking based on how scary/pretty/whatever I look in them, and shot composition. Any technical problems would be corrected, and they might be converted to black-and-white anyway. (the artist tends to work in black-and-white) There are tons more, but I'm having trouble paring it down any further than what's online.

The sword-in-hand one is kind of a given, because it is awesome and totally sums up the entire shoot.

Also, POLL: for the ladies in the audience, what are some thoughts that come to your mind, when dealing with the issue of size? (yes, as in weight) How has it affected you in the past, how does it make you feel now, etc.

I ask, because the photographer who did the wushu stuff discussed size with me this past weekend. (I'd mentioned last time I was up that I'd previously been really overweight) He says that's one issue he hasn't really taken on in his work, so we're thinking about ways to tackle it through photography. I certainly have a lot of thoughts about it, but they're all from my own experiences and perspectives, so I'd like to hear some other thoughts. :)
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Well, I'd have posted sooner, but my stupid computer at home has decided that it doesn't want to boot up. It shows the Windows XP logo loading screen, and then, after it fades to black, it just... stays black. -_- Gotta try booting into Safe Mode when I get home today.

Wednesday night was pretty relaxed and groovy. I wound up practicing after all, but I took it relatively easy and mostly worked on composing my form. Then... squats and calf raises and strength training ahoy. I'm not too sore from it, either, much to my surprise. I also watched a bit of TV, finished a scarf, played some WoW, and played some pool with the roommates.

I also added a bunch of pictures to my Favorites from Shoots gallery. Some are new, some date as far back as July. :) I haven't gotten CDs from last weekend yet, but hopefully I'll get them soon, so I can add some of that stuff, too.

Yesterday was good, too... I talked to Ma for a bit, started another scarf, and then I created some chaos in the kitchen, and emerged with roasted veggies, lemon dill broccoli, and mac and cheese. Alton Brown's macaroni recipe is some kind of genius, and I mixed it up a little by using cheddar *and* gouda cheese. I also kind of made it up as I went along on the broccoli, and that turned out pretty well, too. :)

Anyhoo, Ben's family was nice enough to have me over, so I hauled my foodage over there and had a relaxing afternoon/evening playing games and hanging around. Everybody made something to contribute to the dinner, and it was all very tasty. :)

I have to admit that it's still a bit odd for me to do big family Thanksgivings; we used to get together with the extended family when I was a kid, but a lot of times, it was just me and my parents having a smallish dinner, once I got older, and it was very low-key. I do like having more people around on the holidays, but I sometimes also feel like I get a little bit lost in the shuffle, even with my own family.

Anyway, here I am at The Job today. I'd planned on taking the day off, but that was before I caught the plague last week and missed two days of work. SIGH. Well, hey, at least it's Friday, right?


Nov. 20th, 2006 03:29 pm
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Well, the last few days have thrown me the occasional curve ball, but it's all good, homey.

The shoots on Saturday were FUN. The first shoot was with this old guy who has been doing art and music for something like 30 years. He had a variety of awesome work, a really neat studio/home space, and a relaxed-and-groovy attitude. He was a cancer survivor and had all kinds of random stories... I'm not sure what to say about the guy that would properly convey his awesomeness, honestly, but it was a great experience. We did a wushu set with some very cool lighting tricks, and overall, it was a really fun, artistic, and collaborative process. I like his style and he wants to work with me again sometime, so hopefully that'll happen!

The second one was interesting; there were two photographers, and watching the way they worked together and interacted with each other was really funny. They were trying out various lighting effects, so they spent a good bit of time just moving lights around. They also used some of the quick-and-cheap lighting methods that I remember using when I was first starting out and using my old point-and-shoot camera. :) Overall, pretty positive experience.

Yesterday was pie baking, cozy conversation, and recuperation from the plague. I made the pie crust myself, and it turned out pretty all right, I think! Better than storebought, at the very least. I brought one of the pies to work today, and it seems to have gone over well.

Today has been okay and such. I've progressed to the Coughing Up Internal Organs stage of my illness, but other than that, I'm pretty much back to normal. I feel like pulling a big ol' HULK SMASH on a few things, but eh, it happens. :)
I got my first actual broadsword battle scar on Friday! I hadn't practiced it in a while, so I was running the form rather sloppily at practice and I cut myself at the base of my palm. Now I have a band-aid across the inside of my wrist, and I keep getting lame jokes from people about how I shouldn't be making suicide attempts. ;p

Had fun hanging out at Jameson's later on with the Friday Field Trip crew... good conversation and hilarious antics. I eventually bugged out after a couple of hours, and dozed off while trying to watch Thank You For Smoking, which seems like it'll be a good movie... we're going to attempt to watch it again tonight, hopefully.

Saturday was relaxed and groovy. Me and Ben went on a long-ish bike ride along the river, and stopped in at Barnes & Noble for a bit to peruse the shelves and have some tea. I made peanut sauce later that evening to go with some noodles and veggies, and it turned out okay, but not quite as well as I'd hoped... what I really need to do is get hired at Tasty Thai, learn how to make their peanut sauce, and then quit. ::rotfl:: Watched the new BSG ep after dinner, and just, gah! Best. Show. EVER.

The wushu demo on Sunday was not actually at Reed, so we were apparently misinformed. It was actually at this huge Vietnamese church in NE Portland. They jerked us around a lot on our performance time, first by saying they might cancel the performance, then by saying we had to be there an hour earlier than they'd originally stated, and they told us this at a time when we'd *barely* have enough time to make it there from Eugene, if we left right at that moment... eep! Fortunately, they ended up pushing it back half an hour, so we did get to perform and get paid and all that. We got a good crowd response, and nobody got injured! It was Christine and D-Wu's first demo, too, and they did great for their first go. :)

Also awesome: I had time yesterday to fix and spruce up some stuff on the photography website, and cranked out a totally genius layout for a different website redesign... I've been feeling lately like I'm in sort of a design rut, but this gives me hope that I may break out of it soon.

I got some finished photos back from my shoot Sunday before last... some are posted here, and he'll be doing more edits over the next week or so. I friggin' *love* some of these. Eehehehee!

Anyhoo, that's all I've got. My to-do list is looking a lot shorter as of right now, so I might be able to work on some fun projects this week, or play some WoW, or some other relaxing thing. :)
I was late to everything in the world on Friday and Saturday, and that sucked. Late to lunch with [livejournal.com profile] junsiew, late to my haircut appointment, late to wushu (but only by 5 minutes), late to hanging out with the Posse, and late getting started on our slideshow photo review. Jeeez.

On Saturday, I got twisted around in Portland trying to get to Washington Park, and was late to my first shoot. Fortunately, the guy was from out of town and didn't seem to care much. (a few pics from that shoot are in the Flickr gallery) Then, I biffed around Portland trying to find my next shoot, and 45 minutes after I should have been there, the guy realized he hadn't told me that the shoot location was in Vancouver, not Portland! The light was going away by then, so we're going to reschedule that one.

Fortunately, I was *early* for my shoot on Sunday morning! That went really well; he had some nice equipment and a fun space to work in, and the proofs look friggin' awesome... as soon as I get photos that I'm allowed to post, you'll know. Unfortunately, the guy with the killer lighting technique that I was supposed to shoot with on Sunday afternoon had to cancel, because he had to watch his kids. We're working on rescheduling, though.

On a more positive note, Friday was pretty fun, in spite of the lateness. Wushu practices are getting smoother and more organized, and we got a surprise visit from David and Ken! I also got to hang out with my homeys later on, and meet Jeff, otherwise known as Natasla, heh. :) He seems like a cool guy, which I pretty much expected after all the running around on WoW that we've done over these many months.

As for the slideshow photo review, we pretty much rocked that shoot. That was easily my favorite shoot yet, and I loved the results. :D I put up quite a few photos. More will go up soon, once I finish retouching the rest.

On Saturday, after I got done shooting, we biffed around downtown, and stopped in at [livejournal.com profile] twinki79's restaurant! I think we got there during the busy hour, because she was running around all over the place and didn't have a lot of time to chat or anything, but it was good to finally see the place and get a good meal. :) We found a neat bar downtown sometime after that, called Shanghai Tunnel... they had a bunch of good beers on tap that we'd never even heard of, so that immediately impressed us. We also found out about a really cool Star Wars Exhibit that's coming to OMSI later this month, so we might have to get an expedition together for that sometime!

After getting back to Eugene yesterday, I actually fired a gun! :O It must be an Oregonians-outside-of-Portland thing, because it seems like I meet more and more people who own firearms and used to "go shooting" as an activity. ;p Anyhoo, I didn't hit a damned thing, but I might've done better if the lighting wasn't so bad. The .22 rifle seemed to be about my speed... the .3006 and the pistol I tried had more recoil than I was comfy with. (yeah, I know, I'm a sissy ;p)

That's all!
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I get to see Gizmo today!! It's kind of crazy how jazzed I am about that, heh. I think I might take some pictures of him, too... the late-afternoon lighting should be awesome for it. I need more cute doggie pictures in my life.

We went over the wedding pictures from last Saturday, and we got a lot of great stuff! Here's some of them... obviously, not all of them are mine. :) Also, our gallery upload got kind of borked somehow, but we'll hopefully get it sorted out within the next day or two, and then that link will just be our best-of-the-best portfolio picks.

In other news, it looks like I'm going to be taking a high school intern under my wing for a bit, here at the job. Lucky her, she already knows that she wants to go into design! It took me three majors to figure that out.

I'm getting pretty pumped for Portland this weekend. I think I'll have fun with these shoots, and I might get to see some people I haven't seen in a good while, too. Woo!

In the realm of annoyances, I'm in dire need of a haircut, and I want to get it done before this weekend's shoots, but I can't get ahold of my bloody stylist to set up an appointment. Rrrgh. I might have to do a last-minute haircut with an entirely different person, because I don't want to work with such awesome photographers when I have a nasty, half-grown-out 'do. I still don't have my cell phone, either... sigh. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

And in closing, I really love a good late-night discussion. Ehehee. :)
Project: Non-Disgusting Tilapia was a success! I worked from this recipe, but I only made 1 filet, and opted for olive oil and grilling instead of margarine and baking. The sauce was pretty yummy. Those filets cook *fast*, though. It got done way before the veggies did, and I was super-hungry, so it was kind of torture waiting for everything to get done, sigh.

I think I'm going to have to do a truckload of prep work for the party food... enough that I should probably do some tomorrow night, so I don't have to cram it all in on Friday. Yep, I *am* being overambitious. ::laughs::

Oh yeah, I got my photos from the shoot last Saturday in the mail! (that was fast!) I put a few that I liked on the ol' Flickr account. Hey, maybe I *can* look marketable!

It does make me think about taming the crazy haircut, though. It's going to be haircut time soon, so I'm thinking about what I want to do next! I'm kind of hoping to work something out with my new stylist where I can trade some website work for an awesome cut-and-color job. (her suggestion) The holidays are lurking out ahead, though, so I'm more reluctant to do something to my hair that Mom will hate, heh. She's cranky enough about the fact that I'm keeping it shorter these days. ;p

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