Friday: It wound up being busier than I thought, and I probably stayed out later than I should have, but eh, I survived. :) The regular Friday outing with office folk turned out to be hitting up the Ems game, so I was all up for that. The Ems somehow pulled down 6 runs in the first inning, which is pretty crazy. The visiting team slowly crept back up on them, but the Ems finally shut it down 6-5.

I got a call late in the game telling me that Jeremy got a teaching job out in BFE--Ontario, OR. to be more precise--and would be heading out of Eugene on Monday to find a place to live out there! So, I met up with them at Jameson's after the game, to help give him a proper sendoff. I stupidly left my cash in my other pants, though, so I couldn't buy him a drink, but he's hoping that he'll be able to come back and visit periodically, so I'll get him back eventually.

Sunday: Super-fun! We hit up the city and somehow managed to find this cool location that we'd seen the last time we were up there. It was this weathered section of brick wall that looked like it was once part of a building, and it had window frames with rusted window shutters on the outside... very cool. Portland is so neat in some areas.

Our first model met up with us there, and she was a fun chick. We had her laying all over metal beams in horribly uncomfortable ways, but she was a trooper through all of it. She even recommended that I get in touch with a photographer she shot with recently and really liked. I think that I got some really good shots, too, so I can't wait to start editing those!

On the down side, our second model couldn't make it... she had to rush to the vet hospital because, apparently, her roommate sat on her dog and dislocated its shoulder. Gah!

Anyhoo, after we got done with our shoot, we toddled off to my funky Bruce Lee movie poster shoot, and that wound up being pretty fun. The photographer used his apartment as a studio, and he had some fancy-schmancy professional flashes to light the room, so I'm hoping for some good results! He seemed to like what I did with the various martial arts poses and stances, too. He'd tried the shoot before with a model who had no martial arts training, and I guess it didn't turn out as well as he'd liked, so hopefully he'll be happier with this one. :) He also commented at one point that my horse stance was really low, and I just had to laugh, because Phil probably would've said it wasn't low enough. ::rotfl::

We did dinner at one of the 80 hojillion McMenamins around town, and then headed back to Eugene, and wound up going for a long, long walk out towards Fern Ridge. Between standing around all day on Saturday, and then all the walking last night, I am effin' TIRED and my back hurts and I am so not going to the gym today. ;p I trained really hard last week, so it won't kill me to take a day off.

Today: I am doing NOTHING, and that is beautiful. Well, at least, that's how it stands at this moment. I'll probably be editing photos and working on stuff at home. A new roommate is moving into the house today, and she seems like an okay chick so far... I didn't get a chance to meet her beforehand, but eh, I'm hard to piss off, so I'm sure it'll be fine. :) Abbey, a.k.a. the dog we're watching, is possibly the quietest dog I've ever met. I don't think I've heard her bark even once. She was whining a little this morning, but in general, she's been a total sweetheart. She doesn't seem to like being picked up and held like Gizmo does, though.

Anyway, that's enough babbling for one day. I'm off.
batskeets: (yan!)
80's Night Tonight? I'm thinking about hitting up John Henry's and shakin' my groove thang for a couple hours. I'd be more hyped about it if I had some company. :) Give me a call if you're interested!

I got invited to see the local baseball team play last night with some folks from the Job, so that was pretty cool. Hung around, watched the game, and the Ems pulled down a solid victory. And, this being the Northwest, I didn't even have to settle for nasty beer, because they had the good stuff on tap. Woo!

Went out to shoot some photos later on in the evening, and learned that I am not exactly the master of night photography. I did learn a few things, though, and got some possibly-nifty shots with spooky tones to them. I need to rescue my tripod from the apartment, though, because slow shutter speeds + shakiest hands ever = a whole lot of streaky, blurry mess.

I'm supposed to get a CD with some photos from my last shoot any day now, but I keep forgetting to call the photographer. Sigh. So busy.

This thing seems neat: Morale-O-Meter!

Anyhoo, that's all I've got.
Oh, HELL YES: Even Koizumi loves the White Sox!!

This looks like a good week for new movies: the new Harry Potter and Walk The Line are both coming out! Maybe a back-to-back viewing is in order? Really, either one would make me happy.

Saturday was big fun. I started two batches of focaccia bread on Friday night: one whole wheat with rosemary, the other white with basil and sundried tomato. So, I spent a good chunk of Saturday baking them both. The end result? Yummy! I took half of each loaf to the party later that night, and ate some of each, and there's still a good bit left. I think I'm a bit too impatient to bake bread all the time; all the time spent waiting for dough to rise doesn't really jive with my incredible lack of patience when making food. But, I definitely want to do it again *sometime*, because it made some good bread!

I did some PvPing on WoW while waiting for things to rise/bake. It was double honor weekend in Arathi Basin, but I couldn't get in there after waiting for over an hour in the queue, so I had to settle for another pathetic routing in Alterac Valley. Why is Alliance so god-awful at AV battles? Oh yeah, probably because all the brain-dead, 12-year-old, lamer-speaking retards play Alliance. ;p Sigh, I need to level a horde character already.

The party? Much fun. It was a birthday party, so we had an interesting ice cream cake that was more ice cream than cake, and played some party games, the most notable of which was a scavenger hunt. We busted out our digital cameras, and had to get pictures of ourselves doing random crap from the list all over town, like holding up a convenience store, or kissing a stranger. There was room for creative interpretation with most of the things on the list, so the end result was pretty hilarious. :)

Bizarre coincidence of the evening: The other Sarah at the party was born on the same day as me! Craziness.

After the hunt, out came the White Russians, and I elected to partake, because I love those freaking things. (Yeah, I like girly drinks, so? ;p) Anyhoo, the first one was fine, but after that one, I poured my own, and subsequently blew right past Slightly Tipsy and into Effing Drunk. See, I have a really poor grasp of spatial relations, and I have no idea what one shot of alcohol looks like when it's poured into a regular glass... so, I just kind of keep on pouring until it, "looks about right." ;p I do feel compelled to point out, however, that I was neither the most drunk, nor was I the first to get drunk. :) Anyway, we watched movies and waited it out until 5am, when I was finally sober enough to go home.

And that brings us to Magical Hangover Sunday. Hur hur hur. ;p I was really sleepy from being up late the night before, and I had a nasty headache and an unsettled tummy. I had planned on going to karaoke last night, but I felt like crap, and when I wasn't levelling my warrior on WoW, I was watching TV and I kept randomly conking out in the middle of whatever show I was watching. I still haven't finished that episode of Fullmetal Alchemist, after the third try.

And, in closing: for fans of the 29 True Facts About Chuck Norris, here is a Random Chuck Norris Fact Generator!

What color is my heart? )

IT'S OVER!!!!11


Oct. 27th, 2005 01:01 pm


Lots to do today. Going to doctor, adjusting the top for my costume, laundry, taiji, packing my bag, and probably a bunch of other preparatory tasks for the trip that I'm forgetting. Waugh. x_x

I hope the doctor's appointment goes well. My primary concern is the sleep stuff, but I also hope to ask about some of the other weird quirks I've been experiencing over the past 8 or 9 months. (the constant thirst being at the top of the list, esp. since several of y'all have told me that it could be cause for concern)

I'm not feeling quite as sleepy today, which seems rather silly, considering the fact that I won't need the energy so badly, because I'm leaving the office early today for the doctor's appointment. Oh well, isn't that always how things go? :p

On a totally random note, I walked into wushu practice yesterday, and who should be sitting there but Greg! I never thought we'd see him at practice again, after the drama of him quitting last year--don't ask me to explain; I was sick at the time and not around for most of it--but there he was. ::boggle::

Anyhoo, back to work.

P.S.: Random amusement: A Night at the Roddenberry. XD
I was in bed for 8 hours last night, and I still feel tired as hell.

I feel like holing up at home. Or suddenly fleeing town for an indeterminate length of time. Or anything that would allow me some freaking REST.

There are a few things I'd miss, those being: J, friends, wushu/taiji, and gaming. But otherwise? Don't really care. I kind of hate everything not mentioned in the previous list, at the moment.

So, anybody want to give me a million dollars so I can take a really long vacation?


Well, it was worth a try.


On the plus side, I am going to see the doctor tomorrow about my sleep problems. I've been not sleeping well and/or sleepwalking for a while now. Either way, the end result is being completely ass tired, and I really can't keep dragging myself through every day like this.

P.S. Watching Game 3 of the Series last night? SO AGONIZING. Especially when our entire pitching staff decided to start sucking for about 5 innings. :p Still, the Sox pulled it off in the end, which is SO GREAT.
Two wins for the Sox, y'all!! I still can't believe they're really doing it!

Gyaaahhh. My stomach is killing me. x_x

This wallpaper is so weirdly funny.

Weekend was kind of quiet. I went to Taiji on Saturday, and wound up being asked for an interview about Sifu for the Emerald. ::laughs:: I like being interviewed--or at least, I don't *mind* it at all--but it's also an unfortunate reminder that I'm not always very well-spoken. Taiji class itself was fun; we started out experimenting with some basic Chen style movements, and I've been wanting to try Chen style anyway, so that was cool. PK also said, yet again, that I'm making progress. ::boggle::

After that, I acquired some toy pistols at the dollar store, and some spraypaint to decorate them. Oh, and I picked up some fabulous knee-high boots for cheap. They're really for the costume, but they're cute enough that I could wear them with normal clothes, too. I suppose I can actually think about buying skirts now that I have shoes that won't look ridiculous with them. I think I'm mostly just amazed that the boots will actually zip up over my gigantosaur calves. ;p

I'm also planning out some new scarves that will actually go with most of my clothes, so I picked up some deeply-discounted yarn for a blue-toned scarf and a black one. I haven't done any knitting or crocheting in a while, so this should be nice.

Fiz has hit lvl 58. Also, she is now Corporal Fizzywig. ZOMG! Of course, I don't know if the Corporal bit will last beyond tomorrow; there was too much server lag yesterday for me to do any remotely effective PvPing.

I need to see friends soon. I've been spending a lot of time alone, lately, and I think it's getting me down. I actually need alone time every so often, but too much of it is saddening.

I feel like I'm being a crappy friend. I'll try to stop that as soon as possible. This week is going to be crammed full, though, especially with that pesky wedding on tap for Fri/Sat, so I guess I'll just do my best.

That's all.
A must-see GIF for you: LOTR meets WoW! ::rotfl::

Weekend was groovy. I kept pretty busy, and I wish I'd gotten more sleep, but it was a fun kind of busy.

Wushu is kicking my butt. I want my aerial cartwheel, and I think I may actually have the speed, strength, and whatever else to do it, but I'm still too chicken to go full-out. ^^;

I got a new yoga DVD recently, because the two that I already had were getting too easy (!), so I tried the new one yesterday and OMG I AM DESTROYED. Yeah, it was hard. I liked it, though; when I was finished, I felt like I'd actually *done* something. My old DVDs barely make me break a sweat anymore.

I had to lead some ultra-n00bs in Taiji on Saturday; it was okay. I actually remember most of the short form, and PK said that I can work on the short form, "a little longer," and then they'd start me on the long form! I'm a little surprised, because I thought it'd be a while before I'd hear that. But, on the other hand, "a little longer" could mean anything. Well, I hope it is yet another sign that I don't suck. :)

Oh yeah, and: OMFGWTFSOX!!! I can't believe they actually made it!


Oct. 16th, 2005 10:22 pm
SOX WIN!!!!!

They took the AL pennant!! They haven't been to a World Series in 46 years!!

...I think I just wet myself. XD


Oct. 12th, 2005 06:02 pm
I only have a few minutes, so I make no promises. ;p

Last night was my official Day Of Rest from any and all training stuffs, so I played lots of WoW. Let me tell you: if you're hungry for a PvP rank? Go to a PvP area. I spent about 1.5 hours in Alterac Valley last night and racked up 700+ Honor Kills, no joke. And I am god-awful at PvP, and I also left before the battle was over, so imagine what you could do if you're good at PvP and stayed until the bitter end?? :O

I am massively grumpy at the lack of new episodes to watch. Stupid FOX and their stupid baseball playoffs taking away my shows. :p And of course, once they actually decide to air a Sox game, a game that I would actually CARE about, the freaking Sox lose. What the crap, man?

Y'all can probably guess what I'm doing tonight, because I'm a creature of habit. And I'm out of time, so byebyeeeee.
The Sox are in the playoffs! By that, I mean the White Sox... the Red Sox are also there, but I don't so much care about that.

On a related note, I am super-grumpy that there will be no new House episodes for the entire month, because of the baseball playoffs. Hopefully, they will appease me by airing some excellent White Sox victories during the hiatus. Heh. :)

My latest crazy hair idea is: Black Hair. I've gone lighter and redder before, and I certainly have the roots to show for it. I would really like to cover up the weird color variations from my previous dye jobs, and I got a bit of sun over the summer, so it might turn out okay. I also found a haircolor line that had a warmer black in addition to the standard blue-black, so hopefully I can pull it off. Either that, or I'll look like a sp0000ky goth chick, LOL! In which case, I'll have to buy more Lippy clothes, heehee. :D

I ate waaaayyyy too much for lunch today. I'm not even sure I'll want dinner. It has been over 2 hours since I got back from lunch, and my stomach still feels stuffed! It was delicious Indian food, though, and that's hard to resist, especially seeing as I hardly ever get to eat it.

I won One Dart again! But there's no trophy... yesterday's winner won his own picture, but he's out sick, so not only does he fail to appear and defend his title, but he didn't draw a new trophy. That calls for an extra-snarky Wall of Shame, methinks. :)

Wushu is still fun. My house is still messy, but not *as* messy. Gizmo's getting a bath tonight, and I'm going to be cleaning like crazy.

That's all!

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I forgot my cell phone at home today. So, on the off chance that anyone tries to call me, that's why I'm not answering.

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