Jan. 4th, 2015

And now, a few things I intend to do in 2015, in no particular order:

  • Creating Space. So, that note that I wrote for myself at the start of the year? I think that's my theme, right now. There was just too much clutter in my life, in my obligations, in my brain, by the end of 2014. I've been cleaning my physical spaces, over the past couple of days, and there is certainly space that I could create in my life, too. Spaces that I can then fill with fulfilling work, fulfilling relationships, much-needed down time, and the occasional flight of fancy.

  • Asking for help. I am likely going to need help to knit all of these pieces of my existence back together, and I'm never good about asking for help. So, if things get tough, I'll do the vulnerable thing and just ASK. Who knows? Someone might even answer the call. ;)

  • Oh my god SAYING NO TO THINGS. Okay, so, maybe that's a little unfair to Past Me--I've actually gotten a LOT better about saying No to things. But, I skipped out on a lot of potentially-fruitful things last year, because I was too wiped out from other obligations. It's good that I said No in those moments, and honored and recognized my limits. SO, I think being more strategic about what I say No to might be the next step.

  • Not having roommates. I count my blessings every day, because I'm lucky enough to have roommates who are awesome humans, good friends, and who are reasonable and understanding of my various quirks. But, I intend to have the means to make a home of my own this year, and I will do so, absurdly-competitive PDX rental market or no.

  • T-shirt of the month. I got bored and designed a t-shirt for funsies, while I was on the plane to LA. I think I'd like to design a fun t-shirt every month. The tiny goal is making enough from sales that I can actually buy one of my own damned shirts, heh. I already have a couple ideas in the queue, so, fingers crossed.

  • Less hustling, more living. Something I've said to a few people, including my dad, is that you know? Freelancing has been a whole damned lot of hustle for not very much payoff. So, there'll be some new strategies, more openness to contract gigs, and applications for full-time jobs. If I get the right full-time job offer, I'll take it. If new strategies work out, hey, great. If I can get a decent stream of contract work through recruiters, then hey, also great. Whatever it is, I intend to have a better lifestyle with less hustle.

  • More of my friends and loved ones. I had a hard 2014, and I retreated into myself for extended periods, at multiple points. Aside from maybe... two exceptions, I feel like the relationships between myself and my people became wider and more distant, and it feels awful. I didn't leave enough room for us, and we paid for it. So, with that space I'm creating, maybe this can be one of the things that fills it.

  • Find a mentor. You could probably file this under Asking For Help, but wherever my worklife ends up going, some outside perspective, from somebody who actually knows their shit, is something I think I need to seek out. Whether that ends up being a business mentor, or a new boss at a fancy creative design job, it'll help me be more focused in how I improve what I do.

I'm sure there'll be more to come, the more I think on it, but it's a good start. :)

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